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  2. So still inpatient for the update, hopefully comes before a decade. ...anyway I decided to hook the R2 back up, this time I running the wifi with my tp-link as an AP ITS RUNNING BEAUTIFUL so far. Tho IPs comin from the tp-link won't register on the network app, so i can't manage my wifi devices. 2 days counting...... no disconnecting, no need to reboot, i think that's the way to go if u ask me. Or perhaps I'm speaking prematurely . I'll keep u guys posted
  3. The above thread goes into more detail but basically, the firmware as it is does not support pihole since you cannot modify the DHCP option for DNS servers. You can only do so on the internet side which is not compatible with pihole. Please see the discussion on this thread.
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  5. Let’s pretend I didn’t have the R1 anymore. Then what?
  6. Even worse why go through the R2 if the R1 is working? I thought I was upgrading.
  7. Am I supposed to NEED a static wan ip? I didn’t see that in the user guide. And wouldn’t I have to pay extra to my isp to get one? How would I get one from my R1?
  8. Remove the disable-occ line from the bottom of the config please, then try to connect - if it doesn't work if should then show some entries in the log, then please provide that here
  9. i tried this one but it just says "failed" and got no error message. This one I Grabbed here https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/helpdesk/kb/articles/where-can-i-find-your-ovpn-files-2 ca_vancouver.ovpn
  10. My theory is you may need to give the R2 a static WAN IP - not necessarily that it is faulty, doing the above test is the quickest and easiest way to determine that in my opinion
  11. i guess this game is not for me. even with the settings you mentioned, Nothing changed for me. my hit detection is still shit. i probably should stop playing this game
  12. ok i think ive been pretty cool about this whole thing but thats not what i thought id have to do with something i recieved 2 WEEKS AGO! When do we start talking about me getting one that just works?
  13. As a test, if you do ONT > R1 > R2 do the connections keep happening or are they reduced?
  14. Cela n'a de sens que s'ils ont un routage supérieur partout dans le monde et s'ils le faisaient, je doute qu'ils l'utilisent pour un VPN de jeu
  15. Please email [email protected] with a link to this topic and your order number and we can arrange a replacement
  16. ¿Está el Arris en modo enrutador? ¿Está proporcionando WiFi? ¿Puede proporcionar una captura de pantalla de la configuración WAN en el R2 - DHCP / Static / PPPoE, por favor?
  17. non fraser ce vpn reduit au contraire la latence comparé à expressvpn ou autres votre jeu est meme plus fluide
  18. I just tried that and am still having the same issue.
  19. it was on my desk. but after the first time i lost connection i put it on top of an empty wastepaper basket so the bottom could breathe
  20. ARRIS TG862G ese lo conecte al R2. eso de pppoe no se ke es y vlan tanpoco se ke es
  21. Unplug it for the moment and use the ISP router, once the team can take a look early next week when can proceed with the next steps
  22. Can you unplug the internet cable from the R2 then try again to access it please?
  23. ¡Hola bienvenido al foro! ¿Cuál es el modelo del módem / enrutador al que está conectado el R2? El módem solo debe tener un puerto LAN al que se conecte el R2. ¿Sabes si necesitas PPPoE, VLAN o algo por el estilo para una conexión?
  24. Hey, welcome to the forum! Great to hear that, if you have any questions let us know and we'll be happy to help!
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