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  1. Very good idea! We might have something like this in the pipeline, keep your eyes peeled.
  2. I have a feeling it will be fixed, because we've done a lot of changes to Device Manager, especially on the backend.
  3. They ping Netduma occasionally to download updates to the Geo-Filter map but that's about it as far as I know, at least for the DumaOS side.
  4. Welcome to the forum, and sorry to hear that you're having so many issues. I'm going to go through your post point-by-point and try and offer some solutions. What platform are you playing MW on? If it's a console, does your device type appear correctly in Device Manager? Is the icon a controller? It needs to be recognised as a console for the detection to work correctly. Regarding NHL, the server that shows up in California might be an authentication server. This is almost certainly the case if the server has a circle around it. Authentication servers are used for verifying purchases and such on the modes that have microtransactions, and the distance to this server hopefully won't affect your game once you actually get into matchmaking. The Geo-Filter usually works a lot better in the "free play" style modes where there is no team building, card packs or that stuff. This is because the free play mode isn't as tightly controlled, and isn't routed through EA's servers. It's possible that your connection is unstable, or that other devices in your house are causing spikes. I would recommend testing with something like PingPlotter to see if your connection is spiking on a regular basis. There's a guide here: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/23881-ping-plotter-quick-guide/ DumaOS's anti-bufferbloat is known to be incompatible with the dslreports test. We don't use the usual anti-bufferbloat technology that other QoS systems use, we have a custom, in house method. Anyway the idea with anti-bufferbloat is to use it in conjunction with Traffic Prioritization, so that when traffic begins to queue, the important stuff will be pushed to the front. Depending on the speed of your connection, this might not be nessercary. Sounds to me like a Traffic Prio issue. Perhaps the DumaOS Classified Games profile is prioritizing the wrong packets, which is making your games feel delayed. My recommendation would be to disable the DumaOS Classified Games profile and instead make a custom profile for the game you're playing. If the profile you need isn't there (updates are coming in 3.0 which will expand the list) you can instead use the advanced tab to specify specific ports. What I would suggest for now, if you're playing on a console, is to choose your console and the Games Console profile in Traffic Prio and see how that does.
  5. This is great advice, because by putting the console into DMZ, we can essentially bypass the R1. This will result in two possible outcomes: The NAT type becomes Open, meaning that you must change some settings on the R1 to achieve this outcome. The NAT type stays Moderate, meaning that the R1 is not receiving all ports correctly, and so the problem is upstream of the R1. Unfortunately, the DumaOS on the R1 doesn't currently support DMZ functionality (it will do in 3.0) As a workaround, you can forward every port from 1 to 65535, TCP and UDP, to the console in question, and get the same effect!
  6. I would recommend putting the Geo-Filter into Spectating Mode, then join a private lobby with your friend. Hopefully you'll see him on the map. Disable Auto-Ping Host, click on your friend on the map, put his name into the field and press ALLOW. Now when you go back to filtering mode, hopefully he will be allowed through the filter.
  7. If you're using Geo-Filter (even just in Spectating Mode) with Auto Ping Host turned on, you'll see lots of information on the host of the game, including tick rate.
  8. Unfortunately we've not tested with War Thunder so I can't really say. I'd suggest setting your device as a console in Device Manager, then removing and adding it to the Geo-Filter again. This makes the Geo-Filter affect all UDP traffic for that device, making many games compatible.
  9. If you use the flower as suggested above, you'll need to disable Share Excess. I would recommend turning the speeds right down on Congestion Control/Anti-Bufferbloat, then setting it so that they only enable when priority traffic is detected. You can then change the Traffic Prio panel so that the only prioritized thing is the game you want to play.
  10. Hmm, what happens if you click the Local Network option on that last screenshot?
  11. Yeah maybe I didn't word that fantastically. I didn't mean to say that the XR500's wireless technology was bad, just that the XR450's is worse.
  12. I pushed out a cloud update late last week. It had all of the changes that were reported by users, hopefully it improves matters.
  13. Hey ketma, Yeah we're doing okay, we're all working from home, but we're still productive. Nobody's sick. The closed beta is happening right now on some platforms, but we're not quite ready to release it for NETGEAR routers just yet.
  14. Port forwarding to two machines might be part of the problem, the same port cannot be forwarded to two seperate machines. You will need to rely on UPnP if you're using multiple machines at once, or you could put one of them in DMZ. Could you give me an idea of your network layout? Are your PS4's connected via ethernet or wifi? Are they connected directly to the XR500 or through an access point?
  15. This issue may be related to the Device Manager problem even if you don't have a Nintendo Switch. I think that the next update to the firmware, or the beta linked above, should hopefully contain the fix for this.
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