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  1. OK, one thing you could try is to setup port forwarding rules on the R2 for the following ports: TCP: 3074,27014-27050 UDP: 3074,3478,4379-4380,27000-27031,27036
  2. What channel widths are you using for the two Wi-Fi channels?
  3. That makes sense, if the XR is acting as an AP, it won't have any control over the traffic that's going through it, it's just sending it straight to the upstream router. You won't be able to use DumaOS features with the XR300 in this mode.
  4. Is the Rapp performance error message fixed and it's the drops that are still occurring or are both issues still occurring?
  5. Could you show us the port forwarding rules you've setup for CoD? Is your NAT type Open in game?
  6. I believe Fraser is suggesting you add this IP to Network settings -> WAN -> Static
  7. Is this happening across multiple different servers or is it limited to one? Can you try force a different server and see if the issue persists? Do you have QoS enabled? How is it configured?
  8. Thank you, and if you toggle filtering mode off do you get a game?
  9. Great answer above! Try that and let us know how you get on.
  10. It will say in the top right corner of the DumaOS interface!
  11. Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear that, are there any lights illuminated on the R2 once you've plugged it in?
  12. This is often fixed with a reboot, could you please try rebooting the R2 and seeing if the issue persists?
  13. OK that's interesting! Have you had any issues with your NAT type in the past? Have you made any configuration changes to fix this (DMZ, port forwarding, UPnP, etc)?
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