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  1. Hi to everyone as I told and another topics I used to play on hardcore mode. On this mode I have a good hit register. The last days I start to play gunfight on core and I noticed the terrible hit register... when I shoot with a handgun I have to shoot 3-4 bullets to get 1 hit mark... yesterday I disable the QoS and I set the antibufferbloat to never. Since then I saw my hit register to improve a lot! Maybe it was lucky.. I don’t know... I will check it @ the warzone. I have one question. I still have 2 rules on the traffic priority and when I play with the QoS and antibufferbloat disabled I still get the red dot 🔴. It still priority those rules or not?
  2. I use the XR500 6 months now. I have tried a lot of combinations and the last 3 months I can really say that the router for me works almost perfect. and I say almost because at the end there is no matter only our setup. The game have the worse servers in history of the game. I am leaving in Greece so my ping all this years is around 60ms. Imagine that the people from UK,Germany, Holland, France have always the advantage because the servers are on there country... This is the main reason that the most people I know and play from Greece we prefer the hardcore mode. It is true that if I play core mode always I have the first shoot first die. But this is common for all CoD. For me the XR500 give exactly what I want. To play without cause lag the other device on my house. Now I play and my wife watch Netflix and my kid watch youtube and I have no issue. We can't expect from any router to do magic and give us the super connection if the servers of the game doesn't work properly! Packet burst we see on the screen and there is no an explanation what is that!! Meaning is not clear the official statement of the Infinity Ward!!
  3. @1conito @Bert @Kendal Thank you guys for your replies! The problem it seems that it was the Ethernet cable that I use on the laptop. I told to my friend the download the ping plotter on his iPad and when we played yesterday he didn’t had any packet loss.
  4. I need your advise for one issue... I went on my friend to set up one old modem/router from NETGEAR. My friend have ADSL connection 16mbps/1mbps. Yes you still have this connection in Greece... when I finished I ran the pingploter to check the ping. The ping is quite good but I see that we have a lot packet loss... can you please check the photo? My opinion is that the packet loss is from ISP ... what do you thing?
  5. Did you tried the following traffic priority? 3074:3075 40000:65000 40000:65000 3074:3075 i play with the above rules long time and is the best for me. Also I put static ip for my PS4 and on the PS4 I do manual set up on the connection and I put the ip that I set static on the xr500.
  6. Generally it happens a lot. If you check on Reddit you will see that on some players it happens so often that they can’t play the game...
  7. Really I don’t know 🤔... Maybe in your case there is a real problem that came from your router. Today I played S and D the afternoon and I had this only one time. But again as I have is not unique situation. From all of my friends I am the only that use a gaming router like the xr500 and it happening also on them and I can say more often than me. Check also some gameplay from youtubers and you will see that it happening also on them... The servers for the MW it must be the worse in all history of the game....
  8. So let gather all our friends that make our connection bud and let put them to play together!!! 😂😂😂
  9. I also noticed the packet symbol on my games. I thought that was packet loss symbol.... But I have this issue when there a lot traffic on the servers... when a play late the night or early on the morning I have no issue so my thoughts it was from servers the problem because they are overloaded. I test it also with my ISP router and again I have this issue so I think is not from xr500. also I have seen a lot you tubers when they play there times that they get this symbol on the screen. And all my friends they get this symbol.
  10. Something that I would like to see on version 3.0 On the QoS now we have the ability to share or not share excess. It will be nice to have a third option to NOT share excess when high priority detected such a game.
  11. Really??? How many games you played?? No issue with hit register and first shoot first die???
  12. Traffic priority 1. Uncheck the Duma classifies games 2. Click ADD DEVICE 3. Select PlayStation 4. You will not see CoD and you must’ve select the second choice on the next. I don’t remember the name. 5. Source start 3074 end 3075 6. Destination start 30000 end 45000 7. Protocol UDP 8. Click ADD DEVICE 9. Select PlayStation 10. You will not see CoD and you must’ve select the second choice on the next. I don’t remember the name. 11. Source start 30000 end 45000 12. Destination start 3074 end 3075 i hope this will help you my friend.
  13. Hi everyone! Of course I want to have the best settings on my XR500 and the best performance! So I am trying to figure it out what I should do... I read that we have to avoid the double NAT when are setup is modem/router from ISP and a second router. In my case is the XR500. I found 2 ways to do that. One is PPPoE pass through and the other way to set DMZ. Right now I have it PPPoE and I confirm that I have public WAN IP like 91.xxx.xxx.xx instead or But generally I read on the forum that the most people use the DMZ way... So my question is which way I must choose...
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