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  1. @Netduma Fraser Yes, I believe it I used fast.com then when I did the speedtest. But, I know for sure I used speedtest.net and got the speeds. Yes, it could be the identifier. Seeing that I get close to my speeds on speedtest.net and @Fuzy confirimation. I'm fine with the results.
  2. I'm using DHCP Identifiers. The good news is, speedtest.net gives close to ISP advertised speeds and DumaOs speedtest seem to have gotten a little better from previous one. Any idea why the speedtest in DumaOS and Fast.com are not surpassing 700mbps with QOS disabled? I believe I used to be able to get close to 900mbps before when I initially purchased the R2. But I reduced my ISP package for a while and didn't notice the speed. But recently, increased it back and noticed I've been struggling to get over 700mbps. But if it's hardware limitations, then it's fine. But I could of sworn I was getting 900mbps with QOS disabled upon release of R2.
  3. I'm having the same issue @John213 is having with the download speed not reaching 900mbps. I''ve also disabled [ticked] QoS completely. This is the speedtest with it disabled after factory reset twice to ensure no leftovers from previous firmware. I've disabled both 'Protection' Options in WAN.
  4. I thought it was going pretty good. As it did last a bit longer when I changed the least time to 168 hours. But just about 15 minutes ago. I had to pull the plug for the reset on the R2. Hopefully you guys was able to monitor the R2 during the time.
  5. It happened again. Wasn’t the outlet or anything as everything has power and is still running. It’s just the R2 not having internet. 10-15 mins ago it went down. It’s still down now.
  6. It cut off again. Should I restart? Because it’s not reconnecting. Edit: False alarm. Seems had a wall outage on this occasion.
  7. It disconnected again a about 11:50pm - 12:05am I believe. This time it reconnected and was able to enter the gui and attached the logs. I haven enabled remote access. So you can monitor. log-1632467332618.txt
  8. Okay, will give this a go. That would be great if this does help. Thanks.
  9. Ah okay. Most definitely will keep you guys informed. Thanks for letting me know.
  10. I literally had it cut off right before your comment. It’s been down for thirty minutes. I can’t even access the GUI while connected via Ethernet. I’m currently using my phone to type this message. I tried setting a static IP after I noticed the dhcp ip changed (in screenshot of what I noticed) to access the GUI. But to no avail, it just not working. My AP is being identified “Retro_2G” but Netduma wifi is not. EDIT:: I just restarted again. Logs show they was erased again. I also believe it may be restarting due to overheating. Because when I picked it up. The bottom of the router was really hot to the touch. So modified for better cooling. That may have been my case. Will keep you guys posted on the results.
  11. I grab them after the reboot to bring up the internet. Because I be completely disconnected from the WiFi once the disconnect happens. Currently only connected to the router with PC via WiFi only. Next time, I'll connect through ethernet to pull the logs.
  12. Looking at my history and I was watching a youtube video at the time. I've noticed, it happens when I'm watching youtube videos sometimes. But I was watching the video and I believe around 1:48pm - 2:00pm PST time.
  13. I did a factory reset yesterday and limit the settings to default. Only changed QoS, Congestion Control to "always" with my 50% d/ 90% u on the slider. About a few minutes ago, the internet cut off again. I've attached the logs. log-1632085115330.txt
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