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  1. Hi Fraser, I did what you told me. When I rebooted the router the Wifi was already on. For now it works like everytime I reboot the router. But it accures that after few hours it drops again. I will keep you updated.
  2. its not the isp router bro. everything is set up like it should be. . i have the R1 for years now.the firewall of the isp router is disabled and everything runs over the R1. i already had once the same problem with the wifi on the R1 and it was falty at the end. last year in may i got a new router from netduma, now this one seems to have the same issue.
  3. no, all devices are connected via wifi. only the isp router is connected to the netduma via ethernet cable. yesterday i was watching netflix and it dropped the wifi again. so i connected my tv with the isp router until the r1 is fixed.
  4. Hi Alex, here is my firmware as you requested: R1
  5. i cant tell it right now because im at work. will write it here in the evening. The R1 ist connected with a router.
  6. on blops 4 i played mainly on something that occured as a peer not a dedi. i hope this time are dedis for the multiplayer because there is no battle royal mode this time
  7. Hi Netduma Team, since a week I have issues with my R1. It always drops all my devices from the Wifi. Following devices are connected: 2 Smartphones, TV, Bose Soundbar and a Laptop. I tried to restart the router through the user interface but it didnt let me. The only way helped me was unpluging from power for few seconds than it worked for few hours than it dropped my all devices again from the wifi. What can I do? And this router is actually new. I got it in may 2018 and already changed one. Thx for the help guys.
  8. the problem with this game is the matchmaking and there are not many players online. thats why players from other countries get connected to your lobbies. e.g. i play on german servers but players from france are mostly joining my lobbies even though they have their own servers. its ridicolous and fucks up the game totally. thats why im gonna think twice if am going to buy another cod game ever again cause their coding is trash for years now
  9. i agree bro. the game became boring pretty fast. since i reached master prestige and dark matter there is actually nothing left to grind for. no challenges, no fun, no excitement, nothing. and the coding is a disaster. i realized when i joined late a match there was a party of two. it was kill confirmed mode core. i dropped a 50+ gameplay. the next match, the same lobby with the same players. i couldnt even kill one guy. suddenly they dropped me so fast within 5 bullets maybe. like the game doesnt allow you to be good in every match. like it would give every player the chance to have this feeling of winning. very strange smh :(
  10. Hi guys, I logged in to DUMAOS UI after few weeks and than I see this. It says I have to remove an ad blocker, but I never installed on and never had one. What can I do? I see this the first time happening. Im using Google Chrome as the browser. Thx in advance.
  11. you are absolutely right about playing on cable. but this game in particular has its own rules :D.
  12. bro i played yesterday again with a friend of mine. first on ethernet cable it was lagging so hard on hardcore modes that i changed to wifi again. and it was super smooth to play man. i dont get it. rarely lag on wifi. and it looks like i see people first in gun fights. on cable like they see me a second before. its crazy man. this game is so broken. this weekend im gonna play on wifi only. dropped a lotta 50+ gameplays on hardcore yesterday. almost got my second nuke, got killed with a specialist of course 5 off. hahahhaha
  13. Hello Fraser, sorry bro, I dont believe that because I have bought new high quality ethernet cables in fall 2018 recommended by big dog and jack. I dont think its the cables. I rather think that the roumor is true that high ping players get benefited in this game.
  14. HI guys, can you please explain me this? I connected my PS4 via Wifi with the R1 and just wanted to test how it would work out. My CC sliders were on 70/70 and I had 18down and 4up. Watch this gameplay: I played 3 matches of core kill confirmed and won all of them with 40+ kills. And every bullet was connecting. WTF????
  15. thanks for the info. already finished.
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