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  1. Here's a link to the previous firmware: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bqk0zy5fg9tssq3/DumaOS-R2-3.0.123-Release.sig?dl=0
  2. Nice, and have you set the R1's ip as reserved/static on the virgin hub?
  3. Is UPnP turned on? In theory, UPnP should take care of this automatically. If the PC cannot get Open NAT even when in DMZ, it suggests that your R1 is not getting full port access. I would suggest putting the R1 into the DMZ of the upstream router/modem. On DumaOS, go to System Information, write down the WAN IP Go to the web interface for the upstream modem/router Set the R1's IP as reserved/static Put that IP into DMZ
  4. We usually suggest setting the maximum speeds to the best speedtest result that you've ever had on your line. We then suggest, as a starting point, putting both the Download and Upload sliders at 70%.
  5. @Zippy is correct, IPv6 will not work correctly with anything before DumaOS 3.0, but with IPv6 disabled, Teredo should be taking care of it. in DumaOS, under Settings > Advanced > IPv6, is it set to Disabled?
  6. Are you guys using the latest version?
  7. And is your R2's WAN IP also reserved on the modem?
  8. Welcome to the forum! So you're using a 5G modem with the R2? What connection test are you using that gives you a 9ms ping? If you run the same test through the Netduma R2, are the results similar?
  9. Which firmware version are you using? You can download the latest here:
  10. Hello DumaArmy, This morning we had some problems with the forum, you may have seen it was inaccessible. We've now fixed the issue and everything is back to normal. We'd like to apologise for the downtime, and I hope that none of you have had to wait longer for support because of this. Thanks for being a great community, Alex at Netduma
  11. @Reeeeeeeeeeell I was unable to send the fix to your unit. Please check your settings. @Ash1980 The fix has been sent, you're ready to upgrade. @Ezkivel7 Your router is already on DumaOS so you don't need the fix.
  12. There is some processing time added between the router and the console. The packet will hit the router before it hits the console, and then the console will have process the packet before it produces the result.
  13. We don't currently support VLANs on the R2, but we may do in future. I'll suggest it to the developers. My only concern is that I think it might be quite a niche feature. There are some cool things we could do with it though. I'd like to see a visualized VLAN map, kind of like Device Manager, but taking VLANs into account.
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