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  1. good that they gave everyone equal chances to participate, I was a bit disappointed I thought that June 2 will be the start date, but I wait so long that I will wait for a while, I am waiting impatiently, and thanks to Netdum's guys, great work, I had to replace xr500 for asus, but I saw these functions and it looks really great
  2. I haven't received any email after registration
  3. I do not know what happened, but now the pings are the same and it seems that the game is played the same, whether it is turned on or off
  4. I have it too, I'm also curious
  5. I do not agree, I have a 22 ms server, dedi near paris, 22 ms on netduma chart, geo 70ms on, terrible game turned on, geo off 22 dedi server on the chart, in the 35/55 game much better game,it seems to be the fault of a geo-filter, but I can't cut my hands on what it depends on
  6. yes observation mode, you can jump out the US server but I blocked it manually and it is calm all games shows without geo-filter
  7. the game is much worse you can see the delay in the fight 1v1 it seems to me that ping is more unstable after updating mw, which is why I play with the geo-filter off, and the detection of hits is very good I will add that ping is bigger only on dedi servers, peer remains unchanged, but still poor hit detection
  8. I will add that I noticed that now with geo-filter ping 60/75 enabled, it adds 20ms more and the game is not playable, I have to play with the geo-filter ping 40/50 ms off
  9. sorry i thought it weird i would know thanks
  10. hello today i had a strange vpn disconnection on playstation
  11. I don't know, I'm boring, hyhyhy
  12. The question is whether I can set xr 500 to the IP address livebox ip starting ip address final ip address will it introduce any error? because it will not be in the IP zone available for lease
  13. I added all devices and the permanent address,and xr 500 still allocates addresses, and parsing problems,when it turns off DHCP, no internet in all devices, the internet only stays on the laptop on which the router login page ,and one more question why it has received packets with no priority
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