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  1. Warning : these settings may cause beaver errors and prevent you to go to the tower or find game on non busy hours. Set your location in the ocean with the smallest radius. Then set ping assist to 35 ms Check the strict check box Uncheck fast search
  2. J'ai le même problème (il doit y avoir un vieux post ici). Damn
  3. Du coup tu as utilisé la config automatique du wizard ou tu as tout fait à la main ? Est ce que tu as un comportement bizarre avec le wifi genre une appli "télécommande" sur ton mobile/tablette qui n'arrive plus à se connecter au device qu'il doit commander ? Thanks pour ton rex
  4. Hello, Pour moi la vitesse de connexion (download/upload) était très inférieure en étant branché directement derrière l'ont par rapport a la solution routeur dans la dmz de la livebox (j'ai utilisé la config du wizard spécifique à Orange dans la dernière version du firmware du xr500, donc oui je pense que c'est mieux de le mettre a jour avant) Pour la qos j'aurais tendance à dire que c'est un gadget quand tu as un tel débit mais ce n'est que mon opinion. Pour le changement d'opérateur je pense que tu n'auras qu'à exécuter le wizard de configuration de la connexion donc tu ne devrais pas perdre ta config wifi etc. Pour ta dernière question idem, je dirais oui.
  5. Honestly, when you read the beta forum, you wonder how the most common errors were not spotted by internal qa testing on netduma's side as they are all linked to 3.0 features.
  6. I got my email yesterday. Try asking Netgear on every tweeter + facebook account they have on top of registering.
  7. Hi, well to me with these settings in can't load into the tower without being beavered, same with PvP during non busy hours. So it's a bit hit and miss.
  8. Hi, is it a new firmware version that is required or a new version of the "app"? I'm asking because it means we may have an issue for a very long time on the xr500 if it exists because of the Netgear latency to validate new firmware version. I thought the goal of the app was to accelerate the process of fixing stuff that work on top of the os. Thanks
  9. As it's the big day, can we have a walkthrough video of the new feature / interface for those who didn't moved from our XR500 and won't see any changes until September at best please ? Also, is the android companion app ready ? Thanks
  10. So now you'll have 5 routers to support. The outdated R1 (sorry), 3 Netgear that you'll need validation from them to be authaurized to release anything on them and your new flagship that should be the center of attention. These routers have different specs so will require more testing and validating. Are you still confident that you can support all of that in the same roadmap without having to delay version for one of these routers or worse, skip feature because Netgear said no or the R1 can't handle it? Thanks
  11. Does it mean the deal with Netgear is off and that if we want a reliable router with regular working update we need to switch? Is that the result of two years of working hybrid releases with Netgear?
  12. J'ai eu le même problème de débit avec le xr500 en choisissant la config orange proposée par le routeur. Malheureusement je n'ai pas réussi a régler le soucis et ai du repasser derrière la live box
  13. Hi, after more testing, it hangs only when the map of the geofilter is displayed :(
  14. Hi, Since last week, when I try to access to the router interface of my XR500 from my android tablet or phone using chrome, the page starts to load then crashes (page turns white, sometimes need to force close chrome). It's crashing on every page except the settings one. I've already cleared the cache with no success. Nothing in the logs too. Its both on android 9 chrome 80.0.3987.99 and android 8 chrome 80.0.3987.87 It working on my windows 10 chrome 80.0.3987.106 Thanks
  15. Hello, Essais de désactiver complètement la QOS dans les menus (dans le menu en haut à coté du mot "Anti Bufferload). ensuite, si tu ne l'as pas déjà fait, mets ta PS4 en IP fixe et ajoute là dans les geo filter (tu peux choisir ensuite le profil "Destiny"). Regarde si ça améliore les choses.
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