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  1. Hey @button1masher, Did you have Adblocker enabled before you disabled QoS? Disabling QoS also takes down Adblocker, so I was wondering if perhaps Adblocker was the actual cause? If Adblocker is the cause, then we just have to figure out which blocked domain is causing the problem and add it to the whitelist. Also: iOS or Android?
  2. Open the sidebar (burger menu) on Geo-Filter and choose RESYNC CLOUD. If it says "this operation is taking longer than expected", just refresh the page, this is a known error which can be ignored. That's concerning, have you restarted your router since this error occured?
  3. Hello @Shark, I've just uploaded a cloud update which whitelists those servers you mentioned above. Please update your cloud using the button in the sidebar, then restart the router. Let us know if the problem is resolved!
  4. It could be that they changed the server locations, or it could be that updated server details caused Geo-Filter to mislocate them, meaning they are no longer inside your radius. Another possibility is that there are new authentication servers which must be whitelisted in order to connect to a game. If that's the case, we can whitelist them in the Geo-Filter cloud so that the problem is fixed for all users. Either way, I'll investigate. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!
  5. What are you Geo-Filter settings? Where did you put your radius? It will be easier to recreate the issue if I know exactly where you're trying to filter.
  6. I've investigated getting Minecraft added to Traffic Prio. Unfortunately Minecraft appears to use a slightly unusual protocol, so we can't add it to Traffic Prio just yet. We will hopefully be able to add it in future but it will take some more work from our developers to increase compatibility.
  7. Hi @Rangewonk, Are we talking about the normal version of Minecraft or the Java version? Or both? I'll look into getting this added to Traffic Prio.
  8. We have been able to recreate this issue in the office. We have theories as to what's causing it. This will be a high priority issue to be fixed when we release the next firmware for the R1. Unfortunately we don't yet have a release date for the next DumaOS 3.0 firmware, but know that we are aware of this issue and we will prioritize fixing this issue. I'll be pushing for more R1 updates, I'll post on this subforum when we've got more to share.
  9. The Geo-Filter will already take care of that for most games, but some games may matchmake quicker using a VPN connection. Some games, for example, will attempt lots of local servers before expanding the search far enough to reach the ones in your radius. Using a VPN connection, the game would begin searching from the location of the VPN server. Your ping is unlikely to be any better when using a VPN, as packets still have to travel the same distance to reach the game server... Usually more, actually. But in some rare scenarios, the VPN's route to the game server might improve things. This is what gaming VPN's sell as their main benefit.
  10. Hi Jarana, welcome to the forum. Ping Heatmap does not react to Hybrid-VPN connections, the results will the the same whether you are using a VPN or not. Is this a feature you'd like to see in a future update?
  11. Hi benwhipyson, Slight issue, your IP address is an IPv6 address, and our remote upgrade tool is currently IPv4 only. Would it be possible for you to disable IPv6 on your router/modem, or are you stuck with an IPv6 Public IP? If you have an IPv4 Public IP, could you Direct Message it to me?
  12. @smirkingdevil Sorry about the delay, I have sent the fix to your router. You can now upgrade to DumaOS.
  13. Sorry about the delay, I have now pushed the fix to your router. You can now upgrade to DumaOS.
  14. Here's a link to the previous firmware: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bqk0zy5fg9tssq3/DumaOS-R2-3.0.123-Release.sig?dl=0
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