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  1. J'ai eu le même problème de débit avec le xr500 en choisissant la config orange proposée par le routeur. Malheureusement je n'ai pas réussi a régler le soucis et ai du repasser derrière la live box
  2. Hi, after more testing, it hangs only when the map of the geofilter is displayed :(
  3. Hi, Since last week, when I try to access to the router interface of my XR500 from my android tablet or phone using chrome, the page starts to load then crashes (page turns white, sometimes need to force close chrome). It's crashing on every page except the settings one. I've already cleared the cache with no success. Nothing in the logs too. Its both on android 9 chrome 80.0.3987.99 and android 8 chrome 80.0.3987.87 It working on my windows 10 chrome 80.0.3987.106 Thanks
  4. Hello, Essais de désactiver complètement la QOS dans les menus (dans le menu en haut à coté du mot "Anti Bufferload). ensuite, si tu ne l'as pas déjà fait, mets ta PS4 en IP fixe et ajoute là dans les geo filter (tu peux choisir ensuite le profil "Destiny"). Regarde si ça améliore les choses.
  5. Hi, I've changed the DHCP on the Orange box to 192.168.0.X so I can factory reset the XR500 without having to deal with IP conflict. So everything that is connected to the XR500 has a 192.168.1.X IP. The PIE has a static IP configured and plugg in the XR500. The strange thing is that the PIE can connect through Samba to my PC in every configuration I've tried (like I can still watch movies that are stored on my computer). The issue is only when I try to connect to it using my tablet in wifi, and even from the tablet, it finds the PIE, it can connect to it but it can see it. I'll test the PPOE on later this week. Could it be a problem with the VLAN ? Thanks
  6. Hi, could you be more specific please ? In the geofilter settings, you select the Destiny profile then set the ping assist very low and you will never use P2P anymore to locate a host ? Thanks
  7. Hi, Did that, it's still not working and my bandwith has taken a hit in the process (due to PPPoE I guess) Reverting back
  8. So I did the testing : Router --> Orange Box --> ONT, smart wifi deactivated : it's working Router --> ONT, smart wifi deactivated : it's not working Router --> ONT, smart wifi activated : it's not working Router --> Orange Box --> ONT, smart wifi activated : it's working Let's hope Netgear will take a look at it. PS : on the "setup" menue, if you choose the "Orange France DHCP" mode, the "test" button at the bottom of the page is not working (you click on it and nothing happens, like if it was deactivated). It's working fine otherwise
  9. Now that I reverted to this config (see below), I have no problem and the option you mentionned is active so unless you really think it could be related I'm not sure it's worth replugging/configuring everything again I think this issue might be related to the vlan created when the "Orange France DHCP" profile is active (but I'm not an expert and I can be totally wrong)
  10. A screenshot of the "faulty" configuration : For now, I switched back to "Does your Internet connection requiere a login ?" to "No", and I plugged the router behind the Orange box. Sorry I don't understand what you want me to try.
  11. I don't think I follow you. "Orange France DHCP" is the name of the profile. The Pie always had a static IP (so I was sure the remote app would work every time I reboot it / turn off the network when I'm out for a long period, etc., like my PS4 and my computer)
  12. Back to V2.3.2.40 Had to plug the router to the orange box to the ONT has the Orange France DHCP mode doesn't exist in this version Also did a factory reset Router configured automatically (was connected to the internet right away as it was plugged to the Orange box) Pie wired to router, Tablet to the router Wifi : It's working! Back to V2.3.2.56 Kept the router plugged to the orange box to the ONT Also did a factory reset Router configured automatically (was connected to the internet right away as it was plugged to the Orange box) Pie wired to router, Tablet to the router Wifi : It's working! For science, I went back to router connected directly to the ONT Didn't do a factory reset Went to settings -> setup -> and selected Orange France DHCP Then rebooted the router Now that's where it's interesting : With the remote already configured, it was working properly So I erased the host config in the app and tried again : impossible to connect, same issue as before So I went back to the router -> Orange Box -> ONT no login configuration Went back to the app and setup the host and it's working perfectly My conclusion : something is wrong with the ISP Orange France DHCP profile
  13. Not working I've checked the "Allow guests to see each other and access my local network" also. When the tablet is connected to the guest wifi, it's not even detecting the Raspberry and the host service that's running on it (I'd say the check box mentioned before is also not doing it's job then)
  14. I enabled the WiFi on the pie and disconnected the wire connection : same result, it's not working Thx
  15. Hi, The issue I have is that now I can't use the Kodi remote app from my tablet (wifi) to connect to my Rapserry pie (wired). The app on the tablet finds kodi, but it never manages to actualy connect to it. The app is saying that it's either a firewall issue (I never add any rules before, UPNP is active) or a wifi isolation one. From the tablet I can ping the Raspeberry, and the Raspberry can access to my other wired devices and to the internet. It only started yesterday after I did a factory reset after having installed the new firmware, plugged the router directly behind the ONT (removing the Orange box completely) and changed the configuration to be in "Orange DHCP" mode. Nothing has changed on the Raspberry, the tablet or the app (same version, same IP) Every thing was working fine with the previous firmware and when the XR500 was plugged to the Orange box (the router was my DHCP, all my devices were connected to it on a 192.168.0.X network while my box was on a 192.168.1.X) and I set "no" the the question "Does your internet connexion requieres a login?" So let me detail my network and my settings : The XR500 is plugged directly to the ONT, I removed the Orange Box. After the factory reset, I chose to apply the ISP settings automatically (Orange France DHCP) The Raspeberry pie is plugged to a switch that is plugged to the router (it has always been the case, I kept using the same IP after the factory reset) My tablet is connected by wifi (5ghz) The guest wifi is disabled You'll find the configuration details in attachment I've already tried to change the port on Kodi (8080 by default) but I still get the same error I tried with port forwarding, not working Please help me
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