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  1. My guess would be it's either something else on your network using the bandwidth at the same time (check the Network Monitor) or we could be looking at something hardware related.
  2. Netduma Admin

    Static IP for PS4

    Does your PS4 still have automatic assignment of IPs? Please make sure it does. If it's still not working, then go the other route and set a static IP on your PS4. Just remember to remove the static IP (DHCP reservation on the router)
  3. Netduma Admin

    Still random reboots since launch

    Thanks for letting us know, glad you got it all working
  4. Netduma Admin

    I'd love DumaOs Router/Modem

    Thanks for the suggestion John. It's not a route we've gone down, but we will keep it in mind. (Moved this thread to the feedback subforum)
  5. Netduma Admin


    Are you sure you're on the right forum? If so, how can we help?
  6. Netduma Admin

    aide paremetrage netduma

    Salut - es-tu sur PC ou console? Si vous êtes en console, vous devez simplement ajouter votre périphérique de console en haut. Suivez ce guide: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000077072-dumaos-optimal-settings-guide-geo-filter Si vous utilisez un ordinateur, veuillez suivre la section de ce guide qui explique comment ajouter votre ordinateur au filtre géographique pour un jeu ne figurant pas dans la liste: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000092094-how-to-add-your-gaming-pc-to-the-dumaos-geo-filter Suivez ensuite le guide que j'ai lié ci-dessus pour que tout soit configuré de manière optimale.
  7. Netduma Admin

    Bricked Netduma

    Can you see Netduma R1 when you search for WiFi? The wireless password defaults to 'netdumar1' after a reset, so try this to connect. If you connect your PC to the router (either wired or wireless), could you do this please: 1. Open your Windows Start Menu 2. Type in cmd and press enter 3. In the black window that opens, type in ipconfig and press enter 4. Take a screenshot or a photo of the results that appear and post on this forum
  8. Netduma Admin

    No Open NAT suddenly???

    All you need to is toggle it to disable, but deleting from Geo-Filter does the same trick. No need to reboot (but no harm in doing that either). Then check NAT After that, add everything back into the Geo and test NAT again. See if the results are different.
  9. Could you take screenshots of your QoS page please? What do you mean by fluctuations exactly? Do you see these when connected to your modem?
  10. Netduma Admin

    Help with dialing in geo filter

    It was the Easter break over here (UK does Friday - Monday). We'll be getting back to you today.
  11. Netduma Admin

    Qos / Pingplotter question

    As BD said, could you take a screenshot so we can see what you are pinging and an example of the spikes. FWIW - Anti-Bufferbloat will apply at all times when in Always mode, so it won't be timing out etc. Think it's more likely to be the server you are pinging (might be worth trying several different ones).
  12. Is there any way you can use the Geo-Filter to force P2P?
  13. Netduma Admin

    Still random reboots since launch

    Very pleased new hardware fixed it all. Thanks for letting us know too!
  14. Awesome! Good job spotting a deal. When it arrives let us know if we can help with anything. These guides will help you get setup optimally too: http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/folders/16000090646