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  1. No it's not going to make you not lag in video games because someone else has a horrible connection, but as said above the XR 500 has excellent WiFi and it does have the new OS.
  2. How about this boys, most of you know the situation that us mods are in. Which is trying to keep things civil and still answer questions about the issue at hand. And most of you also know that we don't know anymore than you guys do about the release. None of us are employed by Netduma, we try to help out on the forum, don't get paid for it, just really liked the R1 when it first came out and helped people who were having issues with the set up in their home networks. I don't think any of us in their position with the opportunity to partner with Netgear would have done anything different than they did. It is a business at the end of the day, and anyone in business knows that you do what is best for the business and growth of the product you market. Believe it or not we didn't know anything about the Netgear deal, until it was announced. Again we aren't on the inside of their business dealings, meetings etc, were just owners and paying customers like everyone else on here. I myself am disappointed that the update for the R1 isn't out yet. As I've said all along I am a OG Duma fan as it has some things that the XR 500 does not. Yes I have both but my preference is still the R1 as the features that I'm really interested in are gone be on it, anti spike and anti jitter to be specific. Again as much as we would like to "make them" tell us something, we can't. We're in the same boat as everyone else patiently or impatiently waiting for any word on the status or the actual release of the new OS. Until then we're just trying to keep the peace, which as you guys are well aware of is not an easy task at this point.
  3. Yeah you and I have both spent a lot more money on cans that were less than impressive. For the price I just haven't even seen anything in the ballpark with theses cans, so my first thought is why isn't somebody else doing this same thing. It shows that a quality headset can be made at an affordable price and IMO this is a very solid set of cans. And yes Yoda, I hope I find them too. The more I see this thread the more I want to use them again and hopefully I don't have to beat one of my nephews in the process...
  4. Pretty on point as usual, and I agree with pretty much everything you said. And you're right the game will be successful just because it's a COD game. Even the worst games in COD history are extremely successful, I have never heard of them losing money on any title. So this is just an example but let's say the worst title only made them 60 million dollars, that's still a pretty successful game. The sad thing IMO is that they only get better when there are other games the people would rather play, as i the case today. They do need to build a new engine and have for 8 plus years, but I don't see that happening...EVER. I'll still buy the game, even though I didn't like BO 2 or 3 I bought and played them. The only BO title I liked was BO1 and still do. I like boots on the ground as it seems the games are less laggy without all the exo movements. Hopefully it will run smooth, they will make the matchmaking the way it should be and it will be a great title but time will tell but I'm looking forward to the beta to check it out firsthand. Great review and I appreciate the fact that your always straight up about your opinion on things...
  5. Yes I do and I do really like them, I was impressed when I got them and they just seem to get better the more I wore them. The only problem I have with them is I can't find them and haven't been able to for about 2 months. I don't remember where I put them, maybe one of my nephews,I"ve got 3 from my sister in law (7 total) and they are all gamers, so maybe they borrowed them and I didn't know about it but with this thread, I'm gonna have to give them a call a find out. And if they took them without asking there getting beat.
  6. Still solid on my end MoD, I'm guessing something besides the DNS. But you never know.
  7. Those are solid cans for a budget price, drivers, housing's and position of said drivers in housing make them a must have IMO for gaming. And as Yoda said, I've spent a whole lot more money on can that I was very underwhelmed with. I'm sure you'll be more than happy with your new cans, there sweet.
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  10. Yeah that Puma Intel Chipset was / is a killer of cable internet
  11. Agreed that modem is a steal and works great with my set up
  12. Could be a lot of things, like Jack suggested is to download and install Ping plotter (it's free) and let it run for awhile on a quiet network, with nothing else on your home network running.So if you have a busy household this might take some planning. Let the program run for about 30 minutes and post the results so we can tell if it's your line or something else.I not saying that it is your line but it sounds like you have cable ( so do I) and that is the absolute worst for gaming due to the instability and node overload you are probably experiencing.The stability of your line depends on what all your neighbors are doing that are on your hub, that's why it's unstable for gaming.And I also have my TV that runs along with the internet again not ideal for gaming.If your just surfing the web or watching netflix etc the instability isn't noticeable but in a FPS game it's very noticeable. So run the ping plotter and we'll see what it looks like.And just out of curiosity what modem are you running ?
  13. You got me there,I'm not very smart (never claimed to be) but maybe they were trying to get the situation fixed before the release date so they didn't have to push it back but they weren't able to get it done in time. And again I don't have your intelligence but I'm smart enough not to believe in tin foil hat conspiracy theory's...
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