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  1. No it's very unlikely, more like you just need to find a server that works for you. A lot of people force servers that aren't necessarily the closest.
  2. That sounds about right so everything will be working correctly. Sorry about the hurricane, I hope that you didn't suffer too much damage or loss.
  3. Go to the Device Manager, click on your PC and then in the panel that appears click the device type drop down, select PlayStation and apply it.
  4. Could you provide the config file you're using please? So instead of routerlogin.net use the LAN IP of the router to access it by default it is
  5. I've not heard anything like that. The only AX router DumaOS is available on is the XR1000.
  6. Well done for getting it working and thanks for providing the information. I have relayed it to the developers to have a look at.
  7. Hey, welcome to the forum! Probably the easiest thing to do would be to look at the Spectrum router WAN Settings, PPPoE, VLAN, DHCP identifiers etc and see if there is anything input there that you may need to carry across and enter into the R2.
  8. Not sure why that happened exactly but keep an eye on it, perhaps there was another device taking bandwidth.
  9. Remove the Traffic Prio rule and then retest it please.
  10. Factory reset to prevent any legacy issues carrying over and then clear your browser cache/cookies and then you should be able to access the interface on your device.
  11. Try different Congestion Control percentages while using Always to get your Ping Under Load ping down as much as possible in Connection Benchmark so set a percentage then test etc until you find what lowers it the most.
  12. Disable MU-MIMO in Advanced WiFi Settings, it may not like that.
  13. Have you disabled share excess for download or made a manual Traffic Prioritization rule? Is the VPN enabled for the test?
  14. https://twitter.com/NETDUMA/status/1309536889389625347
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