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  1. Hi Alex! i will trie it and I will share with you my founds. But I noticed the following. During the game the tick rate it was depending from the upload and download data. When I had low upload then the tick rate drops and when I had high upload the tick rate it was high. Our upload and download date from the servers they should be stable? We talk for few kbps so why we can’t have those high and stable?
  2. I am not a specialist but I can say that I spend a lot of time to read all this topics for tick rate. Specially the post from DMC_81. Yesterday I start to configure my XR500 with those suggestions. I can confirm that when my tick rate it was over 120 my game experience it was amazing!! I wonder the normal routers from ISP can give you high tick rate? Because we spent 300$ to buy a gaming router for only one reason! BETTER GAMING EXPERIENCE!!
  3. Hi DMC!!! My friend you are my man!!! I tried a little bit with you suggestion settings and I can say that my game improved so much!!! I have a lot of questions for you... First I have to downgrade the firmware, The correct way is to do 3 times reset then downgrade and again 3 times reset? My connection is fttc 100/10 and I connect my ps4 unfortuanetlly via powerline with gigabit ethernet (I am looking to change that but I have to use 20 meters ethernet cable). After the reset I must do the anti bufferbloat adjustments? I start with the upload and then download? Every time that I change that I have to close the game and ran it again or doesn't matter until to find the sweet point and then I will close ps4, reboot the router to be sure that the settings is applied correct? Do you use upnp or port forward? Do you have reservation IP for ps4? In my house I have 10 devise connected. 3 phones, 1 tablet, 1 TV, 1 apple TV, 1 camera for the baby room, 1 nintendo switch, 1 air condition, 1laptop. What is you suggestion for the bandwith allocation? All the devise is connected on 2.4 wifi except the TV that I use ethernet and my phone that is on 5gHz wifi (for the trick). Yesterday I reached on the point that I had for a second 63 tick rate and for a second above of 120 and then go back to 63 and then go back above 120 and went on that way during the game (I can say either on that way the game experience it was so so so sweet!!). I tried to do the trick used my phone but I didn't manage to stabilize it. On which point I have to do the trick? Before start a game or during the game? If understand right the tick rate it depends from the send/receive kbps during the game? So the sweet point is to have above 120kbps? That's all my frined!! I hope I don't tire you with my questions... I am looking forward for your advises!!!!
  4. So do you have ready the update? We should flush cloud??
  5. I have one question about anti Bufferbloat... for example if you set it 70% the rest of 30% goes to priority device?? I am little be confused... 🥴 then if it’s true why we set also bandwidth priority on the flower bellow??
  6. Also one thought... one way to check if the latency come from the DumaOS is to connect the console or the pc direct to ISP modem/router. If you see that the game experience have improved then reconnect the console or pc again to DumaOS router and compare it. But don’t do it only for 1-2 games. Test for one day for example to verify that also there is no issue from a bad lobby.
  7. I had the same experience... not so bad but the same. I did a complete reset on the router 3 times to be sure! Then I set it up from the beginning. I have the follow settings: geofilter active on the suggest range of the profile. QoS active, 75% anti Bufferbloat download and upload, I gave the highest priority on the PS4. For example I have 11 devices connected on the router so I give 89% on PS4 and 1% on each other device. I noticed when a new device is connected then the QoS start to work not properly and I have to go again on this settings and do it again. Also please check on the WAN or LAN settings and choose the NAT filtered open. I don’t know why but the default choice is secured. Also go on the media settings and deactivate all media share options if you don’t need them. I playing some days now and I thing that I am ok. Of course some players you can’t catch them. The are closer to servers or just they are better players. Also depends if you play with monitor or tv. If you have wired controllers.
  8. The ping measurement on the game is faulty. If you see 600ms it’s actually 60ms.
  9. Where do you check your ping? From the game inside or from the DumaOS?
  10. Hi Alex! can you please advise on the above message?
  11. It is really strange... because I thing the cloud update it will not affect the latency... it is really peaty because we spend so much money for a powerful router and at the end this router cause problems that supposed we bought it to solve all this kind of problems... 🤔
  12. Hi guys i want to report a strange issue... I am not really sure that is a really issue... before some days I had the feeling that I have latency during the game. I had ver poor hit detection. I did a reset on the router and after that everything it was perfect!! From yesterday I have again the same feeling. I don’t get good hit detection on the game... do you have any ideas about that? There is something wrong with the router or is just on my mind? I play on PS4. I have QoS, anti Bufferbloat and geofilter active. There in any chance the QoS not work properly? There is any way to confirm that is ok? P.S: Any news with the cloud update?? best regards!!
  13. If you have create a custom port forward delete it and activate the upnp. This worked for me. Also trie to do a reset on the router. If I remember right first I did a reset on the router and I set it up.
  14. Hi guys!! I wonder if the MTU can make any difference on the game. I have the default value 1500 on XR500. Cn any one explain me if it is better to change that and how can I find the true MTU value?
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