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  1. has the glitch with wifi calling not working correctly on DumaOS on R1 V1.3 been figured out, and will it be implemented in V1.4?
  2. major masingil on xb (you and I are already friends) I'll run some with you. I like playing on a team way better than randos
  3. in the States we have this thing called e911. Its a way for emergency services to locate a cell phone's GPS position. I guess you Brits have something similar. I would imagine the radios cannot be turned off by airplane mode, because how else would the man be able to zoom in on your position when you're being all nefarious? Maybe whatever is left on for those purposes is all wifi calling needs to validate a call? it's possible? It's also possible that @xr450owner just exposed an issue with iphone radios
  4. you're probably right about the signal strength. I know android phones have some settings where you can choose for it to prefer wifi calling over phone service. Good luck man, I know this stuff can be frustrating to
  5. if it was the isp's firewall, I don't think wifi calling would work without a fuss when I use a different router. Would it? I'm speculating. I have Fios internet, but I'm not using their router. I'm using an Edgerouter X until the R1 gets squared away.
  6. Yea before the issue @xr450owner identified with his router , I thought the problem may have been isolated to the R1. This is the first wifi calling issue I have seen that wasn't related to DumaOS on the R1. I figured it could be related because of the Netduma's participation in it. A couple of R1 owners tried, and it didn't work for them.
  7. yeah my buddy is running the xr500 without any issue. He loves it.
  8. @xr450owner "Praying for a magic software fix, somewhere." I couldn't agree more. I want my R1 back. It's an amazing piece of gaming kit
  9. Hey I have similar issue as you for wifi calling. I'm updated my R1 to DUMAOS and wifi calling stopped immediately. I didn't notice it for a couple of days. It is an issue for a lot of people using DumaOS on the R1. I know it's not the same as your router. It did work on the original R1 firmware, but I had stopped using the R1 as my main router about 8 months ago. When I realized wifi calling wasn't working I called my phone service provider, and they had to reset my phone 2 times. Wifi calling worked that day until I left the house and came back. I tried manually forwarding the recommended ports, but it did not work. I ended up taking the R1 back out of service, and I am now using a different router until the DumaOS firmware gets sorted out. Anyone who comes to my house needs to use wifi calling because I have very low cell phone signal in my area. It doesn't matter which brand of phone is being used. They all work fine except when the R1 with DumaOS is in use. I attached the link to my wifi calling thread below for your reading enjoyment
  10. @Nuyorrican Thanks! I really appreciate you having taken the time to check it out.
  11. Thanks Zennon Thanks BD. My buddy is running wifi calling on the XR-500 without issue too. Every little bit of info helps! @pollutionblues Could you please run a check on your DumaOS enhanced R1 for wifi calling?
  12. Duma Army, Please attempt to use Wifi calling on your mobile phones once you have upgraded to R1 DumaOS 1.1 or 1.3. I am hoping to determine if the issue I am having is systemic or local to my router/firmware. Please note that wifi calling may appear to be functional for a period after the firmware upgrade, but its possible that it will fail after the initial success. Wifi calling worked on the original R1 firmware. It was only after Duma OS was introduced that this issue presented itself. I'm using T-Mobile phone network on a samsung Note 8 device
  13. @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Admin I upgraded the firmware to 1.3 but have not had any change in response to wifi calling being unavailable. I did notice that wifi calling did engage for about 3-5 minutes while using both R1 wifi and AP wifi. After that brief moment, the availability of wifi called returned to not being operational. Please note, in the subsequent attempts to re-engage wifi calling the phone's app took several minutes to report that it was not functioning. Usually it will take less than 15 seconds to engage once the app has been enabled. I tried several restarts of the phone, router, and AP. However after that first moment where it was available I could not get it to return to service. I also performed a factory reset the R1 after I upgraded to 1.3. Is the team working on this issue at all? I am willing to restart and reset to your hearts content, but unfortunately I cannot use the R1 without functional wifi calling. For your information I am on the T-Mobile USA network. Thanks for the new OS. It was seemingly working great until I noticed this issue.
  14. make sure your cables are all securely plugged into the ports on both ends of the cable. tug on them a tad after you insert them to make sure they're in there right. if that doesn't work try plugging your cable in a different port. Lastly, swap out the cable for a new one.
  15. need to make a Bethesda.net account and download the launcher 2R3A-C8XX-E6KE-C2UD-A97X
  16. Sorry to hear that about your router. I know these things can be really frustrating. Right now I can't even use my R1 for anything because wifi calling through the R1 with DumaOS doesn't work for me for some reason. Im waiting for the next update at this point. I was getting nice clean games on the R1w/OS, but I need wifi calling for work. Good luck with yours!
  17. To do a hard reset on the XB, with your XB on, hold the power button down and do not take your finger off of it. After 5-10 seconds is will shut off. Once it shuts off unplug the power cable to the XB at the back of the XB, not the wall socket. After you unplug the XB touch the Power on button a couple of times to remove and electricity that may be left inside the XB. Plug the XB back in and turn it back on. You've just completed a Hard Reset of your XB
  18. you're right. The matchmaker is trying to put people together with similar skills, not locations
  19. Duma team, Are you rolling out the same firmware for all of the beta testers, or are you tweaking it with each new batch of download links?
  20. @Choppa01 after factory reset all R1 router's default user name and password are as follows : User name: admin Password: password Wifi: netdumar1 Thats how it is on everyone's R1 after factory reset no matter what
  21. @Choppa01 it's too late now because you already did a factory reset. You can find all your saved passwords in google chrome if you go into the advanced settings
  22. @Netduma Fraser No, unfortunately I can't make a call with the R1's wifi. This is a pretty big issue for me, as I don't have the greatest cell phone reception at my house. I need the wifi calling for work. Let me know what I can do to help, if anything. Also now that I have enabled the R1's wifi to test it with wifi calling, it won't stay off. Everytime I refresh the page or open the router the R1's wifi will turn on
  23. @Bozo you couldnt have a peer in Europe with an 11ms ping to you in Australia. It's impossible.
  24. @Bozo mislocated servers are common. You definitely keyed in on the primary indicator that the server was not showing up in the correct location by detailing the ping to the server of 11ms. If you send Fraser the server ID info, they will be able to get it to show in the correct location.
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