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  2. Idk what it is but im always in lobbies where players are Mexican or Dominican. No matter how much I try to change the geo filter settings or without they are always in my lobby. I live in Ohio and thought it could possibly just be players from PA or Miami since those areas are populated with that ethnicity however the they are always slightly laggy. Im usually put in a close server with good ping to the server but playing with them is very annoying with how laggy they are. Not sure if its just black ops 4 and possibly some skill based match making involved or what.
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  4. I’ve not had it often but daughters have ,anyway aside from that the point is firmware releases are not forthcoming,I’ll wait but not forever,I chose this router purely based on support having previously owned both Rig raptures AX and GT which are very capable.hopefully something will drop sooner rather than later
  5. I haven't seen any on 12.3.1 with my XR router. Working well.
  6. Ok got this fixed by factory reset and deleting network on pc and restarting everything
  7. Sorry for the delay in answering, I was on vacation, I reset as indicated, I hear the beep, but the router remains the same, the menu circles are spinning and I can not do anything. I have tried with Google Chrome and the window of incognito and the same thing happens to me. Keep on looping all the time
  8. when i type in routerlogin.com or routerlogin.net goes to netgear page and says router may not be connected to network however internet is working through ethernet connection any help would be appreciated
  9. Il n'y a rien d'autre à faire ? Je me souviens d'avoir modifier plein de chose lorsque j'ai fait le premier paramétrage...
  10. These are test from this morning at 7 clock the picture labeled modem is from downstairs and netduma upstairs 👍
  11. Having the same problem here. Speed test 940/940 Mpbs direct attached to ONT via LAN but using the SFP+ port the WAN speedtest won't go pass 660 Mpbs in my case for the download. Tried different combinations but always got similar results.
  12. Same here, no iOS bugs using version 12, or version 11 as that's what I was using when the XR500 was released.
  13. Do you have Geo-Filter enabled? This might be blocking the downloads. Turn Geo-Filter to Spectating mode and see if that allows downloads again. When you say you "can't download games", does your PS4 get any connection to your router at all? What IP address does the PS4 say it has in Network Status? If possible, could you upload a picture of the View Network Status page on your PS4? Thanks.
  14. Hello, I basically can't download games or update them on my ps4 with the xr500 and don't know what to do, with the isp router I'm able to download games and everything. Help please.
  15. Well we can help you with anything related to using Hybrid-VPN, or bypassing restrictions on your DumaOS router to get your VPN working.
  16. Yes! Exactly I setup a private vpn but I don't have sufficient knowledge.
  17. What provider are you using for your VPN, and what software are you using? Or do you mean you're attempting to set up a private VPN?
  18. The thing is I have search too much about l2tp on google and read several guides like. https://www.vpngate.net/en/howto_l2tp.aspx https://www.cactusvpn.com/beginners-guide-to-vpn/what-is-l2tp/ https://www.purevpn.com/what-is-vpn/protocols/l2tp but all of them just explain the term l2tp no one can provide me the proper solution. I hope you will resolve the issue.
  19. Netduma R1 but do you think this router issue?
  20. Have you troubleshot your system? I haven't see any iOS disconnects with my XR router. Works well, also have a EX7700 connected with it. Seen some iOS version were problematic as well so, its not entirely a router issue.
  21. Ive seen FW updates release in 2 months and others in 9 months. All depends on what Duma and NG are doing and we'll see them when they release them. Please be patient.
  22. So it was in a tab, but after logging in, it became it's own window? That's interesting, I don't think it's meant to do that. I'll try and recreate it.
  23. Hi all, just a quick one, I've added a field to User Profiles which will allow you to show which DumaOS hardware you own. It's a multiple choice field, so if you own more than one piece of hardware, you can list it. The information will appear in the sidebar, and is useful for two things: We can see which hardware you're talking about when support is needed Bragging rights To enter this info, click your username in the top right and choose Profile. Now press Edit Profile, scroll to the bottom, and tick the boxes for the routers you own. Now press save. At some point in the future we might make this field mandatory, but right now it's optional. Happy gaming!
  24. SMALL UPDATE - I THINK IT'S RELATED. Usually my monitor's window has this tabs sequence. EVENT: When Dumas is not the ACTIVE tab, -and- . I un-minimize "monitor windows" -and- then click on Duma's tab.... - the Login pop-up appear, - and after entering and hitting ENTER.... the Duma's Tab jump out !! ..... opening ...... in a NEW window !!!!!!!!!!! Very strange. Note: That was already happening from the beginning, but I didn't tie it to nothing. You know, just a strange thing of a new piece of software, Click on that tab and reposition it in the "monitors" window at the correct spot. Alain
  25. Nope we've not parted company with NETGEAR and we have no plans to do so. We're still in daily communication with them. We're trying to improve our communication to customers, but NETGEAR have strict policies in this regard and we have to abide by those policies. Not much more I can say right now except that big updates are still on the way.
  26. So the default IP (to access the interface) is, the default username and password are admin and password In order to use the Geo-Filter with Destiny 2, you'll need to disable Strict Mode
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