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  1. usually a scam in white gloves, I hope that someone will take care of it and write to the consumer protection law, because evidently the users of xr500.xr700.xr1000, R2 (beta) have been deceived in my opinion
  2. ha ha you are good, read with understanding, how would it not be I spent 300 euro on scrap xr500, what about you advocate
  3. @Fuzy You are so serious, I am not using xr500 for two months and everyone in the house is happy, because there is no internet disconnection and restarting this xr500 scrap, also wait another two years to fix the errors, I have already given myself peace, but I will look willingly and I will comment and I will express my opinion, because what is happening is very funny and I would like to watch netduma and netgar shoot each other in the knee with another leaked version of the software
  4. @Netduma Fraser then explain to me what is the point of releasing software that has not been corrected in this way and calling it official software, and how to explain social media posts about good software 3.0 ready as it is leaky like beta version 120
  5. since the cooperation between netgear and netdum, everything goes wrong, and this is only because they wanted to earn money, the consumer is now bottled up with software that does not meet expectations and popular in social media what software is good and it is not,
  6. oj @Netduma Fraser, it's a pity to talk, you know that errors from the software 120 are present in 130, and that the desktop is a bit faster, it does not change anything, you start to pump the balloon on social media about ready software 3.0 because it is not sorry, I admit 3.0 it is for me all the time beta, and the constant and recurring bugs are proof of this
  7. I have a feeling that someone here ignores us and looks at the money, because otherwise I can't think about it, for example, I want a refund for a router that does not work properly on any software version, and every time I return I have to spend 300 euros with a paper clip
  8. this is a great pumping of bank accounts, there is (new) software xr500, no longer (alpha-beta), which is an official version that works nothing at all, what a policy of lying to people, it's a pity to talk
  9. even today, it's too late, it's a pity I thought it would be otherwise, it's been over two years of waiting
  10. Well, what were you thinking, it will end soon with cronus and venom, a gang of cheats who cannot play normally, because they can not do one kill, it is a pity to be nervous, you are banging bream with SBMM
  11. for something like this I should ban in the game and on the forum for looking for a not pure game, she will soon start selling hacks for games on the forum, for me it is pure cheat,
  12. no, it was set automatically, I did the same on ps4 pro and ps5 and it gives the same effect, hit detection looks better
  13. one more question, I did as you said with static ip, but now I have poor hit detection, I took an even stranger setting, I gave a static ip in ps5 but I changed dns from to and it seems to work better, do you know why may be
  14. first I am on the router, and then on ps 5
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