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  2. When you have someone watching Netflix like that and you notice the issue could you look at the Network Monitor and see how much bandwidth is being used please?
  3. Remember you will lose a bunch of really important security fixes one of which is for a denial of service attack which is operating in the wild and could easily take your router and LAN down, netduma should really put up a disclaimer that downgrading is at your own risk I believe. Netgear will not help you either since their disclaimer is if you don’t use the current firmwhere and your router is damaged by malware it’s not their responsibility to to replace your router.
  4. No that modem doesn’t have access, no Wi-Fi, everything is connected tu the XR and they watch only Netflix 1 tv
  5. MW is bad for me too. I have some decent games but connections are never stable or consistent, even if I'm on a 10 ping server it's still bad. Every other game I play I have no problems, but MW is never consistent no matter how low the ping is. It's just the game's fault.
  6. Unless they're downloading/streaming heavily then it's unlikely but QoS would negate that. Does your modem have WiFi? Are they connecting to that instead of the XR?
  7. I notice that when someone is at home it’s more frequent but how can be possible with a 250mb download and 100mb upload and few devices connected?
  8. I would see if you can put it in modem mode and see if that helps with the issue at all. If it doesn't then this may be something you need to bring up with your internet provider. Do you notice if your speeds drop when the issue happens? It could be to do with peak time congestion depending on when you play.
  9. Most likely referring to Hybrid VPN - if they attempt to DDoS you then the VPN IP would go down, allowing you to change the server and be back up very quickly.
  10. what you mean anti-ddos? the xr500 wont even load when I get ddos have to reboot it
  11. Now also the router from the provider had the same problem. I don’t know what can be. The cable are new, only the one in the wall are 3 years old. But before in 3 years I never had issue!
  12. If QoS is disabled and it's still an issue then it usually means the issue is elsewhere. Could you replace the ethernet cable between the modem and router with a new one or another one to double check please?
  13. Hopefully Zippy's suggestion helps but if not could you let us know what your physical setup is? E.g. ISP modem > XR500 and how that is setup e.g. PPPoE, VLAN etc?
  14. before netgear router i have decent connection when Fifa servers were not saturated like at the night or the morning, but now i have lags 24 hours a day, that's why im sure i missed up with something in setting with the router
  15. Do you have the case number of your ticket? We can try to escalate it from our side. Advising you to use AP mode and lose the features is not a valid fix in my opinion.
  16. Exactly as above, sometimes though you can have a DNS leak as well so your real IP might not actually be concealed so I would double check that as well. If it is concealed then it's the former.
  17. This sounds very strange, would you be able to provide a full page screenshot or perhaps a short video of showing these weird occurrences like blocking in spectating mode? We've not seen something like this before so if we can see what is happening it would make it easier to help.
  18. Hallo, es gibt keine neuen Einstellungen für das Profil. Sie können die gewünschten Einstellungen ohne das Profil ändern. Gibt es etwas Bestimmtes, das Sie erreichen möchten? - Hello, there are no new settings for the profile. You can change the settings how you want without the profile, is there anything specific you're trying to achieve?
  19. thanks so much hope the 3.0 come soon andfix my problem
  20. Yeah no problem. We can try to fix your issues if you want, but here's a link to download .32 if you'd rather go back to that version: https://kb.netgear.com/000060127/XR500-Firmware-Version-2-3-2-32 Remember to disable Auto Update before you upload this firmware, otherwise it'll just go back to the latest one overnight.
  21. i mean i try all the fixes that other people tryed i got the router seens the first day they came out and its ben an ongoin problem the only time it work best was on .32 still had some problems that i dont remember now but never spikes or randon lag out
  22. can i downgrade from .56 to .32 ??that was the only time my router was working fine with 2k and divition games other than that i get spikes i wentru all the forums and post and nothing seens to help to not get spikes and random disconects and a delay on everygame i play like it was taking its time to download and upload the packets not instant i have frontier fios 500/500 in florida
  23. I like this idea, we're planning on adding more security focused features to DumaOS in future. Right now we are mainly focused on the gaming market but if/when we decide to expand from that, this would be a great step. Thanks for the suggestion!
  24. Hello Is a "firewall" interface provided in Duma v3? The XR500 and XR700 are powerful routers for small businesses. It would be nice to have a view on the attack attempts, block ips (or whole countries), ... It seems to me that the XR are equipped with anti-ddos technologies, but we have no view on the attacks Thanks !
  25. is worse than I thought, the French branch of NETGEAR, I do not want to sweep away because they write me to give myself into AP mode, and I want the function of geo-filter and Qos, that there is an ip conflict and they can't do anything, I wrote that 5 months worked, they they don't do anything about it, they upset me a little, there'll be a war
  26. Also without Geo filter I have the same problem and also the qos I disabled SAME problem, this is the worst router I had in my life. I put back the one cheap or the provider and everything is working fine
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