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  1. So the beta .120 for XR500 it’s good? Should I try? Generally with the connect devices works ok or the shows connected devices offline??
  2. New version of the DumaOS 3.0 you will post? Here or on the Netgear beta forum?
  3. Hi Fraser, yes I already checked and is the same IP. Also I noticed that with the PS5 now my ping on the games is 120-130 ms and the day before with my PS4 I always played on 70-80ms.
  4. I have scuf impact controller and its work with Warzone on PS5 and also I bought the Cold War for PS4 version and its work with this way on the Cold War if you play from PS5.
  5. I have one issue with the traffic prioritization with my ps5. Before on the PS4 I had put game console PlayStation ani it worked. Now with the ps5 doesn’t work. I don’t have a red dot 🔴. The only way is to check the DumaOS classified games. Why this happen? I want to give priority only on my ps5 and no on the other consoles.
  6. Yes I have. I did this but there is no internet connection when I connect on the WAN port. I have only internet connection when I use one of the LAN ports. This that i don’t understand is that why he told me to connect my XR500 on the WAN port...
  7. Can you help me how I will do that? I want to connect via bridge mode. I spoke with my ISP and they told me that from his modem/router I have to connect from the WAN Ethernet port to the XR500 and I will need to setup the XR500...
  8. Hi everyone!! i wonder which is the proper way to connect my XR500 on my ISP modem/router. Via bridge mode or PPPoE passthrough??
  9. Both of them @Netduma Fraser and @Killhippie you are absolutely right. I didn’t think that way...
  10. The previous version it was literally unplayable for me... there are a main issue that shows your devices offline and none of the main apps doesn’t work like QoS ABB and geofilter. I didn’t trie now the latest that came yesterday because I am on business trip but as I saw on the Netgear forum those bugs are still here...
  11. Netgear announced that the beta for DumaOS 3.0 is now open for all users for XR 500/450. @Netduma Admin @Netduma Alex @Netduma Fraser Can you create a topic here to report any issue? It really more comfortable to use your forum instead of Netgear forum...
  12. I have the same issue and here what I do. When I get the screen access denied I log in from the screen. Then he add me on the forum without the access. I close the tab and again I click on the link they send me. Then add me on the forum for the beta. For some reason it doesn’t keep the log in and every time I have to do this. Please try it.
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