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  1. Totally understand your frustration, there is lots of work for the developers to undertake and there will be some issues that have to be taken care of first before issues like this can be looked into properly. Now that more people are experiencing the issue it is my hope that this gets escalated higher than other issues.
  2. They probably won't have had a good chance to look at it just yet, Alex should respond once he has an update
  3. Okay thanks for that, I'll consult the team, perhaps it's working differently on the R1
  4. Okay that is strange, it won't let you scroll at all? What browser are you using?
  5. There is no way to extend it unfortunately but it should show everything since the router was last turned on after a reboot for example, is that not the case?
  6. Okay thanks for the information, I believe we're somewhat aware of an issue like this so I'll pass this on to the team and see if they have any suggestions.
  7. No worries, I've passed it on to the team to have a look at so hopefully we can get it resolved
  8. Ahh I remember your topic now, it was this one wasn't it? https://forum.netduma.com/topic/28148-windscribe-config-file-for-vpn/ In which case probably isn't the config, I'll chase the devs on the issue you've been having.
  9. Ideally yes, you can use it on iOS but just keep in mind that wifi won't be as accurate as using ethernet
  10. Could you paste one of the configs you're trying to use here as it might need some editing to work
  11. Ahh I see, that's a really good idea. So maybe something like a category list when you go to deny/allow it friends, Fortnite, CoD etc so on the list you could quickly see what servers you've got denied/allowed for each category?
  12. Both the routers have access to the Hybrid VPN feature and you can use the basic settings for HMA or PureVPN or the advanced section for any other provider assuming you can get the OpenVPN config from the provider.
  13. No it's a separate feature, not tied with the Geo-Filter so it'll pick up all consoles, does that explain it then?
  14. Does it show with the name you gave when you denied it previously?
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