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  1. Other than with my family or on a console/pc you can find me here
  2. I'm sorry to say that your only other options are UPNP or placing one of the devices in the DMZ. You can not portforward multiple devices.
  3. Ok. I just ended up resetting it. The router is really funny with firmware updates like this. What I think I will do is remove all devices that are assigned to the geofilter prior to updating because when I get that error is when it becomes unmatched. Whatever that means. No problem. Thanks Alex.
  4. Does anyone have an easy fix to this error other than having to factory reset the router. XR700. Here is the full error message. RPC error 'ERROR_NOENT': No matching type ID Wii I will not allow me to delete the device and under devices I just get the perpetual circling animation. Thanks for any suggestions.
  5. For supported games please refer to this link.
  6. Other than the routers offered by Netgear and Netduma those are the only routers the have the DumaOS software. The software isn't even interchangable between routers. Each router has it's own iteration of the software. It is currently not portable to any other router at this time.
  7. Just chiming in here. This may become a problem. I found this server on Xbox. They specific IPv6 servers.
  8. That is perfectly fine if you prefer to do it that way.
  9. Can you tell us the brand and model of the modem? It may help Alex with his troubleshooting. Thanks.
  10. I always leave my distribution equal and balanced it seems to do a good job that way. Make sure share excess is selected and click reset distribution and update distribution in that order. Do this for Upload and Download because they are independent of each other. Run it as above first and if it seems certain devices need more bandwidth (i.e. stuttering, skipping, buffering) then give the device more bandwidth by increasing the percentage on the flower then click update distribution only. Do this for upload and download both if you require it. Always click update distribution after making any adjustments. Just a little added information: share excess allows the router to allocate bandwidth back to devices that need it if the device you have assigned more bandwidth does not require it anymore. Here is a link to the wiki with more information. It is more of a trial and error thing. Everyone's network if different. Hope this helps.
  11. If you are in spectate mode the geofilter is turned off. Now if you are select filtering and nothing shows up then we have a problem.
  12. I would use upnp, port-forwarding, or dmz (in that order of priority). I prefer upnp when I have to get multiple devices port-forwarded but when I just am concerned about a single device manual port-forwarding seems to work best for me. And last but not least I use dmz when none of the previous options are not giving me satisfactory results. Running upnp, dmz, or port-forwarding together in any order or combination can cause issues. Just a suggestion.
  13. You are fine to use upnp. If you are concerned I would use Steve Gibson's upnp exposure testing site. He is big into networking security. I believe that there is an internal firewall built into the router that helps protect you from any security issues. Maybe one of the developers from Netduma can speak more details concerning the issue and also I would post on Netgear's site and ask as well. But all in all I think you are fine to use upnp.
  14. Just a couple of suggestions. You can use upnp to set port-forwarding rules automatically. Or you can manually set the rules yourself by using port-forwarding but I would not use both because there is the possibility of running into conflicts. Also if you are getting packet loss on the router side with ping plotter I would suggest looking into remedying bufferbloat/network congestion by using the qos function in the router.
  15. Yeah right. Sort of like getting that tatoo of a girlfriend and then breaking up with her. Now what.
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