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  1. If you are in spectate mode the geofilter is turned off. Now if you are select filtering and nothing shows up then we have a problem.
  2. I would use upnp, port-forwarding, or dmz (in that order of priority). I prefer upnp when I have to get multiple devices port-forwarded but when I just am concerned about a single device manual port-forwarding seems to work best for me. And last but not least I use dmz when none of the previous options are not giving me satisfactory results. Running upnp, dmz, or port-forwarding together in any order or combination can cause issues. Just a suggestion.
  3. You are fine to use upnp. If you are concerned I would use Steve Gibson's upnp exposure testing site. He is big into networking security. I believe that there is an internal firewall built into the router that helps protect you from any security issues. Maybe one of the developers from Netduma can speak more details concerning the issue and also I would post on Netgear's site and ask as well. But all in all I think you are fine to use upnp.
  4. Just a couple of suggestions. You can use upnp to set port-forwarding rules automatically. Or you can manually set the rules yourself by using port-forwarding but I would not use both because there is the possibility of running into conflicts. Also if you are getting packet loss on the router side with ping plotter I would suggest looking into remedying bufferbloat/network congestion by using the qos function in the router.
  5. Yeah right. Sort of like getting that tatoo of a girlfriend and then breaking up with her. Now what.
  6. This Geofilter isnโ€™t really needed in my opinion for this game because you can manually select low ping dedicated servers up and down the east coast. There are even a couple in South Carolina but honestly I would not pick those because they tend to drop packets. But the ones in Virginia and Dallas are good. Iโ€™m in Georgia and play on Xbox and PC.
  7. I was wondering because when I used the Source engine it greyed out the Filtering selection. Actually it will not let me select console. It is not an option.
  8. If we are playing on pc should we have source engine selected and geofilter in spectate mode?
  9. I am not trying to be negative but I would not pick a cloud gaming service as a primary gaming platform over an actual console or PC that I can control and view locally. I'd rather wait a short while for game downloads and updates so I can have those privileges, thanks. Stadia is being marketed as being "better than having the hardware in your home because you don't have to download the games" like that's more important than input lag and diluted image quality. Sure it would be a convenient service to some but it's not a better gaming platform than a local system. It may be a fit for some but not for me.
  10. I had to factory reset mine. Also try hard resetting your browser as well.
  11. New Features and Enhancements: USB driver update to support Apple File System (APFS) Login password enhancement DHCP option 60 support for Internet configuration Bug Fixes: Improves system stability Fixes security vulnerability issues Fixes the issue where Orange France IPTV does not work with the new UHD TV decoder
  12. Who makes a quality motherboard: AsRock,MSI or Asus ROG. Or any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Thanks I am looking to build my own gaming rig.
  13. Anyone interested in joining up? Please post your gamertag here and consoles. And if you are ok with other gamers freely joining. I'll go first: Pharmdawgg (Xbox). Anyone may freely join if I am on and playing Apex. Maybe I'll see some of you out there on the virtual battlefield. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  14. PIA (Private Internet Access) here
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