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  1. The original R1 only has 2.4GHz component. No 5GHz. Only options if 5GHz is needed is to add an extender or access point sorry to say.
  2. Damn TryHard you can carry me anyday. Nice job.
  3. If you are are not able to access the user interface to factory reset your router, you can manually push the reset button down on the back of your Netduma R1. Which you have already done. Now I am adding the full instructions. Make sure your Netduma R1 is powered on Using a small, thin object like the tip of a pen or a paperclip, push down firmly on the Reset button found on the back of your Netduma R1. It's a small hole which says 'RES' above. Continue to press down until you see all the lights blink on and then off Stop holding the button down and wait to hear a beep. Your router is now factory resetting. Wait for about 1 minute for the factory reset to complete After the factory reset has completed, please note the following: The WiFi name is Netduma R1 The password is now netdumar1 To access the user interface, enter into the address bar the default credentials are admin and password - make sure you type these in English and lower case Hopefully this helps.
  4. It would be awesome if the router's software would some how auto update or send the server's info back to the cloud. But may be that is a perfect world. lol
  5. He's the "The Reverend" Macca61. He's got the Lord on his side. 😊
  6. You know sometimes I wonder if these weapons are fine with only a few attachments. And the devs being devs gives us all this attachement options to just troll us. lol
  7. Nice game play. What attachments do you like on the Kilo?
  8. FYI: Tick rate is the frequency with which the server updates the game state. When a gaming server has a tick rate of 64, it means that it is capable of sending packets to clients at most 64 times per second. I am guessing the higher the better.
  9. Try placing a circle around the server you would like to join in the US. Select strict mode. Set Ping Assist to 30. Make sure filtering mode is selected as well. Many time I am so excited about playing that I forget to select filtering. And report if you still get placed in those lobbies. Also if you are able to post the Server ID in this post the admins can determine if it is mislocated and what exactly is the purpose of the server. Thanks.
  10. Ok. Maybe one of the admins can comment on this. Thanks for the info. Have you tried setting both of them to auto and re-running the test to see if you get the same results?
  11. Ok. 1492 should be your appropriate mtu for ppoe. Sorry stupid question. Have you tried setting your router to manual 1492 and ps4 as well or will it not work?
  12. What are your mtu settings set to on your PS4 and your Router? I could see an IP packet fragmentation issue if there is some sort of mismatch going on between your PS4 and the rest of your network.
  13. I play on pc and my Netduma ping shows approx 20ms and the ingame ping shows approx 30ms. It seems reasonable to me. The ingame ping is always going to be higher. It has a little more overhead/processing added to it.
  14. I'm with N3CR0 on this one. The short answer is that there is no optimal or best MTU value for gaming, as there is no real evidence that changing MTU improves either bandwidth or latency. Custom MTU settings do not appear to improve internet speeds or ping so I would recommend just leaving your MTU settings as default or automatic.
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