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  1. 1) Is there a list somewhere that tells you which games are under the "DumaOS Classified Games", does it mirror the list under "Basic" when you click "add device"? Does the list get updated by NetDuma team in a cloud or only from firmware updates? There haven't been any list or FAQs given the list of ports used for the dumaos classified games. But yes, I would assume it's update by Netduma. 2) when setting up a game under the "Advanced" section, do I need to enter both the "Source" and "Destination" ports, or only the "Destination"? If the latter, do I leave the Source ports at 1-65535? It's up to you, as many of the games varies on the source and destination ports used but if want to use a range, 1024-65545 is not a bad start. For example, you can see the list of ports I presented that is used in Call of Duty:MW Warzone here. 3) I read somewhere that not all ports need to be prioritized for a game as it's not the same as port forwarding, example is UDP ports are typically gameplay packets while TCP are other things, Is there a way to find out exactly which ports need to be prioritized for each game? does it matter too much if I just find out which ports are typically used for port forwarding and just add them? Yes, games such as First Person Shooters, utilizes UDP packets due to faster transmission and other technical reasons. But there are shooters like The Division that uses TCP and NBA 2k that does the same in usage heavily on TCP. 4) If 2 PCs are playing the same game on the same router, do I just add both PCs to "add device" and use the same ports for both? Is that possible? Yes, but make sure you utilize UPNP. 5) I am currently playing Apex Legends on PC and have googled which ports are used for forwarding, but for prioritization I have only added the UDP ports and the TCP ports that have a matching UDP port number (see screenshot below) Is this a correct setup? It does appear to be working correctly, "High Priority Traffic Detection" light only comes on while playing. I play mainly on the PS4 the source ports is 50000:60000 to destination 37000:42000. As I also have captured the packets and have the saved data. PC is not too far off, as someone on the EA forums have found the information to coincide with my own findings in this thread here. Just to give you and idea of what I'm talking about, here a screenshot of that data.
  2. Have you gathered any information with others that may also possibly be in the Xbox insider program with not just the r1 but possible xr300, XR series? In all fairness, I believe it to be shows it's age. Unfortunately, I've been dealing with similar issues with my R1. Which is why I mentioned the XR series. In understanding this, I've been fine with the current limitations of the tech. But so far, been able to still utilize the main functions. I know this is going to sound counter intuitive, but have you tried original firmware with being in the Xbox insiders program? I've found that you may be able to squeeze a little more bandwidth on the older firmware. But as I formerly mentioned, the complications I have currently with original firmware is my Wi-Fi no longer functions. Which is not a problem since I have an Wireless AP. Check to see if the Geo works on original, as this may give additional information to Netduma.
  3. I would like to inquire about your theory regarding the ports with added screenshot.
  4. Servers Connected to on PS4 Warzone SOLO, five games. Here are some miscellaneous ports
  5. Captures from playing SOLO Warzone on PS4
  6. I am more than willing to give it a go. No rush, take your time. I can wait, as I know it can be quite the task working on additional projects with a busy schedule.
  7. I agree, it's pretty amazing. I noticed this immediately when I begin using it. @RedBull2k Just out of curiosity, is it possible to do a port range? Apex Legends unlike CoD 3074, uses a range from 37000:41000... Why so many, various servers to different regions using Google Compute Engine Servers?.... I don't know. Someone else noticed this with the firewall as well seen here. I noticed that the port did indeed change based upon the server change. As the game would also change to an entirely different server while you select say server Virginia, would put you in a Texas server once in a while. So that unpredictability is what i also believe is the problem for the kicking or disconnects when using the geofilter. So the only way to have a decent experience so far is using ports and the app. Which is why I having a port range would be perfect due to not being able to utilize the geofilter until Netduma push the cloud update. Definitely been enjoying this little treat in various titles.
  8. @sluggIt varies from port to port with Apex Legends. As I Apex Legends usually uses port ranges from 37005 - 37315. As the usual port that changes is 37xx5. How I found this port is thru the use of using tcpdump or wireshark equivalent and inputted that into the program.
  9. You already tried using a different account. New one that is fresh to see if you can rule out audio issues being solely placed on your main account? @RedBull2k Curious, is the port stating it's "connected". Always said to be connected? I wanted to try another port and regardless. It always says "connected" to the right of the port entry with it being empty or with a different port number. But it is working pretty good
  10. Going to give this a go in a few. Let you know how it runs.
  11. I know you just wanted to experiment. But the fact of the matter is, that you had thought about doing this. As this was never the case in older CoD's pre-SBMM. Just get on and play. I'm 100% certain that a few high profiling CoD users does this. That is, joining a new lobby account to upload gameplay on youtube. Needs to make sure get them below 2 minute nukes and traffic right? Thanks for sharing your observations and experience.
  12. Hyper-Lane is the Traffic Priority for Original Firmware on the R1 -Pre-DumaOS. As "Duma OS Classified Games" is not preset on original firmware. But you can set traffic priority in Hyper-Lane as N3CRO mentioned.
  13. It is available in DumaOS. It's enabled by default.
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