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  1. Well from those results it looks like it's working okay.
  2. Apex Legends is one of the games we're testing in the office.
  3. No that is a bit strange, however the PS4's download speed test isn't the most reliable. You'd expect the speed test result to be the number shown next to the Anti-Bufferbloat slider. Is your PS4 connected via ethernet or WiFi? If it's connected via 2.4GHz wifi, that can drastically reduce the bandwidth.
  4. There has been a hotfix firmware since last time you checked, but I don't think it's addresses your issue. Might be worth a try anyway:
  5. You just need to close the game and open it again once you've changed settings. The idea is that any existing connections to the game servers will be dropped when you close the game. The Geo-Filter only applies it's rules to new connections, so when you change it mid-game, any existing connections might be breaking your rules. The reason we don't apply the rules to existing connections is so that the router can't be used for cheating.
  6. That's strange. Could you try using a Wifi Analyzer app to see which channels are congested near you? The router should be able to figure that out by itself but perhaps a little manual intervention wouldn't hurt?
  7. So you're actually having the opposite problem? Your SFP+ port is much slower than your WAN port?
  8. You could add Destiny 2's ports to Traffic Prioritization and Port Forwarding. Bungie have a list of the ports here: https://www.bungie.net/en/Help/Troubleshoot?oid=13610#PortForwarding
  9. The Netduma results seem to have fewer spikes. Is Anti-Bufferbloat turned on?
  10. I'm surprised that's happening since Ohio isn't close to Mexico at all. One idea might be to put the Geo-Filter in spectating mode, and when you connect to a server which seems like it might be in Mexico, check the Geo-Filter map to see where it is. You can then position the Geo-Filter radius to exclude that server, and then return to filtering mode.
  11. Well if you've whitelisted everybody you want to play with (in spectating mode), then you could make your Geo-Filter radius really small, maybe put it in the ocean, and disable Strict Mode. Then put it in filtering mode and hopefully that will work.
  12. Make sure that you follow this guide exactly to reset the R1: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000094903-how-to-factory-reset-the-netduma-r1-using-the-reset-button Specifically, keep holding until all of the lights blink on and then off.
  13. That's really interesting, i've never come across that here in the UK but maybe they don't do it here yet? It's like moving your router into the street cabinet so you and your neighbors are all on the same subnet, weird.
  14. Do you have Geo-Filter enabled? This might be blocking the downloads. Turn Geo-Filter to Spectating mode and see if that allows downloads again. When you say you "can't download games", does your PS4 get any connection to your router at all? What IP address does the PS4 say it has in Network Status? If possible, could you upload a picture of the View Network Status page on your PS4? Thanks.
  15. Well we can help you with anything related to using Hybrid-VPN, or bypassing restrictions on your DumaOS router to get your VPN working.
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