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  1. I knew about this for a while but refused to go back to limiting bandwidth on my ps4 on bandwidth allocation share access off on down and, up I pay for 1GB Fiber speed with a 56MS base ping on BO4 if I just ran a good 1gb connection I suffer... suffer and suffer some more with hit detection and people being bullet sponges, taking advantage of LAG COMPENSATION which is not golden for every game but most games 7 out of 10 games have a crispy hit detection, a bad ps4 speed connection = good connection on CALL OF DUTY remember that I had to lower the speed settings in the Xr500 from 1gb 900 download to 255mbps and 900 mbps upload to 244 mbps I will post screen shots down below it works for me most likely will work for you only reason I had to lower down the bandwidth is to get my ps4 down to those speeds
  2. where am I on the list my email is starwars*******@msn.com
  3. I was way late for the signup hopefully the 2nd wave of beta firmwares release next month November... 😣😏
  4. how do you get rid of interleaving??
  5. that's a nice stable line now, I'm sure it was a lot worse with unshielded cables, makes me wonder why router companies don't give shielded cables no hate directed towards them though, glad I made the switch though, when I was completely oblivious no know how or what shielded, or unshielded cables are, and the benefits for shielded, noticed a drastic change in my gaming hit detection, plus with CAT 7 little bit higher speeds for my gigabit connection, which my ISP caps to 800 - 875MBPS ish , replaced every cable with CAT 7 double shielded, including the inner twisted strands are shielded, as well from outside interference's, no more packet loss as well.
  6. last gran turismo game I played was the first and second one, how much the graphics has changed sense then that's a awesome skin..
  7. seem to have found a way to completely eliminate jitter for good, when I was running CAT 6 cables not 6A, even with anti-bufferbloat enabled set correctly I was still running into jitter on ping plotter, noticeable difference for gaming to, either was hit or miss, like always for me pinging twitter still gives jitter, but google straight as a arrow with CAT 7 Tera Grand from fiber Modem to XR500, and for the ps4, and my PC here is some screen shots down below.
  8. Excited to see some game changing feature/s, are we looking at a Thursday, Friday, or next week release on the R1??
  9. Call Of Duty WW2 PS4 ID : b52dc48fca54484d 28ms ping east coast my Location Clovis New Mexico, the server should be in Dallas texas
  10. this is how you disable WPS, is disabling the WPS PIN in the advanced wireless settings..
  11. not sure if placebo effect but the effect has been lasting all day today after changing my DNS to ^^^
  12. give all y'all a suggestion if you live in the U.S not sure if the DNS will work for anyone, with different ISP, or living in different regions of the world, to change your DNS in the XR500 to for the first DNS, and for the secondary, including changing it on your console PS4 / Xbox one if your having trouble with hit detection, registration, it has worked for me to get one shot kills on BO3 and WW2 PS4 much crisper hit detection, with the Quad94 DNS, the DNS works for me as well for hit detection, but increases my ms ping, because of the DDOS protection it has, doesn't increase my ping. with my Fiber 1gb up and down with my ISP data center down the street, gives me a crappy set of automatic DNS
  13. here is me shortly pinging my gateway Fiber Modem with all the litter on the line going from my game room to my bedroom, where the modem is at using a Category 6 cable no kinks in the line.
  14. I'm using a wired connection, I'll just wait till tomorrow Morning to see, what may be the problem..
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