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  1. Yes I understand Netduma can't maintain or handle deadlines of any kind you guys as a company have proven that many times. But still over 3 years since that blog post and the endless mentions of "it will be included with the new DumaOS" and teasing from you about how great those features are compared to current industry alternatives on here and Twitter make it frustrating when those kinds of features aren't base features or core to this new OS especially when they would have a greater affect on a players connection than the majority of the features included. It would be nice to know how many years we'll have to wait for those features to be included so we know when upgrading will actually be worth it. Although considering Netduma's usage of the word "soon" and the fact that the features aren't in the beta build 2 years minimum is probably accurate.
  2. Any eta on when the anti-jitter anti-spike features will be added to the DumaOS?
  3. When will the anti-jitter anti-spike features be implemented in the DumaOS? Currently they aren't in the beta build.
  4. That sounds like the bug from the previous version that wouldn't save some settings through a power cycle unless you did a software reboot prior with all the settings you had configured the way you wanted them. Just pointing it out in case it is the same bug as it would be great to have it fixed in the new OS.
  5. Is this similar to blocking an IP or incoming traffic from that IP? If so can I block an IP range? For example if I wanted to block a country's known IP range to prevent port scanning from bots.
  6. You are greatly overestimating the non-existent community on these forums. The other threads have been locked before and there wasn't a "plague of new threads". Only Netduma staff can create threads in this section and the other areas are specific to other topics so there would be a legitimate reason for closing any new threads that are similar to what is currently going on in this thread. For the most part this is just a support forum for people with issues using the R1 and now XR500. This thread's purpose is nothing more than a notification that a firmware update is being delayed. Why would anyone need to comment on it? Better question, why would Netduma need comments from users in an announcement thread? It's not like this is a really transparent company that actively responds to development questions etc.. They do answer support questions which is why these are mostly support forums and that brings me back to why users wouldn't be making a "plague of new threads" as they know Netduma only responds to actual support issues or sometimes announcement threads they never should have left open. It has nothing to do with free speech or censorship unless these forums have zero rules in which case everyone should start posting racist, nsfw, pointless clickbait threads. Unless Netduma staff plan to regularly update these announcement threads with new posts of information they do more harm than good the longer they are left open.
  7. It makes sense for one scenario. If R1 users found out the Anti-Jitter/Anti-Spike features aren't in the new DumaOS build for the R1 then all they really have is a copy of what is on the XR500 which from what others have posted on here has quite a few annoying bugs which really wouldn't be worth the hassle if those feature still weren't in. So those R1 users would likely want to downgrade back to what they were running previously to avoid the current bugs in the DumaOS. So by delaying and making sure it's possible to downgrade those users aren't left stuck with R1 they no longer want to use because the new DumaOS is lesser than then what is currently on their R1s. Reposting something I mentioned before. Netduma staff, you really need to higher a PR rep with more up to date or current experience. This thread should have been locked immediately and pinned after posting.
  8. Few months minimum, although it's more likely a few years to give everyone time to forget and for them to release a new piece of hardware with their track record. If someone can find the documentation on their site or these forums that shows that the version of the router OS that is currently on the R1 is backwards compatible, meaning we can downgrade to earlier versions like 1.02.* please link it. Otherwise I find it hard to believe this as a useful excuse to use for delaying. I say useful because it would have saved them a lot more grief if they had just said what everyone in their community has grown accustomed to, "we're sorry we could not make another deadline we set for ourselves" that is believable as it has happened frequently with Netduma. At this point I don't know what they are trying to save as most of their community no longer believes them. They'd make more money and get almost zero negative PR if they just came out and said the original hardware couldn't fully support DumaOS and made everyone buy the XR500 or some other piece of new hardware. /*edit: Netduma staff, you really need to higher a PR rep with more up to date or current experience. This thread should have been locked immediately and pinned after posting.
  9. Wow how are you still missing the point. I just said that because multiple users were saying the feature was going to be exclusive to R1 when no one from Netduma has confirmed that to be true. You didn't correct all those users that had posts stating it was R1 exclusive and yet I made a statement opposite to theirs that could also end up being true but that is taking it too far so you had to correct it? I'll try to explain it again. If someone was looking to buy a new router based on what has been said in this thread people looking for those kinds of features like Anti-Jitter/Anti-Spike would be led to believe it will only be available on the R1 because of posts made by users. Just saying if you are going to "correct" mine you need to correct all of them. Although if it is exclusive my hats off to Netduma for scamming Netgear because that is a sweet deal. That is exactly what I was alluding to with my first statement, nothing in the DumaOS is exclusive. Just because it isn't there at launch doesn't mean it won't be there.
  10. I have not seen Iain or Fraser say that the Anti-Jitter/Anti-Spike feature is exclusive to the R1 yet people on here seem to have concluded that is the case ( see quoted posts below ). Just pointing out that the statements from the Netduma staff have been vague and in no way indicate exclusivity. I'm not suggesting anyone buy anything but based on what has been said in this thread people reading it would get inaccurate information based on users making their own assumptions.
  11. Oh so the XR500 will get the Anti-Jitter/Anti-Spike feature it just doesn't get it at launch, good to know.
  12. Not really. Link to quote Based on previous announcements and track record it's not a big assumption, it has been delayed before it will likely be delayed again. It's odd though they make new announcement posts and string people along by leaving it open for people to post in instead of just making a new one locking it and sticking it to the top so it's the most recent news from the development team. It's okay to say you are behind or even really far behind schedule, but posting things like "All will make sense over the next month or so. Believe me its awesome! & I hope you'll agree worth the wait" and "Exciting times!" isn't something a developer should be saying prior to an unknown release of a piece of software nor should they be said when nothing is shown to back it up as it leaves it up to the reader's imagination to run with it and that isn't wise. Whether it is intentional hype or unintentional it is setting yourself up for negative feedback and in some ways disappointment because there is no way you'll get all the bugs. I mean the 1.03.6 version still has bugs in it but people are still using it.
  13. The update to the distribution is applied however it seems to be only temporary or until the device loses power. So to make sure anything sticks or make sure it survives the power going out just reboot the device via the web interface. Oh and the fields where you set the download and upload bandwidth mb/s might also be part of the temporarily save values so keep that in mind.
  14. If you want whatever qos settings you make to stick or save remember to reboot the router via the interface, DON'T reboot it by unplugging the power. For some reason certain things don't "save" correctly but doing a reboot via the software should save it correctly. So to make sure any changes you make are more permanent always do a software reboot after they are made. MAC addresses also have issues when saving although that seems to be somewhat tied to the router communication with the modem, I don't think Netduma plays well with surfboard modems, at least not as well as it does with other brands.
  15. that might explain why the shopping cart icon is still there, sounded like in the last teaser screenshot that it wasn't supposed to be there
  16. You don't even need OpenWRT or DD-WRT to see that kind of information. Almost every router out there provides logs of the traffic including ips, ports, protocols used.
  17. If historical analysis is available saving to a log file would be helpful in identifying days and times when connection issues or device issues occur. It would be great if it included the in and out traffic with IP's and ports. If you guys still aren't comfortable providing that information than consider masking the data. Same with what A7Legit said if you could filter or see that protocol the bandwidth is using that would also be useful.
  18. it looks like saving or changing the mac address in the wan section is bugged, it requires multiple enable to disable applies before it will take a new one wasn't like that previously edit // was using latest version of Chrome if that helps
  19. Thanks, worked. With the hyper-lane is it possible to set a pc as a gaming device? like if I want all gaming traffic from a pc to have priority? Because right now it looks like you can only do it per port number. Or is there a way to enable it for a port range?
  20. running 1.03.4 remote support is check, please let me know when I can download the upgrade safely
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