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  1. I was trying to enter the 3074-3075 as a range but it wouldn't let me. I've actually gone through and put in all the individual ports that Kinel has listed to get around it. Still need to see if it makes a difference though. I think it's a bug though that it doesn't format the port range right.
  2. Ok thanks. I have just check on desktop and it's the same on there as well.
  3. I will double check later but I'm pretty sure it's the same on desktop as well. On a side note, this version doesn't show port in network monitor anymore does it? And I can't downgrade to the one that does either?
  4. I think I worked it out. When you add a range like that then save the rule, it doesn't show the port range next to the rule. Then when you try to do another rule, I assume it says it overlaps because it just sees it as the same rule due to the way its formatted I think. The top rule is actually 30000-45000 so now I can't put another range of ports in.
  5. I can't speak for the servers and connections as I'm a PlayStation man, never had an xbox. Back in the Ps3 and xbox 360 days it was my impression that xbox was slightly better but I don't know if it is now or not. One thing to mention however if it's mainly Call of Duty games is that PlayStation have an exclusivity deal with for Call of Duty meaning they get things first and sometimes exclusively. Basically PlayStation gets priority, xbox use to have a similar deal for years but that ended around 2 years ago if I remember rightly.
  6. Thank you! Not too much different from me. I've tried to do the priority ports but you can't on the R1 because if you put a range of ports and save the rule, it doesn't show the actual port range in the saved rule. Looks like a formatting issue. When you try to put another range it says it overlaps. I assume it's because the firmware reads it as the same range.
  7. What's your setup? Do you just use ping assist or have you done other things like priority ports and things? I've tried this but you can't do it properly on the original R1 as you have to do source and destination ports separately and you get the error for overlaps.
  8. Yea I put it down to bad netcode on infinity ward's part, and their lag compensation. It doesn't seem to matter about my ping any more, just however the game wants to punish me. I haven't had the last couple of CODS but had every one from COD 4 right up to I think advanced warfare. And never had a k/d below one, usually around 1.2-1.3.
  9. I actually think I'm on a pretty good connection, it's fibre (in the UK) and on ping plotter get about 17ms ping.
  10. Yea, my k/d is 0.84 I think at the moment but that drops everytime I play due to some of the bs it throws my way, always being behind people.
  11. I'm jealous, I wish I could get gameplay like this. Tried a bunch of different things and I just can't seem to improve it any.
  12. I'm trying to do this on the R1 but on the original firmware you have to put source and destination ports as separate rules. When I try to enter 30000-45000 it just says it overlaps and I can't. Anyone else found out how to get around this?
  13. I wasn't aware that the buffer bloat changes ping? What do you have your buffer bloat set to? What do you do with the geo filter? Where are you based? Do you find certain servers that you have better games on? I'm having an awful time since launch. Always behind even if I'm already aiming and they're sprinting. I think my current k/d is 0.83 and it drops everytime I play. It's very frustrating at the moment.
  14. As it stands at the moment I can't see it making a huge difference as the performance of the game for me is quite poor. I'm having a horrible time since launch. I've yet to find a server that plays well for me.
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