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  1. hola!, buenas tardes

    Tengo un Netduma el cual no conecta, he revisado todo pero no conecta. estaba pensando en instalar nuevamente el firmware del R1 aunque tiene la version 1.03.6g. 


    El equipo teniendo DHCP activo no entrega IP local a lo que se conecte, tampoco permite ingresar a su web con la IP por cable, si por wifi. Solo funciona en modo switch...

    Favor podrias ayudarme?.

    falla r1.jpg

  2. So removing those two rules there you made one just for that and it still came up with that message? If that's the case then the only thing I can think of is that you have the VPN service enabled or UPnP has already opened ports in that range. Also where did you find the ports for the game as you seem to have a lot more than is necessary.
  3. Thanks for that, you have spectating mode on, you'll need to switch that to filtering mode.
  4. I wouldn't suggest disabling it on either, you could disable it on the hub if you give the XR500 a static IP on it first but otherwise it's not a good idea. It won't help you get an Open NAT. If it doesn't have modem or bridge mode and no DMZ then you should port forward 1-65535 TCP/UDP to the XR500 and make sure no devices connected to the hub and that'll be a make shift DMZ.
  5. If thats the source of the problem then no unfortunately if they've restricted access to it. Depending on the ISP you may be able to replace it with your own modem/hub. Enable UPnP on R1 as well just in case.
  6. To start with I'm not sure if the way you have done that will work properly as I'm sure it should be one port or a range but if it works then no worries. Also you have a rule already for UDP which has 17503 & 17504 which is in the range that you're trying to add. You can't essentially port forward those ports again. Delete that and use the range instead. Also unlikely that external and internal ports will be the same but see if you get an open NAT once you're done.
  7. Hey, welcome to the forum! Could you provide a screenshot of your port forwarding settings please?
  8. Not sure I understand exactly the reason behind downgrading as if you change the WiFi password on the router then you would need to update the devices with the new password. Could you downgrade back to the R1 firmware please, do a factory reset from misc settings and then when you upgrade make sure that preserve settings are disabled. Once upgraded to DumaOS do another factory reset to ensure no legacy issues from previous firmware.
  9. Thanks for letting us know, it is something we're working on fixing.
  10. Okay let us know please, would be best with Geo-Filter screenshots anyway so we can understand what is happening.
  11. That's the IP that showed? I think it might be best to contact your ISP to get access to the hub. We don't really know what we're working with which makes it hard to figure out what's causing mod NAT.
  12. I'd also try some percentages in 5's as well so I guess 95, 85, 75, 65 etc and see if that helps as 10% is a big range so could be some good multiples of 5 percentages that can do better.
  13. Could you show the Geo-Filter map along side these pictures so we have a better idea of what is going on please?
  14. Could you provide a screenshot of your Geo-Filter map when this happens please? Have you also selected NY from the main menu on the game?
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