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  1. Thank you for your reply! Also I have ordered with digital tap triggers and EMR. I will waiting to receive it... But on the Twitter there are to many complaints for delay shipping...
  2. Do you believe that it is worth the 250$??? I am thinking to cancel my order... But from the other side I want to feel it in my hands to see how it is it...
  3. Hi to everyone!! i am waiting my first scuf controller for almost 2 months... but I see a lot of people on Twitter that they report a lot of problems... Has anyone have scuf and what is you personal experience? I am playing Warzone and that is the reason I order it.
  4. Ok! Thank you! It was just a thought that will do the CoD run smoothly
  5. I read that if you put the PS4 on DMZ also you can get nat type 1. I am not sure and I want to give I try. But I want to be sure that all the functions of the router as I told before are still work.
  6. Hi to everyone! i am wondering if anyone has put the PS4 on DMZ to get nat type 1. In that case the functions of the XR 500 like port forwarding, port triggering, traffic priority, ABB and QoS are still working? If anyone did this how is experience on CoD? The same, worst or better?
  7. This information is also for XR models or only for R1??
  8. Has anyone received the link for the beta on XR models??
  9. Not yet... I saw that this week it will be start.
  10. I saw from another guy the same thing. I have set PPPoE and I never noticed any issue... How you will check it?
  11. What kind of issues you have with PPPoE? I have my setup with PPPoE and I haven’t noticed any issue... I think 🤔...
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