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  1. Aside from this prioritization rule, how does port forwarding have? do you use DMZ, Upnp or do you have a manual rule?
  2. Let's see, the first square measures the total upload and download of your connection, the second square measures the ping (what it takes for the data to arrive) minimum, maximum and its average, in addition to the jittler and the loss of data packets and finally the third box shows you how long it takes to get the data out of your router so to speak. The orange line shows how long it should take for the packets of your connection to come out or come in, generally it is similar to the average ping of your connection. The red line indicates how long it takes to enter the download data and the blue line how long it takes to exit, in your case it shows you that you have 20 ms of ping, because to that you must also add the more that are shown for the upload and for the download and that is how long it takes to actually enter or exit your connection data. This can be improved by means of the sliding bars, the closer the red and blue lines are to the orange, the better your connection will be and the data will take less time to exit. I hope you clarify this as it works and I apologize for not understanding you well, English is not my native language, sorry.
  3. The sliding bars are used to control and improve the bufferbloat of your connection by establishing a speed limit through these bars, with this you will always lose some speed but you will gain it in stability when playing, once you finish playing you can return to set the bars to 100% or deactivate them directly and go back to enjoying full speed on your devices. As I mentioned, the best way to find a good configuration is by moving the bars and then doing a test in connection benchmark and see the results, when you find the ideal position, leave it there when you go to play.
  4. I don't understand what you mean, could you specify?
  5. It's just a matter of moving the sliders until you find a good setting for you. Check the always option that is shown above the sliders, then try to change them and test until you find the best configuration for you. It is usually advisable to start by putting the bars at 70% both and from there start to go up or down as you see the statistics. Cheers!!
  6. at the moment then you will not be able to use bridge mode. The R2 does not currently have the Vlan option available. According to the netduma team, in a future update, this option will be available for the moment and until then you will have to leave R2 behind your isp router in DHCP mode. Greetings and I hope I have been helpful
  7. if your Isp uses IPoE it will surely work under Vlan. Like I said, call your Isp and ask them if they use Vlan.
  8. I advise you before you go crazy, to check with your Isp if you use Vlan in addition to Pppoe, some providers and more, if they are fiber, use Vlan to label their traffic on the network.
  9. Hi! Add, since it is not explained in the article, that a node is a data exchange point. When the data leaves your house, it travels to this first node and that first node is in charge of sending the data to the next one, until it reaches the destination server. If your connection is Ftth as is logical, when using a technology based on light your data will travel faster to this first node, which will have lower latency than if you use Hfc, it is the great difference between Ftth and Hfc, Because of the speed issue, most of the companies that use Hfc updated their networks to DOCSIS 3.0 and already offer symmetrical and high speeds, but that little latency can never be eliminated when using coaxial cable. Greetings!
  10. With your thanks, it is enough payment, it is not necessary moreπŸ˜‰
  11. When you go online in Cod if you look at the geofilter it will show you all the Cod servers for a short period of time there you will be able to better locate the servers that you have closer to you
  12. Do not feel bad man, that's what the forum and the community are for, nobody is born knowing and asking is how you learn, feel free to ask as many questions as you need to solve that surely a member of the Netduma team as any member of the forum will be willing to help you. A greeting!
  13. Hi! As a first piece of advice, tell him that for the geographical area he lives in I would use the circle mode instead of the polygon mode, in that area several servers are shown, he will find a better game and do not rule out trying them, he has them nearby and sure that the ping is good and in case If you do not like any of them, you have the option to deny it so as not to rejoin it. As a second tip, once you have the circle mode put the location between you and your friend and establish a radius of about 1000km so you will cover the east coast in your part and you can take advantage of all the servers in that radius (as I said before, If someone does not like the gameplay, they only have to block it) Also so you will have your friend within the radius and it will give you less connectivity problems. (In case of using the polygon mode, I advise you to cover the area that I told you.) And the third one regarding the problems with the psn audio groups and this may also apply to Zippy. In general, having your partner allowed or within your radio there are usually no problems or there shouldn't be, but on some occasions when people enter the audio their speakers flicker as if they could not establish a connection with them. For the audio groups, yes or yes, you have to use the Psn servers, in fact if they notice when someone joins and gives problems, in the upper part of the west coast of the USA there are servers (usually sera with triangle) are of Psn. These should be (I think) all allowed by DumaOS, in fact it is like that, but Psn also uses other servers to host those audios, such as amazon, such servers as is logical and being random they are not allowed, so which usually gives problems when making audio groups. The first option to avoid this is that when you create the audio group or join the other person later, you have to have the geofilter deactivated, so there will be no restriction that prevents you from connecting, the other option is if you use the mode poligo, locate the servers that I tell them and draw a rectangle on them. I imagine you were wondering, wouldn't it be easier to allow the server once the group has been cast for future occasions? As I said it is random, surely when they create another audio group it will host them on another server and it will not work, although well, after adding one every day and after 2 years the same thing gets to add all hahahaha πŸ˜…πŸ˜… In yellow the location of the Psn servers
  14. Hello welcome! From which device are you trying to access the R2 interface? It is advisable to do it from a PC and preferably browser chrome, although you can use other browsers. Regards!
  15. Hi! In my experience to tell you that in this Cod that does not work, or at least for me it did not work. In the previous cod titles, if you forced the game with a low speed, the game would pick it up, usually it gives about 4000kbps with normal speeds, forcing it could go down from 4000kbps easily, making the game only pick up 1000kbps, however in this Cod it and tried many times and even putting minimum speeds I have not succeeded, or it does not connect to the server if it goes too low or if it connects it will recognize it above 4000kbps. The only way to get me to register less bandwidth was doing a speed test while connecting to online services and the difference was minimal since it registers between 3500-4000 kbps. The problem of Cod is not the speeds, the problem of Cod is the ping, the ping of delay will always have it that is something of the code of the game and it cannot be omitted so the most important thing is to focus on getting the server with ping more low and do not have packet loss, for everything else pray to Saint server and that he wants to go well! Regards!
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