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  1. It actually worked with finding Apex Legends with manually inputting the port. Awesome!
  2. Currently, the app only works for ports 3074 and 3075. Any other ports, the app will not detect those. As @RedBull2k didn't create those functionalities. Just a basic 3074/3075, basically for COD. Maybe in the future, he may add those functions. But currently, it's basic and it works pretty neatly for COD.
  3. Yeah, I'm definitely going to click the allow. But it's definitely working out great when it finds the apps. I had edited my post with the app showing it does work. Thanks, man!
  4. Alpha @RedBull2k, It's a-go. we have a match. We have a match. R1 is working properly with the app. Epic BRUH!!! I'm currently playing the game and the guys "DONT SEE ME" what the hell lol. Looking like noobs!
  5. LOL! Yes, I can only imagine all the rage they were having as you was drilling them with that hit detection! Unfortunately, I'm in a similar boat with @N3CR0 and can't get any of the servers recognized as I play on PS4. But I also have a theory as to why it may not be working. It could possibly be due to not having the R1 as the main router due to bandwidth capacity. I'm going to give it a shot later when the family is not using the network and swap to give it a test run. Edit: Notice @N3CR0 and I both have R1's and facing the same issue. But still going to try later when family is asleep.
  6. Upon research, it looks like it's a little over four thousand servers for Texas.
  7. @GHOST-1-EC Bro, you did that with the quickness! LOL! When you said "its silky smooth". I felt those words haha! Can't wait to give this a try. @RedBull2k Thanks again for taking the time to present this application. Taking time to provide this to the community is huge. Again, thank you!
  8. Are you using a Modem/Router combo, usually ISP gives you their Modems with WIFI which is a combo. If this is the case, your R1 wiil automatically be given a IP address from the DHCP pool of the combo modem from your ISP. Go the devices, and check the Device Manager where you should find the IP from the ISP to the R1. Here;s what it will somewhat look like as your IP will be different. If it is from ISP it will look like 192.168.x.x or 10.0.x.x but if it shows something like 98.212.x.x then this will be your PUBLIC IP (do not post this if it is) but if its closely like the first two. You should be fine. So for example, your IP is like the IMAGE above. You would go to the address bar and type in and it should bring up your ISP modem/route page
  9. If you can recall @DMC_81 did this before and found his sweet spot in his findings. Given the route of traffic and various ISPs each user has. As @N3CR0 stated, it doesn't seem to work for him. The sweet spot for everyone will be different. What works for you, the better. All that matters is you're having a good gaming session.
  10. As mentioned by RaWxDeaL, Try disabling QOS with it being unchecked in the bandwidth settings and also leave Throughput checked. I would say factory reset and then do as I stated above immediately after the factory reset. Of course, this is the last resort option.
  11. Oh! Okay, I know what you're talking about. Unfortunately, I haven't tried it out. But I do recall chat and in-game audio mesh together. But I will say that if I'm in a party and only want to focus on my chat(while in ps4 party chat). I would change it from 'All Audio" to "Chat". But I do have a splitter, and if I wanted to really separate the audio from the chat. I'll use that. As I was using this method with my "xbox mixamp" to use on my ps4. Since I had it as a gift from someone and just used the splitter method to work with PS4 Chat and Audio perfectly fine.
  12. Awesome, really appreciate sharing it with us. I will say, this would be awesome to feature to have for users a whole. Pretty sure it's been recommended lol. Again, thanks. looking forward to it.
  13. Monitor: BenQ el2870u I know it's a slightly more on the response time. But don't mind it much. Netduma R1 PS4 PRO - SSD 500GB PS4 CONTROLLER 'CUH-ZCT2U' Use strike pack for paddles (can't wait for official ps4 back button attachment releasing on Jan 23, 2020. Since people think you use mods using the strike pack) HEADSET: AUDIO-TECHNICA ATH-ADG1X used with Sound Blaster G6(which is mixamp/DAC) Hey @GHOST-1-EC, @RedBull2k had created an app before for ports on the Netduma. I remember using it, as didn't have to use to rely to heavily on Wireshark. But I am curious about the new app that automatically inputs the ports into DUMA lol. That's awesome. @RedBull2k mind in sharing with the community? Lol
  14. @slugg Linksys data rate is actually slower than yours @ugotstretched. If it is the case that it's handicapping better connections and giving equal playing field to those that do not have the connection to do so. That would certainly suck. But it can easily be managed with small basic features of QoS as I believe both have the basics. None the less, I do recall the change in how gameplay has been changing in the CoD titles since ghost as @TODDzillaInLA has stated. 25mb down and 5mb is more than enough for many titles as it's been constantly mentioned that the titles don't require much bandwidth, to begin with. Stability of connection and those in the lobby can do the same, which would be huge for the gaming community. As this is not only something in CoD but titles such as Overwatch, Fifa, and Pubg have implemented to try to at least bridge the less fortunate and fortunate.
  15. Ah yes, truly respective and I would definitely jump in. Only problem, no disk. I had purchased the disk way back and no longer have it due to the infamous GameStop strategy. Good times in AW. Always loved how it felt to thrust uppercut into oblivion.
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