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  1. I didn't play 2v2 but only "one" match as the mode is not for me. BUT THIS! 50 seconds mayhem 10000000_682659805533366_478445466850164736_n.mp4
  2. I recently changed to the same ISP as you with the 1k package. I tried the dumb switch (s8000 switch) and you can swap out the BGW-210 and only use your own router, while only swapping back in the BGW for authorization purposes only. I did try VLAN tagging with the switch as Bert pointed out, I did get the authorization and placed BGW on appropriate VLAN to receive a signal from ONT. But, couldn't get signal to the router after switching to that VLAN for the router, and using only the R1 (don't have xr500), I couldn't get full package speeds. Disabling QOS provided me with about 500+/-. Lastly, when ISP installed the service, that same day. I played Black Ops, Apex Legends, NBA 2k19... All games performed amazingly well, W's after W's After W's no losses playing roughly an hour and a half each. But that same installed night, RG/BGW went out and services haven't been the same since even with freshly new cat 7s. While this is a problem I'm trying to resolve, I wanted to chime in and inform you that you can use the s8000 to have the R1 be the main router and swap in/out the BGW for authorization purposes only. Also, if you want you can use the MAC ID of the BGW along with the IP ADDRESS that's given to the BGW or through the IP passthrough to the router and use that static into the WAN settings of the R1. It's still best to keep everything under the R1 network for mitigating local network congestion and utilizing anti bufferbloat and benefit using the prioritization for the client/console.
  3. I watched the video you posted, and you definitely connected to that 37ms server. If a server is unstable and that one is one of them, I wouldn't deal with the instability either. Lol. I do see that the servers may be misinformed on peer and dedicated.
  4. Honestly, I don't know what may be the case with all the commotion about xr500, but then again, I haven't purchased one myself as I enjoy Netduma owned products. Also, Netgear has always been reliable, given a few faulty products here and there, but this comes with the territory with technology more so hardware. As all products are not 100% created equal as you will see a slight variation even if it was done on an assembly line of production. You're going to have a few in the batch that may have some problems, but can that refund or exchange is always available to those. As I've read some people have had a few problems with even the WiFi not working correctly on the XR500 and exchanging it for another and all work perfectly fine. Sometimes it can just be narrowed down to faulty hardware and needing replacement, sometimes. SI can understand the frustration of those buying a product and not working 100% out of the box. Hopefully, all can be taken care of and you all can enjoy the collabo of Netduma and Netgear, as a few others have been enjoying. - Tray
  5. Everyone at Activision, as they claim this for all their IP's, Destiny included, Ping is King. Condrey even replied to a bet Drift0r made two years ago about this very matter. perhaps we're looking at it from a different perspective from the way they've been looking at it all along. lol Again, the reason why Netduma is amazing, once you realize it, you're going to smile about. 😁 I will always keep stating this, why you believe those outside your country do so well, on your dedicated server. Duma Army can balance the playing field! 😎
  6. There's going to come a day where WiFi will be just as good as Ethernet, with a just a couple milliseconds off and cut-through signals. But that day is not anytime soon. WiFi has come a long way, but ethernet today is still absolute. But hey, maybe something in COD game engine to aid those on WiFi. Good to hear you're enjoying yourself. 😀
  7. I don't know about those on the east, but I know being in the west, I choose Utah or Oregon and I am placed on east coast servers. Given, I do get placed on Utah about 65 - 70% of the time. But if not that, then I'm placed on east coast servers, even when choosing my location in the data centers i.e Virginia and South Carolina. But this is ps4 so idk.
  8. Hey, Welcome to the forums The link Fraser provided works as he used preview at the end of the URL, try the URL again without the preview and follow along with the guide and return if you need further assistance. http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000074717-diagnose-modem-internet-service-provider-issues/
  9. That first clip, I felt every bullet! Great stuff, Seye. One thing I would like Netduma Devs to look into also, is the ping assist V2, as a few others have experienced this, being connected to servers or hosts above the threshold when doing the proper steps of settings home location in the ocean. None the less, those are great clips, and you were able to finish it through to win the game without being sideswiped by someone else in blackout.
  10. Well, there are usually multiple servers in the same location as the icon you have seen. By forcing myself to a server location, and gathering the data on the servers say, California server in Los Angeles. There would be over 15-20 IPs I could gather just from that one dot alone on the geofilter. Some come and go, or might be full and new IP for that server would open up. I don't have the list per say, but I know for sure Choopa and Vultr are one of the hosters of Activision servers.
  11. This has been rumored to be an indication that the server you're connected to is indeed a dedicated one for years I believe started back in ghost or could have been advanced warfare, but this has not been officially confirmed. But I will say this, as I was helping @bbursley regarding the situation of the location of geofilter. As I still have my location set over the UK, and reduce radius to a supposed mis-identified server as a peer as the IP in geofilter says 95-179-204-28.choopa.net Choopa is indeed a dedicated server for COD, and I was paying attention to the letters in the top right, and it did not have any letters not until everyone was matched and a split second before the game started the letter "e" top right of the lobby appeared and then came the loading screen for the next match. So again, the rumor of a server being identified as a letter. Not officially confirmed but seems to be the case as the mislabeled peer icon should actually be the game server.
  12. Just did some testing and showing that I checked out original OS on R1 with both strict off and on and I had some complications connecting for some reason to specified locations in the two screen shots for original OS. Then I upgraded back to DumaOS preserved settings and had to re-input my ps4 in geofilter and I set my locations to the locations you see, and I did get servers in my radius, and the last screenshot I believe is mislabeled peer server, either way, it's in my geofilter. This is all testing, Black Ops 4(BO4). I haven't played in a few weeks as I been playing Apex Legends. I have a similar experience as you but with Apex Legends, as I'm still trying to play on Oregon server and I cannot, and somewhat the case with checking UK server for Apex Legends. All in all, Geo-Filter seems to work, and I believe developers still coming up with solutions for games such as Fortnite and Apex's way of handling matchmaking. You can check the screenshots below.
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