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  1. The news we were going to share this week has been pushed to next week. It's all written and ready to go but we need to get the OK from all parties before we can post it. Even if you do sell your XR500, I hope you will keep an eye on Netduma because we have big plans for the future.
  2. And is the Geo-Filter working when you turn the VPN off?
  3. I decided to test it myself. Using a PC, an R1, purevpn and Apex Legends, it worked perfectly. I need to figure out which one of those elements is the difference that's causing it not to work for you. You're using a console, an XR500, nord vpn and what game?
  4. Oh right... What VPN provider are you using?
  5. ¿Se puede conectar una computadora a través de Ethernet? Si está en Windows, abra un símbolo del sistema y escriba ipconfig, ¿qué dirección IP tiene? ¿Qué es la puerta de enlace IP?
  6. We don't really do case numbers. If you contact NETGEAR to get a replacement you could always link them to this thread as proof.
  7. Hmm interesting... Shouldn't be too long until the DumaOS app is ready... I mean obviously that's no workaround but I'm just saying...
  8. Good question... Just make sure that the XR500 is in the DMZ of the upstream router/modem. This is safe to do as the XR500 has it's own firewall.
  9. Hm, I might need to ask somebody at NETGEAR to take a look at this as this might be a problem with the new firmware. Could you download the previous version from here and install it? https://kb.netgear.com/000060464/XR500-Firmware-Version-2-3-2-40 See if it starts working again or stays broken
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