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  1. Mikrotik RB5009 2,5Gbit WAN and 10Gbit LAN via SFP+ Many routers have 2,5Gbit or 10Gbit ports but the challenge is having both so you can route WAN to LAN at multi gigabit speeds. The XR700 has 10Gbit SFP+ but really you have no way of getting 2Gbit out of the router. Ideally the LAG on ports 1 and 2 should be able to function as WAN. For most people it's also not the router that is the issue but they don't have the rest of the infrastructure, 2,5 or 10Gbit switches etc.
  2. @BIG_DOG Actually for the better router's it coming. Many have a 10Gbit and 2,5Gbit port. So then you would have 2,5Gbit WAN and need to hook up a 10Gbit switch
  3. Because the ports on the router are 1Gbit. You need a router with 2.5Gbit ports to run 2Gbit internet, or something that supports link aggregation. Also probably the CPU's can't do QoS at 2Gbit speeds.
  4. It's a cheap NAS solution, in that way it works pretty ok. Mediasharing etc from a local network works pretty ok. The HTTPS option seems quicker for browsing files vs using ReadyCloud actually, I just turned it on for giggles.
  5. You can either use the HTTPS option or you can use the readycloud option. I tried readycloud but found it laggy overall. (probably have to do with my upload) This makes it easier to upload files to my iCloud account and then download them when I am at home. The reason it starts one level above root on the device I presume is that you can use 2 devices connected to the router.
  6. You can see a number of variables. Like you should see the amount of errors for each channel. If they are not showing large numbers then it should be fine.
  7. Use a manual / advanced configuration. Protocol UDP Source: 19302 - 19309 Destination 1-65535
  8. It's a tradeoff really. Adding high, medium and low is not so simple as it requires at least 3 sending queues, one for each category. And since DumaOS attempts to QoS in both directions you would also need them on the LAN side. Adding more queues simply degrades hardware performance as it requires stronger CPU's. In this way, DumaOS basicly has 2 queues in each direction, what you add in traffic prio is high, rest is low. These routers are meant for gamers, that have a PC and console and a few more devices. They are not meant for complex environments with loads of clients and a lot of services.
  9. They make it work but they probably haven't configured any speed profile or traffic shaping, is my guess. That is the same on mine. it should not matter anyway as this should only occur when you are fully loading the connection. For a ping plot, something you can do is to target, that is your ISP first hop, if there is an issue with your equipment it will show there. If that plot is ok then it's further down the network. The base graph looks like what I would expect (I have the same chipset as yours in my modem, base graph looks identical) and if you are only gaming this should not change. Gaming produces hardly any traffic. Issues seem to form when you start generating UDP traffic, which is essentially what happens when you get into a lobby and start playing. The thing that I cannot understand fully is the interaction between UDP traffic and ping plotter. It's actually quite common that UDP traffic gets delayed over TCP traffic by some hops. That's why in game often shows a different latency over what DumaOS shows or what ping plotter shows, the game measures ping live through UDP traffic. But in your case both latency in game goes to sh*t and also ping plotter, which is basicly ICMP ping but in a graphical presentation. I would think it points to a equipment issue with the modem. Do you have any way of logging into the modem and looking at signal values? Usually you can get in by typing Als have you tried hooking up just the PS5 directly to your modem? This essentially produces NAT1, your PS5 will get a public IP. Then play and see what your ping is. This is just to exclude the router from causing any issues. Something else I noticed. If you look at your in game shot, it shows ping but also shows in game bandwidth. It's actually showing 49Mbit of bandwidth which is odd as normally this is capped at 4Mbit. I don't know if this is PS5 specific but I found it odd. This test is normally run when you start the game. In your case it maxes out the upload of your connection. This can actually give you ping spikes when you boot up the game but it should be gone by the time you get to matchmaking.
  10. Yeah for that distance definitely get a DAC cable. You might want to check your NIC and XR700 compatibility list, since not everything always works, but I use Netgear AXC761. The XR700 detects that just fine, your NIC should as well.
  11. That chroma cable isn't even close to beeing cat 8 spec with it beeing flat and having gold connectors (gold connectors is BS since the metal on these connectors is for shielding, not conductivity) Seriously don't spend your money on that stuff. What is the length of your cable? RJ45 SFP+ transcievers have a shorter distance limit because the transcievers cannot supply the same power as a 10Gbe RJ45 port. Usually the transcievers state their maximum distance. If you are at short ranges then I would use a DAC cable in your case. DAC cables actually have less latency than fiber for the same length. And if you want to go wired, for 10G connections Cat 6 is enough, for short distances even 5E works altough I would be weary of that with the lower power limits of SFP+ trancievers.
  12. Also your QoS configuration rules are off. TCPUDP 1:65535 to 1024:65535 means that the router prioritizes nearly all traffic coming out of the router so delete that bottom one. Middle one is also wrong as UDP 3074 to 3074 only prioritizes traffic with the authenticaltion server, not actual game traffic. Games console prioritizes UDP 1024-65535 to 1024-65535. That will work so keep that one for the time beeing and delete the other two. If you keep the other rules the router will prioritize the wrong stuff and that's why you maybe see higher pings and jitter when you start playing.
  13. You have to take that up with your ISP as they are supposed to send you the configuration files when the modem logs in on their network.
  14. That picture on connection benchmark is definitly bufferbloat. You can see that the upload starts at 100mbit while your ISP gives you 45 mbit. So really it starts filling the buffers and then stabilizes when it slows down to below your ISP treshold. Did you get that cable modem supplied from your ISP, or have you bought it yourself? With many cable ISP's, the modems recieve a configuration file called CMboot file. It also has settings for speed. So normally the cable modem slows down your upload and keeps buffering somewhat in check. Cable modems are always prone to latency rise under load. This is simply due to the nature of DOCSIS systems. When a modem wants to send data, it needs to send a request to the CMTS that it wants to send data. Then the CMTS assigns it a time slot. The more data you send the more time slots it needs and the more latency is induced by these steps. For comparison, with fiber, your ONT just converts ethernet data to a serial fiber link and there is no such communication taking place. Or in some cases there is but the oversubscription on point to point passive optical networks are a lot lower, and bandwidth to the terminal higher. My connection benchmarks always look dodgy as well since my modem is a business one and has no speed profile. Then it hits the limiters of my ISP network. When gaming it's no issue since QoS takes care if things. That 200ms to the server is another issue I would think.
  15. If you played a few rounds and did well SBMM is most likely also going to get the best of you. If you're on console, playing with crossplay on vs PC players can be quite a handfull. I play MW and CW on PC now and there is quite a difference in performance.
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