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  1. Hey everyone I have been away busy working and testing routers but I wanted to mention that I have moved to a new location. Recently a couple nights ago my internet dropped for a long time and then in the morning when I went to check on what happend. I noticed that the modem was locked to 31 download channels instead of the normal 24 it would at multiple locations. Previous to this night the modem locked onto 24 download channels. Today I remembered the puma test and wanted to see what it looked like. My Arris SB6190 is still using version 9.1.93V and I did the test and it passed with flying clolors with zero red blocks. I have pictures to prove it and so I stand by what I had said in the past that this modem is perfectly fine with the netduma router. It really depends on your connection and area really. The version is the same I was using when I lived in another location with multiple red blocks in the test.
  2. Pfft... the entire device is listening and watching you with the camera and microphone, not to mention your location and they see all your photos. Throw in the fact you cant remove the battery, hey perfect gps spyware.
  3. Just checking in and saw this, I am very sad to hear this and we will all miss his input. He is one of the few that would comment on my youtube channel. Rest in peace A7
  4. You are way more than good. Overkill for sure.
  5. Alright thank you for the support, I also was able to do multiple tests with my SB6190 connected to router and also modem only directly to laptop. With cat7 cable @ 100mb down and 10mb up I want to crop out my info though so give me some time and I will upload all results. I duplicated the test on "badmodems.com" and did my own. I did a total of 7 tests from 0.3-2 seconds with and without a router. From what I see the Arris SB6190 version 9.1.93V doesnt skip a beat and stays steady at no more than 10ms. All packet loss is on ISP servers or somewhere in the hops a total of 12 hops with router and 9 hops with just the modem. As you can see in the images xymox provided, there is packet loss starting at hops 1&2 at 0.1 any router or modem will do this as it shows. In my opinion any spikes in pingplotter is from servers and not the SB6190. Stay tuned for my images and see for yourself.
  6. Try holding the reset button on the back for a few minutes, after that plug it in and see if it boots.
  7. Hello everyone, I will get to uploading images soon. At the moment my mother is undergoing surgery and I must be there for her. I will test once all is well with her, on a side note all gameplay with my Arris SB6190 is smooth and I never notice ANY spikes or lag in game.
  8. LOL yes I did 0.3? wow did it and yes any modem will have issues with that setting.
  9. I would like to know how you know what the updates did and how they are "hiding" the spikes?
  10. I started this so that anyone who actually has this modem can know that it works and is fully operational with the Netduma R1 router. If your ISP can use this modem and you want to get it then by all means go ahead. I have used this modem with the Netduma since the modem came out, I believe the version it started with was D I had been on version 9.1.93N with no real issues unless you use ping plotter, then you would notice the high pings every 30 seconds or so. The previous versions were worse but as they updated the software it got better. Spectrum updated my software on 8/6/17 and the random high ping spikes are gone! Using DSL reports puma test still shows some red but its much better than before. I do not know how they truely conduct that test so for now I would go off of ping plotter.
  11. Sounds pretty bais but that is to be expected. Works great for me!!
  12. My ping plotter tests say otherwise, I know because I would see the huge spike when I had the previous software versions. I wouldnt call it cosmetic since it actually fixed the high ping spikes.
  13. Alright so I have been busy working and taking care of lifes tasks and apparently on August 6 Spectrum updated the software to my Arris SB6190 from 9.1.93N to 9.1.93V This is the latest update to the software and should take care of the random spikes that they were working on in the first place as each update got better. I will be testing things out and post back. UPDATE: All seems to be fixed as far as the random huge ping spikes 150-200ms every 30seconds to a minute that version N still had. DSLR puma test is better than the double rows of red with multiple X's now it just has one row with no more than 4 X's. I do not know how they perform this test but it is better than all other tests on version N. Ping Plotter tests were 10 minutes and passed with flying colors. You can remove Arris SB6190 from the bad to good list now.
  14. I have my xbox one set to RGB and my ASUS set to sRGB, then I set the monitor to "game".
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