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  1. New version of the DumaOS 3.0 you will post? Here or on the Netgear beta forum?
  2. Hi Fraser, yes I already checked and is the same IP. Also I noticed that with the PS5 now my ping on the games is 120-130 ms and the day before with my PS4 I always played on 70-80ms.
  3. I have scuf impact controller and its work with Warzone on PS5 and also I bought the Cold War for PS4 version and its work with this way on the Cold War if you play from PS5.
  4. I have one issue with the traffic prioritization with my ps5. Before on the PS4 I had put game console PlayStation ani it worked. Now with the ps5 doesn’t work. I don’t have a red dot 🔴. The only way is to check the DumaOS classified games. Why this happen? I want to give priority only on my ps5 and no on the other consoles.
  5. Yes I have. I did this but there is no internet connection when I connect on the WAN port. I have only internet connection when I use one of the LAN ports. This that i don’t understand is that why he told me to connect my XR500 on the WAN port...
  6. Can you help me how I will do that? I want to connect via bridge mode. I spoke with my ISP and they told me that from his modem/router I have to connect from the WAN Ethernet port to the XR500 and I will need to setup the XR500...
  7. Hi everyone!! i wonder which is the proper way to connect my XR500 on my ISP modem/router. Via bridge mode or PPPoE passthrough??
  8. Both of them @Netduma Fraser and @Killhippie you are absolutely right. I didn’t think that way...
  9. The previous version it was literally unplayable for me... there are a main issue that shows your devices offline and none of the main apps doesn’t work like QoS ABB and geofilter. I didn’t trie now the latest that came yesterday because I am on business trip but as I saw on the Netgear forum those bugs are still here...
  10. Netgear announced that the beta for DumaOS 3.0 is now open for all users for XR 500/450. @Netduma Admin @Netduma Alex @Netduma Fraser Can you create a topic here to report any issue? It really more comfortable to use your forum instead of Netgear forum...
  11. I have the same issue and here what I do. When I get the screen access denied I log in from the screen. Then he add me on the forum without the access. I close the tab and again I click on the link they send me. Then add me on the forum for the beta. For some reason it doesn’t keep the log in and every time I have to do this. Please try it.
  12. Just to be sure... the anti-bufferbloat is always on or when high priority detected? If it is when high priority detected you should run a game and confirm that the red dot 🔴 is on. If you change the sliders and the red dot 🔴 is off then there is no effect.
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