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  1. Everything seems fine there. When you first noticed the issue had you made any changes on/with the router or the devices themselves?
  2. That will be a case of player population in your location as to when you can more easily get games vs when you can't. I will let the team know the update today isn't as accurate as it should be.
  3. That's odd, the Ping Heatmap ping does show the same ping as the Geo-Filter. How many icons were on the map at the time? May be that it was pinging a different server by mistake. Yes that would be a great addition, I think we're focusing on tools to actually make it more automatic and accurate so no one has to do it.
  4. Sí, por favor, pero uno tiene que ser el servidor de chat en esa ubicación y el otro un servidor de juegos en esa ubicación
  5. Very odd WiFi is fine and ethernet isn't. Have you tried all the ethernet ports to see if it is the same? Can you go to the Device Manager, click the icon and select table view, then take a screenshot and post it here please
  6. Debe haber más servidores que deba permitir, solo será cuestión de tiempo. Si nos puede dar una identificación de un servidor de chat y una identificación de un servidor de juegos allí, es posible que podamos hacer algo.
  7. I've sent you a trial firmware, if you upgrade then switch NAT to Open in WAN Settings it should get everything open no problems. Factory reset after install and do keep in mind it is a trial firmware so may have some bugs.
  8. Okay great you can use the DMZ method as mentioned then and that will work. I have the same hub so it will work fine.
  9. What is the model of the modem the R2 is connected to? You'll need to put the R2 WAN IP found on the System Information page into the DMZ on the modem and that will get rid of the double NAT.
  10. It will still prioritize traffic but more efficient to choose those options for WiFi devices
  11. What are your usual Geo-Filter settings when playing FIFA?
  12. It means 100% of the Bandwidth you've allowed on Congestion Control but with Share Excess enabled it wouldn't get 100% of the bandwidth. Also gaming uses so little there is no need to give it that much bandwidth.
  13. Je t'ai envoyé un message privé avec le firmware. Si vous avez besoin d'une connexion telle que PPPoE, elle n'est malheureusement pas incluse pour cela. Je vous recommande vivement de réinitialiser les paramètres d'usine après la mise à niveau. Gardez également à l'esprit qu'il s'agit d'un firmware d'essai, il peut donc y avoir des bogues.
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