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  1. No, it only shows me a couple of minutes when I open the dashboard, and the downloaded log is also the same size. if I leave it open it appear to continue to log though, so I'll try leaving it open and hopefully I can catch one of these incidents.
  2. I keep getting intermittent connection losses of a couple of seconds, but by the time I pull up the dashboard and get to the log it has scrolled past any useful information that might help me diagnose the connection loss.
  3. Yeah, I don't think they are "trying" to hide them, but that is effectively what happens and those teams always have a networking advantage it seems. That said, this little trick about putting yourself in the ocean and setting ping assist to something reasonable has resulted in SUPERB connections so far in PVP - I can't remember the last time my connection was so good. I had previously tried ping assist with my actual location set and that resulted in some dubious connections, even the ones marked as ping assist on the map. I don't know if Bungie sees us differently for some reason or this is just a placebo effect - but I am loving it!
  4. Geofilter isn't the problem, the way Bungie tunnels connections (and hides 4 stacks by running them through their servers) around the world is the problem imo. If I have Geo on, get connected with less than the expected number of players for the match then move my radius to the entire world I often find that I am connected overseas to someone - this was not visible when flying in. I don't know if it starts showing due to a server handoff or what, but it has happened way too many times to be a glitch.
  5. Is it hidden somewhere, or has it just disappeared? If the latter, please please bring it back.
  6. I have been unable to use any of the following ! @ # $ % ^ & * : " ; '
  7. I just upgraded to the latest beta from 1.03.6j. I went to change my router password back to what I had it set to prior to the upgrade and at the first special character I type it says "invalid password". It appears that any special character that requires the shift key is disallowed? Hoping this is a bug, but looking for clarification... Thanks!
  8. Starting with a fresh r1 today after reverting from the beta...sigh The 2nd of these is definitely a locked icon in Virginia. The first I think might be another one, but it could also have been a peer in tight proximity to the locked server. ID: ff3621ecd39e9fa4 Distance: 973mi ID: f0364611d38f9fa4 Distance: 880mi Also, if anybody can point me to the latest and greatest D2 settings I would appreciate it. After going back to 1.03.6 things have been rocky to say the least...
  9. Oh wow, that defeats the entire purpose for me (finding laggy peers in D2) - going to have to downgrade.
  10. On the old R1 I could see the ping graph of all the players in a match (Destiny 2) - is that feature gone now? It appears that I can only view the ping of one client at a time or the host? I can no longer autoping host and ping a client at the same time? Hoping I am just confused or oblivious like I was with the reboot location...
  11. Thank you! I assumed those were all help tips - never would have found it!
  12. I know I am probably just being blind, but where is reboot located? I've clicked through every module and on every menu button I could find, but I don't see it.
  13. One of the biggest parts of the problem, imo, is that Destiny will match you to players outside of the geofilter through their servers. When strict works it works wonders. I had a streak and a half in competitive (solo) on Sat and it was a blast everything was crisp and perfect, no laggy players. I was working on another one on Sun - at some point in the afternoon something changed on their servers, or at least the one I was connecting to, and everything went to crap again, shots wouldn't register movement felt sluggish, laggy players, etc. Started getting booted with strict on, then suspended because of the beaver errors. So frustrating....yet I keep playing.
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