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  1. I assume that the pc has it connected by cable, follow these steps. Press the windows start button and in the search bar type network and sharing center and click on it. In the left pane of the window click on change adapter settings, right click on local area connection and then click on properties. Find where it says internet protocol 4 and double click. In the window that opened, use the following IP address and fill in the fields like this: DNS IMPORTANT: CLICK ON VALIDATE CONFIGURATION ON EXIT (right next to where it says advanced configuration and above where it is accept. In case the PC has it connected via wifi instead of cable, you will have to perform the same operation but instead of right-clicking on local area connection, you will have to do it in wireless connection. Try if you can configure it and have access like that, I hope you have luck.
  2. You already have an identical theme created, I advise you not to create duplicate themes so that there are no confusion, be patient and soon someone from the Netduma team will give you support. Repeating things will not speed up your attention before and can only create confusion. Regards!
  3. Hi! Have you tried to manually configure an IP within the range of R2 on your pc to see if you have access to the network? try it to see if it works. Regards!
  4. hola Luis! si tienes tu netduma detras del router del isp lo primero que deberia hacer es entrar en el router del isp y reservar una ip fija para su netduma y acontinuacion ponerlo en el DMZ del router del isp. Una vez hecho esto vaya a su netduma y mire si tiene activado Upnp, si esta activado su netduma automaticamente deberia abrir los puertos necesarios de su disposito, en caso de que no lo consiga puede usted reenviar los puertos manualmente y probar si funciona para usted, para esto debera dirigirse a network setting y primeramente ir a la pestaña DHCP y configure una ip para el dispositivo que quiere abrir los puertos luego dirijase a la pestaña port forwarding y crear una regla para su dispositivo con los puertos como inicio 1 y final 65535 tanto para TCP como para UDP y con la ip que previamente le reservo, con esto no deberia de tener ningun tipo de problema y deberia de tener Nat abierta. Saludos!
  5. What browser are you using? Try clearing your browser's cache and try again.
  6. Hello, welcome to the forum. Have you tried performing a factory reset from the small rear hole? Press it and hold it for 30 seconds, then release it and leave the R2 with the lights on and fully charged (a couple of minutes) and try to access and see if it improves your experience. regards!
  7. Hello, welcome to the forum! To start, connect one end of the Lan cable to any Lan port of your ISP router and the other end to the Wan port of your R2 (blue) then connect another Lan cable from any Lan port of R2 (yellow) to a PC and open your browser , then enter the following IP address in the address bar Do you have access to the R2 interface? Regards!
  8. Hi! In order for you to achieve this you need to have a direct connection on your Ps4 or game platform that you use (IP publishes directly). For this you need a modem or modem / router that can be put in bridge mode and then put your console / PC behind it, in this way you will get the public IP on your device and you will have Nat type 1, as a consequence, yes, it will stay without internet on other devices. If you are a fiber user and you have separate Ont and Router, you could also achieve this by connecting the device behind the Ont, but it will depend on the configuration and if you know it or if your ISP provides them. If you put your device in the DMZ you will only get Nat type 2, which is the same as if you open ports manually from number 1 to 65535. A greeting!
  9. Hi! Mac cloning even if you see it activated is using the mac of your R2, it is as if it were deactivated, you do not have to worry about it and it is something that I imagine will be corrected in the next firmware. If you use the PC as a gaming platform, I recommend that you leave both synchronization and port scanning activated. Regarding IPv6 you should know if your ISP provider uses it, if so, leave it activated, if you do not know or if your provider does not use it, you can deactivate it. Ping I recommend that you do not disable it, otherwise you will not get a response when your R2 tries to ping the sites. And the technical support is okay because you have it activated, nobody can access your information through R2, it is simply so that if you have a problem the team can give you support, if you feel more calm you can deactivate it and in case If you need support from the team, activate it. A greeting!
  10. Hello clablegame22 1. If you have it 2.if it works Regards!
  11. Can you access the R2 interface? How do you connect R2 to your network? receives Ip Wan? you can check it in the system information tab. At some point did it work and did it stop? Regards!
  12. Well then the thing is complicated, it is really strange that first if you let it access and after a factory reset it does not allow it to access, in my opinion I think it may have been a bad manipulation rather than a manufacturing defect. You probably did the factory reset and thought it was taking too long or you might have gotten caught and pulled on the cable before the R2 finished performing the entire reset. See if the team can help you further and provide you with a solution. Regards!
  13. I also suffered data packet loss, the problem is in certain Cod servers, try the following to see if it improves your experience, in my case it worked and I very rarely get servers with problems. In Geofilter leave the filtering mode activated, but deactivate the strict mode, then start the game and in the geofilter you have to see that only the dedicated servers are loaded and the peers are blocked, try to see if there is luck for you.
  14. from that window press where you put properties. and find where it says internet protocol version 4 and click, then fill in the fields as in the image and remember to check the box to verify the configuration when exiting. After configuring like this, do you have access to the R2 interface?
  15. The image that I command is connected to the frizbox router, you have to do it with the R2 connected to the PC
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