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  1. The VPNs on Hybrid-VPN weren't chosen because they're specifically good at gaming. The Hybrid-VPN feature is intended for scenarios such as working from home or bypassing region locks.
  2. Could you try using a server that you know is relatively nearby, such as a local news site?
  3. So did you perform a firmware update or anything on the day that your kids lost access to Zoom? And just to confirm, this started happening around Wednesday the 7th of October? I will check to see if we changed anything on the cloud near that time. With Geo-Filter, Traffic Controller and Adblocker inactive, nothing should be blocked. The fact that Zoom isn't getting through is very strange. Did you try ticking Disable QoS in the Congestion Control side-menu? Sometimes this fixes issues, and it's a good troubleshooting step because it allows us to pinpoint the problem to QoS. We will do some internal testing to see if we can recreate the problem, and then fix it.
  4. I can confirm that our Nintendo Switch detection is a lot better in the latest internal build. As Fraser said, we are currently in the process of vastly improving our device detection. You should start to see a difference soon.
  5. Ok that's interesting, might need to test that also. Oh yes, sorry I forgot to look at which forum you posted in. Okay using this info I will do some further tests and get back to you with what I find.
  6. Hi @Glitch x2 and @techbbq, I tested this myself in the office, and I was able to communicate between the Xbox App and Xbox One in a party chat, I didn't have any problems. So I think this must have something to do with some specific settings on the R2 or Xbox. Could you please answer the following questions? Sorry that there's so many! Do you have IPv6 enabled on your R2? On LAN, WAN, or both? Does your Xbox One have an Open NAT? Have you done any port forwarding or are you using DMZ? Is UPnP turned on? Is the phone user on Android or iOS? Is the phone user on Wi-Fi or LTE? Was anybody in the party using any beta versions of Xbox software, like the Xbox Insiders Program? Were you playing a game at the same time as talking to the party? How many people were in the party? How many on phones? Using this info I should hopefully be able to recreate the problem locally, and then we can debug it!
  7. Hi Gonzalo, I sent the fix over successfully! You can now upgrade to DumaOS.
  8. The effects of the two products shouldn't be substantially different. The difference could perhaps be attributed to the fact that the XR500 isn't on DumaOS 3.0? DumaOS 3.0 on XR500 is currently in open beta, so you could download it and compare directly if you want. Download it here: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Netduma-OS/bd-p/en-home-beta-npg-duma
  9. That's definitely not right. It's not showing any percentage values. To the right of the bars, it's meant to show the current percentage that's testing at. I'm going to alert the developers about this bug and attempt to recreate it myself.
  10. Well the XR500 version of 3.0 is now in open beta, and I think the installation MIGHT work on an XR450, but it's not officially supported, it would be at the users own risk. DumaOS 3.0 will probably be pushed to the XR450 at the same time that it's fully released on XR500, which won't be too long.
  11. Agreed, that is a lot slower than i'd expect. And this is only happening on wifi devices? LAN devices aren't slowing down at all?
  12. Hi @AnatomyVI, One thing I'm thinking is that we could be looking at a bug with DMZ. I would suggest, as an experiment, that you remove all of the Port Forwarding rules you have set on the R2. After that, disable DMZ, press SAVE, then enable DMZ again and press SAVE. There's a known bug where this will now appear as an empty rule in Port Forwarding, from this point it should be working. If it still doesn't work, that would suggest that the router is not receiving open ports from the sky hub. It looks like you've done everything correctly, at least based on the screenshots you've sent, but I know that we've had a few previous customers who have had issues with sky hubs and DumaOS, so it might be some incompatibility which we'll need to investigate. @Mobel suggested putting the sky hub into bridge mode... I think this is a good idea, but you have to be prepared for what it will do: You will no longer be able to connect devices directly to the sky hub, they must be connected through the R2 You may lose access to internet TV services that are provided by sky You may need PPPoE login credentials to get the R2 connected The hub might not even support bridge mode! Essentially, bridge mode would turn the hub into a modem, and nothing else. This, theoretically, would fix your problem, but it might be overkill. We SHOULD be able to get you an Open NAT using the methods that have been described above, but it just doesn't seem to be working as expected. I'm going to do some more research to see if any other router manufacturers have this issue when underneath a sky hub.
  13. Hi @tonykit, welcome to the forums. As @Killhippie said, the Nighthawk app isn't the best thing to use with a DumaOS router. The Nighthawk app has no awareness of DumaOS features, as it's used for every model, even the ones without DumaOS. You can perform some basic functions with the app, but for the full experience you'll want to use a browser. That said, the router is compatible with the app in a literal sense. You SHOULD be able to perform initial setup using this app. If it's not working, we'll need to forward the issue to Netgear, as this is their ballpark. The alpha version of the DumaOS app is now available, however it cannot currently be used to perform the initial setup of a router. You'll need to run through the setup in a browser before you start using the app. Of course, we'll be expanding the app and adding this functionality in future, there's a reason we're calling it an alpha right now. Perhaps eventually we might be able to unify the apps in some way to create a more seamless new-user experience. Not sure why the interface is loading so slowly. Are you using http or https? Which browser are you using? Which extensions are active? If you press F12, are there any red elements on the Network tab?
  14. Welcome to the forum! Sounds to me like a 5GHz related problem. While 5GHz has faster maximum throughput than 2.4GHz, it drops off far more quickly when moving away from the router. As a test, I would suggest separating the 2.4 and 5GHz bands (disable smart connect), giving them separate SSIDs, and seeing if you get better results on the 2.4GHz network.
  15. Well, Connection Benchmark uses M-Labs servers to perform the tests, so perhaps M-Labs tests available online might give you similar results? The only issue is that Connection Benchmark runs on the router rather than your PC, and you can't really emulate that.
  16. I'm not 100% certain but I don't think it matters where you put that line as long as it's there. I'd drop it in the middle somewhere.
  17. Hmm... That server in Poland is being allowed because it's been whitelisted on the cloud. Servers are whitelisted on the cloud if they are required for authentication, but if you believe that a server has been incorrectly whitelisted, please report it in the following form and i'll get it fixed for the next cloud update! Loading…
  18. I'm glad you like DumaOS! Have you ticked the box that says "Allow Test While Internet Is In Use"? This will force the tests to complete even when the network is busy.
  19. Noch nicht, es muss manuell aktualisiert werden, indem Sie die Firmware selbst hochladen. Wenn DumaOS 3.0 jedoch aus der Beta-Version kommt, wird es automatisch auf allen Geräten installiert (vorausgesetzt, sie haben sich für automatische Updates entschieden). In Zukunft wäre es cool, einen Beta-Opt-In-Button auf der Firmware-Update-Seite zu haben, aber dieser ist noch nicht verfügbar -- Not yet, it must be upgraded manually by uploading the firmware yourself. However, when DumaOS 3.0 comes out of beta, it will be automatically installed on everybody's device (providing they have opted-in for automatic updates) In future it would be cool to have a beta opt-in button on the firmware update page, but this is not available yet
  20. Great idea. I think we could do something a little more advanced, like testing from the router itself mixed with crowdsourced info. I'll add this to the ideas roadmap.
  21. I think I have replied to you in another thread.
  22. The ideal starting point for QoS is 70/70. It sounds like auto-setup might not be working correctly, could you try it in another browser? I'd also suggest choosing Prioritize Bandwidth rather than Prioritize Ping, as this will make it less sensitive. Port forwarding will help you if you have problems with voice chat in games, otherwise it's unlikely to make any difference. Port Forwarding is really only relevant if you don't have Open NAT already.
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