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  1. It all seems to be working now, I had to factory reset both which I did before but this time I did it with them both connected and it seems to have worked. Would you disable firewall, upnp, security on the isp router which is between the R1 and modem?
  2. So I accidentally turned of dhcp on my isp router and had to factory reset that but I still can't access the R1.
  3. I would but now it just says the site can't be reached so I can't access the R1 at all now. Not sure what's happened there.
  4. You said modem - R1 - isp router. However as I said then the R1 would be doing the PPPoE and drastically reduce my bandwidth. Or am I missing something?
  5. I had it that way but using the R1 with dumaOS and PPPoE reduces my bandwidth from 70mbps to 35mbps. So I want the isp router handling the PPPoE and R1 everything else. So it doesn't matter that the R1 is and the isp router is
  6. I'm trying to setup like this, modem, isp router, R1. The isp router is working, and I've tried connect one of the ports on that to the port 1 on the R1. What else do I need to change? I think it should be something to do with the dhcp range? On the support pages it just says to connect it like I have, nothing else. What am I missing?
  7. It was working until it disappears but the status bar at the bottom keep saying searching I think, then showing the ports then searching again. Don't know if it would normally do that or not.
  8. Awesome thanks. I had another look earlier and don't know if i did it wrong or not, I connected but not sure if I pressed start. I also just tried it on a wireless laptop and it kept disappearing, the app that is, had to keep reopening it for some reason.
  9. No I didn't, I will do next time. It works when on my own. I kept checking for around 6 games and switching between different modes.
  10. Yea sorry I was refreshing the page, that's what I meant but it was stuck in that first port.
  11. The port never changed on the Web page, I think it was 30180. I didn't see the app, sorry
  12. So I tried this last night, and it seemed to put one port in, then that was it, it just got stuck on that one so unfortunately it doesn't work in a party at the moment without a fix.
  13. I've found it's when I play with with friends that I always finish down, I get that second behind feeling. When I play OK my own though, same settings, it plays great, 2-3 ratio every time. Don't know why, it's frustrating.
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