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  1. Like how you say at the moment lol
  2. Virgin media don't use bt they have their own network unfortunately it depends what area you live in for me it is excellent but i know for other areas it can be poor
  3. You could try powerline adapters
  4. Port forwarding ports 1-65535 would surely open your router up to threats or am I wrong or is it safe to do so if it's udp only
  5. That is packet burst and is server side and nothing to do with your connection unfortunately it is a part of infinity wards netcode it was the same with infinite warfare
  6. Being nasty and/or sarcastic won't get you the beta any quicker. NETDUMA has no control over the XR firmware they can maybe bump you up the list but unfortunately it's up to NETGEAR
  7. Any update on more betas for the R1 hoping it will help with mw
  8. Plug the edge router x into isp modem then xr300 into edge x then ps4 into xr300
  9. Thanks for the reply. I will end up getting the R2 eventually just can't afford one yet. Too many kids lol
  10. What does this mean for the users waiting on the 3.0 beta
  11. Have you tried turning off upnp or not forwarding ports I have much better gameplay with moderate nat
  12. Depends if you are lucky or not I have had tickets answered within a couple of hours then again I remember opening one with them about WW2 and got an answer halfway through BO4
  13. Yes that's what it was thanks very much sorry for any confusion
  14. Yeah me too but you can block peer servers whereas dedicated servers have the block button greyed out
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