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  1. Would be interesting to see the performance difference Also it would be nice if the VPN server service was switched to WireGuard on the DumaOS routers
  2. Bert

    AP Setup

    If you run port based QoS it doesn't matter. Just set the trunk line to the R2 as critical and also the line to whatever gaming device you have to critical.
  3. As far as I know only OpenVPN is supported.
  4. Why would your PC need QoS and your router don't? Layer 2 deals with MAC adresses and layer 3 deals with IP's. So local is 802.1p and packets routed to internet or a different subnet etc would need DSCP. 802.1P is not propagated over IP so if you want to send it out to the internet you need DSCP. If you turn QoS off at the router I would think it forwards the entire packet including DSCP but not sure.
  5. Can the Fritzbox read the signal values from the modem? Cable internet is very suspectible to interferance, your house connections, Coax from the wall to the modem etc need to be properly shielded. Usually you can view these values in your modem. You can also view if there is many uncorrectable errors on your connection.
  6. Fritzbox 6591 is a Puma-6 modem/router. You can improve a bit by going to a Broadcom modem but that generally depends on what is available through your provider. (Europe uses the EuroDOCSIS standard so most off the shelf stuff meant for USA does not work here) Based on the ping and jitter you are getting though, 35-39ms in that game you not likely to do much better with other routers. QoS is not an issue either with these pings. QoS only works if you have actual network congestion. There is one thing that you can try and run speedtest while using pingplotter. Cable systems have a tendancy to increase latency when you have a a lot of traffic going on, especially on Puma based modems. This shows on pingplotter. But if you are not using any other devices while playing this is purely theoretical. Also if you are playing for money I would have been playing on a PC instead of console. Thing is that GPU's are rediculously priced though.
  7. Actually the speedtest result should not matter. In private games the host should eliminate host advantage by giving the host extra artificial latency. He plays a European opponent and in Europe cable internet with 10-15ms base latency is still very common. Also not sure what you mean about 'hardware acceleration' disadvantage.
  8. LOL I will sell "Network optimization" as well for $300. 99% of all this optimalisation is snake oil. In private games you also have the issue that the game depends on the host connection, it looks like the other guy is host. And sice CoD players try joking around with their connections there is also a risk the other guy as host will do that. Aside from the other comments given, you can see ping in the upper left corner which fluctuates from 35 to 39 ms. CoD measures this from the actual UDP datastream. For a private game this is actually quite good. I you have this with your stock router as well a XR500 is not going to make your game better. I am actually a bit supprised by this as in a previous post you have quite a bit of packet loss. For cable connections the place to start first is usually the modem, see if you have a Puma-6 chipset and check out your modem's signal values and interference levels.
  9. I don't see what you are seeing. You select a fixed rate max 300 pps and the time is fixed to what you set it to. Good routers can proces over 1M PPS.
  10. It will only measure if you have packet loss. I can set all parameters to max and score 100% lol. You are only using 732 kb/s at maximum settings. iPerf is different in the way that it tests actual bandwidth until it finds a bottleneck, either in the connection or in the hardware.
  11. This is not true actually. A managed switch passes traffic through like any other switch. It listens to call outs on the network, if the MAC of the device is being called it reports it back to the router. And it forwards broadcast traffic. The managment interface sits on a separate internal interface connected to the switch chip, like a internal LAN port if you will. So for the router the switch/managment interface actually appears as it’s own device. This is also why on managed switches you have to set the VLAN for managment, it simply assigns the interface for the managment to the VLAN you set it to. This is why a managed switch interface appears as a separate item in the network map. DumaOS doesn’t know that other items are behind a switch. Also switches do not perform DHCP services unless you have very expensive Layer 3 switches. (This is essentially a router that doesn’t perform NAT) If you have a model capable of VLAN routing that is layer 3 lite then it often has DHCP relay services but you need a separate DHCP server. APs might be a different story though. When I set a XR500 as AP behind a XR700 router then I ran into the same issue where the devices do not show.
  12. What is your ISP and what type of connection / modem do you have? I used Ziggo in Holland and with a Puma6 modem I always had bad results, changing to a enterprise modem with Broadcom chipset made things a lot better for me.
  13. 1Gbit internet can have bufferbloat as well, but for other reasons. If you have lan connections 1Gbit then the interfaces often max out at 940mbit. So setting it to 900mbit or so can cure that.
  14. On playstations it’s also very often the crappy lan port. If the connector on your cable is even slightly out of spec then it can already do this. And this happens on new playstations and new cables, it’s mismatch between the 2. if you wiggle the cable and the disconnect pops up it’s most of the time a combination of cable and PlayStation LAN port. The message LAN cable disconnected on PlayStation actually means the physical connection is lost. if you have a standing model, you can try putting it flat as well to see if it changes.
  15. Bert

    Latency how?

    Enterprise 1:1 lease line with direct peering to the datacenter he is connecting to. Expensive but for these guys they can simply deduct it from taxes as business expense.
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