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  1. hello ronmargan I also occasionally like to play in the servers of the United States and sometimes it can cost a lot to do it, I tell you my experience and what steps I take to play. To begin my configuration is as stalker4hire said more or less, I place my location in the center of the United States and cover that area, strict mode on, autoping on, ping = 0 assistance and quick search disabled. With that configuration I could get some US server I could still because as I say it is not easy to get at this time. The main problems are 2, the first is that it will cost you to find games since the first thing the game does is connect to the nearest servers and if it is not possible, it starts to try more distant servers causing the problem from the room more than once indicating that you can not join the room. Once you have tried several times to start appearing circles within the radius that you have marked, then it is when the second problem appears, the servers misplaced in the Cloud. There are European servers poorly located in the cloud and appear in the area of the United States, as the first thing the game does is to test the nearest servers, as soon as it detects a ping lower than a ping to a server in the United States it will connect to that European server. In case you are with a European server located in the United States you can report it in the following link indicating the ID of the server and the ping it shows. one solution is to block the European servers that are located there until it connects to an American server, but it is usually a complicated and expensive job that can be a bit hopeless, once the Netduma team has the servers well located in the cloud it will be easier and there will not be much problem, that's why it's important to report them. Greetings and I hope I have clarified a bit the subject and that it serves to play
  2. Please try to eliminate the geofilter rule from your ps4 and start Bops4, does it still give you the same problem?
  3. Welcome Alex, a pleasure! I'm glad to see that new people enter Netduma, that means that everything goes as it has to go, GOOD !. Greetings and we are reading!
  4. hi Ted! Try starting Bops4 with the geo filter disabled, put it in viewer mode for it, so when you start Bops4 you will not have problems with any server restriction and authenticate in all possible. If you continue with the same problem, try the following: Go to the Network setting tab that you will find on the right of the page, after the 2 boxes that appear in the left one at the top, click on Upnp and deactivate it, then head to Port forwarding, which is a bit more to the right of the Upnp tab and create a rule with the IP address of your Ps4, setting port 1 on the end and 65535 with the protocol for both Tcp and Udp, if the problem is ports, as it says and has placed the Ip of R1 in the Dmz of your router ATT with this should not have problems. a greeting
  5. With luck and soon... I've been with the R1 for more than 3 years and it's something I've been waiting for a long time. In the original firmware was the option, but it did not work, I asked the team if I could repair it and they told me that it would be better to wait for DumaOS than to repair it because the team was completely immersed in the development of DumaOS. In the first beta versions that I could participate, if it included the option and the truth, I was glad to see it, although the joy lasted little because it was still broken and then it was eliminated from the following versions, losing all my hope. I not only ask to eliminate the annoying double Nat because the truth is that with the DMZ is barely perceptible, but also because I can use the R1 neutral router and finally eliminate the damn router from the equation provided by the ISP that is completely garbage and makes my bufferbloat the most unpleasant thing that it can be to play online, besides that they are very blocked so that we can not work with them or do many things. Greetings and I regret having extended so much, but as I said, they are something more than 3 long years waiting to use this option and using the R1 as neutral, was one of the options to buy it. Continue this netduma team, you are doing a great job. šŸ˜‰
  6. Hello netduma team! Great idea to make a thread for people to suggest things! My suggestion is the Vlan option in the Wan section, something that has already been suggested on other occasions and something that was in the original firmware but that was broken and did not work properly. For people who work with fiber or, at least, here in Spain, we have to work with Ont + router + R1, if we had the option Vlan we could skip the router jump and go directly to Ont, thus acquiring a public IP directly in our R1 and omitting the double nat to which we are exposed. Will it be ready at the next milestone? Greetings and good work from the entire Netduma team.
  7. I already responded to a topic just like you published in another section of the forum, please do not duplicate the issues because it will not be more difficult to help you. I return to answer here because the other thread is anyway published in the section that is not and surely delete a moderator to be duplicated. As I said: Have you ever updated your R1 to the DumaOS version? If not, I advise you to update and try to see how it goes and if your experience improves. You can obtain the update at the following link: https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos/
  8. si por favor, haga los pasos que le indique a ver si asi se resuelve el problema, si tiene creadas otras reglas de port forwading eliminelas antes de crear la que yo le e indicado. Un saludo!
  9. vale, entonces vamos a ir descartando cosas a ver si damos con el problema. Primero vamos a comprobar si es el R1 el que no abre los puertos, primero de todo vamos a reservar una direccion IP para su Ps4, dirijase para ello al apartado network settings y haga click donde pone DHCP, si baja hacia abajo en esa ventana podra ver una lista con los dispositivos que se han conectado o estan conectados en ese momento en su R1, a continuacion, localize en esa lista su Ps4 haga click en el recuadrito donde pone reserve IP, entonces justo al lado podra escribir la direccion IP que le quiere adjudicar a su Ps4, puede poner desde el 100 al 250 el que mas le guste, una vez puesta la IP baje un poco mas y presione en save. Ahora vamos a abrir todos los puertos manualmente. En network settings pinche donde pone Upnp y desactivelo, una vez desactivado dirijase a la pestaƱa de justo al lado de Upnp donde pone Port Forwarding y haga click en ADD RULE, rellene el recuadro de la siguiente manera: Donde pone Destination Ip tiene que poner la ip que le reservamos a su Ps4, una vez rellenado todo le da a save y reinicie su R1 y su PS4. Despues de haber realizado estos pasos compruebe su tipo de Nat y nos comenta. Un saludo y un placer ayudarle @Ivanst
  10. Hello Landonio1 1- if since you have blocked these devices, you do not have access to the internet on your PS4, it is because one of the devices that blocked was your PS4. Try to unlock a device first and try to see if it is solved, if not, try the second device that blocks. 2- Sometimes the Internet providers update their routers without the clients finding out, many times when they update they lose the saved configurations, check the router configuration of their provider and verify how it is.
  11. Hello QuillP The latest firmware version is so far no more recent version has been released since milestone 1.3 is the same as
  12. hola invanst. Me imagino que el router que estas utilizando es el R1 en su version DumaOS, haga lo siguiente. Vaya a la pestaƱa SYSTEM INFORMATION y en el segundo cuadrado de la segunda linea pone NETWORK STATUS, fijese en la direccion IP que pone en la parte de arriba de ese cuadrado y compruebe que es la misma direccion que pone en el DMZ de orange, en caso de no ser la misma cambiela por la que este viendo actualmente en el R1 y de ser asi y para que no le vuelva a pasar, tendra que reservar la direccion IP para el R1 en el router de orange, si no sabe como hacerlo pregunteme y se lo explico. Espero le sirva de ayuda y/o que podamos encontrar su solucion pronto. Un saludo
  13. Here is how to access Qos and deactivate it, follow the instructions given by Fraser and deactivate Qos to see if you get more accurate results.
  14. @Zeru94 consiguio solucionar el problema? Siento no poder haber estado activo antes para poder ayudarle, pero estuve enfermo y no tuve ocasion de poder conectarme. Cuentenos como le va y si a conseguido solucionarlo, si no seguiremos buscando una solucion para usted, pero seguramente si sigue los pasos que fraser le dio conseguira seguro la velocidades completas. Yo actualmente tengo contratado 1Gb y me llegan alrededor de 800 Mbit de subida y bajada, con lo cual usted deberia alcanzar sus 300 sin problemas. Saludos!
  15. Hola Zeru, bienvenido al foro! Has configurado tus nuevas velocidades en el R1? Al estar conectado tambien atraves de un Plc puedes sufrir algo de perdidas, sobre todo si no los tienes bien conectados o si la red electrica de la casa tiene algun problema. Los Plc siempre tienen que ir enchufados directamente a un enchufe de la pared , ninguno de los 2 receptores debe estar conectado a una regleta o similar. Un saludo!
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