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  1. Yea man that’s true 100% On console I play with crossplay off all the time. On PC I play with crossplay on and it feels so unfair for other people, it’s so easy on PC.
  2. Ah, I never crossplay unless I’m on PC.
  3. Campers? lol try every lobby of jump shotting 100% precision aimers that also drop shot.
  4. Yea, it’s rediculous. not too many campers on Cold War, well in Miami there seems to be, but the connection is hit and miss. Sbmm really does ruin everything.
  5. Yea 2.2 on MW, but I never sit still, run around like a crackhead.
  6. I turn Upnp off and don’t DMZ, Port Forwarding is the better way.
  7. Yea, it’s definitely lag compensation, MW19 and Cold War are too generous with it, WW2 was the same, When playing on U.K. servers German and french and even Italian players are always ahead in game and seem like they instantly melt you, it’s reversed when you play on their servers. Not Germany though that was only good in WW2.
  8. I don’t like or play warzone. Only Multiplayer which I hold relatively high KD’s across multiple titles. MW performs shit on console,on PC it runs quite smoothly for me at least.
  9. Won’t work for you, you need to find a server with an intake ping of 40-50
  10. Ok so plugged the R2 in tonight, Italian servers gave me the best experience. spanish were ok, but U.K. unplayable for me which is stupid because I am in U.K., German servers weren’t much better.
  11. Yea it’s brutal, gonna see what happens now all the people that didn’t pre buy get online.
  12. Completely unplayable tonight, connection for sure has got worse since yesterday, worse than MW.
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