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  2. Okay that is strange, it won't let you scroll at all? What browser are you using?
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  4. No, it only shows me a couple of minutes when I open the dashboard, and the downloaded log is also the same size. if I leave it open it appear to continue to log though, so I'll try leaving it open and hopefully I can catch one of these incidents.
  5. There is no way to extend it unfortunately but it should show everything since the router was last turned on after a reboot for example, is that not the case?
  6. Okay thanks for the information, I believe we're somewhat aware of an issue like this so I'll pass this on to the team and see if they have any suggestions.
  7. No worries, I've passed it on to the team to have a look at so hopefully we can get it resolved
  8. I keep getting intermittent connection losses of a couple of seconds, but by the time I pull up the dashboard and get to the log it has scrolled past any useful information that might help me diagnose the connection loss.
  9. Dont get me wrong you guys make a fantastic product ! Im just doing this for fun and want to test, for myself, if there is any performance difference between the two routers. Gives me something to do in my spare time. I appreciate the fast response. Keep up the good work !
  10. That's the one. I thought getting the XR300 would sort that but seems not 😭
  11. Hello Fraser Yes, It shows the name I gave it when I denied it previously. I always force the New Jersey servers and when I deny them It looks like this "New Jersey 1D" "New Jersey 2D" New Jersey 3D" etc. I go up in numbers and the "D" means Deny.
  12. Ahh I remember your topic now, it was this one wasn't it? https://forum.netduma.com/topic/28148-windscribe-config-file-for-vpn/ In which case probably isn't the config, I'll chase the devs on the issue you've been having.
  13. Here's the configuration file client dev tun proto udp remote uk.windscribe.com 443 nobind auth-user-pass resolv-retry infinite auth SHA512 cipher AES-256-CBC comp-lzo verb 2 mute-replay-warnings remote-cert-tls server persist-key persist-tun key-direction 1 <ca> -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- MIIF3DCCA8SgAwIBAgIJAMsOivWTmu9fMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBCwUAMHsxCzAJBgNV BAYTAkNBMQswCQYDVQQIDAJPTjEQMA4GA1UEBwwHVG9yb250bzEbMBkGA1UECgwS V2luZHNjcmliZSBMaW1pdGVkMRMwEQYDVQQLDApPcGVyYXRpb25zMRswGQYDVQQD DBJXaW5kc2NyaWJlIE5vZGUgQ0EwHhcNMTYwMzA5MDMyNjIwWhcNNDAxMDI5MDMy NjIwWjB7MQswCQYDVQQGEwJDQTELMAkGA1UECAwCT04xEDAOBgNVBAcMB1Rvcm9u dG8xGzAZBgNVBAoMEldpbmRzY3JpYmUgTGltaXRlZDETMBEGA1UECwwKT3BlcmF0 aW9uczEbMBkGA1UEAwwSV2luZHNjcmliZSBOb2RlIENBMIICIjANBgkqhkiG9w0B AQEFAAOCAg8AMIICCgKCAgEAruBtLR1Vufd71LeQEqChgHS4AQJ0fSRner0gmZPE r2TL5uWboOEWXFFoEUTthF+P/N8yy3xRZ8HhG/zKlmJ1xw+7KZRbTADD6shJPj3/ uvTIO80sU+9LmsyKSWuPhQ1NkgNA7rrMTfz9eHJ2MVDs4XCpYWyX9iuAQrHSY6aP q+4TpCbUgprkM3Gwjh9RSt9IoDoc4CF2bWSaVepUcL9yz/SXLPzFx2OT9rFrDhL3 ryHRzJQ/tA+VD8A7lo8bhOcDqiXgEFmVOZNMLw+r167Qq1Ck7X86yr2mnW/6HK2g JOvY0/SPKukfGJAiYZKdG+fe4ekyYcAVhDfPJg7rF9wUqPwUzejJyAs1K18JwX94 Y8fnD6vQobjpC3qfHtwQP7Uj2AcI6QC8ytWDegV6UIkHXAMXBQSX5suSQoE11deG 32cy7nyp5vhgy31rTyNoopqlcCAhPm6k0jVVQbvXhLcpTSL8iCCoMdrP28i/xsfv ktBAkl5giHMdK6hxqWgPI+Bx9uPIhRp3fJ2z8AgFm8g1ARB2ZzQ+OZZ2RUIkJuUK hi2kUhgKSAQ+eF89aoqDjp/J1miZqGRzt4DovSZfQOeL01RkKHEibAPYCfgHG2ZS woLoeaxE2vNZiX4dpXiOQYTOIXOwEPZzPvfTQf9T4Kxvx3jzQnt3PzjlMCqKk3Ai pm8CAwEAAaNjMGEwHQYDVR0OBBYEFEH2v9F2z938Ebngsj9RkVSSgs45MB8GA1Ud IwQYMBaAFEH2v9F2z938Ebngsj9RkVSSgs45MA8GA1UdEwEB/wQFMAMBAf8wDgYD VR0PAQH/BAQDAgGGMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBCwUAA4ICAQAgI6NgYkVo5rB6yKStgHjj ZsINsgEvoMuHwkM0YaV22XtKNiHdsiOmY/PGCRemFobTEHk5XHcvcOTWv/D1qVf8 fI21WAoNQVH7h8KEsr4uMGKCB6Lu8l6xALXRMjo1xb6JKBWXwIAzUu691rUD2exT 1E+A5t+xw+gzqV8rWTMIoUaH7O1EKjN6ryGW71Khiik8/ETrP3YT32ZbS2P902iM Kw9rpmuS0wWhnO5k/iO/6YNA1ZMV5JG5oZvZQYEDk7enLD9HvqazofMuy/Sz/n62 ZCDdQsnabzxl04wwv5Y3JZbV/6bOM520GgdJEoDxviY05ax2Mz05otyBzrAVjFw9 RZt/Ls8ATifu9BusZ2ootvscdIuE3x+ZCl5lvANcFEnvgGw0qpCeASLpsfxwq1dR gIn7BOiTauFv4eoeFAQvCD+l+EKGWKu3M2y19DgYX94N2+Xs2bwChroaO5e4iFem MLMuWKZvYgnqS9OAtRSYWbNX/wliiPz7u13yj+qSWgMfu8WPYNQlMZJXuGWUvKLE XCUExlu7/o8D4HpsVs30E0pUdaqN0vExB1KegxPWWrmLcYnPG3knXpkC3ZBZ5P/e l/2eyhZRy9ydiITF8gM3L08E8aeqvzZMw2FDSmousydIzlXgeS5VuEf+lUFA2h8o ZYGQgrLt+ot8MbLhJlkp4Q== -----END CERTIFICATE----- </ca> <tls-auth> -----BEGIN OpenVPN Static key V1----- 5801926a57ac2ce27e3dfd1dd6ef8204 2d82bd4f3f0021296f57734f6f1ea714 a6623845541c4b0c3dea0a050fe6746c b66dfab14cda27e5ae09d7c155aa554f 399fa4a863f0e8c1af787e5c602a801d 3a2ec41e395a978d56729457fe6102d7 d9e9119aa83643210b33c678f9d4109e 3154ac9c759e490cb309b319cf708cae 83ddadc3060a7a26564d1a24411cd552 fe6620ea16b755697a4fc5e6e9d0cfc0 c5c4a1874685429046a424c026db672e 4c2c492898052ba59128d46200b40f88 0027a8b6610a4d559bdc9346d33a0a6b 08e75c7fd43192b162bfd0aef0c716b3 1584827693f676f9a5047123466f0654 eade34972586b31c6ce7e395f4b478cb -----END OpenVPN Static key V1----- </tls-auth>
  14. Yeah the fact that you say "no lag but very big delay" makes me wonder if the problem was misdiagnosed from the start...
  15. I have just noticed from the screenshots, you are playing on PC and you are using the DS4Windows software. Is the button delay not coming from this software? I used to use my PS4 controller on PC and use this software and the button delay was unplayable. so i had to buy a wired xbox controller.
  16. Now I change my name to Netduma by deed poll
  17. Yeah right. Sort of like getting that tatoo of a girlfriend and then breaking up with her. Now what.
  18. Just imagine the duma team all gaming together. Feel sorry for the opposition🤣🤣 would be amazing to game with you guys tho!
  19. No it doesn't support it officially, in that we don't have presets for it. But really the Basic tab of the interface is just a bunch of preset OpenVPN settings. Any VPN will work perfectly well if they provide OpenVPN settings that you can put into the Advanced tab of the router. If you go to the following page on the NordVPN site, you can download an OpenVPN file for the server of your choice: https://nordvpn.com/ovpn/ And if you can't decide between UDP and TCP: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/forum/discussion/28774/the-ultimate-question-udp-vs-tcp-what-s-the-difference-which-one-should-you-choose
  20. Is the compatibility with NordVPN a new feature of the XR500 firmware, or you need to change the firmware to get it work? In many different forums, people complain that XR500 firmware doesn’t natively supports the NordVPN.
  21. Very nice! I might make a DumaArmy Community on PlayStation. I guess since I work for them it could be considered "official"
  22. I doubt the will happen Alex! But I bet you'll Still use the router tho! My clan tag is (IUse) Netduma_FlexJ aha one way I can support the team and try and promote it.
  23. Very nice! I'm thinking of maybe changing mine to Netduma_Alex... I could also change my Xbox gamertag... But what if I get fired?
  24. Ah that's a shame. We are aware of a few people having ping assist problems and we're doing tests to figure out what the problem is and why it's happening. Thanks for your patience!
  25. I can see online that people are recommending to disable IPv6 for that specific router, but that might only be relevant to the wifi connection produced by that router... I can't see disabling IPv6 doing any harm because the vast majority of home networks currently don't require it. Maybe once every home has a million "internet of things" devices in it?
  26. We're always looking to put all of the features we can on all of the hardware we can, but essentially if a feature is a "must have" for your setup, you need to make sure it's a listed feature for the specific hardware you're buying. Anything added later could be considered a bonus.
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