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  2. I hope the R1 version will have the following problems fixed: 1.broken group chat on Xbox One 2.broken DNS change 3.UPnP option switch not working. If any of these problems continue to be present in version 3.0, my netduma will go to the closet again.
  3. Hello!I'm playing fifa20 on xbox one x and i can't connect to a specific server beside Germany.i tried to connect to a bunch of locations but the router connect me only to Germany servers.I use xr300.
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  5. I have Seen so far Application bandwitch QoS.. A better geofilter AdBlock with Host Lists Anything Else? I hope for improved Priority I Hope it has improves Stability and some Bugfixes too.. better ipv6 Support. We will See how it plays with mw19.. but i dont think it we will see "the Magic switch" with this broken game
  6. So after extensive usage here is my update after applying geo-filter (both on land with a radius set around the area with the good server and in the ocean with the ping set) 1. Takes forever to connect to a good server (it keeps trying to connect to server in random places) but it eventually does - sometimes upto 30 mins 2. When an on-land server radius is selected, blocked servers still connect 2 out of 5 times (i am on a ps4) It seems to work but really kills the gaming experience Side note - Please let me know how i can signup for the 3.0 beta
  7. Hi, my geo-filter tab started giving me this error(pic 1) recently. I only use my PS4 for online gaming but the QoS had stopped prioritizing download packets. After a few reboots, I decided to remove the PS4 from devices and re-add it. That didnt work. Then I disabled port-forwarding and enabled Upnp. I forgot I had disabled Upnp in the modem settings so maybe that's why that didn't work. So then I disabled VPN since I don't use one but it was enabled. After all that was when I noticed my geo-filter wasn't working. Those are all the actions I took that I can recall. Now whenever I reboot, I still get that error and the top area just loads forever(pic 2). Any recommendations? Thanks. edit: adding that Im on firmware
  8. whats the best radius to put living on east coast in nj
  9. According to the following video release date is the 2nd of June!!
  10. Buenas noches amigos ya no se que hacer tengo perdida de datos en el WARZONE, hago pruebas la servicio de internet y me salen bien, hago ping plotter y tambien me sale ok. alguien que me puda ayudar con esto se lo voy agradecer. adjunto envio imagen de netduma r1 es normal que diga que fallo en esos procesos???
  11. Hi, I am having the exact same problem. If my internet drops out or I restart my XR500 it won't automatically reconnect to the internet. I am lucky that my ISP has a handy app that I can look at what MAC address is connected to them. After a router restart or dropout I have looked and seen 3 MAC addressed connected. These are the 3 devices I have connected to LAN (PS4, Arlo hub and NAS. I can also use the ISP app to kick the connecting so it boots the above MACs and finds and connects to the Xr500 so I don't have to wait 30min for the new lease. This is a real pain. My dynamic IP changed today and my router didn't pick it up so I reset it Via the power button and then it picks up other MACs. I rang ISP because the app wouldn't kick the connection and they had to reset it on there end. This is very frustrating and needs to be addressed in new firmware. I don't think rolling back to old firmware is a solution FYI. Cheers
  12. I already signed up for the beta program but do you know when the beta program is going to be live
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  14. it still tries to match me with people from the usual server
  15. We've got more announcements on the way, stay tuned!
  16. I'll have to experiment with that, I'm no expert lol
  17. Hola, bienvenida(o) al foro! Solo para verificar, ¿te has registrado aquí primero? - Hello, welcome to the forum! Just to double check, have you signed up here first? https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos/
  18. ya e habilitado el acceso para que puedan realizar la actualización de mi netduma r1
  19. Hey, welcome to the forum! It should be much more stable as well as allowing us to deliver targeted fixes/updates much quicker. That's also why we're doing a beta so we can get peoples feedback on any issues they may have.
  20. I hope this software more stable and optimized for the netduma R1 router because I using it with the v2 and it has some crashes on the geo-filter map and list of servers sections many of times and it requires to be restarted to work normally and also the cpu always reaching to 100 % whenever I going from section to section and it is take time to load sections because of that
  21. Il est plus probable que ce soient les ports qui sont défectueux, malheureusement.
  22. Are you checking the NAT status via the game? I'd suggest removing all the ports and switching NAT to Open in WAN Settings and you should have no problem.
  23. Which ports and why is kind of besides the point as none of the ports are open, on any of those ranges. The names of the filters are semi-descriptive at least.
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