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  1. and could you explain it to me because I don't understand these updates anymore, why is this netgar update, and how is it different from the nedtuma update
  2. help why does not show the log, just such a message ,3days show
  3. one more question I have more and more dos attack, it's probably not normal
  4. hello today I think I had dos attack or is it serious, if I can ignore: ps4
  5. there was no conversation, I reset the router, and everything worked as it should, 32ms pings, 22ms, it's good, I'll see how stable the connections are and I'll let you know
  6. hello I changed R1, on xr500, and I do not work geo-filters, detect the game, devices are added to the geo-filter, and do not detect call of duty games and on others too, any suggestions, in the settings have not yet changed, I have Vdsl,and one more thing, when something is downloaded on the console, I have a problem with watching Internet TV
  7. such a message, today I rebuilt the database in the console, and suddenly the geo-filter works on vpn,
  8. and I have a question about other routers, eg xr 700, xr500, xr300, xr450, geo-filter and traffic control works with vpn,
  9. High Priority Traffic Detected,also stopped working;,
  10. this screenshot is in play,normally it should show a friend who is with me at the party, but he does not even show it,before connecting to the server shows an authentication server
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