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  1. Yes good idea, 5 or 6 would be good. Hopefully this helps the R-apps not loading problem. It's possible that the reason the R1 is losing connection is because of some issue between it and the modem you're using. Is your modem in bridge mode? EDIT: although if the problem only started happening recently, that kind of throws that theory out of the window.
  2. Oh yeah that too... But like all things, it stems from the money.
  3. I don't know why the game would be responsive after a reset, and then gradually get less responsive. One thought: Make sure that share excess is enabled on both download and upload in QoS settings.
  4. Hmm. Well on the System Information page you can increase the number of attempts that DumaOS will make to launch a r-app on startup. Increasing this number might help.
  5. Oh I see, okay that makes sense. Yes you're right, in THEORY and if the Geo-Filter is working as intended, you should be able to spoof the game into thinking you're located anywhere in the world. Unfortunately that's not working right now, and it will require extra configuration from our end to get it working. It's not a simple matter when it comes to Modern Warfare though.
  6. Well... DumaOS doesn't display perfectly on mobile but i'm pretty sure the login works okay, unless there's a huge problem that i've missed.
  7. In both cases the server might have just been pinged momentarily but a connection was made to a different server in the end.
  8. Hmm... Are you using ethernet through mains adapters? I wonder if your neighbor might be using them as well. Or it could be a little bit of old fashioned wifi trespassing.
  9. The primary difference is that I get paid. I find that's a really good motivator.
  10. Welcome to the forums! The steps you've taken so far are good. Device type set to playstation, radius in ocean, filtering mode on. I think the problem might be that you need to turn Strict Mode back on.
  11. Oh well that's all great. I don't know why it switched to spectate mode though, I think it's supposed to stay as it is... That said, maybe it makes sense for it to switch to spectate, because if somebody forgets that they set the geo-filter to Filtering Mode, they might restart their router when they experience blocked servers unexpectedly.
  12. Those speeds are awesome. What are you looking for help with? I didn't quite understand from the original question...
  13. Right... I'm not sure if there's anything I can do. I'll ask the developers. Maybe it can be fixed remotely through teamviewer or something.
  14. Right okay i've found the thread. This one I assume? Unfortunately I don't have much experience with the original firmware since I joined in May. I will go back and have a look at what you mean. Perhaps the old version was better in this feature.
  15. I think this is normal behaviour. There's more to download than upload because you're only one player in a room of 12 or so.
  16. Seems very weird to me. If you're in spectating mode, DumaOS shouldn't have any affect on the latency of the game. If you feel that it might be, you can open the Anti-Bufferbloat side menu and tick Disable QoS. This should leave the traffic totally unmodified. 1 - Most of the time UPnP will give you an acceptable NAT type. If not, port forwarding is required. This is standard practice for all routers. 2 - Yes the R1 will be receiving updates. DumaOS 3.0 will be coming to all DumaOS devices. 3 - The original software is more lightweight than DumaOS so it might be more stable and smooth on the R1 than DumaOS currently it. Remember that DumaOS on the R1 is still in beta.
  17. It was fixed for a lot of people in the last update. If it's still not working for you, try whitelisting your friends in spectating mode before going into filtering mode.
  18. Have you tried doing a reset yet? Here's some instructions: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000094903-how-to-factory-reset-the-netduma-r1-using-the-reset-button
  19. I would recommend setting your speeds in Anti-Bufferbloat to whatever you pay for, the maximum you can recieve. Then i'd set the sliders to the minimum you get when there's nothing happening on your network.
  20. Interesting... Instead of assigning static IP's i'd usually advise using reserved IP's on the router, but if the devices aren't getting IP's by themselves I guess you need to use static. Sounds like DHCP wasn't handing out IP's correctly. Not sure why that happened. How old is your R1?
  21. No that's not currently possible. We might add that feature in future although I don't think it will be widely used.
  22. Thanks for the detailed rundown of your network setup. Seems to me like it's possible this could be a DHCP issue, since there are so many devices... But it's not like all 80 of them are connected at the same time. When a device is disconnected, it's IP address should be freed up. Also your reserved IP devices should be unaffected even if you were to run out of IP addresses. It might be something to do with DNS settings, but once again that doesn't quite cover it because that would only affect your ability to establish new connections, it wouldn't stop any existing connections. That said, just to be safe, it might be a good idea to set your XR500's DNS to something like, If it was to do with IP addresses, I would suggest putting the downstream routers back into router mode, and giving them a different subnet. For example if the XR500 was, then the next router downstream could be and the other could be That would mean that any devices connected downstream of those routers would appear as one device in the DumaOS Device Manager, which isn't ideal, but it would certainly save on IP addresses. Another idea, maybe it's to do with the router's DHCP lease renewing? I have seen issues before where a lease renews and kicks everybody offline for a few seconds. This doesn't usually require a restart though. Oh also, do you have UPnP enabled?
  23. Hmm... Are you close to the router when you use 5GHz? It doesn't have a massive range in 5GHz mode.
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