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  1. Could you set your R1's WAN IP as static? Go to Settings > WAN, and change DHCP to Static. Put the IP address in as the same WAN address you currently have, put the gateway address as whatever your modem's IP is (usually your R1's WAN IP but the last number is a 1) and subnet mask
  2. I just feel like this whole tick rate thing is probably a placebo. That said, there might be some science to it. It might be that if the router READS the tick rate as higher, it correlates with heightened performance. Perhaps the lower tick rate is actually an under-reading because the connection isn't performing fast enough. I guess the true test would be to disable QoS and see how that affects the gameplay and the reported tick rate.
  3. The bandwidth setting (in the anti-bufferbloat side menu) should be set to the speed that you pay for from your ISP. If you're not sure, you could set it to the maximum speed you've ever got on a speed test on your connection. You basically want it to represent your connection at it's best.
  4. Hmm. There's definitely no DMZ function on your modem?
  5. Firstly I would recommend going to Device Manager and setting your PC's device type as PlayStation. Now in the Geo-Filter i'd recommend putting your radius in the ocean at 0km, and putting Ping Assist at 50ms. If your gameplay feels slow, I would recommend that you turn down the anti-bufferbloat download slider by about 10% every time until it feels stable. You can then increase it slowly until it starts to feel unstable. Using this method you can find the sweet spot.
  6. Welcome to the forum! Which version would you like the link to? The link to the latest version of the Original Firmware is on the first page of this thread. To get a DumaOS download link you'll have to sign up here: https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos/
  7. Ah okay it's just that i've found that a Fire TV Sticks cause all sorts of slowdown sometimes. What I would suggest is to set Anti-Bufferbloat to always, and then turn down the Download slider by 10% at a time until your gameplay seems stable. You can then turn the sliders back up slowly until it starts to feel worse. Using this method you can find the sweet spot on the slider for your connection.
  8. Welcome to the forum! Are you playing CoD on a console or a PC? If you're playing on a console i'd recommend prioritizing using the "Games Console" profile instead of the "Call Of Duty" profile. If you open the Anti-Bufferbloat side menu, you can tick Disable QoS. Using this, you can test to see if QoS is what's causing the laggy feeling.
  9. Yeah you're right, the authentication server is in Ireland. It's probably used to log you in and check your purchases and such. Your gameplay speeds won't be affected by it because it's not used for anything except authentication.
  10. Well... Sounds to me like your ISP might not enable you to have a truly open NAT. Moderate is still pretty good though, at least it's not strict.
  11. Just out of interest, is your wife using an Amazon Fire TV Stick to watch Netflix?
  12. Remember that there's lots of EQ options in the audio menu for MW, so if you're going to be using an external application to do EQ, i'd set the one inside Modern Warfare to flat.
  13. The password for the interface, by default, is admin and password Make sure you enter these with no capitals Are you hearing a beep when you reset the router? I'm just wondering if you've actually reset it or not.
  14. Yes unfortunately the R1 has been outpaced somewhat by average internet speeds since it's launch in 2014. If you have more than a few hundred mbps you might notice less than your maximum being utilized.
  15. I checked the list and I saw that you were signed up, so I sent the link to your private messages on the forum.
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