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  1. Do you use remote management? If not set it to something more restrictive just to be sure.
  2. Are you getting this in all web browsers? Can you clear your browsers cache and see if the problem persists.
  3. Apologies, we've already discussed this haven't we. Did you get it working? I worked on this with a dev and we've fixed it so it'll be good to go in the next firmware.
  4. Are you still able to access the interface via a LAN device when this occurs? If so, can you download a log file from System Information when the problem occurs and send it over?
  5. Welcome to the forum! Do you require PPPoE for your connection? If so, that's probably why you can't access the Fritzbox interface. Is the Fritzbox also the modem? If that's the case, there isnt really a way you can have everything connected to it but still use the features of DumaOS. What exactly is the issue you're having with the Wi-Fi? The best solution would be to have everything on the network connected to the R1.
  6. The LAN IP of the XR1000 is, correct? Have you made sure to disconnect all cables from the XR besides the PC you're connected with? Make sure the WAN is unplugged particularly. To double check, you're definitely connected to the XR via an ethernet cable, right?
  7. What the setup of the network exactly? Is the Vodafone acting as the modem, like this: Internet -> Vodafone (Modem) -> R2 Or is the Vodafone now acting as an AP, like this: Internet -> Modem -> R2 -> Vodafone If the former, connect the cable from the R2 blue WAN port to a Vodafone LAN port. If the latter, connect the cable from a R2 yellow LAN port to the Vodafone WAN port.
  8. You'll need to get either OpenVPN config files or WireGuard config files for NoLag. You can then follow this guide to get it setup: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000087492--dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-hybrid-vpn
  9. It's something we can do without needing to release a new firmware, so hopefully soon. The team member who looks after this will be back in the office this week so he should be able to update it then, provided it doesn't require any developer input.
  10. Feel free to send a copy of the logs over if you've experienced any disconnections or dropouts since the last time the router was power cycled. If you haven't, there won't be any information in there. When you say the Wi-Fi strength is Abysmal, can you quantify that please? What speeds do you expect to receive and and what range are you noticing this drop-off? Please provide as much useful information as possible to speed up the troubleshooting process. In terms of stability, are you experiencing drops? Is this occurring on all wireless devices? Are wired devices OK when wireless connections drop? Have you reserved IPs for wireless devices? If you haven't, please try and see if these devices still experience connection drops.
  11. Is the LAN IP for the XR1000 still set to If you put that in your web browser are you able to access the interface? Is the power LED flashing after you've booted it holding the reset pin? Are you waiting for at least ten flashes before entering the command?
  12. Did you factory reset after installing the new firmware? We'd be happy to troubleshoot this with you, we didn't really do any troubleshooting on your previous post. This will involve us making suggestions and you feeding back with the results, if you don't have time to do this then we'll have to conclude this topic the same way we did the previous one.
  13. If you reserve and IP address for each device that is disconnecting, does the problem still occur?
  14. Did you factory reset again after installing the firmware? Are you still able to access the interface when this occurs and if so can you grab a log file?
  15. Can you please hold the reset pin on the back of the R2 for thirty seconds, are you then able to get back to the setup wizard? Does it still reboot even then?
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