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  1. I'm with Virgin Media as well, as far as I'm aware there is nothing in the settings that will be hindering you. Could you have a look at the WAN port on the R1 and see if it looks the same (no pins out of place etc) as the other LAN ports?
  2. I couldn't say for sure either way - there may be a chance you can add it yourself in future but not on this current firmware. I don't control the marketing for the products so I couldn't really say why that is the case.
  3. What is the model of your ISP hub? Then we can look it up and direct you from there.
  4. Cela n'aurait pas dû être un problème sur DumaOS mais si le firmware d'origine vous convient le mieux, restez dessus. Si vous décidez de retourner à DumaOS, faites-le nous savoir et nous pouvons essayer de résoudre les problèmes. - That shouldn't have been an issue on DumaOS but if the original firmware works best for you then stay on it. If you decide to go back to DumaOS let us know and we can try to work through the issues.
  5. On the ISP router how have you set it up to use with the router? Is it in modem mode or bridge or are you using the DMZ? Does the modem have QoS? If so could you disable this please.
  6. How about VLAN or anything other than the default dynamic Internet Setup? Have you changed the LAN address at all?
  7. Faites-le sans l'IP statique comme vous l'avez peut-être mal fait, vérifiez l'IP WAN du routeur (trouvé dans le Gestionnaire de périphériques ou les informations système est le même que l'IP affiché sur la boîte et mettez-le dans la DMZ et voyez. - Do it without the static IP as you may have done it wrong, double check the WAN IP of the router (found in Device Manager or System Information is the same as the IP showing on the box and put that in the DMZ and see.
  8. Some good advice here, I would apply Anti-Bufferbloat to just the upload slider at 70% and when high priority traffic detected and leave DumaOS Classified Games enabled. That would give you the best possible connection when gaming.
  9. Hey, welcome to the forum! This is a known issue, but to double check you're getting the same issue if you reboot the router do they appear online initially correctly?
  10. Yes that looks to be the case that the cable between the ISP router to the R1 is only allowing 100mbits so whatever settings you change on the R1 will not have an affect until a new cable is used. Have you tried switching this specific cable for anything higher than Cat 6 or a new (recently bought) cable?
  11. That is fantastic to hear, thanks for giving us an update. Do keep us aprised of the situation.
  12. As the XR300 doesn't currently have the feature then you wouldn't be able to setup a VPN to apply to the Xbox like you would with the XR500 unfortunately. Potentially you could bridge your PC connection to the Xbox and run a normal VPN on your PC but that is more complicated.
  13. Hey, welcome to the forum! That isn't currently possible but it may be something we could implement if it's something we feel will be beneficial to a lot of people.
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