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  1. Thinking about getting a xr300 But need to know if my daughter will be able to connect to the vpn she needs for work.
  2. It's the game mate surprise surprise an update ├žompletely broke the game party chat works then doesn't people are waiting ages to try and get a game it's just trash
  3. Tried this and it works great does any body know if this can be done in openwrt as well so I can do the same with my other router if this is against forum rules please accept my apologies in advance
  4. I had this problem as well but sorted it by giving my ps4 a static ip outside of the range suggested ie the range is .100 to .200 I made mine .10 and my location changed and was correct
  5. Hi thanks I have followed the guide and so far the most I have managed is 2 games before it looses connection and then won't connect again so have to use spectating mode
  6. Okey dokey cheers and yes all is working great at the moment just need to get apex legends to work with the geofilter and it will be perfect
  7. Are you talking sbout the 2 horizontal sliders if so make sure it is set to always on before testing as I think it defaults to the high priority setting which won't take effect unless you are gaming
  8. Yeah it's a bit weird but all is good. I was thinking though would it be like this because my r1 is in the dmz on my router so all ports are open then when you enable upnp on the r1 it tries to open the ports again but because they are already open it is actually closing them
  9. I have found that on ps4 having upnp on gives me a moderate nat type in bo4 and was having to manually port forward however a couple of days ago I reset the router which erased all my port forwarding rules so tried upnp again giving me moderate nat turned upnp off and nat type went to open and has been ever since so I am now running no upnp and no port forwarding rules and all is good
  10. I was thinking more that it's less routers in the mix especially since my isp router doesn't have a bridge mode so my r1 is in the dmz but my internet connection is only ever going to be as good as my worse component so even if I have a perfect connection through my r1 it is still got to go through the isp router which may negatively effect the connection
  11. Cheers Fraser I will try and give that a go when I have an afternoon free
  12. Hi all I am from the UK and my current service provider is plusnet is there any way to connect to the internet directly through my r1 as in not having the isp router at all I have all my log in information and am allowed to use any router I want if there is no way to do this with the r1 can any one recommend a cheap but good router to replace my isp router which is I believe a rebadged hub 5 from bt
  13. Ok as I previously said I had no issues last weekend connection was flawless then as of Tuesday had issues getting it to connect so thought I would try again this weekend with geofilter on but it seems to not work again tried downgrading to og firmware but still same issue so it must be either the game or the cloud assuming both DumaOS and original use the same cloud
  14. Not sure if they turn off some servers or not but had no problems at all over the weekend even took geofilter circle right down to just cover the London servers and worse I got was a disconnection after the game every now and again but could easily reconnect again but now I have had to put it in spectating mode in order to connect even though filter circle is now covering uk France and Germany gonna leave it in spectating mode till weekend and see what happens then
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