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  3. Hi guys , A very old game but it still has 3000 daily players with long neglected unupdated servers. my R2 is about to arrive & will be using it for other games & dont expect it to help with FNC but the FNC community are sick of being put in laggy match ups due to distance lag etc & if the R2 helps with this ill be letting them all know via the FNC forums to head to NETDUMA to grab their R2 ASAP.
  4. You need to create more threads ☺️
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  6. Once you activate the VPN to a location which is far away, the matchmaking stucks on "searching for guardians...". Does anyone (maybe one of the netduma stuff) knows why?
  7. why would this be a problem, the isp wifi works perfectly fine and it's right next to them
  8. I just spent around 4.5 hours talking to Netgear and Cox support for my speed issues. I've done nearly everything such as: Disabling QoS, Enabling AntiBB, downgrading Frimware, etc. I'm completely lost but I pay for gigabit and I have around 500 download when in the past I used to get 950~.
  9. No its not designed to be wall hung , I have it standing on the desk on its nose leaning against something . I suppose you could buy some of those double sided sticky things and hang it on the wall it is after all a very light piece of kit .
  10. Can abybody help me restore my game profiles??? See attached picture!
  11. Hello do you think when i add my Gaming PC hear and create a static Route it helps. Smoother connection without the buffer feeling
  12. so.... I'm always behind, it's unplayable warzone is worst than multiplayer that's why I don't play this sh** so what's next?
  13. Yes Draytek Vigor 165 vdsl. Do you think that it is possible create a static ip adress Route in the xr 500?
  14. @Netduma Fraser help me fix this issue please!
  15. All of my game profiles are now missing. Can anybody please help me and tell me how to restore them please!
  16. @Netduma Fraser I need some help on something please give me a few minutes of your time
  17. I am trying to select my gaming profile to change from destiny 2 to call of duty. Now my gaming profiles are all missing and I don't know how too restore them. Anybody help please!
  18. Has anyone experienced better hit detection when not using a DUMA router? I have 500/50 and usually around 19-27 ping 0 packet loss, but for some reason my hit detection is terrible and even my friends have noticed. I'm asking this because I'm considering getting another isp... These are my settings:
  19. aplico el perfil de fornite pero me lleva a conexiones de 140ms , creo que pasa algo no es normal antes de la actulizacion del netduma estaba normal
  20. It’s same thing form me. Goefilter does n’y work with Destiny 2
  21. Hello. I have been having issues with my R2 router, mainly on the 2.4 GHZ connection. The 5 GHZ works perfect. I have tested the connection on multiple devices and ran multiple speed tests on all devices. On the 2.4 GHZ connection, I am only getting 2mbs down and .5 mbs up (my connection is fiber optic 400mbs down/up through Spectrum). I reset the router and my ISP modem a few times but that also did not resolve the issue. The 2.4 GHZ connection is on channel 2 (used an analyzer to make sure it was alone) and have size set to 40mhz. What could possibly be causing this issue? Edit: Ran another speedtest on the 2.4 connection. Now my download is at .5 mbs but my upload is fine at 394 mbs
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