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  1. hello I checked with geo-filter turned off, no problem in the loss after the end of the round, changed to ping asist I only lost once thanks to the help of Fraser
  2. without a message, it only cuts, re-loads, keeps working, and cuts, I hooked up to an ethernet cable, I didn't try on wifi, I'll try tomorrow and I'll know
  3. I turned off qos, cuts every few seconds, it's better with Qos enabled
  4. no need this is a purchased ip tv server, not from an internet provider
  5. directly XR500, I will add that I have a speed of 46mb download, and shows that the tv only downloads 4.4 mb, and the console is still running which downloads 0.4, and the question is where the rest of the bandwidth is, I will add that the networc snapshot shows live download 7 mb to 10
  6. hello for a few days i have a problem with ip tv, t like son playing console, of course, traffic priority works on ps 4, and i cut ip tv can't watch, share excess enabled, and so cuts, allocation as much as console
  7. after refreshing the cloud works for me, the problem with chat disappears
  8. I do not change anything in the geo-filter in the game, but why after each game I have a message I will contact the EA time limit exceeded, when logging in shows dedicated EA servers in Europe, when I join the first game I have a peer server after the game limit time has elapsed, and searches for servers but outside the geo-filter period, just why not join me to these dedicated EA servers
  9. I haven't checked yet I will know tomorrow
  10. Hello, I started playing apex and the connection crashes after the round I have exceeded the time limit, geo filter I have set to 1300 km, what should I do with it
  11. Hello after the last update 7.00, I have a problem with the party chat does not work, even on two consoles at home does not work, I will add that when I turn off the geo filter, the voice works, I understand that I need to add friends and son to the list of allowed
  12. and could you explain it to me because I don't understand these updates anymore, why is this netgar update, and how is it different from the nedtuma update
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