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  1. Plug your WAN cable on the R2 in one of the LAN ports instead. You won't have internet, but the interface will auto negotiate. If it shows 100 mbit on that LAN port in the R2, it's an autonegotiation issue between your other router and the R2, or a cable issue. If the cable is ok there is very little you can do, unless you can set the ports on the Huawai router to 1000mbit. The only thing to try then is placing a switch between your Huawai router and R2, if you have one around. Edit: See that you already did that in one of your first reply's. That indicates a hardware issue with the WAN port, possibly having no signal on one of the pins. 1000 mbit requires all 4 pairs to work, when one strand is faulty then it will default to 100 mbit as that only needs 2 pairs. Change out the R2 under warranty.
  2. Your looking to smooth out these 'bulbs' in the graph, you can't do anything about the jitter (the spikyness if you will) Like for mine it seems to flatten out at 40/40%. Target can be anything, just use or the first hub after your router.
  3. Cable connections can have a lot of jitter and if that is the case no setting will get it out. But you can tune it so that it lowers the mean. Like in the pic I attached. You won't get rid of that spikes but you can see everytime I load the connection (I used speedtest.net) the minimum valuve also comes up. Only when I am down to 40/40 it sort of flattens out. If you have so much jitter, the auto QoS will percieve this as bufferbloat and lower your settings to 1% like in your case. That's why it's better to do it manually.
  4. Set your speeds manually. The DumaOS connection test is not that reliable I have found. Then tune your QoS slider manually with pingplotter. You seem to have a lot of jitter on your line (not unusual for cable connections) and the auto setup doesn't take that very well.
  5. Unlikely as they are simply programs running in a cloud. So they don't actually reserve space on a physical server, it's just a program running in a cloud. Also. I never have this packet burst issue, not in Asia and not in Europe. For this to be a server issue, the entire MW playerbase would have to be affected, which is clearly not.
  6. You're overcomplicating this. You can't turn off NAT on the R1. You hook it up as you put it in your drawing. Then you go into the first router. You put the IP adress it assigned to your R1 into the DMZ. And that should be all. All other configuration in your first router as per normal. On the R1 just switch off wifi and QoS.
  7. Infinite Warfare is 100Hz client side and 20Hz server side. So you send 5x as much packets as you're getting from the server. WW2, BO4, MW and CW run 60Hz so you will see more equal numbers. For a 60Hz server, the download packets are bigger but there should not be more packs then upload. Probably a tad less since UDP packets from the server have a higher chance of getting lost. You can't have NAT1 moderate.
  8. You only need UDP 3074 - 30000:45000 for PS4. You don't need the opposite of that since both upload and download traffic are prioritized in that. You could make the destination 30000:65535 or whatever you please but for CoD I find 30.000-45.000 works for me. So in your case the 2nd rule will do you don't need the rest.
  9. Mine loads quickly but then states 'Waiting for other players' for a few minutes lol.
  10. Snipers are BS in this game IMHO. Getting no scoped from 3m with a Tundra while I have to land half a magazine with a AK-74u is rediculous. Even shotguns get you hitmarkers at these ranges. Cross map sniping, fine with that though. This is an inherent issue with the Treyarch longer TTK games IMHO, BO4 also had these issues. I wish they used something like BO3 ttk. Overall I don't enjoy the long ttk. Connections in this game are absolute garbage and SBMM makes it even worse. While I am typing this I am sitting waiting for my TDM lobby to fill. Seriously you can't fill a TDM lobby on sunday afternoon???!!?!?. I am playing on EU servers and geofiltering doesn't seem to do anything for me. You can change servers but they keep matching you up with people from all over the place and the Italy server for example plays like thrash. Wish I played on my fiber line though as it's hard to say if my cable ISP has something to do with it. I reset my router because it was showing high CPU usage but that did nothing. Can't tell all the stats in this game but in TDM I am holding a 2.4 elims/d at the minute. Aiming is messed up. If you are a hair off your target aim assist prevents you from correcting. Visibility is arguably even worse than MW2019. What doesn't help either is that both sides use the same player models. Loading into a game takes absolute ages. Maybe it's because of the slow PS4 harddrives but I am litterally waiting for ages until the animation starts. Also what is annoying is that there is no lobby screen for join in progress games. So you can't tell if it's people in parties or what map or game mode it is. Footsteps are acceptable now that they have fixed the Ninja perk. It does shift balance to the 'perk greed' wildcard since you can run both ghost and ninja. I absolutely hate the scorestreak system. First of all the bars are so small that you have no idea on how far you are off. Also it turns the end of the game into a steak spam fest. Because of this there is absolutely zero incentive to stay in join in progress lobbies. And I have litterally games seen decided by scorestreak handouts. Overall the artillery strike and warmachine are the strongest streaks. In BO4 specialist spam was hated upon, they have simply traded that for scorestreak handouts. Weapons. All feel the same to me, cartoony and hollow sounds. Meta I would say is MP5, XM4 and AK-47. My personal favorite is AK-47. Secondary weapons, pistols I only used the 1911 but got along with it well, however the shotguns are stronger they kinda overshadow the pistols. Not a fan of the create a class system as a whole. I understand they want to immitate the MW gunsmith but for this game there is no unique attachments and it doesn't add much. Lethal / tactical standard on class induces lethal / tactical spam. Pick 10 was way more elegant IMHO. Also the wildcards, mentioned this before but Perk Greed is the most overpowered thing in the game, you're crazy if you are not running this. You get Tac Mask, Flak Jacket, Ninja, Ghost, Scavanger and replenishing tacticals / lethals in one go. Unless you need 8 attachments this is the thing to run. Also leveling up weapons with no 2XP active takes absolute ages. Movement, sliding needs toning down or connections improved. Now it looks more like teleporting then sliding. Overall feeling is that half the gunfights I loose are due to connection BS, poor visibility and aim assist / aiming issues. But you can turn that around saying that when I win the enemy had these issues. But as to the general feel, it feels unpolished and more like a free to play shooter than a tripple A CoD title.
  11. Bert


    Titanfall 2 should display what server you are on and what ping, I believe you can also change servers in game. At least on PS4.
  12. This game is one big shitshow. -Horrible SBMM -Horrible connections -Horrible visibility -Weapons all fell the same Reached lvl 40 and had enough of it for now.
  13. Both are different animals. XR700 is a great device for larger networks, in the way that you can run a 10G link to your switches. So you can build a 10G backbone to avoid local congestion. If you have clients streaming off a NAS etc this can become a problem. XR1000 has wifi 6 which is obviously better in terms of wi-fi. But it has no SFP+ support and I believe only 4 LAN ports. For a regular home setup, the XR1000 is probably the better choice.
  14. I managed a 20 killsstreak + chopper gunner in the first half of DOM lol. Streaks are useless. That choppergunner got me one whole kill.
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