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  1. Maybe in the future if they decide to go that way but not right now - they have a lot more options than we've made with R2 settings for example. I'm not saying that is definitely affecting it but it is the only real difference. It's more likely DSLReports, we don't generally recommend using it and opt for PingPlotter instead to diagnose issues.
  2. Have you added your friends to your allow list on the Geo-Filter? If not you may need to do this to hear them properly. It won't be double NAT I don't think but you do have a lot of port changes that could be conflicting with each other - it's most likely you just need to add them on the Geo-Filter though.
  3. The speed part of Connection Benchmark isn't reporting high speeds accurately at the moment so while we work on that you can ignore it. You will actually be getting your expected speeds through the router.
  4. Hey, welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear you're having this issue. In System Information Rapp panel options change the retries to 5 and reboot to see if that helps please. Have you done any port forwarding/DMZ for NAT?
  5. Okay so it is likely that the server is required for online play and we may need to whitelist it, could you provide the ID of that server please? Also when it happens add it to your allow list and see if it happens again. You may need to allow a few times as there are clusters of servers in the same location responsible for this.
  6. Okay please mention that in the other topic and reply with the addition information requested so we can narrow it down. It's possible due to rebooting a lot that DLM for example has kicked in which has temporarily lowered your speeds. Check my comments in the other topic and see if that helps with the disconnections and hopefully your speeds will resume in a few days time without further reboots.
  7. Ravi de l'entendre! Oui, cela devrait fonctionner correctement, qu'est-ce qui vous fait penser que cela ne fonctionne pas bien exactement?
  8. I had a look at we said we could look into that yes, you will have to email [email protected] and explain the situation and see if they can give you a replacement - it wouldn't be a refund as you did not purchase from us. I would suggest having a look at that topic before you do so though.
  9. I don't a time frame at this point, I've sent you a PM, please check that.
  10. Is it just the game that disconnects when it is on or the console entirely/other devices as well?
  11. Hey, welcome to the forum! You now have access, enjoy!
  12. Sorry to hear you're having this issue, please post more information so the devs can look into it here: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/33667-having-disconnect-issues-please-post-here/
  13. Okay disable Traffic Prioritization entirely please and see if that improves it.
  14. Disable Traffic Priotization entirely and see if that helps at all.
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