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  1. You should not set a static IP adress if your provider doesn't give you one. Try it again on automatic.
  2. It's probably a mislocated server. If it shows in your range, it will allow it even with strict mode. If you set your home location in the middle of the ocean or somewhere, and then you use ping assist, should give you better results.
  3. What router is this? On XR500, go into WAN settings and change NAT filtering from secured to open. And turn on uPNP. This should give you open NAT.
  4. For DMZ you need to put the WAN IP adress of your XR500 in your Fritzbox. Or preferrably the MAC adress so it's always routed right. I looked up a manual for Fritzbox 7590 though and I'm not sure this router provides this option. Then the other way is to forward TCP / UDP 1-65535 to your XR500. On XR500, you don't need a static route for a static IP on your PC, you can make a IP reservation under XR500 LAN settings. But really you don't need this either since uPNP is supposed to take care of this, doesn't matter what IP your PC has. You're using uPNP and port forwarding at the same time, best is to let uPNP do it's job, or if you want the manual rules turn off uPNP. The issues with PPPoE / VLAN only affect your upload QoS by the way. If you have enough bandwidth I doubt it makes a difference. DNS servers don't make a difference for your in game connection quality, usually I just set them to ISP native DNS servers.
  5. You do have the setting. Set NAT filtering from secured to open and upnp should work correctly in CoD. I have used it that way with multiple playstations.
  6. Yeah normally you need uPNP if you want to use 4 devices. Idk why XR450 doesn't have that setting, XR500 has it and it's not that much different.
  7. uPNP works in CoD if you go into settings -> WAN settings -> set NAT filtering to open
  8. I was saying the same to NCRO. But it's has been an issue from launch for me. But in Asia the playerbase is lower I think, altough the F2P games do much better.
  9. LOL how can it be that I play the same people all the time with so many players
  10. There never was a SG server for WW2. Only BO4 and MW have SG servers.
  11. Which service would that be? For example dslreports is never accurate where I live, speedtest.net is probably the only one that is reliable
  12. Buy a managed switch, put it between your XR500 and Xbox and limit it on that.
  13. This. Option could be to build someting in the form of a Edgerouter. Just basic router with DumaOS software, no wifi. Then you simply pick the wifi acces point of your liking. New wifi standard? Buy a different wifi acces point.
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