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  1. I know this may not affect everyone but what an accomplishment. Congratulations to the Netduma Team https://netduma.com/blog/latest-milestone-game-optimiser-telstra/
  2. I going to be grinding this one. It's going to be raining Chopper Gunners 😂
  3. Just curious how were you able to correct it?
  4. If you have switches in your setup I would enable it if not just leave it disabled.
  5. Just to add if your network uses IPv6 there is no way at this time to change your IPv6 DNS servers - the R2 will always use your ISP's IPv6 DNS servers.
  6. There is a mobile app in beta testing phase currently. I know you said you do not have a pc but any laptop or tablet should allow you access the R2 gui to make adjustments. Of the browsers Chrome is the most optimized for DumaOS. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  7. I am not sure of what the exact cause is of the error but i do have two possible solutions: 1. Try rebooting the router 2. If rebooting the router doesn't work - try factory resetting the router
  8. That should work perfectly fine. Just an fyi. All the devices that will be connected to the XR500 will show up as wired. Because the R2 is connected to the XR500 by wire it is going to see all the devices as having a wire connection. I believe Netduma is working on remedying this though.
  9. Are you able to access the router's interface? If so can you try factory resetting the router to the default settings. To factory reset once you reach the router's interface click the three dots in the top right corner. Then click advanced Then click factory reset. Let us know if it corrects any of the router's issues. I have attached screenshots below.
  10. As of right now the only way to fix it is to remove the access point. The R2 does work with access points but the device manager is not as accurate with which devices are active and that all devices are considered wired even though they are connected wirelessly to the access point. This has been an issue since the R1.
  11. It isn’t in its current state. There are some more optimizations to the adblocker app that have to occur. I remember one of the devs saying that youtube ads were a little more difficult to block. But blocking those ads is in the works. One of the devs will speak on the issue as well.
  12. Yeah I am back to manually figuring out the best settings for my Congestion Control Sliders. Auto QOS doesn't work for me (ping or bandwidth prioritized). I want to say one of the devs said it is too agressive in what it is trying to do. I am confident Netduma will get it resolved though.
  13. You are correct. It is a bug in the current firmware. Netduma is aware and working on a fix. .
  14. You can upgrade to 3.0.129 just know that if you factory reset all your adblocker lists will go away and the adblocker will not block anything. It can be fixed by just reinstalling 3.0.129 firmware though. Hope this makes sense. This bug should be fixed in the next firmware update.
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