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  1. Como mencioné en su tema anterior, en el momento en que la prueba de conexión comparativa / ancho de banda mostrará velocidades más bajas en este momento, estamos mejorando esto actualmente. Siempre que obtenga su máxima velocidad de speedtest.net, está bien. Publique los resultados de Connection Benchmark que está obteniendo. Debe intentar usar el Geo-Filter para forzar las ubicaciones donde están los servidores más cercanos, puede usar el modo Polígono o usar el radio y cambiar la ubicación de casa, no tiene que mantenerlo configurado en Chile. No recuerdo que hubiera un servidor allí, pero tendrías que solicitarlo a Activision, pero es poco probable que haga algo. Además, no es necesario publicar en todas las mayúsculas. 😂 - As I mentioned in your previous topic, at the moment Connection Benchmark/Bandwidth test will show lower speeds at the moment, we are improving this currently. As long as you get your full speeds from speedtest.net then that is fine. Please post the Connection Benchmark results you are getting. You should try and use the Geo-Filter to force the locations where the closest servers are, you can use Polygon mode or use the radius and change the home location, you don't have to keep it set to Chile. I don't recall there being a server there but you would have to request it from Activision but it is unlikely that will do anything. Also no need to post in all capitals 😂
  2. If they are still being used - do you see them when using the Geo-Filter? Then we will get it sorted.
  3. I don't think so, I can't see why that much bandwidth would be held up and then suddenly it all works correctly so I don't think it is anything to do with QoS or any of our specific settings.
  4. No need to do that! Okay great so we will look into this anyway and hopefully have a fix for the next version.
  5. Auto Setup for QoS gives you a recommendation for the Congestion Control sliders to give you the best chance of keeping ping low. We're still improving the feature so the suggestions may be too aggressive. It works independently of the Connection Benchmark feature. Go back to the percentages that got you the best results for Connection Benchmark.
  6. Did it definitely restart both times or lose connection? When it happened was there anything specific happening on the network at the time? Was it exactly a week apart from each other that it happened?
  7. Did you do the factory reset after upgrading as suggested?
  8. Hey, welcome to the forum! Are you referring to the NAT Type in the console network settings or the NAT reading on a game?
  9. It is in Open Beta right now, you can try it here: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-DumaOS-3-0/bd-p/en-home-beta-npg-duma I have given you access, enjoy!
  10. That is odd, may have been the ISP applying some limitations when watching, their version of QoS perhaps. If it happens again would be worth asking them.
  11. The one I've sent recently is the very latest and a release candidate for public release. I don't have any more to provide at the moment, we will continue working on the WiFi to make it more stable.
  12. There are probably some details you would need to make the connection. Check the WAN settings on the BGW and try to put those into the R2, if it requires VLAN then you'll have to go back to the method you were using for now.
  13. No it doesn't have this feature yet and I don't currently have an estimated timeline of when this will be released.
  14. Thanks for letting us know, we're looking into it and hopefully will have a resolution shortly.
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