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  2. Need to have a read of their dodgy patents... see if it says anything similar to what is happening
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  4. Dont hide the network then. It does not increase security because many apps show your SSID anyway, its a myth. A strong password is most important, and over 8 digits including upper and lowercase numbers and symbols.
  5. Netgear logs show ip spoofing its a known bug been around for years dont worry and ignore the logs they are very paranoid.
  6. Do you use remote management? If not set it to something more restrictive just to be sure.
  7. Not sure if I require a PPPoE connection, all I know is the R1 doesn't have access to the internet unless I plug in my Fritzbox (both modem & router functionality) to port 1 of the R1. The Fritzbox is also the modem as I said and afaik it HAS to have modem functionality as the R1 doesn't have that right? Kinda sad to hear there doesn't appear to be a proper fix for my issue. I don't like the Wi-Fi of the R1 because the device makes a very annoying and consistent noise when using Wi-Fi. I think my Fritzbox has better Wi-Fi range which would be necessary for me anyways but as I said I can't even use the R1 for Wi-Fi because of the noise.
  8. Are you getting this in all web browsers? Can you clear your browsers cache and see if the problem persists.
  9. Apologies, we've already discussed this haven't we. Did you get it working? I worked on this with a dev and we've fixed it so it'll be good to go in the next firmware.
  10. Are you still able to access the interface via a LAN device when this occurs? If so, can you download a log file from System Information when the problem occurs and send it over?
  11. Just receiving the new R2 today, I unboxed it and plug it into modem. (The picture is the timing after unboxing it without any setttings) Yes, got 1 green and 1 amber! Then I configured network and did connection test(Upgrade it to be 3.0.394), its value is correct and expected. (I got 500/250 mbps network) Thanks for the help. I don't have time to do other test yet, and report the result first here. Then I will find time to send old one back, learning how to send DHL now.
  12. Welcome to the forum! Do you require PPPoE for your connection? If so, that's probably why you can't access the Fritzbox interface. Is the Fritzbox also the modem? If that's the case, there isnt really a way you can have everything connected to it but still use the features of DumaOS. What exactly is the issue you're having with the Wi-Fi? The best solution would be to have everything on the network connected to the R1.
  13. The LAN IP of the XR1000 is, correct? Have you made sure to disconnect all cables from the XR besides the PC you're connected with? Make sure the WAN is unplugged particularly. To double check, you're definitely connected to the XR via an ethernet cable, right?
  14. What the setup of the network exactly? Is the Vodafone acting as the modem, like this: Internet -> Vodafone (Modem) -> R2 Or is the Vodafone now acting as an AP, like this: Internet -> Modem -> R2 -> Vodafone If the former, connect the cable from the R2 blue WAN port to a Vodafone LAN port. If the latter, connect the cable from a R2 yellow LAN port to the Vodafone WAN port.
  15. You'll need to get either OpenVPN config files or WireGuard config files for NoLag. You can then follow this guide to get it setup: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000087492--dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-hybrid-vpn
  16. So on his spec of me the guy is where the guy is... On my screen the guy is about the pink line, so on my scrren im hitting the player. BUT He isnt actually on the pink line in the game, he is approx 0.5 seconds ahead, where he is shown on my mates game. Thus, making me miss the shots because im shooting thin air
  17. Thats what im saying, on my screen i am hitting all my shots. This is not my screen This then clearly shows the fact that the two screens are totally different which is what i was saying - MY SCREEN i leading the shots, hitting every shot. HIS SCREEN i am about 0.5 sec behind clearly showing the vast variation in the game. I do not miss them shots, i get accused of chronus and hacking all the time because i am that accurate. At my old house on blackout i was a 5kd player because my internet was good. I am a 3.5kd player on Warzone with the shit internet - you really think a 3.5kd player would miss all them shots? 😂😂 most deffo not... as mentioned in the post ON MY SCREEN i hit every single shot which is why at the end of the video you can hear my confusion.
  18. in port forward one port I have open to torrents, and remote management is set as standard to " everyone and port "
  19. + just for info: i hold the reset button (on the old 1.06 Firmware) and absolutely nothing happens... when i am on the new DumaOS on the R1 so the reset button works. that's "funny"
  20. .. if the Autoping is on and it finds a game, so it should automatically show the "host descriptor" menu as shown in the pic above, where you can see the ping aso. same like in the new firmware but it does not do it anymore... but how i said we leave it as it is...
  21. I am using cloudflare WARP using Wireguard hybrid VPN @Netduma Liam
  22. I tried that but the message pops up pretty much right away without me clicking anything.
  23. It’s not just that devices are disconnecting, the whole 2.4 network goes down and disappears. All devices that were connected to it disconnect and then the 2.4 network is no longer in the list of networks to connect to. I use the 2.4 network for every device besides my xbox, so I don’t even know how I’d go about reserving an IP for that many things.
  24. I've been communicating with players online that tell me that if you get a snapshot error during a match you are instantly given a loss for that match. There is more to this snapshot error then the name implies but some sort of counter measure used against players who appear to do well against other players or the algorithm. Not sure which if not both. But to be given a loss to your win/loss match ratio for what some believe to be a "server error" is certainly suspect even if you don't believe my explanation.
  25. Not a good example, if you slow down the frames you see your missing almost all your shots. shoot first die first is you shooting first hitting all your shots and sill dying to latency.
  26. Hi, I'm currently trying to figure out if it's possible to have my PC, console etc. connected to my Fritzbox 3490 modem/router while still using the R1 for the geo-filter feature. Up until now I just plugged in my R1 to my fritzbox through port 1 and it works properly but the setup comes with some downsides I'm trying to avoid. For example I can't access the interface of the fritzbox when connected like that which is very annoying. I also use the wifi of my fritzbox (I don't like the wifi of the R1) to connect my TV to the internet but I can't access my NAS through the TV as it's plugged in to the R1 instead of the fritzbox. If I connect the NAS to my fritzbox instead I can access the NAS on my TV but I lose access on my PC as I'm connected to the R1 but not the fritzbox. I figured all I needed to do was change the network address space of the R1 to match the one of the fritzbox but that unfortunately didn't do the trick. Connecting my PC to the fritzbox will make me lose access to the R1 interface but then I realized I can get access simply by plugging the lan cable from my fritzbox to the R1 to anything but port 1. At that point I thought I fixed all issues because I was able to access both fritzbox and R1 interfaces on my PC but then I realized the R1 lost access to the internet so I wasn't able to use the geo-filter feature anymore. At that point the R1 behaves in a weird way as it seems to be able to detect when my PS5 gets turned on, it briefly shows up as online in the device manager of the R1 but then goes back offline. So yeah any help with this would be appreciated. I'm on the latest version of the R1 (3.0.207) and have tried a factory reset as well.
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