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  1. Yeah but for QoS you want to prioritize only the in game data. The rest doesn't matter.
  2. Yeah that's exactly what I was doing but for some reason the packets over the bridge weren't showing up.
  3. You are using bridged instead ICS? When I tried bridging I could not get wireshark to read anything. Maybe I need to try bridge mode again. That probably makes getting open NAT easier and explains why I could not get the game to run on port 3074.
  4. That is weird. It changed for me when I went from my PC ICS connection to test with wireshark back to directly plugged into my XR500.
  5. The difference between having the source port changing is between open and moderate NAT. Basicly is you have open NAT source is always 3074 (on PS4) If you have moderate NAT the source will be in the range 62000-65535. You can go into the network tab in MW and display the external IP, it will show the port its using. 3074 or 6xxxx.
  6. No but what I meant is that there is more communication going on with the server, outside gaming traffic. I was trying to separate that but I don't think it's possible with open NAT. When I use moderate NAT I am sure I can. Because in my previous setup the QoS light only lit up when you were in the lobby and playing. With 3074 - 30000-45000 it lights up as soon as you boot the game, so it's hard to know if you actually prioritize game traffic instead of other traffic from and to the server.
  7. Yeah I see where you are coming from. When I was set to moderate NAT, I had communication from 3074 to 30120 on the server. And this was just idling in the lobby, not searching for games etc. And actual game traffic was 62000-65535 to 31000-45000. Looking at the time stamps it's game traffic in your log though. Maybe on open NAT both traffic go to that same port. By the way the IP you are crossing out is a internal one, nobody can use that for anything. Saves you the hassle
  8. They are not hosted by Sony or MS, servers are 3rd party hosted. So it doesn't make a different anyhow.
  9. When I used R1 I could never get above 55 mbit either in PPPoE setting. For people that connect straight to a modem or ONT with their R1 I would actually get something like a Edgerouter X and simply run them in tandem, add your credentials in the ER-X and it should work better. ER-X is only 60 bucks I believe so a cheap work around. Or simply use the ISP router for that. The other route is going XR500 but a little warning here, with a lot of fiber companies if you want to connect straight into the ONT you need to set up VLAN tagging, and that is bugged in the XR500. So really you would need a switch or another router in front of your XR500 anyway. Some ONT's allow a setting for VLAN tagging though but often it needs setting up from the provider's side. So really I doubt you will get help with this.
  10. For in game optimal is obviously 60 packets per sec on both sides. If you have UDP 3074 in your prioritization, there is also some other talk with the server going on on 3074. But with open NAT they all come from the same port. For moderate NAT you need to set source to UDP 62000-65535 instead of UDP 3074 as the game uses different ports for game traffic in that case.
  11. I have found the port ranges also change with your setup. Basicly OPEN NAT = SRC 3074 Moderate NAT = SRC 62000-65535 anywhere in there Also it might be coincidence but I was playing on my alt account with crossplay on, and it seems like the PC players were unkillable. So I turned that off as well.
  12. If you have windows 10, try using the speedtest.net desktop app. For me, their website always reads low but for some odd reason the desktop app is bang on. DSL reports usually doesn't give me accurate results due to the distance to their server.
  13. Could be but then you should see it in the last result as well. Note that the CoD servers don't respond to ICMP requests. So what you see on DumaOS and Pingplotter is usually the hop before that. Usually doesn't matter though as it is very close.
  14. Your router is just filtering ICMP requests. Ie it prevents flooding. As long as you get 100% to the final target it's fine. Not all servers / routers are happy with you pinging them all the time.
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