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  1. Yea I am aware of this but turning on flash was the only way for me to get bufferbloat and grade to work on the dslreports site.
  2. Having the same issues for a while now too but have finally fixed the issue. Make sure to allow the site to use anything it needs like flash, java and disable browser adblocker. For the first time in a long long time I was able to see it and get a grade.
  3. Two different files and the audio is way less data to transfer than video images so it is faster. In life it is sight before sound but in video gaming it would be sound before sight depending on the situation connections.
  4. The audio is able to be sent faster versus the image data. I have also had this happen and it is funny as hell.
  5. And....of course no one ever changes their default password either. It can happen with the the right target and attacker and hardware/software combo.
  6. All sounds about right for now but would love to see some magic done and it implemented.
  7. Ahh I see they changed it for the R2, well Im sure someone will chime in to help you in a bit.
  8. Without using a VPN I would like to internally block domain/ip sniffers that are on the wifi network with or without me knowing. So prevent any wifi users from seeing or sniffing domain/ip searches from a said device.
  9. Yea I know I can set up the guest wifi but I also mentioned an unwanted user in the network. Even so, I do not want anyone seeing the ips my device visits. One quick search of the ip and you can get the content easily. That is actually good that it asks for the login creds every 30
  10. That should only happen once after you close your browser, if you sign in and do not close the browser but close the tab, you can still get in without the password. This is actually bad and the way you are a describing it, that you always have to enter the login information is actually better unless they are playing MITM
  11. Aside from HTTPS/SSL if anyone is on the wifi network either by you giving them the password or them brute forcing their way in. It is a privacy issue and they can see the very domain you are looking at, so to block internally other devices in the network from seeing domains that Device A goes to.
  12. Lets say you have a guest or an unwanted guest on your network, if they know what they are doing they can spy on all the sites a device goes to. So I would like to block websites being viewed by device A from device B or B-Z
  13. I would like to know if it is possible and if so would like to see this idea implemented. I would like to hide web traffic from lets say device A from device B so they can not see any visited sites device A goes to even though they are in the same network.
  14. I second the wifi analyzer to find the least used wifi channel, also what is your house mainly made out of? Sheet metal and alluminum will cause issues with signals and so will living close to an airport. Also your coax cable may need to be upgraded to one with more shielding. Maybe you are using an ethernet cable that is not shielded enough and may try cat7 At the very least give it a try and your game of choice will work soon if not already. If all else fails then I think your best bet is to sell it yourself, that way no more money is spent sending it back and you will get all or most of your money back by selling it.
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