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  1. Console, PS4. I don’t pay for WTFast but I do use what my router provided me with.
  2. Thanks man. Plenty of nukes from MW and other cods here: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCLiWq5b9k52-MevQWbmJ-Ew firmware I am using is
  3. I agree about the netem thing, I have tried it also and it makes no difference for me, but I don’t agree with the lag compensation, it definitely is in the game but not as bad as it used to be. I used to use netduma to get on the Spanish servers and I was so far ahead of people in game it was unreal, It is no longer like that now, this game was very generous with the amount of lag compensation it gave you. No matter what I do with the Netduma R1 or XR500 I just can’t find that consistency. However since I have purchased an ASUS RT-AX88U The game has ran like a dream. The game doesn’t play as bad as some of the people on this forum make out, but there is the odd bullshit death here and there and when you watch the kill cam they generally have the packet bust symbol and/or one of the other 2 symbols to do with connection.
  4. Adaptive with gaming 1st. i am also using wtfast and set it to PS4 WW2 Cod.
  5. Yea I think the port Prioritization is just a placebo effect for when you get a decent game, I don’t use this. Also I have stopped using netduma all together and just using RT-AX88U and the game is running like a dream, I never get the feeling I am behind any more. Even UK servers where I am based are great, where as before they were not.
  6. Can always find a PS4 Only lobby without fail. Quite quick too.
  7. I dunno man I’ve been on interleaved for years I’m pretty sure of it so I don’t know what it’s like to be in fast path. but right now modem and router change has made a lot of difference.
  8. This modem has already made a big difference to my connection, it’s like night and day. no longer have that feeling that I am 0.5 seconds behind, I also purchased a ASUS RT-AXU88. so far seems good, can only get better.
  9. Yea I remembered you said, thanks again for the help mate.
  10. Yea there is absolutely no problems with my line. I went with my instincts and bought the modem you recommended, will be giving it a test when it comes and see if it can get me on fast path. They said my line was fine and was on standard interleave. anyway all I can do is try it out.
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