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  2. That's not what I was hoping to hear, I pre-ordered the R2 in hopes of it improving my connection. It didn't help people on BO4 here in Australia from what I've read so I don't know what the point is now of owning it specifically for COD in Aus where there's only 1 server location
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  4. Pingplotter and maxing out bandwidth downloading files its a night and day differents between qos on the r1 to tplink
  5. Yes please do just in case, it might be the ISP router drops the speeds momentarily and the router is unable to properly re-establish the speeds. What is the model of the Orange box?
  6. As above if you reboot the router that will enable you to remove them. It's likely they are in the reservation list but are not named the same so double check the IP and then you can apply a reservation.
  7. How are you testing this because it is highly unlikely your ping would not move at all when under load, even if you have very high speeds it would be more than that. QoS is what lowers the ping while under load.
  8. Ive had this happen before.. What I did was power off the router for about 5 mins then powered it back up. Once it was fully powered back up I was able to delete the device from device manager.. Give that a try and see how that works for you.. Cant say it will work for you but it did for me.. Make sure though that the device your trying to delete isnt connected to the router when powering it back up.. Good luck! Zippy.
  9. So today I got a new router to replace my isp router that has qos when I use qos setting on the new tp link router my ping is 8ms loaded and unloaded if I use qos on the r1 my ping loaded is 60ms and very unstable if turn of qos on the r1 and use qos on my tp link gaming is awesome so r1 qos is not working
  10. @Netduma Fraser i dont have try but if the reboot of the netduma router fix the problem I think that the problem does not come from the box of my ISP But if you want i can try. Im not sure, for the modem/bridge mode, i have the Orange box (France), actually my Orange routeur have the DHCP disable, the IP of my XR700 fixed, the XR700 is in DMZ.
  11. Hi, Under my device manager i've got two devices with the same IP. One of them is a IP camera so as a result the records are stopping and starting. The other is a TV, I have tried deleting from device manager page but because they are 'online' it won't let me do that. I have turned off and pull the ethernet connection out of the TV yet it still wont allow me to delete it. Neither appear in my address reservation list. Any ideas?
  12. Hey, welcome to the forum! Yes they are, full steam ahead!
  13. R2 Still shipping tomorrow? Just checking...
  14. what is caddy? and is it only for pc or can i use it for ps4 to?(clueless)
  15. Just to check, when this happens does the ISP modem/router report full speeds? Are you able to put the ISP router in modem or bridge mode?
  16. I have use the google test, but i have try with speedtest.net and its same After reboot my speedtest have the good result (~900mbits)
  17. Yea I thought so, thanks anyway. I'm hoping the next one will be much better in that department!
  18. I know one or two who tried 3.0 with MW19 and they said it didn't seem to make any difference to their gameplay. At the end of the day, MW has horrible netcode and servers so your network setup now is probably the best you're gonna get with this game.
  19. I believe I am getting lost UDP packets as well. Ping is fine but my hit reg/hit detection is so off that something has to be off. How can I fix this? Measure it or?
  20. What is the speedtest you're using? If you use Speedtest.net do you get the same results?
  21. Hey, welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear you're having these issues. It is a known issue with a Netgear dev confirming it will be in one of the next 3.0 builds so if you were to get the beta now it wouldn't necessarily resolve the issue right away. What is your Netgear community username? We'll try and get you bumped up the list. I'd recommend first of all to reinstall the firmware via TFTP which bypasses the normal boot processes so if there are any issues there they won't affect you. Then do a factory reset and hopefully it should be more stable after that. https://kb.netgear.com/000059634/How-to-upload-firmware-to-a-NETGEAR-router-using-Windows-TFTP
  22. Ahh, that's unfortunate! I was hoping it would work better with 3.0 and I just had to wait for my beta email. I'm well aware that the team loves Halo, I've been matched against Iain on Halo 5 before, and was watching one of his Halo 5 livestreams where he let everyone in the chat get an upgrade early because someone donated £100 😀 Here's hoping it isn't too complex to fix!
  23. The trouble with the XR series is there is a mixture of old Netgear code mixed with Duma. There’s the R2 due out and some Asus gaming routers that look ok but if you want hassle free use then it might pay to look into other types.
  24. Yes, I currently am playing CODMW. I am a lifelong gamer. My kids play online games as well.
  25. 20 years, why did you feel you needed a gaming router. They are all notorious and buggy across all manufacturers, it’s the nature of them. If you need a secure and steady access I would suggest Ubiquity or Ruckus if that’s a concern. You should be able to set up a Ruckus with relative ease with your 20 years behind you. Do you play COD?
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