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  1. They've said that everything looks fine in terms of hardware, but they too can see that the WAN port is limited to 100mbps. Not to be rude, but are we certain that the cable currently connected from the R2 to the modem has been tested and we know it's good? Can you unplug it from the R2 WAN port, then plug that into your computer and do a speedtest?
  2. There's no reason why using the config files won't work, can you paste here exactly what you're pasting into the configuration box in Hybrid VPN?
  3. Are you setting up the VPN with the basic configuration, or the advanced? Are you getting the same issue if you try VPNing to a different location?
  4. Right OK, let us know if you experience the same issue on the new phone. If the traffic controller rule was the solution, you'd expect the new phone to have this issue as the rule is setup for the old one.
  5. Great suggestion above! Please try that and let us know how you get on.
  6. Looks like the traffic controller rule may have kicked in then, is this on the new phone or the same one as before?
  7. Hmm, there's a couple of entries in there that are interesting, I've sent them over to a dev to look into, I'll get back to you!
  8. It should speed up again, it's probably just because the browser hasn't got any of that web page cached yet.
  9. Yes, you shouldn't have any issues Geo-filtering it!
  10. You can reset it by holding the pin on the back of the router for thirty seconds, then allow it a few minutes to reset.
  11. Welcome to the forum! I've responded to your email this morning!
  12. We noticed that a lot of servers for CoD weren't responding this morning, I've asked the team to update the cloud! Most users will probably be having this issue, it's on our side.
  13. Yes, you can use the VPN service in Netgear's settings. You can then connect to the router over a VPN client and access your internal network and the interface. This article should help you get setup: https://kb.netgear.com/23854/How-do-I-use-the-VPN-service-on-my-Nighthawk-router-with-my-Windows-client
  14. If you completely disable QoS, do your speeds return? Are both wired and wireless devices seeing lower speeds than expected?
  15. Welcome to the forum! This is due to the AP and it having a separate SSID, as DumaOS can only see the traffic coming from the mesh. If you're able to put the mesh system in some kind of AP (access point), you should then see the devices in Device Manager.
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