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  1. Yes, I would believe this to be the case due to ports like 443 and 80 which is normally used for ftp or http/s etc. When normally doing a download from the PSN, you would get external ports but usually 443 would be used to download. It makes sense for this to happen when prioritizing ports below 1 - 1024.
  2. Hello Fraser, For the past couple of days. I've been having an error when fiddling with the "set device bandwidth" windows in bandwidth allocation when choosing per category. Click the percentage to change with numerical input causes the error or sometimes just changing my "set bandwidth speed". False alarm, Fraser. I've found it was the browser I was using due to the extensions that I had installed.
  3. What I normally do, I have two tabs open. One for QoS and the other for Connection bench mark. If I change QoS, I would personally change the Connection benchmark tab to Device Manager and then click back to Connection Bench mark to refresh the page. But you're more than welcome to refresh the page with either F5 or however you refresh your browser. Again, I used "Set Bandwidth Speeds" method. By, changing my overall bandwidth and not touching the sliders(leaving them at 100%) but I have "ALWAYS" ticked for the congestion controls. This is just the method I used, personally. But you could also obtain this with the sliders (as everyone connection is different), but the 'set bandwidth speeds' method worked for me. As stated, my connection is 1gigabyte for both download and upload. But I dropped my overall speed to 860 mbps download and ALL the way to 10 mbps upload. If I used the sliders, it would be 86% for download and 1% for upload if I put my 'set bandwidth speeds' to 1000/1000. I would advise on working on stabilizing one at a time. For example, get the download to be stable for as straight of a line for " Ping Test (Under Load) " as possible then begin working on the upload second. But in my case as seen in the photos, my download wasn't the problem and only the upload, so focused was put there.
  4. Try to get your upload (underload) to be as close as possible to each other which is 20.86ms. So try to get your DL and UL to as close to that as possible. Basically you upload jitter (under load) is pretty high. Stable it. Just a suggestion here. But, try unticking your upload "shared bandwidth" This is what I'm currently doing right now with 100% on sliders with the bandwidth set to 870Download and 10Upload.
  5. Just to give you an idea of what @scoobypreza were referring to. You could try to get your 'idle' ping as stable as possible. Here's a takeaway of what I've done with stabilizing Apex Legends. My bandwidth is 1Gigabit download and upload and look at the IDLE on the far right(seen in photo 1). You want to get that as stable as you possibly can What I did was just reduce my "set bandwidth speeds" to 800mbps download and 10mbps upload and you can see that it stabilized a bit in the IDLE to the right. Here's my ping with geo-filter and here's my ping IN-GAME
  6. I was just about to post a new topic regarding this issue. As over the weekend, I extensively was using my Wi-Fi with my 'Amazon Firestick 4K' running Kodi. I kept getting drops, and having to restart my R2. I've even set a static IP for the device and the issue would still rear it's ugly head. Thanks for sharing the firmware with those having problems.
  7. Tried it on the iPhone and it works wonders. Great job Netduma!
  8. Given a rundown of the features is a nice touch. Flipping from one page to the next. As it's not just RIGHT AT YOU. You can take your time and go through the features one by one. Especially, alongside with the tour when setting it up. Great work.
  9. I believe it's just my windows 10 on my desktop, actually. Because I've been having complications with the W10 build. Then again, it could also be the motherboard since it have all the bells and whistle features maximus viii hero. But, good news is, used both phone and laptop and made changes to QOS. All worked immediately when making the changes. So everything is working as intended.
  10. I'm not sure if it's known or it could possibly be due to me using the ISP gateway. But, the congestion controls or QOS, is not working as intended. The only way it applies my settings on QOS. Rebooting the R2. Once I reboot the R2, it works with the settings I set in the CC but have to reboot if I want to have my changed settings to work again if changed. Haven't had any problems with the Adblocker. Only when I first enabled and visited dailymail.co.uk domain. Ads was still detected but after scrolling a bit and refreshing the page. The ads were eliminated. Just been working efficiently since. Geo Filter, Heatmap, all is working great. Thank you Netduma for such a fine product. I'm loving it!
  11. Awesome! Glad to know it was just a bug. Yes, very much enjoying the R2!
  12. I'm still getting set up. I had a few hiccups with not being able to do my usual "dumb switch bypass method" on mitigating the use of my ISP provided gateway. Tried both using the DHCP with MAC of my gateway and also trying Static IP given from ISP. Both failed' to obtain IP. So, I opted in just using the "IP Passthrough" from my ISP Gateway firewall. Possibly just my ISP being the usual pain in these situations. But, The results, so far so good. I've been able to pull a my bandwidth package Download 1000 and Upload 800-950+ on the few speeds tests I've ran so far. Now going to get into giving the router a good go. Update later. But loving how fluid everything is from the GUI and overall performance.
  13. I believe you have the same connection as I do. It's always hit or miss with the gateway from ATT. As I'm using an alternative method BUT you can use this method to make it simple below. Simply log into your ATT gateway router and go to the "firewall" settings and then click "IP Passthrough" pretty much copy everything from the picture below and when you get to "Passthrough Fixed Mac Address" choose the mac address under the "Device List" of the R2 router that should be located at the bottom of the router. Once you've choosen the R2 router Mac Address. Click the save. Then restart the ATT gateway first then the R2 second.
  14. Netduma know what we want and like. As I can't stress enough to others when telling them about Netduma Team. That they ARE gamers, too. They do, the best they can with the amount of workload. They are not a corporation like netgear. But they are still a business and team none the less and provide the best service they can, professionally. That's why I believe in the Netduma Team. R2 is the Truth! I wanted "their" product because I loved the R1 very much and wanted their baby. 😁
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