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  2. I managed to download the beta firmwares and it works great! You managed to solve the problem !! Compliments. I also noticed that you have improved the graphics too! Nice work 👏👏
  3. Connection Benchmark runs directly from the router so will be unaffected by being on WiFi. You do have a lot of jitter when under load and even normally. You'll need to experiment with Congestion Control on Always with different percentages to see if you can get it down. You're not zoomed out fully so you may be missing icons that are getting blocked. Where you in a game as there isn't a ping or anything on the map. Give your PC a PlayStation device type and then re-add it and choose the manual option.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm currently running an A*U* AX88U and although it's ok and is even better with Merlin's FW set to DOCSIS specific WAN packet overheads and using fq_codel I just feel for the money it's a bit, well, meh. The QoS I feel at times is a bit hit and miss. My games can often rubber band/lag despite a manual set up of WAN/ISP allocation speeds (up and down) to ~10% to 20% lower then the allocated package speeds. Buffer bloat is mostly variable. So I've decided to go the Duma road and specifically an XR1000 or XR700. My main query is the power of the triple core processor of the 1000 vs the quad of 700. I don't actually have an AX/WiFi 6 enabled devices bar one wife's Apple iPhone SE and she wouldn't even know what AX/WiFi 6 is 😀 No misogynistic intent BTW. But I do like the look of Duma3.0. I'm not into home networking in a huge way and don't run a NAS or the like, transfer files internally on the home network or the like. I know the 700 is a better choice for this. In all there's ~ 14 wireless devices connected at any one time ( x3 Ninty Switch, X4 mobile phones, X2 PS4, Firestick etc) and x3 gaming PC, one cat5 straight and 2 home plug/powerline. So, what's the best option? The more powerful 700 or the less powerful but more future proofed WiFi and OS option the 1000? Thx
  5. Hey everytime i try to ping call of duty modern warfare or call of duty warzone it pops up N/A on all the servers any help on that ??
  6. so rather then map it on polygon mode i should ping the geo filter in between the UK and France. also on the profiles shall i put call of duty then make the radius smaller or just do the radius by itself. I have added a pic up of the radius. Te second pic shows the server I am connecting to but there is one on the far right that always pops up why is that
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  8. https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-DumaOS-3-0/Latest-firmware-download/td-p/1976833/jump-to/first-unread-message
  9. This is on my laptop because it was the easiest to get pictures to upload for. This is connected to the 2.4GHz WiFi.
  10. yes, i logged in but it gives me as the latest version the one already istalled. Could i have version 3.0 ?
  11. Ok I just factory reset again but for now on i won't unplug it or anything. cause when i unplug it dumaos was acting weird and then the error pop up but I'm good now if anything happens ill just ask you or if something different shows up and thanks for the help.
  12. No worries, if you can try to get access again and then change the admin/password from the top right of the interface, see if that allows you to log back in, otherwise email us and we can sort out a replacement.
  13. Don't just expand the filter as you could get the same one again, actually move the home location so the radius excludes the one you were playing on and you force a new number. You can try Ping Assist but again would likely get you the server you're already on. It's unlikely but its always a possibility.
  14. Yes that is absolutely right. You have added it, because you can't differentiate the services on the console it has greyed it out so it just applies to the console as a whole.
  15. We have got an internal ticket open so it could be a bug. Don't be hard on yourself, a few people have had this so something is afoot. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience, have a good weekend!
  16. You need to be logged into the Netgear community and then you will be able to access it.
  17. i keep this version already istalled, i may access to version 3.0 please ?
  18. @Netduma Fraser when i go your link i get this
  19. Im sorry for this. it is probably my dumb self making some stupid mistake that i cant remember but ill keep trying and if everything doesn't work ill reach out to [email protected]
  20. Hey i fix it sorry I wasted your time cause when I try doing the factory reset it didn't work so I thought I couldn't fix it. I'm so sorry I feel stupid from not trying it again but thanks for your help though.
  21. 0k so I got the configuration file for the sever and inputted username and password as well. Is it suppose to look like this on the left? And why is it not letting me add my xbox on the right?
  22. Hey, welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear you're having this issue. Do you leave the VPN indefinitely? How many devices have you added it to and what options did you select for them? Have you enabled the option to block internet traffic if you get disconnected? When it happens can you access using the LAN IP instead?
  23. I don't think its the game as if I am not using the R2 i get a constant ping and no spikes. but with the R2 on I am getting spikes. I will increase the geo filter range. I was thinking the geo filter ping assist shall I increase that number ? Finally would my R2 router have a defect or something maybe hence why the inconsistency
  24. Try a few more resets and if that doesn't work then please email [email protected] with a link to this topic and your order number and we can sort a replacement.
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