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  1. at this point I love my Netduma R2 but it's been 6 months since a update or any Transparency at all of sneak peaks showcasing any new features or to be open about what bugs have been found any little news is better than no news or announcements at all for months on end I know the Pandemic has been hard on a lot of companies and individuals and it's still a good business model to not give a selected date for a update that could always change a firmware updates release based on a new bug or bugs found but just feel it's been a ghost town on this forum for any updates on news of what will be coming or what's planned
  2. not to offend anyone, not to rant, and rave, but we were told there would be a update for the R2 last week, last week passed, no update, my theory Netgear has you guys working on stabilizing the new XR router that was teased by Netgear, so you guys having to hold off on working on a update for the R2, which what I saw was .138 on twitter, not to say you guys haven't been finalizing a update, and working on new features, but feel it is due for a update to be publicly released, for the R2, to clear some WiFi issues, and Auto QOS, being buggy. way I have always seen things with other router, and software companies, release the most stable build, even when there is no bugs to find at a later date, to come out with another build to fine tune the previous update even more, it's kill a few bugs to a stable build, release it find some bugs, kill those in a more fine tuned, more stable build, and work from there. just my thoughts for the R2 builds and features.
  3. I just figured that it's been a long day I got it to work lol dummy me 😁😁
  4. was trying to add my ps4 but won't let me choose manually or anything just gives me a list what game are you playing tried rebooting the router didn't fix it
  5. I'll definitely have to look into that at a later time low on money for the mean time gonna just have to be the R2 and XR500 thank you for you're comment and suggestion 🙂🙂
  6. should I choose to plug the XR500 into the R2, with it's limited WiFi speeds, and leave the XR500 capped at a certain speed not in AP mode, so will keep the R2 CPU usage low, and the R2 to effect the XR500 respectably as a whole, would I benefit from it, need thoughts, and opinions, I get my NETDUMA R2 this morning, but I have a pretty big house 1 story house, and WiFi security cameras outside, plus running AT&T TV in the living room that runs off of WiFi. speeds is 937 upload / 937 download, Fiber.
  7. still have yet to receive the DUMAOS 3.0 beta email for the XR500 or R1 but patiently waiting 🤔🤔
  8. I've been signed up for a while for the DUMAOS 3.0 beta for the R1 and XR500 haven't received any email for three weeks now and I have been with netduma before DUMAOS on the old software for the R1 back in 2014 2015 ordered the R2 just so I can have the DUMAOS 3.0
  9. Pre ordered with part of my stimulus check 😁😁
  10. just pre ordered the NETDUMA R2 with part of my stimulus check 😁💥💥😁😊
  11. if its just another feature reveal that the users that have the private beta dumaos 3.0 for the R1 and XR500 will be able to use it won't make sense that we won't be invited still I feel like they are just gonna continue to come out with new feature reveals over and over without a increase in other users getting the beta for either platform I hope I'm wrong but I know the 23rd is a new feature look at the symbol and I do hope for the XR500 specifically DUMAOS 3.0 will fix the unstable processing of the old features and build of DUMAOS whatever I have done for it seems years feels wishy washy stable one minute next minute not so much there isn't a workaround for it sense it's a bug hope DUMAOS 3.0 fixes that hopefully August I can have the 3.0 firmware and many others
  12. would also like to be apart of the NETGEAR XR500 DUMAOS 3.0 beta I signed up already on the netgear beta page with model and serial number of my router my R1 just sits in a box collecting dust because of my 1GB up and down speeds Netduma Fraser my username on the netgear community is BOLDSHOTER30 plus here on Netduma
  13. I knew about this for a while but refused to go back to limiting bandwidth on my ps4 on bandwidth allocation share access off on down and, up I pay for 1GB Fiber speed with a 56MS base ping on BO4 if I just ran a good 1gb connection I suffer... suffer and suffer some more with hit detection and people being bullet sponges, taking advantage of LAG COMPENSATION which is not golden for every game but most games 7 out of 10 games have a crispy hit detection, a bad ps4 speed connection = good connection on CALL OF DUTY remember that I had to lower the speed settings in the Xr500 from 1gb 900 download to 255mbps and 900 mbps upload to 244 mbps I will post screen shots down below it works for me most likely will work for you only reason I had to lower down the bandwidth is to get my ps4 down to those speeds
  14. where am I on the list my email is starwars*******@msn.com
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