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  2. It would be better to disable UPnP on the hub just incase it tries to interact with the traffic so good job!
  3. I just really don't think it will work that way at all for the moment. Can you apply it to your device instead and then have access to the network?
  4. It's a hybrid between our own proprietary algorithm and Codel. It will slow it a bit but it will help the other devices all be used at once without impacting each other - I used to have your speeds - it seems counter-intuitive but it does work.
  5. It looks like you're missing some ports, these are required: TCP: 3569,8080,9946,9988,10000-20000,42124 UDP: 3659,9000-9999
  6. Are you on the .179 firmware? Did you change any settings prior to it occurring or did it just happen when you loaded the page? If you click okay does it allow you to use the feature? If not, please reboot the router and see if that removes it.
  7. Yeah it was working ok last night after I did those steps, but it was working fine prior to that too...like I say, it was just another completely random NAT issue and came out nowhere like the first time I got the double NAT issue.
  8. The user manual is a great place to start and will tell you how to use all the features. Did you go through the welcome tour when you first setup the router? The ? icons on every single panel of the interface should give you more information as well. We'll likely create more videos and guides in the future. To answer your questions very briefly: DMZ - The R2 WAN IP found in the System Information page should be entered into the DMZ function on your ISP router if applicable. You do not need to use the DMZ on the R2 but if you're struggling to get an open NAT on your console then you can put the console IP here. You don't need to use port forwarding in most cases You don't need to use custom DNS - it has no impact on your game experience Geo-Filter - add your device, change the home location to your area - adjust the radius to cover the servers you want - ping assist 0 - strict mode on - that is my recommendation. You can swap the radius for the polygons instead i.e. drawing your own radius. Ping Heatmap - ping the game you want to play, identify where the lowest ping servers are then adjust your settings on the Geo-Filter to cover those areas. QoS and Connection Benchmark - Run a Connection Benchmark test and see what results you get for Ping Test and Ping Under Load - you want the Ping Under Load values and graph to be as close as possible to the ping test. Use Congestion Control on Always and experiment with the percentages, then do a benchmark test, rinse repeat until you find the percentage that lowers Ping Under Load the most. You can mostly leave Network Settings alone.
  9. Just to know, do any of the Netgear/Netduma routers running DumaOS have SQM QoS? Seems like the preferred way of doing QoS but I'm not sure if it would slow my already limited 20/1 connection of if I'd be just fine with anything else.
  10. Sorry for the delay, the dev said he will take a look today for you. I'll get back to you when he has checked it.
  11. For those speeds and with the current state of the WiFi on the R2 you would be unlikely to see those speeds using the R2 WiFi. You should have no issues with the XR300 though in that regard. It's very unlikely to be months to wait for the R2, as long as we had enough stock to fulfil all the pre-orders then ordering now you may have to wait a few days before it is shipped out.
  12. Because there are lobbies and sbmm aside there are ways you can get into them. Granted they are not consistent and almost guaranteed drawbacks such as latency issues which has already been highlighted. Why people want to play only in bot lobbies is beyond me but it's not impossible. Warzone is a broken mess at the moment. Cheaters in almost every game who are somehow getting into bronze servers.
  13. I called them i they said they cant give me login and password. Reset not working.
  14. Today
  15. What's happening now then, are you getting into a game? If so, what server are you connecting to? You say your connection goes through the roof, can you explain what you mean by this and how it the issue presents itself (i.e. ping, lagging, rubber banding, etc)? Can you provide a screenshot of the rest of your QoS configuration (Congestion control and Bandwidth Allocation)?
  16. That sounds correct, let us know how it goes!
  17. Did the reset that Fraser suggested allow you access to your ISP modem? If so, have you logged in and given the R2 a static IP?
  18. Thanks for posting! I'm not sure I understand your questions, are those the speeds that are being reported with the R1 vs without the R1? Your speeds through a VPN depend on several things, primarily the speeds you get from your ISP. What are you looking to use a VPN for?
  19. Great, thank you. So where are you seeing the low upload speeds, through a speedtest online or through the connection benchmark? If online, does connection benchmark also report low upload speeds? With regards to ping heatmap, have you try manually flushing the cloud? Go to the three line menu and click 'Sync cloud'
  20. Hey everyone, so yesterday out of now where my geo filter started to give me this error "RPC error 'ERROR_VALIDATION': Validation failed for 'ips May i please get some help with it?
  21. Any news from the devs? Having my speed capped is really annoying. Downloading games and patches is taking forever.
  22. Really, how much damage is YouTube and the influencers doing ... hahaha Everything they want to tell you, you believe it, even if the creators of the device themselves say it can't be, do you still believe the youtubers ... what will be next? if they tell you that with a finger in the ass you become immortal, are you going to try it too? Ha ha ha. Open your eyes and stop believing everything that people say that they have no idea!! A greeting!
  23. Today again, pc turn on, cant connect to network via netduma r2 "wan ip disconnected", again power off pc for 10-15 minutes factory reset and working again. 195€ for broken router and still no new firmware.
  24. Oui si tu veux être sur un serveur en particulier !
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