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  2. It could be related.. Its just very difficult where one should start digging first.. There is something happening to my packets. Not sure exactly what though yet! I also resized my images so you can see better what im talking about.. Thanks! Zippy.
  3. GHOST have you ever done Packet Capture on a Netgear router before? Was wondering if I have to also enable WAN Port mirror to LAN port1.. Thanks! Zippy.
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  5. I do want to share with you guys what I get.. The first screen shot is right after I do a reset to the router.. The game plays great. And notice my high priority packets that have been prioritized. Now the second screen shot is when things are still playing well second game.. Things look good. Notice the high priority packets.. Third screen shot now look what takes place! gameplay was erratic.. Not at all like the first two or three games.. Do you see the difference in high priority packets? There is definitely something not right.
  6. I played about with it a while ago, and i remember looking at the Firewall and could see that duma os tagged it. I think its just a bug why it doesnt go up.
  7. @blackfirehawk also believed that there was a huge problem with packet loss after testing with a connection manager program. He said that by douplicating the packets send and received through port 3074 he was getting good results. Maybe is related with your thoughts. I’ve been testing also for a while the same method, but I can not assure is working for me. Need to do further investigation, overall with the network settings. Is quite confusing setting them propperly and I don’t know if I’m doing right
  8. Bra......you on that woke ish......the url worked for me but with
  9. I think you are correct about that.. That sounds familiar. I will have to dig in that a bit more and see if I can come up with something. The strange thing is about this is if I do a hard reset start to my router it works great. But then something starts to take place and I notice my high priority packets on the receive end start to slow down and even get dropped. Each time ive reset my router it works! But then does the exact same thing over and over again.. Any thoughts? Again thanks for the info! I will do some digging on this. I think there was a feature in there where one can capture packets as well. Which might help me identify whats taking place for me.. Zippy.
  10. you do have access to the firewall. first you have to enable it. cant remember the url fully as i still have my r1 connected i think
  11. GHOST I don't think your to far off the mark there.. For me I believe there is an issue. And I do point fingers at my XR500. I have my own theory why this happens. And something tells me its a QoS tagging issue. I get these erratic rates as well like you do. And there was another person on here also said there was an issue with QoS tagging. In other words the QoS tagging breaks down. Theres something ive noticed over time to help me identify there is an issue with this. And it starts to show itself by simply watching the amount of packets being prioritized UP and Down. It helps me identify there is something not correct. And when I say packets Up and Down im talking the high priority packets of both directions. For some odd reason the sending packets keep working. But ones receive packets seem to either get dropped or lost.. That tends to leave me believe there is a QoS tagging breakdown. And if that does happen something tells me the firewall of the Netgear might start to block those critical packets. Which would explain why my receive packets start to slow down in numbers.. The thing is what is causing this! So this is why I think I see these erratic rates when looking at the GeoFilter.. Things like ping and tick rates seem to get effected by this. Which if there is a QoS breakdown I can see why.. Again I know this is a theory of mine but it does make sense to me. Its sad though we have zero access to the XR500 firewall. One could do more trouble shooting there..But we cant.. Zippy.
  12. Doesn't need to be, it can be in the middle as well. Like the issue I always have with the Japan serverfarm. During peak hours I get huge fluctuations and a lot of in game jitter, while netduma shows a rock solid ping graph. It's because my UDP traffic is being buffered & dropped somewhere along the route. The closer you are to the server the less likely you will have these issues though.
  13. Pingplotter proved the OS instability to me......i made a thread about it last year iirc.........my pingplotter graph would be straight as an arrow and then after a while it just randomly unravels without any additional load being placed on the connection. And this was a ping plotter test with nothing happening on the line and then with me gaming......it just did the exact same thing.......straight as an arrow for abit and then all hell breaks lose 🤣🤣 crazy spikes all the way. There never was any proper answer for the cause or solution offered. I uploaded videos and pics at the time.
  14. PingPlotter, becasue i can view the past. Many factors are at force and to nail one particular reason it will be hard to come by.
  15. Which one do you use? Yeah i know but the guys you dominate in the first match become a lil less dominated in the next lobby when the fluctuations occur....leaving me to believe that its something on my end ie: the router not maintain stable rates.
  16. I have never looked at the send and recieve rate. The Ping graph i have always preferred to use another program. I only have one screen and switching between the 2 was a headache. From my understanding there is more than one game being hosted at the same time per Server IP, that could explain the fluctuations(server Load) when more games are being added or removed.
  17. There is no Emoji befitting of this reply, lol (next level awesomeness) Unfortunately it takes a lifetime for the Duma team to get simple things to get done.......your forward thinking is what everyone has been longing for. Is there a way to stabilize, 1. The send/receive rates and 2.The ping graph? I find this to be another culprit in our gaming experience and its not our isp's fault.......the exact same server plays totally different from match to match and when you look at the geofilter stats it clearly shows erratic rates or a ping graph that randomly just unraveled (and no additional load has been placed on the connection when this happens). The graphs will go from completely straight as an arrow for one match and then the next it would be riddled with non stop crazy spikes. There has been a few threads about this issue and no proper solution to date has been put in place.
  18. I have put in pppoe connection on the duma o sto avvide double nat can Someone can tel me il the log is an issue or not?
  19. Your all right it should be a R app, go look over the other threads, there are people who have been asking for a while for more detail to be shown, and many posts about targeting individual ports. There are many more things i can make in terms of what people want, if you want to see all the ports your device is using i can do that. If people only want their geo filter to show specific ports i can do that, as it stands your limited to what they give you.
  20. @RedBull2k Manual seems not working... or maybe I don't know how to make it work propperly. I should invest a little longer. The app crashes in Auto. I must be aware of deleting rules in every lobby change to avoid it crashing, because when the lobby change, if I hadn't deleted te previous rule, it shuts down
  21. It's a bit different for everybody. I can't really tell the difference between manual port ranges, a single port like the tool does or simply adding the console setting. Even if I do away with QoS altogether it still works fine for me. I plan to do a heap of tests in a week or so when I am back in Europe. My connection there has lower ping but is far more demanding on QoS due to the low upload. Then I can also see what it is that makes the tool not work in MW for me. Because I think it connects to a different backend server in Europe and USA. Agree though it would be awesome if it was a R-App. Or even if we had a R-App that just shows you which ports are used, or even integrate this in the Autoping screen next to all the other host data.
  22. I see your point, but it's still a brilliant idea and is infinitely easier than messing around with wireshark getting UDP captures and then inputting to DumaOS manually over and over again. It's an amazing feature and I'd go as far to say I'd welcome it being an R-App in DumaOS if it was possible. I've seen many people claim that small port ranges seem to work well too, so this also removes the need for wide port ranges/and or numerous separate rules.
  23. Bert


    This SQM is incredibly CPU intensive as far as I know. On edgerouters, the X model tops out between 100-200mbit and your basicly need the Edgerouter 4 or 6 model to achieve anything close to 500Mbit. That's probably why your speeds are so low.
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