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  1. A factory reset definitely should have fixed this. Did you have a device manually added to the feature that you've either deleted, renamed or done something with in Settings? If you reconnect that device/give it the old name then it should work again.
  2. Glad to hear you managed to get a replacement and sounds like the new one is already working better than the old one. Do keep us updated and let us know if you have any further questions or issues.
  3. I'll get the team to confirm your form submission and send you the link next week.
  4. It won't save it due to that bug but it should connect using the new config details - does that happen?
  5. Not sure what you mean exactly, are you asking if there is any way you can lower the ping? That looks right, that big icon is the host. It must search for quite a few peers and sustain potential connections with them.
  6. What do you mean exactly? It won't let you paste another config in? If you disable the VPN first then do it does it work?
  7. Could you provide a screenshot of what you're seeing on the Geo-Filter when you're in the game please? Ok so for tournament spectating mode would be the right thing to do. We haven't specifically tested for it so sounds like they may have updated it and so would now require testing. What is the average ping shown by the Geo-Filter and what does it show in game? Some games include things like processing delay into their calculation of ping so that may be what is happening there.
  8. If you're referring to Warzone we haven't tested it yet, is anything appearing blocked when you get a host? It really depends on what your settings are so would suggest making a topic and we can go more in depth there.
  9. Hola, respondí a tu tema en inglés sobre esto: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/30903-vpn-config-problem-dont-save-the-changes/?tab=comments#comment-243475
  10. You mentioned you're using it for tournaments, are you doing this via an in game playlist or via a third party site and then connecting to a specific player? I assumed the later which is why I mentioned using Spectating Mode which doesn't filter connections, hence why people are outside your radius. You'll have another server appear that is required for online play so 1 peer and 1 server should appear. We haven't specifically tested the game so by making the PC a console device type and adding it to the Geo-Filter it will allow you to see hosts properly.
  11. If you do a factory reset and go through the Setup Wizard again does it sustain the connection? If it doesn't then the only other things I could think of is that the ethernet cable connecting the router to the modem is faulty and so replacing that may fix it or the router has a hardware fault.
  12. Here are some steps to follow: Disable Hybrid VPN completely on your router Enable and generate an OpenVPN configuration file from VPN Service in Advanced Settings Give the generated OpenVPN config file to your friend However your friend managed to apply the IPVanish through their router get them to replace that config with the one you gave them Confirm he has a connection Try the game
  13. You didn't mention what gaming device you were using so yes PC but first change the PC to an Xbox or PlayStation in the Device Manager and then add it to the Geo-Filter - that will add it using the Games Console service and should then allow it to work with Tekken. Did you input your speeds and allow it to auto configure?
  14. You can disable UPnP on the ISP hub but it isn't necessary. I would recommend disabling the WiFi on the ISP hub though so all devices are forced to connect to the R1. If you were then going to make any changes then you would do it on the R1, including port forwarding. UPnP should allow you to get an open NAT without port forwarding.
  15. There is a bug that wipes the config from the box when you go back to it so you'll need to paste the config in again and then make your changes or make them prior then paste in the adjusted config.
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