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  1. isn't it time for AX router (WiFi 6) this is only AC router.
  2. I'm waiting for 2 months now. I am slowly losing hope that it will be available in general.
  3. I've been looking forward to it for about a month now but nothing! 🀣
  4. Now i'm watching the news president Tramp ordered the beta to be released on july 1 A little joke let's hope it comes out soon 🀣 let’s be optimistic and positive πŸ‘
  5. i have very strange problem, from 12:00 today my viber no longer works via wifi on my phone only works via celluar network. I have never had this problem before, old belkin wifi router works perfekt ,over Netgear XR500 not works . I did a factory reset not helping, other things work great only iptv not works as usual i turn off QoS and works fine iptv. now the problem is the viber application on the phone does not work via wifi had any ideas what it could be.
  6. I hope they fixed the problem with QoS and IPTV on Samsung TV.
  7. A lot of people have a same problem with smart iptv on samsung tv and other tv devices, but for now there is no solution only turn off QoS. I think this is a big problem because a lot of people have exp.. iptv on samsung tv and iptv on other streaming devices, and they want to use QoS for gaming at the same time watch iptv on Tv. hopefully this will resolve the issue in the new firmware v 3.0
  8. i think so it is Very good idea . πŸ˜€
  9. now i tried this solution Disable IGMP Proxying and turned on QoS and IPTV not works and igen turn Off QoS and IPTV works perfekt. it is very big issues .
  10. Hi Any new news. I have the same problem Samsung Tv IPTV not works only works if i turn off QoS, but i wont use QoS option on router?
  11. it takes very long time to fix bugs exempl QoS and IPTV on tv at it works at same time i am deeply disappointed with such a good system and router but I hope they fix this bug it with the next firmware.
  12. i bought this Best router today and problems started immediately, iptv not working on my Samsung tv. Solved the problem quickly turned off QoS Service, but I want to use QoS Service. Question is, it is possible to use iptv and QoS together or not ? will it be possible and when or will never be able to use together QoS and IPTV ?
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