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  1. FYI: Port Scan/Syn Flood They are forms of protection from ddos and malacious attacks from outside of your network which is good but now for the bad. Those packets have to be examined and so your throughput can be slowed due to this.
  2. It’s not available for Mac but here is a program I found quite useful. DNSJumper. https://www.sordum.org/7952/dns-jumper-v2-2/
  3. I am not sure if your modem is a modem only product or a modem/router combo. If it is a modem/router combo you may have to bridge it with your R2. What is the exact model of your Xfinity unit?
  4. I hate it that we have to wait for the isp’s to push updates to these devices. I think modems are devices that don’t get enough support.
  5. Sorry to say not currently. One of the admins may respond to this post as well and maybe they will have more info.
  6. As of right now this feature has not been added but it has been recommended and the devs are aware of the request. Stay tuned.
  7. I understand. Troubleshooting can be a pain especially when there are so many parts to the puzzle.
  8. I had a similar issue with ethernet disconnects with my pc from router. I did this and it seemed to have fixed the issue.: 1. Network Reset on pc 2. Rolled back my NIC to an older driver 3. Changed my DHCP lease time 72 hours (I believe anything greater than 24 hours should be fine) Just some suggestions. Just one other caveat I am using a Realtek NIC not Intel.
  9. There is no way at this time. I believed it has been recommended that Netduma implement a "saving configuration feature" which would be a life saver especially when you have a lot of custom settings or connected devices.
  10. For the moment I would recommend manually setting it up yourself as the feature is too aggressive at the moment.
  11. I would just screenshot the gui pages of the router. There is at the moment no feature for saving router settings and info. Sorry.I hate having to factory reset too.
  12. Sorry to put my two cents in but you cannot turn off dhcp on the R1 and still have the geofilter work. If I recall you can disable the congestion control though. You are going to have to some how place the IP address given to the R1 by the Open Source router into the DMZ of the Open Source router. This should help with any NAT issues but i can't guarantee it.
  13. There they go taking "Pay to Win" to a whole nother level. I guess im going to have to get use to this this year.
  14. There is no WPS function. If you would like to connect your printer it will have to be by wifi or wired. I personally have mine connected by wifi and gave my printer a manual ip address. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  15. Sorry to hear you want to return your device. It would be best to email [email protected] about this and they should respond to you as soon as possible. Being the weekend it may be a little delayed. And @Netduma Fraser should respond to this post as well.
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