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  1. Hey, welcome to the forum! What is the model of the modem/router the XR500 is connected to? What platform are you playing Warzone on? Where are you attempting to get games? Where abouts are you located? How have you setup the VPN? Can you provide a screenshot of the entire Geo-Filter/browser please showing the settings you're using?
  2. I didn't mention that there but I assume you did so to prevent the IP changing for the DMZ. On the R2 in DHCP settings, set the lease hours to 168 and apply, then reboot the router from the interface and see if it is any better after that please
  3. That's probably because it's disabling DPI. Can you disable DumaOS Classified Games on Traffic Prioritization and try again please?
  4. You will need to re-connect the device to the router that was previously added to the Geo-Filter with the same name, device type and connection method and the error will go, otherwise you'll have to do a factory reset unfortunately
  5. Your base ping is very jittery/spiky but no packet loss, how much packet loss are you seeing? Do you see the ping spike on the Geo-Filter ping?
  6. Yes it is as they're connecting via servers now
  7. Not sure if you're serious or not but we're strictly Anti-Cheat
  8. That's very strange, how have you got QoS set up normally?
  9. If you keep your Geo-Filter over the same servers you will end up with more better games than bad ones. The time of day you play can also affect it - it's likely to be worse during peak times
  10. Yes I wouldn't expect you to be able to get an open NAT on both without them both being connected to one router, could it not connect via WiFi or is it too far for that?
  11. Could you provide a screenshot of a completed Connection Benchmark test please? Are the servers you're forcing close to you?
  12. I know the XR500 has a similar issue sometimes so when that happened on the R2 did the XR still have internet? Okay keep us posted. We are making progress on the issue so I'm hopeful we'll get it resolved
  13. Have you given the R2 a static IP on the V hub? I would recommend doing that as it should help a lot - you can use the IP it already has
  14. How are you checking the packet loss, from the in game ping stats?
  15. Great to hear that, thanks for the update!
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