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  1. Thanks. I'm on version so I think this is the latest.
  2. Under device management they are showing offline (for example my phone) but under network monitor it is there showing usage.
  3. Just one IP is showing. I can go onto the AP and it shows the same IP address as on the R1 if that's what you mean? I don't know how you verify where the IP is coming from though.
  4. The ones that are here like my phone and things yes they have an IP address.
  5. No everything is still showing as offline after a reboot.
  6. Thanks, I thought it wasn't expected as I thought you can control all devices from the R1 when you use an access point.
  7. No not as far as I'm aware. It's an actual access point not a router in access point mode. It's a Tp-link EAP225.
  8. I've just got an access point to use for WiFi with the WiFi on the R1 switched off. There's seems to be an issue with the access point, maybe WiFi settings as using the same SSID and password most of my devices other than my phone don't reconnect automatically (for example my sky box). Anyway even though my phone reconnects automatically to the new WiFi it shows as offline on the R1. All I have done is switch off WiFi, do I need to do anything on either device with IP settings or DHCP settings or anything?
  9. Thanks. I'm aware they have some partnership with Netgear with the routers like the xr300 that have been realised. I have the R1 myself and have for a number of years. I was wondering if it was an exclusive deal or will we see it on the likes of Tp-link and such. Like N3CR0 I would much rather they do there own R2 though.
  10. As the title, does Netduma have an exclusive deal with Netgear? In the future will we see DumaOS on other hardware manufacturers or maybe there own?
  11. Perfect, thank you. hopefully it all continues to work now and time to find an access point. Although the wifi has gone slightly faster now I still want a dual band wifi. Thanks for all the help.
  12. Thank you, that's what I mean though, under the WAN section there are 3 sub sections (DHCP - Static - PPPoE) all of these are blank right now, I haven't put details into any of them. Which of these do I put the DNS details into as all the sections have DNS boxes.
  13. Right, I think I've finally sorted it all. The WAN IP started showing up when I disconnected the modem from the ISP router. So I put that IP as the dmz on the ISP router and turned off the wifi.On the R1 I've left the sections under WAN > Network all blank. So DHCP, Static and PPPoE are all blank and it seems to be working as it should now, a part from being a cable mess! The wired speed is the full speed it should be and cpu usage doesn't go above 60%. I still think I will get an access point though for the 5Ghz wifi. Thank you for all the help, I know this dragged on a bit. If I want to use a different DNS, where and how do I set that? On the R1 or the ISP router? Is it's on the R1, what section to I put it in?
  14. Thank for explaining. Do you know why the WAN ip isn't showing? This is with the R1 connected to the open reach modem, nothing else.
  15. This is without the other router, I thought I had to get Internet through the R1 to get a WAN ip so I removed the isp router. At the moment it is just the R1 connected to the modem and that's it, and the Internet is working. Also, port wise, if the isp router needs to be connected to port 1 on the R1, does the other end of that cable need to be connected to the WAN port on the isp router or any port? Only because I have to connect the modem to the WAN port on the isp router. Does this make sense?
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