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  1. Nice, looking forward to testing it out, heard only good things.
  2. Lol what you mean on your own way?
  3. I can’t answer that as I don’t play warzone.
  4. It will change again next patch lol have to find sweet spot settings each update, the only think to be consistent is throttle and forcing 40+ ping servers.
  5. The settings I posted at the beginning of this Post.
  6. Force a Moderate Nat type. I don’t know what You plug your netduma into but I suggest going for a stand alone modem. You have fibre optic? If so I don’t know what cabinet your line runs to but there are a couple different types, Mine is a Huawei Cabinet so I use a Huawei HG612 3B unlocked Modem you can get cheap from eBay. If your on an ECI cabinet there is a different Modem you can get which will work better for that, I read about it online and also another user on this forum has spoken about it in another thread. Basically if your line has been put on in interleaved it will add latency but using these modems with G.Inp you can get put on fast path providing you have no errors in your line. Once I learned about this and tested it out online gaming felt a lot better.
  7. Moderate in MW 100% It just feels better I can’t explain it, always have better games on moderate than with open but only in this cod game. Im surprised you get good games in France, I can’t play on them servers, don’t get me wrong I will still do well but it just stresses me out, but on the Spanish servers I hardly ever rage and I can use a variety of guns and still dominate, the enemies are running about etc where as french players play like botched no offence if anyone is french but Jesus its 725 and snake shot dual wield and mines and corner camping xD. The German server is not bad but it is only a certain one I have the ID of it on my Netduma. I think this game compensates too much with the lag compensation, like on the U.K. servers I will get really low pings, but I will be running around literally jump shot a corner and the guy still running that was around the corner will just 2 shot me and I’m dead and just the general feeling of enemies seeing me before I see them, where as on the Spanish server or even the Italian server it’s complete opposite I have time to literally do a 180 degree turn on someone who is shooting me in the back and kill them. In my experience if you can force servers that give an in game ping between 40 - 60 you will have amazing games.
  8. Hi mate, any update on this yet? Thanks.
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