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  1. Well, how does the comparison to xr500 look like, I'm going to buy but, I have to ask, and dispel my doubts,
  2. somehow I can't get this email for a month
  3. I complain because I have really big problems with xr500,
  4. somehow this is not surprising to me, netgar released a link on his forum, probably 26.05, and here none of the admins added only a great announcement 02.06, beta testers netgear 2 pepole ha ha, another pool of 2 people, in that case we will wait as I expected until the new year, I am already enjoying this,
  5. ps 4 passes with this router works as it pleases, in cod mw one of 7 games are playing well
  6. the problem will disappear, but the bandwidth allocation will stop working, at least I have, I don't write about breaking the whole connection with isp, only reboot helps, without this 3.0 router is scrap
  7. supposedly first come first served, but it's probably not true,
  8. for me 40 and 56 drop connection the same way, static ip do not change anything ,I'm waiting for version 3.0 if it works
  9. soory @Netduma Fraser,it's because of this squint from looking at the inbox
  10. hello I'm on software 56, does anyone have an earlier version, I have to reinstall, because the router has started to bug again
  11. I see nothing, two weeks have already passed,yes i know i know small groups,does anyone know if they have already added testers from europe,it's about xr500
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