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  1. no, it was set automatically, I did the same on ps4 pro and ps5 and it gives the same effect, hit detection looks better
  2. one more question, I did as you said with static ip, but now I have poor hit detection, I took an even stranger setting, I gave a static ip in ps5 but I changed dns from to and it seems to work better, do you know why may be
  3. first I am on the router, and then on ps 5
  4. Hello everyone, I have a problem with ps on xr500, as I set a static ip, I only have 20 mega speeds, when I give an automatic ip, I have 40mb normally, i.e. the entire connection speed, where there may be a problem
  5. I checked, nothing shows, any advice
  6. yes of course, today I will check again; disable upnp will reboot, save after booting and reboot
  7. I have a problem with the new software version 114 does not show open ports,this is not a beta version
  8. I suspect that this qos disconnects, because after turning off there are no disconnections, and could you explain how to increase the time of lease of addresses
  9. Well, how does the comparison to xr500 look like, I'm going to buy but, I have to ask, and dispel my doubts,
  10. somehow I can't get this email for a month
  11. I complain because I have really big problems with xr500,
  12. somehow this is not surprising to me, netgar released a link on his forum, probably 26.05, and here none of the admins added only a great announcement 02.06, beta testers netgear 2 pepole ha ha, another pool of 2 people, in that case we will wait as I expected until the new year, I am already enjoying this,
  13. ps 4 passes with this router works as it pleases, in cod mw one of 7 games are playing well
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