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  1. How do you update the cloud on the original firmware?
  2. Cool, thanks for letting us know. A question though, isn't a cloud update just to fix locations of servers of the geo filter? Or is there more to it than that, that might actually change other factors?
  3. OK I will try and place the geo filter directly on one of the padlocks and see what the games are like doing that, if it will connect. I tried using a ping assist of 20ms and placed the home location in the ocean. It found games as some were pinging on netduma as low as 11ms. In game they are usually around 30-40ms though. It was still very much the same doing that as not using the geo filter. I just think modern warfare has very poor net code and might not be something we can work around or help. I know you can tell from the forum that a lot of people are having the same issues and just giving up with the game because of it.
  4. I tired placing the location directly over what I thought was a dedi but couldn't connect. On my first image, are the dedis the triangles or the padlocks? Also, do you enable the geofilter before starting the game or just before searching for a game after connecting to online services?
  5. ok I've just tried it on desktop and it's the same thing. I tried covering just the UK and Ireland, I didn't know if this was the one you wanted me to try. The first image with the yellow triangles was when it was 'connecting to online services'. The second one is when it was searching for a game, which it didn't find. I can increase the radius to around 1000 and it will find a game but then you're getting everyone in that area. How are people finding and connecting to certain dedis, for example the Spain one and have such a small radius?
  6. Both auto and bleeding edge are checked. The other 3 options are 1.
  7. There wasn't a host no. I will try to change via a PC and see if that makes a difference. For the could options, there's only the one option from what I can see. Maybe that's due to being on mobile but I think there's only the one.
  8. When I expanded the radius like this, it did actually find a game so I assume my radius was too small, but it was covering the whole of the UK. How do people consistently get certain dedis when I have to cover such a large area and all dedis and peers become connectable?
  9. OK so I've just tried it again, I turned on the geo filter and then started the game. The first image is when the game 'connecting to online services'. This is the one with the yellow triangles. The second image is when it's search for a lobby. It didn't find one, it came up saying searching for a game <15ms then never changed. Am I doing something wrong, what should I try? I'm trying to consistently get games on dedis in the hope I will get a better game.
  10. I set the geo filter when the console is on, otherwise I can't talk to anyone in party chat, even if I whitelist them. I would have to take a look again but I don't think it shows anything.
  11. I get a map full of padlocks and yellow warning triangles. I put the radius over the whole of the UK and it couldn't find a game. Yes the Ps4 is added to the geo filter and using the playstation network service.
  12. I will take another look but I didn't see anything else appear. I'm on the original firmware so I don't have spectating mode.
  13. I'm in the UK but I move the location around. It just keeps searching for a game and doesn't find one, eventually it creates a lobby with me as the host waiting for other people to join but nobody ever does.
  14. I've not been able to get the location geo filter working properly consistently on MW. In the old games you could just pick a radius and it worked perfectly. In this one though I can never find a game based on location, only ping assist. It's frustrating when you want to try and play on different dedis.
  15. OK I will have a look. I have tried looking before but didn't see anything appear on the geofilter when the game was starting up. Will look again. My last post was made at the same time as yours.
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