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  1. Did you setup back the normal way or was this using the LAN port for WAN? It should only affect speeds if you've set Anti-BB to When High Priority Traffic detected or if you've done some incorrect rules for the feature. It could affect the speed test as it wouldn't be prioritizing that.
  2. It's unlikely to be that but untick account for daylight savings, select your time zone then apply, then tick daylight savings and tick apply, it should save without error.
  3. You may need to reboot the router after enabling that option for it to pick up the internet through port 1 correctly. If you still don't get internet go to internet setup in settings, verify the settings are the same and click apply.
  4. No but it would indicate that is why the login screen is persistent after a reset unless the reset didn't apply properly. Email [email protected] with a link to this topic and a brief description of the issue and they may be able to help further.
  5. If you login here after registering your router you should be able to make a support ticket. Just having a look on the BT forums someone said Netgear don't have any intention of implementing that IPv6 compatibility but I don't know how true that is. If any option was to work I would think it would be the 6to4 tunnel though it's not native IPv6. http://support.netgear.com/
  6. Ah I see so you click on a device on the list next to the 'flower' we call it, on the right the panel appears to adjust it more precisely than just percentage, you switch over to upload but that device panel stays on Download instead of switching to upload? If so yes that is expected behaviour. When you get the beta there is a suggestion topic so I'd recommend posting it in there when you're able to and the devs can prioritize tickets and see whether they want to change that.
  7. Okay try the reserved IP and keep Geo in Spectating for CoD as well, then have the console completely off, reboot the router and see if the open NAT stays.
  8. Hey, welcome to the forum! This would be for Netgear to do so I can't answer that accurately. Have you tried all the IPv6 options available in Advanced Settings?
  9. There shouldn't be a bottle neck but perhaps there is an issue with the WAN port, if you try the above suggestion do you receive faster speeds that way?
  10. Cuando envíe un correo electrónico, debería recibir una respuesta la próxima semana con algunas preguntas / próximos pasos. - As you emailed you should get a response next week with some questions/next steps.
  11. So it is the router itself then which is not getting the speeds, that can indicate issues outside of the router but as you said, you get your speeds through the ONT. Go to routerlogin.net/debug.htm and tick the option to mirror the WAN port to port 1 and then connect the ONT to port 1 of the router and try a speed test then.
  12. Even though you don't use those features I think that with the additional features we are adding there will be at least a few things there that you will like which isn't offered on your AC router. So maybe have a look on the beta on the R1 when it is available to you, see what you think and decide from there.
  13. Do you see the Malaysia server appear anywhere on the map when you just try to play against PC players? What is the ping to the SA server?
  14. If you go to Settings and do the setup wizard, just until it gets to the speed test, what does the speed report there?
  15. I tried to reproduce what you said but I couldn't, could you make a small video of what you're seeing please?
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