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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Netduma R2 is here

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Just now, mathmath51 said:

Does it mean the deal with Netgear is off and that if we want a reliable router with regular working update we need to switch?

Is that the result of two years of working hybrid releases with Netgear?

That’s an interesting question, I guess you saw the partner with us on their site.

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3 minutes ago, Sable said:

Nice, so this comes with 3.0 already on it?.

That’s right. It’s been invaluable having the R2 in getting 3.0 ready for beta for all DumaOS routers. 

1 hour ago, zxsimba said:

Finally! Just pre ordered

Thank you!

1 hour ago, RedBull2k said:
8 minutes ago, LittleDrag0n said:

Great news!! Pre-ordered!!

Amazing. Thanks!

1 hour ago, RedBull2k said:

I would guess the deal they had with netgear is the reason that they had the money to venture out and were able to do their own.

The R2 itself is something we have been able to do thanks to the success of the R1  

The success with Netgear has enabled us to grow our team, which in turn meant we could make DumaOS 3.0 (with much more to come!).

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4 minutes ago, Kralj3gs said:
isn't it time for AX router (WiFi 6)  this is only  AC router.

Whole aim with the R2 was to get the latest DumaOS on solid, functional hardware at a price many could afford.

WiFi 6 would be awesome, but price for that would be >$300. 

2 minutes ago, TrayDay said:

Yes, looking at the tech spec. It's listed pre-installed.

Spot on. 3.0 is pre-installed. 

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19 minutes ago, Netduma Admin said:


Nothing changes with that. Think of the R2 as an addition to the DumaOS lineup. We’ll keep adding more and more testers to the R1 beta, and we’re working with Netgear to do the same with theirs. 

Biggest difference with the R2 is it’s all ours from the bottom up. This means we can get new firmwares to the R2 in the shortest time possible. 

Thanks for the reply. I will end up getting the R2 eventually just can't afford one yet. Too many kids lol 

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24 minutes ago, Kralj3gs said:
isn't it time for AX router (WiFi 6)  this is only  AC router.

As far as I'm aware AX was never standardised and WiFi 6 replaced it. So everyone with AX is stuffed as there won't be any devices that support it. 

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2 hours ago, Netduma Alex said:

Nope, our relationship with Netgear is still going strong and we'll be supporting all of their Nighthawk Pro Gaming routers going forward. If you're a Nighthawk Pro Gaming user, you won't be missing out on any new DumaOS features.

So now you'll have 5 routers to support.

The outdated R1 (sorry), 3 Netgear that you'll need validation from them to be authaurized to release anything on them and your new flagship that should be the center of attention.

These routers have different specs so will require more testing and validating. 

Are you still confident that you can support all of that in the same roadmap without having to delay version for one of these routers or worse, skip feature because Netgear said no or the R1 can't handle it?


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