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  1. If you suspect that a server is mislocated you can submit it here: We'd obviously appreciate it. The server locations are based on public knowledge about where IP addresses are. If you look up an IP address online, it's listed location on there will probably be the same as on the geo-filter. It's updated often. The problem is that sometimes a server is moved/ip reassigned and it takes a long time for it to become public knowledge. For these situations we have a private list of server locations which takes priority over what's publicly known. By reporting mislocated servers to us using the link above, you add to our list of locations that will overwrite the public knowledge answer on our Geo-Filter map. Pressing FLUSH CLOUD ensures you are using the latest location data. We'd like to improve the reporting process in future, and possibly allow them to be moved by the user. It's all on the roadmap.
  2. Have you pressed the FLUSH CLOUD button recently? Just to make sure you're on the most recent location data. It might be that we have to update this info ourselves. There's a form on the post linked below into which you can put servers that you think are mislocated. It's a hassle obviously but we'd appreciate it:
  3. Could you please send a screenshot of your LAN setup page? It's possible that this is a problem with your DHCP settings, but it's also possible that this is a hardware fault.
  4. We're aware of an issue where denied servers aren't being blocked, we're currently testing to recreate the issue and determine the cause. I've never heard of previously unpinged servers suddenly being marked as allowed, that definitely shouldn't happen.
  5. We're aware of the fact that the Apex Legends server selection screen seemingly doesn't actually do anything. As for why you're not connecting to dedicated servers within your radius... I wonder if there's some authentication servers being blocked by accident? We should have all of them on a permanent whitelist but it's possible EA changed something and we haven't caught it yet.
  6. Hmm, what's your ping when you connect to the US, UK or China? Is it high enough that the distance travelled seems realistic? Or could it be that we've got a server marked in the incorrect location?
  7. What model is your Virgin router? Do you know if it can be put into Bridge Mode?
  8. This is an issue we're aware of, it's been escalated and i'm making notes of any threads about the issue so that I can keep people updated.
  9. The R1 I've got here in the office is showing information that goes back for 1 hour. Same if downloaded. The fact that the log on your R1 becomes unscrollable makes me wonder if it's a browser problem rather than a router problem? Have you tried to check the logs on multiple devices or browsers?
  10. Yeah I've escalated the problem, the team are aware of it, the process is underway! I've also set myself a reminder to check the status of this frequently so that I can let you know as soon as there's progress.
  11. Yeah the fact that you say "no lag but very big delay" makes me wonder if the problem was misdiagnosed from the start...
  12. Now I change my name to Netduma by deed poll
  13. No it doesn't support it officially, in that we don't have presets for it. But really the Basic tab of the interface is just a bunch of preset OpenVPN settings. Any VPN will work perfectly well if they provide OpenVPN settings that you can put into the Advanced tab of the router. If you go to the following page on the NordVPN site, you can download an OpenVPN file for the server of your choice: https://nordvpn.com/ovpn/ And if you can't decide between UDP and TCP: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/forum/discussion/28774/the-ultimate-question-udp-vs-tcp-what-s-the-difference-which-one-should-you-choose
  14. Very nice! I might make a DumaArmy Community on PlayStation. I guess since I work for them it could be considered "official"
  15. Very nice! I'm thinking of maybe changing mine to Netduma_Alex... I could also change my Xbox gamertag... But what if I get fired?
  16. Ah that's a shame. We are aware of a few people having ping assist problems and we're doing tests to figure out what the problem is and why it's happening. Thanks for your patience!
  17. I can see online that people are recommending to disable IPv6 for that specific router, but that might only be relevant to the wifi connection produced by that router... I can't see disabling IPv6 doing any harm because the vast majority of home networks currently don't require it. Maybe once every home has a million "internet of things" devices in it?
  18. We're always looking to put all of the features we can on all of the hardware we can, but essentially if a feature is a "must have" for your setup, you need to make sure it's a listed feature for the specific hardware you're buying. Anything added later could be considered a bonus.
  19. Aw yeah I remember that huge falling out between Infinity Ward and Activision... Lots of companies don't seem to like being under Activision's thumb, I mean just look at Bungie. They recently became independent and cancelled their publishing deal with Activision... Regarding Respawn... I always thought it was a shame that Titanfall was never given a huge push by EA because I personally thought it was awesome.
  20. I'm gonna add this to the Big List of Suggestions™
  21. As with any third party firmware, you're on your own when it comes to getting it working. Just to make sure you're aware, installing anything unofficial will void your warranty. It's also possible that you won't be able to return your device to the stock OS once it's been modified, and it could end up bricked. As such, we can't support you in this endeavour. If you need help with installing DDwrt, i'd try asking on the DDwrt forums. Looks like they don't support any of our routers though. I would be interested to know though: what features of DDwrt are you interested in that DumaOS isn't providing? Or are you just doing it for fun since you have a spare router? We're always looking for suggestions to improve DumaOS.
  22. In theory it should only be on when actual high priority traffic is detected, but it might be that something is triggering a false positive here. Even when set to Always, the high priority traffic indicator should be accurate. Have you added any manual rules to the Traffic Prioritization menu? Could you screenshot that section as well? Thanks!
  23. I went back and read the whole thread... Wow this goes back a long time... I'm going to pick this up and see what the progress is.
  24. What specifically did the Geo-Filter error message say when you uploaded the backup file? Because the backup function was designed by NETGEAR, you might have more luck over on the NETGEAR forum - their experts will be more likely to know what this issue is. In the meantime, it might be worth making your network less complicated - perhaps by letting DHCP assign IP addresses instead of setting them all as static IPs. The reason i'm saying that is because the complex nature of your settings might be what's causing errors with the backup. Over 50 devices is an unusually high number, and it certainly makes an issue like this difficult, because wiping your settings and starting again becomes much harder than with a simpler network. In theory I guess this is what the backup function is for, but it seems to have some issue that's either being caused by the backup process itself, or was on the original system and was transferred in the backup. It might be worth opening another thread to deal specifically with this issue since it appears to be separate from the issue that this hotfix thread addresses.
  25. When you say you connected to the exact same server, do you mean it had the same ID in DumaOS?
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