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  1. Just to add to what Fraser said a good way to look at it is if you see a white dot it's disabled and a red dot means that particular setting is enables. It will be right under your device that you added on your Geo Filter page... PS4 Console Filtering Mode, just slide the little red button to the left and it should turn white and you'll be in spectating mode
  2. If your home network is really busy and oversaturated things can start to bottle neck and if your gaming, your gaming packets will be basically put at the end of the line so to speak by getting hung up in the queue. Lowering the sliders and setting CC to Auto Enable or Always while gaming will leave your network some "headroom" so your packets don't get pushed to the end of the line. Right now I wouldn't use the auto set up, I would do it manually...start at 70 / 70 and adjust it from there according to connection benchmark until you find your sweet spot. And then when your done gaming put your CC back to never and back to 100 /100 and you will get your full bandwidth speeds.
  3. I have always used Chrome. I know other people have used Firefox and pretty much every other browser out there but I have tried Safari (I'm on a Mac) and it didn't work out well, going all the way back to the R1 in 2014 but this is just my experience...Chrome seems to work the best IMO.
  4. I play a ton of APEX and unfortunately at the moment the best way to run the Duma is to pick the server on APEX and leave it on spectate mode.But the up side is you can still use the CC settings to get the best possible connection and stability on your game. I know they are working on updates for APEX as it is a popular game, hang in there man...good things coming for us APEX players.
  5. That would be my guess, as said above it's been something that has been going on since the OG Duma (R1) came out. I'm sure they are working on a fix or workaround until they get it figured out.
  6. Unfortunately this started happening to me also this afternoon. I can't complete anything on any apps because of the errors. Any ideas on what's happening or have a work around yet. Again it's been running fine since I got it and then this afternoon it really started dragging everything down even after a reboot.
  7. This is a huge thing IMO because so many run the test initially via wired and then go to a different floor of the house and test it wireless and get a different result. And the fact that it pulls the results directly from the router is again a huge deal, because it eliminates any variables if your speeds are inconsistent or ping is unstable, a great tool that will benefit everyone and simplify things for troubleshooting.
  8. I have issues when I run it on anything other than Chrome. I have a Mac and try to run it on there and it simply doesn't function, loss of chat connection and lobby booting. But on Chrome it runs great. And I also get the "connection not secure" but if your on Chrome it's just for the interface which is on the local network and nothing sensitive is entered into the router. I have inquired about it several times over the years and have never had an issue with anything going wrong. Again this is my experience and your milage may vary but yes the message is alarming still, so I get where you're coming from.
  9. It's better to just set it up manually at this point until they get a fix out for it. I would start at the standard 70/70 and go from there depending on your home network. I am still setting them manually also but they'll get it sorted out for us.
  10. Well basically the R2 wouldn't let me stay connected in any lobby or chat when I tried to run it on Safari. I didn't think it was a port forwarding issue that was preventing the R2 from running correctly but an OS issue. The OG Duma never would function for me on Safari either. I tried it again yesterday to run Apex and COD on Safari and same thing it won't keep me in a lobby without booting me out and then disconnecting me from the game. And yesterday it was only letting me connect to lobbies about half the time, so it's strictly a Safari thing in my case. I run it through Chrome and it runs just fine, exactly as it should. So basically the R2 doesn't function for me anyway when on Safari. Not exactly sure what the issue is but maybe it just doesn't play well with Mac's and doesn't like Safari.
  11. This is just my opinion but I don't see a reason why we couldn't have both. Some people prefer a more in depth booklet / instruction guide and some will prefer a quick start booklet and learn on the fly with the guide. I read the guide again and went through the tutorial and I've had the Duma since 2014 but a refresher never hurt anyone, along with the new features. So IMO why not do both because everyone will have different preferences on how they wish to research information, again just my opinion
  12. The new R2 is really solid IMO, I love the features that duma has always offered. Even though I had to only use ISP equipment for about 10 days...it was horrible. We recently moved and I had to get a new modem and router due to a speed increase, so I used a new ISP Modem with the dreaded Puma 6 chipset and it was absolutely horrible, huge spikes and latency. So after I got my new modem my R2 showed up and it's everything I expected it to be. It's nice to use my own equipment again and it's great to see you added 5g to the router, so cool. I can simply use one modem and router as opposed to my old set up which was modem, duma and my netgear in AP mode..so much simpler this way, less equipment,less wires which takes up less space. And just to find out for myself I set it up and tried to run it through Safari on my mac and it wouldn't run for me. It would load up a game and let me get into a lobby and then I would lose the chat and then I would get booted from the game (Apex) but that was before I did any port forwarding, so Might have to try it again now that I have all the ports forwarded. It shouldn't have did that just because of the ports but as soon as I ran it on Chrome it ran like butter. I always ran it through Chrome on the R1 but wanted to see what would happen on Safari. I would say a great job by the testers and the team, the new features are really helpful and the old features are solid as ever, great router boys.
  13. I'll explain it from just my experience and it will be kind of a long post but it's the only way I can explain it, so sorry in advance...there is a huge dedi bank 50 actual miles from my house. This particular server bank is in northern Illinois, some of the servers in the bank are good some are not. There are lots of different servers (by ID number ) in a server bank and some are good and some are not. There is also an overflow dedi bank in southern Illinois and it always runs pretty consistent. So that would be my preference to play on even though it's farther, it's more stable to game on. And the way the state is shaped it's almost impossible to get the far southern dedi bank inside my geo filter without getting the northern dedi bank in with it. Yes I could move my home location down south and get just the southern dedi but my circle would literally be about the size of a dime and limit anything other that that server but since it's an overflow it's not up all the time and your not gonna pick up any P2P games in a circle that big and you miss out on some other decent servers in different areas. So if you can actually draw your geo filter fence any shape you want it, you can avoid the banks that aren't stable and basically only hit the good ones. And your experience may be different than mine but that's why I would find the geo filter fencing to be really helpful. Again this is just my situation. I hope that helped explain it.
  14. Not gonna lie, this feature is gonna come in really handy for where I live and how the server banks are set up simply because some of the closer ones are terrible and a different server bank in the same state are really good, so this feature will be really useful.
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