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  1. Hi to everyone!! As all of you I tried all this time to find the best settings. Here are my settings and something that really improved my game experience! ABB on @70% share access enable qos 10mb down 5 mb upload traffic priority 3074:3075 30000:45000 and reverse. Reservation IP on PS4 disable all media share access manual setup on PS4 for static IP and enter the MTU that I have from ISP, in my case 1492 And final for all of you that you have FTTC internet connection as I have. I set on the modem from my ISP pppoe pass through and then I set on my xr500 that my connection need log in, I set pppoe and I put my username and password from my ISP. With this way you avoid the double NAT. With the above settings for 2 days now I play and my hit detection is perfect. Never first shoot first die. And I have really the feeling that all gunfights that I loose I fair. I am not a pro player but now I do very good scores and positive KD ratio. I am playing on hardcore mode with MP5 and only need 2 bullets to eliminate the enemy.
  2. Hi again!! i have 2 questions: 1. Since I did the pppoe connection I noticed that MTU value changed from 1500 to 1492. I believe changed because it take it automatically from ISP. Correct? I have to change also this value to my PS4? 2. It makes sense to add a reservation IP for my PS4?
  3. Thank you Fraser for your advice! I did and it work!! I set on my xr500 pppoe connection, I gave the username and the password from ISP and everything works ok!! I believe now that it work better that before...
  4. I will contact with my ISP to check what I can do. As I know the bridge mode doesn’t work so good and instead of that they use pppoe pass through. Also I know that the modem/router from my ISP it’s locked... Yesterdy I found one guy and he told me to do this... to connect the xr500 via pppoe pass through and I will not have double nat and better function of the QoS. But I forgot to ask him which port I must use... WAN or LAN. I imagine that is better to use the WAN because from this port I overtake completely the router function from my ISP and use it only as modem and for the VoIP.
  5. It is integrated modem/router. I want to connect with pppoe pass through to avoid the double nat. Thank you for your advice my friend! And yes you are correct it is FTTC connection.
  6. Thank you for your reply! I have one modem/router from my ISP. My connection is ftt 100/10. My ISP modem/router use PPPoE. So can I connect the xr500 to the WAN port on my ISP modem, set username and password from ISP on the xr500 and select PPPoE and it will work? Also I have to set any IP address on xr500 or it will take automatically from the ISP?
  7. Hi to all! i want to connect my xr500 to the modem of my ISP via pppoe. I have some questions... which port I must use on the ISP modem? WAN or LAN ports? I must do some special settings like disable dhcp? Can any one please give some advise to do that?
  8. Do you this on your pc and play with your PS4?? You connect the PS4 through pc or direct to the router??
  9. Hi guys!! First of all I wish to all of you happy new year!!! as everyone here I face problems with my game. I tried a lot of combinations and now I am on the point that on the most games I have good game experience but no at all. My setup is the modem/router of my ISP and the xr500 connected on that. All devices are connected on the xr500. I have one thought that I wan to test and I wonder if it make sense to do it or someone else already tried. I am thinking to connect all devices on the modem/router of my ISP and use the xr500 only with my PS4... what is your opinion about that?
  10. One rule? ifi understand right your rule is: Source 3074:3074 Destination 45000:45000 ?
  11. I am very close to this settings. The only thing that I have different is that I use The DumaOS classified games for priority. I used in the past the settings with ports priority but my game very often it was terrible! Now my game is very good! I play with the mp5 on hardcore and the enemy’s are dead with the second bullet!! But I have to say something. I realized that when you do changes on this parameters there is a point that the router go crazy! I suggest that if you want to make any changes FIRST you must a reset on the router! Also I have all the settings for media share disabled. And one last thing. I saw on YouTube that someone suggest to put on the flower for QoS for PS4 the bandwidth 1,08 mbps download and upload. I played few games and I watch from network monitor that actually the PS4 use 500kbps maximum when I play so I did a reset, set it up all from the beginning and set 1,08 mbps for PS4. I can say that me connection is very stable and better gameplay experience. Now I am thinking 🤔 to do again a reset and set manual the ports for priority but I am afraid that I will make worst my gameplay... maybe it’s better to follow that... never change the winning team!!
  12. Hi Kinel i will give a try with your suggestion. I will do a reset to the router and I will set it with the second couple of rules. Thank you!
  13. Hi guys!! The last 2 days I had the worst experience with hit detection... I had the following settings: ABB off QoS enable traffic priorization with this ports 3074:3075 - 3100:3500 3100:3500 - 3074:3075 3074:3075 - 30000:45000 30000:45000 - 3074:3075 Yesterday twice it happen to shoot on an enemy at least 5-6 bullets and non of one bullet give hit detection. From the kill cam the game shows that never shoot him!! i decide to reset the router and set it up as normal... ABB on 70% QoS enable and activate the Duma classified games ON. I play and my game experience is very good but not perfect... Now I am little be confused 🥴🥴 what I should do... I did something wrong with my first setup?? I tied to manage the Wireshark to find the ports with no success... I play on PS4 and i leave in Europe.
  14. Hi to all! the last days the problem it is here again. I confirm that I must set to spectate mode first and then filtered mode to hear my friends on the chat party. It’s strange because I didn’t have any problem from almost one month.
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