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  1. You are more than likely suffering from node overload on your line. Comcast, Spectrum etc all have a very saturated network because it's oversold in neighborhoods. I have dealt with it for over 12 years with Spectrum as my ISP, it's a share hub and unfortunately what your neighbors are doing will affect your quality. And remember that there is extremely heavy traffic during the day with Covid...people working from home and having 6-8 people on a chat for meetings, kids being home from school and doing virtual learning and just more usage during the day. I would run PingPlotter on a quiet network (at night) and then run it during the day for the same amount of time and you'll see which hops are giving you the issues. And to get around it I actually had a dedicated line for gaming. I used AT&T and my speeds were like 12 / 2 which was plenty because I only used it for gaming and gaming uses very little bandwidth. So I had Spectrum ( Charter at the time ) for my entire house and used AT&T for my PS4 which was a lot lower speeds but night and day difference when it came to line quality (spikes, jitter, and packet loss) and of course my gaming was much improved. But unfortunately most large ISP's all suffer the same issues which sounds like you are suffering from but I would definitely use the congestion control to try and help stabilize and optimize your home network as much as possible.
  2. Yeah I followed the normal protocol for setting up a static IP when I set it 10 years ago through both the PS4 and my router and had zero issues with new computers, phones, tablets, TV's etc. But for some reason her phone did swipe my PS4 IP and I had it set up through the PS4 and the R2 ( same IP on both ) with the same protocol you suggested, and with the numbers applied and box ticked under DHCP in LAN. And I ended up doing 4 different factory resets as then several other devices keep taking what ever the static IP I set to my PS4, according to device manager. It almost seemed like it was left as a dynamic instead of static. I set the last octet as far away from the other devices as I always do and it finally stuck and I haven't had any issues since then. So crisis averted but still curious as to why it was happening because it was something I never had an issue with before. And as always thanks for the feedback Fraser
  3. ...I've used the same static IP on my Playstation for the last 10 years and last hight I went to game and I couldn't connect. So I checked the device manager and it showed another device on my network has the IP that my Playstation had. I haven't updated anything the only thing that changed was the wife got a new table and phone from work and those are now added to our network. And it's the new phone that has my static IP, I have no idea how that could happen as it's been the same for 10 years and we've had all kinds of new and different devices I added to our network. But for some reason her new phone has that IP. I will talk to the IT guy that set up her phone and tablet as I'm guessing they are both static Ip's as they never change. My question is hoe do I go about setting up a new static IP for my Playstation as the normal protocol doesn't seem to work and I don't want a dynamic IP as I port forward. So basically I can't get a new static IP to stick, any ideas ?
  4. I had the same issue at one point, I ended up having to unplug my modem and router and after several manual hard resets with a paperclip it finally took and allowed me to connect to And when I was able to reconnect I noticed that my network wasn't showing up on the list of networks, so I then had to go back and reset up my networks again and separate them and then reboot my router again and it seemed to work. I can't really explain why it did but it did, so if this ever comes up again I know where to start.I know this is very vague info and our issues might not be the same but they have some things in common.
  5. Fraser...could you please check your Pm's and get back with me. I know you're extremely busy and may have overlooked it, appreciate it man
  6. Just to add to what Fraser said a good way to look at it is if you see a white dot it's disabled and a red dot means that particular setting is enables. It will be right under your device that you added on your Geo Filter page... PS4 Console Filtering Mode, just slide the little red button to the left and it should turn white and you'll be in spectating mode
  7. If your home network is really busy and oversaturated things can start to bottle neck and if your gaming, your gaming packets will be basically put at the end of the line so to speak by getting hung up in the queue. Lowering the sliders and setting CC to Auto Enable or Always while gaming will leave your network some "headroom" so your packets don't get pushed to the end of the line. Right now I wouldn't use the auto set up, I would do it manually...start at 70 / 70 and adjust it from there according to connection benchmark until you find your sweet spot. And then when your done gaming put your CC back to never and back to 100 /100 and you will get your full bandwidth speeds.
  8. I have always used Chrome. I know other people have used Firefox and pretty much every other browser out there but I have tried Safari (I'm on a Mac) and it didn't work out well, going all the way back to the R1 in 2014 but this is just my experience...Chrome seems to work the best IMO.
  9. I play a ton of APEX and unfortunately at the moment the best way to run the Duma is to pick the server on APEX and leave it on spectate mode.But the up side is you can still use the CC settings to get the best possible connection and stability on your game. I know they are working on updates for APEX as it is a popular game, hang in there man...good things coming for us APEX players.
  10. That would be my guess, as said above it's been something that has been going on since the OG Duma (R1) came out. I'm sure they are working on a fix or workaround until they get it figured out.
  11. Unfortunately this started happening to me also this afternoon. I can't complete anything on any apps because of the errors. Any ideas on what's happening or have a work around yet. Again it's been running fine since I got it and then this afternoon it really started dragging everything down even after a reboot.
  12. This is a huge thing IMO because so many run the test initially via wired and then go to a different floor of the house and test it wireless and get a different result. And the fact that it pulls the results directly from the router is again a huge deal, because it eliminates any variables if your speeds are inconsistent or ping is unstable, a great tool that will benefit everyone and simplify things for troubleshooting.
  13. I have issues when I run it on anything other than Chrome. I have a Mac and try to run it on there and it simply doesn't function, loss of chat connection and lobby booting. But on Chrome it runs great. And I also get the "connection not secure" but if your on Chrome it's just for the interface which is on the local network and nothing sensitive is entered into the router. I have inquired about it several times over the years and have never had an issue with anything going wrong. Again this is my experience and your milage may vary but yes the message is alarming still, so I get where you're coming from.
  14. It's better to just set it up manually at this point until they get a fix out for it. I would start at the standard 70/70 and go from there depending on your home network. I am still setting them manually also but they'll get it sorted out for us.
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