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  1. Hello and welcome to our support forum for Telstra Game Optimiser! Game Optimiser is powered by DumaOS, which is a router operating system created by us here at Netduma. On this forum, you can get support directly from the creators of the software. A Netduma staff member will respond to every question that's posted, and we'll do our best to resolve any issues or queries that you have. Before posting, please take a look at the official User Guide to make sure you haven't missed anything in the setup process: https://www.telstra.com.au/content/dam/tcom/personal/help/pdf/telstra-game-optimiser-user-guide.pdf You may also want to take a look at our Optimal Settings Guides for Game Optimiser: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000113833-optimal-settings-guides-for-game-optimiser We look forward to seeing you on the forums!
  2. Okay... And are you using a static IP on your PC? If so, could you switch to automatic assignment?
  3. Either the R2's IP address has been changed to, or the R2 isn't assigning IPs and is instead deferring to your upstream router. What happens when you go to in a browser?
  4. Hi Voungukid, welcome to the forum. So if I'm reading this correctly, you DO have internet access when connected to your R2, but the DumaOS interface is inaccessible? I can't think why, but it's possible that the subnet of the router has changed. Could you tell me what your local IP address is on your PC/Phone? To find this on a PC, open a Command Prompt and type 'ipconfig' DumaOS 3.0 comes preinstalled on the R2, so if we can get you into the interface, you'll be using DumaOS 3.0. Connect a LAN port on your gateway router to the Blue WAN port on your R2.
  5. @MrJimmy @Kuae @Kron I have successfully sent the fix to your routers, and you are now ready to upgrade to DumaOS. @randompunkduma I have been unable to send the fix to your router, please make sure that you've set up the router as instructed at the start of this thread, and i'll try again.
  6. Your order has been cancelled, a refund will be issued.
  7. Welcome to the forum! Sounds like this is a problem with the powerline adapters rather than the router itself, so not necessarily something I can help with, but here's some things you should test: Do the powerline adapters on both ends support the speed you're trying to achieve? Some powerline adapters (especially the cheaper ones) do not support speeds over 200mbits. Remember, you will only get speeds as fast as your slowest powerline adapter. What kind of ethernet cables are being used on both ends? They need to be cat5e, cat6 or cat7. In DumaOS, under QoS check the following: Have you reduced your Congestion Control sliders below your desired speed? Have you got Share Excess disabled for either Download or Upload?
  8. Right now we're doing closed beta testing. We might be able to move onto a wider beta soon.
  9. Hello R2 users, Ping Heatmap is a feature which we will be constantly expanding and improving, and in this thread we'll be taking suggestions for how the feature can be improved. If there are any games missing from Ping Heatmap that you feel should be added, please suggest them here. We will do our best to add them to the list! Bear in mind that some games will be easier to add than others. Also, if any of the current games on the list appear to be failing to connect, or are producing many mislocated servers, please report that as well. By reporting mislocated servers, you will also help us to improve Geo-Filter. Thanks for using DumaOS 3.0!
  10. Good news, the problem has been sorted. The fix will be included in a new firmware which will be released before the end of the week!
  11. Hi @celebrimbor93 Sorry to pile on the questions, but have you had any previous DumaOS routers? I have tested with many browsers and found that the only occasion on which this would occur is if the browser had previously cached some DumaOS data. It also appears that the login window can be bypassed by simply pressing Cancel.
  12. Yes this is an uncaught bug, and thank you very much for reporting it! I'll get this fixed ASAP.
  13. Very good idea... We could do this on a per-game basis, or we could allow the user to save several "loadouts" of polygons that they can save and load at will. This sounds like a DumaOS 3.1 feature to me, thanks for the feedback!
  14. I believe that the logs are currently unaffected by your time zone choice. The Time Zone option affects Ping Heatmap, Connection Benchmark, Adblocker and Traffic Controller. The logs are usually meant for developers to look at, so we set them to UTC. This means we know exactly when problems occurred, no matter which time zone they occurred in. Not sure why it took so long to connect to the internet, but it could have been that it spent a lot of time negotiating with whatever you've got upstream. I feel like this might be outside of our control but we will look into it. The Incognito thing is a caching issue, and may be a side effect of the fact you upgraded to hotfix firmware. Unfortunately, at present, I believe that Connection Benchmark tests, Ping Heatmap pings and Adblocker History are all stored in RAM. This means that they are wiped when the router is restarted. We'll probably change how this works in future, but having them stored in RAM makes the router much less likely to crash over long term use. Perhaps a good solution in future would be to allow tests to be saved to a USB stick? Anyway we'll keep this in mind, thanks for the feedback! Have you set your maximum bandwidth correctly? You can do this by opening the Congestion Control side menu and using the AUTO DETECT option. The benchmark should now show your actual speeds (ignoring QoS) next to the speeds that you've set in Congestion Control. Congestion Control WILL be taken into account for the Ping Test (Under Load) graph. You should expect (if it's all set up correctly) that with QoS set to always and the sliders lowered, you will get a much flatter line on the Ping Test (Under Load) graph. You're aiming to get the flattest line possible. I'd suggest trying out the Auto-Setup feature in Congestion Control to get the best results from this feature. I wrote a detailed explanation of the feature here:
  15. Teredo is a Microsoft technology for interfacing between IPv4 and IPv6... Sounds to me like this is specifically an IPv6 issue. DumaOS 3.0 has improved IPv6 support, so if you want I can add you to the beta, and you can see if the new IPv6 features help at all?
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