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  1. Hi everyone, As part of future developments, we're looking at the concept of a sub-tray extension for DumaOS; allowing you to make changes to certain settings quickly without opening the full browser version, regardless of what you're doing. To make the sub-tray as useful as possible, we need to know: Which features do you use the most? Which statistics and data do you regularly use or monitor? Which features do you think you would find useful in a Windows sub-tray app? This could be almost anything - such as changing your Ping Assist setting, running a speedtest from Connection Benchmark, or simply switching an entire Rapp on/off. So far, here are some of the ideas we've potentially considered: Adblocker (Switch On/Off) Adblocker Pause Traffic Prioritization (Stat Counters, enable rules) Speed Test, Ping Test Congestion Control Bandwidth Allocation Ping Graph I've included an image to give you a better idea of our vision for the sub-tray extension. If you have any ideas on what you'd like to see in this format, let us know. Thanks! 👍
  2. Hey Ash, I'm getting responses now and I can see that the link at the bottom of the email is being interacted with, so I'm not sure what's happened there. I'll drop you a message with a link to the form 👍
  3. I think I have to put my hands up and take the hit here - something was wrong with the link I used when sending the survey out. Apologies, and thanks for bringing it to my attention so I can fix it! (Also, glad to know you're a happy customer Arno. 👍) New email with a fixed form link is on the way in the next few minutes.
  4. As it stands, we don't have a determined date to end the launch discount price. We've just announced today that we are extending the discount period, so people who didn't get the chance to pre-order can take advantage of the great price too. Once we've decided when the launch discount window closes, we'll give everyone fair warning so people will still have time to buy. Thanks!
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