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  1. Welcome to the forums! It sounds like the problem is that the Netgear device it's connected to over LAN is not passing the mac address information back to the R1 Is the Netgear device set as an Access Point? Are the R1 and Netgear device connected LAN to WAN or LAN to LAN? Is every device on your network being assigned an IP address in the 192.168.88.xx range?
  2. Could you use PingPlotter and try to ping one of the CoD servers? Maybe take a screenshot so that we can see if there's one hop in the network which is slowing it down massively.
  3. I'll include those ID's you gave me in the next cloud update. Thanks!
  4. Unfortunately the upgrade is pretty much a fresh install. It's because DumaOS is totally rebuilt from the original firmware, settings won't be compatible. Sorry about that.
  5. Okay well even on the original firmware, your friends might need to be whitelisted.
  6. Ah yes okay cool okay, got it now. So the fact that the internet connection is coming straight from the ONT makes it unlikely that it would be causing any NAT issues. The problem might have something to do with two consoles asking for the same ports. Perhaps the restart is resetting the UPnP connections which opens the NAT again. So now I just need to figure out a fix, let me have a think... Okay you could forward specific ports to each console. For example, if the PlayStation was on 500, the Xbox could be on 501. I'm not sure how well this would work because I haven't tried it myself but people online seem to suggest it. I think the internal ports need to remain at their original number.
  7. In the Miscellaneous options, is there an option to make the cloud "bleeding edge"? You should enable this to make sure that you get the very latest cloud updates.
  8. So the device doesn't even appear anywhere on the router? Is there any way you can see on the phone itself whether it thinks it has a connection? Has it been given an IP address?
  9. As @dpk_ydv suggests, the problem might be on the server's end. If your local connection appears to be fine on pingplotter, it suggests the problem is somewhere else. The only case in which this might not be true is if there's some prioritized traffic messing with the results. For example, if the computer that you did the pingplotter tests on was prioritized and the PS4 was not, but I doubt that's the case. The annoying element is that the game doesn't tell you which end the packets are lost. If they're lost as you send them, it's the server that's dropping them, whereas if your router is dropping them, it's a local problem.
  10. Easy mistake! So are you using DumaOS or the original firmware? I'm going to assume you're using DumaOS for now. I've found, with the most recent D2 update, that playing with Strict Mode enabled actually works. What i'd suggest, if you haven't already, is set the Geo-Filter to Spectating Mode and disable Auto Ping Host, then get your friends to join your fireteam. They should appear on the map, so you can quickly click them and press ALLOW in the panel that pops up underneath. Once your friends are allowed, hopefully you should be able to play together even with Geo-Filter on, but if that doesn't work we'll have to do some more tests.
  11. Which console are you on? I pushed out a cloud update the other day which fixed PSN party chat. You will probably still have to individually allow your friends though.
  12. The error you're talking about is actually normal for the R1, as in it's a known bug. It will say it's taking longer than expected, but it will actually still do the update. Just wait about a minute and then refresh the page, the update will have been completed. At this point we're not actually giving people access to 3.0, Insiders is just a place to share information and gather feedback and opinions.
  13. 70? That's pretty nuts Which is what they used to call me in the club
  14. Was the R1 using that subnet when it was working? Usually an R1 gives out 192.168.88.?? Or are you using a router that's underneath the R1? Because obviously if the R1 is giving out these IPs then it's interface would be at
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