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  2. Buenas noches desde COLOMBIA, una pregrunta con una velocidad de 50 de bajada y 5 de subida puedo hacer streaming?? saludes
  3. Yeah all thanks to you, Just look at the second guy I turned on LOL its like I ran on the wall like Neo in Matrix movie 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Nice to see that its going forward, are anti jitter and anti spike still a thing? Also is my DumaOS version still up to date? The other topic got locked and i didnt get an update email, firmware says " R1" :).
  5. Just tried Spectate mode, strict mode and 80 ms ping and the results were same as asual. I found games between 110 - 150 ms. I think Spectate mode bypass ping assist and strict mode.
  6. Yesterday
  7. They do cloud updates for mislocated servers. You can click on the hamburger icon top left of geofilter and click flush cloud. That would get you the most current on your geo. They do cloud updates every so often
  8. Also run 3-5 different tests on speedtest and average them out
  9. Been a busy week at the office, had little time to game but when i did jump on, everything still felt as good as when i last played. Using ping assist at 50ms instead of geofilter in this gameplay......this was a <42ms lobby. With no cloud update i'm still stuck playing <58ms lobbies majority of the time. ABB set to 'Never' - using manual qos rules specifically for the servers i connect to. Enjoy!!
  10. I'm trying to do this on the R1 but on the original firmware you have to put source and destination ports as separate rules. When I try to enter 30000-45000 it just says it overlaps and I can't. Anyone else found out how to get around this?
  11. What Bert said dsl reports is trash. Use speedtest its way more acuurate. Btw blufferbloat is way overrated. That website is so inaccurate and even if you have A+++ on everything its not going to help you. Just use pingplotter if you want to find the right settings for your sliders and jitter.
  12. Okay. So after downgrading back to pre dumaos, the issue still persists. Had it disconnect, then eventually reconnected for it to disconnect again about 15 minutes later. I'm starting to think this might be a hardware failure, like you stated earlier. The odd thing is that the issue never really cropped up prior to upgrading to dumaos the first time and the following few months.
  13. Does anyone testing these settings have IPv6 enabled? Any recommendations on that? Also, any sense why disabling "Share Excess" has any impact here? Thanks!
  14. If you have windows 10, try using the speedtest.net desktop app. For me, their website always reads low but for some odd reason the desktop app is bang on. DSL reports usually doesn't give me accurate results due to the distance to their server.
  15. So not disable QoS but put the sliders on 100% instead? Anything else I can do.
  16. Yes. Ideally you would use the Geo Filter set at your location, or at a location of the server you want to connect too and have it as filtered. The should only allow connections within the circle. Next option would be to have the Geo Filter as spectate and use the ping assist set to a desired timing, 50ms for example. This should only allow connections up to 50ms.
  17. il faut etre patient, sa prend un bon 30-40 sec
  18. I've been doing some experimenting with Hybrid VPN using Vypr VPN. For those that don't know you can disable the NAT on vyprs service so you can play D2 with an open NAT. When I use the windows client Destiny 2 reports that I have an open nat. When I configure Duma OS on the XR500 to use Hybrid VPN and add my PC (defined as a xbox) I get a moderate NAT. I've also tried defining my pc as a computer and adding the service "Game Consoles" to the list of services to VPN. Curious what I can do on the Hybrid VPN settings page to try and get the same results from the windows client. The XR500 is doing a great job of off loading the VPNs CPU load from my PC, just wish I could achieve an open NAT using hybrid vpn.
  19. Could be but then you should see it in the last result as well. Note that the CoD servers don't respond to ICMP requests. So what you see on DumaOS and Pingplotter is usually the hop before that. Usually doesn't matter though as it is very close.
  20. les gars par contre j arrive pas a entendre mes potes en party playstation c est chiant ....
  21. I reset it to a earlier version of my router settings but it didn’t hold. Neither did me resetting the router. I dont know what else to do all I get is busy wheels
  22. I'm paying for 400Mbps/20 Mbps. Turbo and Super Turbo ticked. Keep in mind that Speedtest.net you can change the server picking the wrong server will have slow speed tests. So my question is which one is the true speed test result?
  23. Turning off Geo Filter by deleting my device or just setting up my location anywhere on the ocean and lowering at max the radius?
  24. By Ping Assist "off" you mean lowering it by 0, right?
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