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  2. Sorry man I’m reading what the app on my phone is giving for my device firmware, can’t tell untill I go on pc.
  3. How do I setup the hybrid vpn on the xr500 using ipvanish vpn? I’m not sure what goes in the “Configuration” line.
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  5. Console, PS4. I don’t pay for WTFast but I do use what my router provided me with.
  6. Thanks man. Plenty of nukes from MW and other cods here: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCLiWq5b9k52-MevQWbmJ-Ew firmware I am using is
  7. Great video, could you please share more of videos? Could you please tell me on what firmware version you on.
  8. About the lag compensation. I have tried diffrent routers with Openwrt, Gargoyle and Dd-wrt and using exactly the same settings. All routers played diffrent. I found out that my netgear runs best at stock without QoS. Lag compensation exsist in all games but for some reason it gives you one step ahead if you have the right settings or connection on your side.
  9. Yeah the lease matches. Was daring yesterday and did the update back to .56 with a factory reset. The crashes are back yay! More or less the same process, internet/wlan LEDs freeze, ethernet LEDs still work, and after 10 seconds or so it reboots. This is the last frame I get before the crash. Nothing out of the ordinary except for that one device that asked for an IP 5 times in 3 minutes. That's a computer on the wifi so nothing exotic. I now gave it a fixed IP in the XR500 DHCP config to see if it helps.
  10. I agree about the netem thing, I have tried it also and it makes no difference for me, but I don’t agree with the lag compensation, it definitely is in the game but not as bad as it used to be. I used to use netduma to get on the Spanish servers and I was so far ahead of people in game it was unreal, It is no longer like that now, this game was very generous with the amount of lag compensation it gave you. No matter what I do with the Netduma R1 or XR500 I just can’t find that consistency. However since I have purchased an ASUS RT-AX88U The game has ran like a dream. The game doesn’t play as bad as some of the people on this forum make out, but there is the odd bullshit death here and there and when you watch the kill cam they generally have the packet bust symbol and/or one of the other 2 symbols to do with connection.
  11. ma la beta è uscita? perche la devono provare solo alcuni ho speso 300€ per una geolizzazione che non funziona Qos nemmeno penso di passare a asus e riavere i miei soldi sono 2 anni che aspettavo
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  13. buonasera ho seguito tutta la guida ma il geofiltro su cod modern warface anche in modalita ristretto e filtraggio mi colloca sempre ai server fuori litalia ma questo aggiornamento arriva lo stiamo aspettando da 1 anno come si può spendere 300 € di router per avere una 5g che nn funziona geofiltro uguale e un Qos disabilitato per non aver problemi conviene mettere il firmware precedente? sono stufo
  14. Hi Fraser, Same problem as above. Geo filter works perfectly in game when searching for a match. Had some great games the past few days (only recently bought the XR500) but after the match 5 times out of 10 it will kick me out to the main menu whilst stating error code leaf and I’ll then have to try to reconnect to EA servers. I find looking at the geo filter screen whilst I’m connecting it’s trying to connect to servers outside of my geofilter - I’m from the U.K. and have the Europe servers selected in my range but it will try to connect to servers in the US for the authentication but of course it doesn’t like that because they’re outside of my geofilter. I know you mentioned above you’re looking into a cloud update. Any timescale on this? Is it as easy as you guys updating the authentication server list? Cheers!
  15. I am currently doing the test still and there is no peak time it is random just like every other time. internet disconnect are just the 2 but well see.
  16. How long did you try with this configuration so you could rule out peak time affecting it? Were all devices connected to the XR as well?
  17. It's hard to say since we haven't specifically tested mobile browsers, that's why making an app is better so that we can optimise one platform rather than different web browsers.
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