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  1. Set ISP router to handle PPPoE. You need to enable DHCP to your LAN as well so your R1 gets a IP. On the R1 enable DHCP for WAN. Then assign DMZ to the R1 in your ISP router. Best is to make a IP or MAC reservation if your router has the possibility.
  2. It's an oldie haha. They should be above somewhere. It's nothing special really, sliders on 80% and geofilter to nearest server.
  3. Well there is not so much manipulation going on. And there is not much to comb through if you want to put it like that. The game pings the servers when you boot the game and DumaOS simply puts those outside your geofilter on a blacklist, which it recieves from the cloud. This in turn causes the game to only connect to the servers it can ping on bootup. First issue here is that the cloud must be correct as otherwise it either won't let you connect to the servers you want (server is in radius IRL but mislocated in cloud outside radius) or connect to the wrong server (server is outside radius IRL but mislocated in cloud inside radius) As for the PA method, we can also see an issue here. The game needs to ping the actual server for DumaOS to have a reading. So the game can't actually discard the server like it does on the strict method. I think it also depends on their matchmaking algo. Like I said before I think it limits your matchmaking pool, most likely as a combination of people that can connect to certain servers and SBMM. This is all happening on the Demonware servers so really there is no way for people to know what's going on.
  4. Not really since you are not supposed to use 3rd party tools to interfere with their matchmaking. There could be all kinds of issues, like maybe the playerpool gets limited to only players that can join a certain server. It's hard to say without knowing what goes on behind the scenes.
  5. If you get 2 separate LAN connections with 1Gbit each it's probably separate connections. You can't just aggregate that as you need something on the other side to support aggregation as well. Ie a switch. You could possibly use a load balancing router and then feed that into the XR700 SFP+ port but you would still get 1Gbit output over your LAN ports.
  6. I'm not sure if that has to do with other settings. On my XR500 that uses PPPoE the uPNP table stays empty while on the other running DHCP it gets populated. All other settings are equal, even up to things like equal IP's for the console and wifi SSD / PW etc.
  7. I tried this but you get moderate NAT on one, at least with Playstations. You need to port forward UDP 3074 on one console and this will get open NAT, but the one in DMZ will be stuck on moderate NAT. I think this is an issue with uPNP. But really it's all work arounds, you should not have to touch the firewall to let uPNP do it's job. My R1, when I use uPNP I just plug them in and both will get open NAT with uPNP, no special stuff required.
  8. When I use 2 consoles, I go in settings -> WAN Setup and set NAT Filtering to open. Then I get open NAT for both consoles, even with geofilter on etc.
  9. It seems to occur in the link to the router so bad ethernet cable is a good possibility.
  10. Most of the time it is but not always. Normally I am at 3074. But when I use my ICS setup it changes to 6x.xxx. Yesterday I ran a second console over wifi and both had open NAT. My main pro system occupies 3074 while my second one has 49154. I think it's safe to say that if you use a single wired console and no funny setups it will be at 3074. If you have more than 1 PS4 or do some funny stuff you will have to check.
  11. Check in the in game menu. If you go to options -> account you will find external IP adress, it states the port at the end of the IP adress.
  12. Some hops don't reply to ICMP requests so then it skips it. Nothing to worry about as long as you have no packet loss at the target hop.
  13. It's also not always connection that is at fault. It you play lousy enemies and go 28-3 they look like bots. You have way more time to react, don't need to rush etc. When you play really good enemies that are really fast it might look like you have a far worse connection, but it's not always the case, the enemies are simply much better. In some lobbies you get your head blown off as soon as you stick your head around the corner.
  14. Go into your WAN settings menu and set NAT filtering to secured. If you have no upnp, port forwarding or DMZ active you should be getting closed NAT for sure. Alternatively if people can't figure out how to get open NAT with uPNP or need open NAT across multiple consoles, set this to open.
  15. So, tonight I tried a little expiriment. I have my old PS4 Slim around since I have a PS4 Pro system since a few days. Made a new account today, hooked up the PS4 Slim to a 720P plasma TV from 2005, set up the wifi connection to my XR500, no traffic rules, geofiltering or nothing. No headset, just sitting on the sofa with my feet on the table. I was attempting to reverse boost the account, so I went playing like a total noob. Just go through the map at walking speed no ADS, just hipfire at enemies. After 2 games the enemies were so shockingly bad that I had to be carefull not to go positive while hipfiring like that. From level 4 I just played the standard classes, so a AUG or Kilo without attachments. It's just amazing. I can walk right in the middle of the map on Crash by the helicopter, without getting shot at all. Almost no claymores or mines, a few people prone but not a single player jumpshotting. I would litterally stand there hipfiring from 20 meters and they would be unable to hit a slow or stationary target. Even had multiple hipfire kill across half the map, was meaning to miss but killed them by accident LMAO. Played 20 games in total. Game 15 was a FFA game on Vacant and I was down 5-10, could not control myself any longer and won the game with 30-12 LOL. Game 16 actually had better enemies right away, not god tier but noticably better so went back to my routine before. Game 17 was on Shipment, here I was able to pull off a 23-13 just slow walking and hipfiring with a no attachment kilo. Up to game 15 I was actually at 0.5 K/D / 80 SPM, but after that at game 20 I ended 0.72 K/D 126 SPM. Some observations: 1. I checked the ping for every game, all my games were on the Amsterdam server. I litterally had no connection issues at all over these 20 games. 2. I found all games litterally within 5 seconds, on my main account this absolutely takes ages, sometimes 10 minutes with geofiltering on. 3. Out of 20 games, 19 had session joiners or reverse boosters in the lobby. So the whole purpose of SBMM is kinda defeated. 4. In those lobbies, there is only a handfull players with headsets, in my normal lobbies everybody plays with a headset. Playing like this kinda makes you wonder why we are beeing daft spending all that money on 1ms screens, scuf controllers, headsets, special routers etc. The better stuff you buy the harder the game gets for you with this SBMM. I can see why IW isn't listening to the complaints about matchmaking or other things though. If you play the game like that the lobbies are totally different. Dead silence doesn't matter since nobody uses a headset anyway. Weapon balance doesn't matter since your enemies miss so many shots you might as well poke them with a stick. Netcode, lagcompensation etc all of that don't matter since they react so slow you wouldn't be able to tell. If you play just casually on the TV and you don't read reddit etc you would not know about any of this. I tried session joining this account with my main account one game. It's actually not so easy since these lobbies tend to fill in a few seconds. But once you do manage to get in, you get a genuine bot lobby. I also tried partying up with that account as host and this gives harder enemies but not as hard as I normally get, more right between the two.
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