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  1. Yea it’s every lobby, It’s not that I’m struggling it’s just a lot of them moments where you kill 1 and they all come swarm you, irritating.
  2. Yea I agree man at night the game is more sweaty, day time the game plays pretty decent.
  3. Thanks mate, yea it’s not down to connection I just got lucky with the lobby I reckon, but that was the first game after I throttled, game still played pretty good even after that game. Are you finding there are a lot more clans/party’s in lobbies after season 2 got implemented? Every lobby for me is at least a 3-4 man group.
  4. Throttled connection last night to 100kbps download and upload and ended up nuking a 6 man team of Germans on the UK dedicated server. They rage quit in calling it in.
  5. I’ve tried the throttling on MW and it just doesn’t work, I’ve even tried throttling it right down to 300kbps download and 150kbps upload and it doesn’t make a difference. I honestly believe they have made the SBMM more strict again with season 2, it was pretty decent before in season 1 Like SBMM didn’t exist or it could be an influx of players returning for the new season.
  6. I will try piss about with it again tomorrow.
  7. Is the hub5 with open wrt on it a modem+Router?
  8. I was using cake and layer cake also, was in a moderate Nat type and it just played like shit.
  9. Tried out OpenWRT today after a long while setting it up, and for me the game plays even worse than it has been playing on net DumaOS.
  10. I’m not getting spikes, you are experiencing what they call rubber-banding. I tried the Italian server but that was just as shit. the UK one is what is working for me right now but it’s not godly like the Spanish dedi was before the patch. @N3CR0 I have OpenWRT installed on an C7 Archer V5, and I will try it out either tonight or the weekend, I want to know if you are using any packages ?
  11. Do you use any specific app/packages with it? Sorry for the questions it’s just I want to try it out.
  12. Hi All... Has anybody else been having issues with the Spanish Dedi server ? Since last nights patch it has become that I am now “half a second behind” as some people like to call it. Game plays better on the UK server where I am from. And that Lag compensation isn’t working. just wandering if anyone that camps this server is experiencing the same thing.
  13. Jesus Christ, stop ruining the thread with pathetic squabbling. Grow up.
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