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  1. Both of them @Netduma Fraser and @Killhippie you are absolutely right. I didn’t think that way...
  2. The previous version it was literally unplayable for me... there are a main issue that shows your devices offline and none of the main apps doesn’t work like QoS ABB and geofilter. I didn’t trie now the latest that came yesterday because I am on business trip but as I saw on the Netgear forum those bugs are still here...
  3. Netgear announced that the beta for DumaOS 3.0 is now open for all users for XR 500/450. @Netduma Admin @Netduma Alex @Netduma Fraser Can you create a topic here to report any issue? It really more comfortable to use your forum instead of Netgear forum...
  4. I have the same issue and here what I do. When I get the screen access denied I log in from the screen. Then he add me on the forum without the access. I close the tab and again I click on the link they send me. Then add me on the forum for the beta. For some reason it doesn’t keep the log in and every time I have to do this. Please try it.
  5. Just to be sure... the anti-bufferbloat is always on or when high priority detected? If it is when high priority detected you should run a game and confirm that the red dot 🔴 is on. If you change the sliders and the red dot 🔴 is off then there is no effect.
  6. As I understand they are waiting for the official release of the DumaOS 3.0 from you and no another one beta version...
  7. Hi to everyone!! Here are the official answer from Netgear Twitter account why they take too long for DumaOS 3.0...
  8. Hi to everyone! I am not really sure if I have this issue... before 4 months i had the issue to lose connection internet. I realize that there is no internet connection but all leds on the XR 500 and ISP modem/router it was green and white, indication that I have internet. When I reboot the XR 500 then the internet led became red and I had to reboot the ISP modem/router to solve the issue. I thought that the problem it is the ISP modem/router and I replaced it. Now this days I have again the same problem.... I can’t understand if the problem is from XR500 or from my ISP modem/router. The XR 500 is connected through PPPoE.
  9. Hi guys!! Since a lot of people now they use the DumaOS 3.0 I wonder if with new geo-fencing the problem with the chat party solved... has anyone tried this? And how the geo-fencing works? Before we now that is blocked everyone outside from selected area. Now that we can select specific areas how this work if someone of our friend is outside of this area? Also in my case that I leave in Greece and there is no server and I must select a server in Italy and Germany. How can effects when I want to have a chat party?
  10. Don’t be tiered.... I am waiting one month to get it for XR 500 since they add me for R1 and I don’t have this router... it seems the only way to get the DumaOS 3.0 it’s to buy the R2... i am really disappointed 😔...
  11. One question... can I connect through PPPoE with the R2?? Now my setup is xr500 connected on ISP router and on xr500 I set it to connect through PPPoE.
  12. Yeah but I am not really sure that moment which is the best... to get directly the new updates and very quick or keep the more powerful router? Because at the end if there is a bug you want to solve it ASAP and the Netgear is not very famous for quick updates... Also I am start thinking that maybe is the start for NetDuma to stop the cooperation with Netgear...
  13. I really don’t know what I should do... keep the XR500 or sell it and buy the R2...?? To have 2 routers make no sense to me... I will use only one...
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