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  1. Hi there - we will be getting a replacement out to you today.
  2. You asked for it. (Like, a lot.) So finally, here it is: the DumaOS mobile app. Currently supporting QoS, Geo-Filter and Device Manager, with more features to come. Download links iOS: https://apple.co/3kCHZ8H Android: https://bit.ly/2RLQ0vA Please use this subforum to let us know of any issues, or anything we can do to improve the app. NOTE: It is compatible with all routers running DumaOS 3.0. See this tweet from yesterday for the current status of DumaOS 3.0 on each platform:
  3. We have been working on improvements for the Geo-Filter and need the help of CS:GO players (mainly Competitive mode) to do some testing. Please post in this thread if you play CS:GO regularly and would like to help with testing. List the DumaOS router(s) you own in your response. Thanks!
  4. This is a great idea. Currently there isn't a simple way of doing this, but you could manually add your device(s) or the ports these applications use. BUT we do have something coming much more user friendly coming for this very soon. Watch this space...
  5. Sorry this has happened. Either something went wrong with the install, or it was damaged en route. Either way, we are sending you a new unit today which will be with you early next week. We will also be refunding your postage cost from your initial order. Thank you for working with us in trying to fix it, and apologies again that this was not working for you when you received it.
  6. Just to confirm, we're getting FIFA's servers now, so will hopefully have it added to Ping Heatmap before the end of the week
  7. I can confirm we were able to get it out. Should be with you tomorrow.
  8. Hi there -thanks for letting us know about this. We've updated the inventory number on our website.
  9. Hi @ivanLLA - we have debugged this problem and it appears DumaOS was not fully installed. We apologise for this happening. Thank you for working with us on here to help us figure out what happened. A replacement is being dispatched to you right now, and it should be with you on Wednesday and we are also refunding you for the cost of your postage. We have also taken steps in our install process to ensure this does not happen again.
  10. A few more questions on this @Ste G and @Stephen A Vaught: 1. Are you connected using PPPoE? 2. Who is your ISP? 3. Do you have an IPv6 WAN address? 4. How many devices (approximately) do you have connected e.g 10, 20, 50 etc.? 5. Have you kept the interface open for hours at a time? 6. Do you lose wired connection as well as wireless? Answers to all of those will be extremely helpful. If you could also export the log from system information whenever this next happens that’d be ideal We should have a firmware ready for you tomorrow that, best case, will fix your problem, worst case, should help us find the cause
  11. It was dispatched on Thursday so will be on the move tonight from its current location. It should be with you earlier than that all things being equal - only issue is COVID has slowed down delivery times for everyone. But hopefully it will be with you very soon
  12. Hi there - we’ve provided this to DHL so it’s on the move. We use digital invoices but for some reason, DHL needed a paper copy for your country. All sorted now so should hopefully be with you soon. Thank you for ordering!
  13. Is this on an iPhone? If you turn adblocker off, does it then all work fine?
  14. Could you post your results on here please, would be helpful to analyse. Have you also tried using the auto congestion control tool in QoS? We’ll be adding more IPv6 options soon. Good to know you’d like them.
  15. Hi Matthew - you can use it as the server locations are highly similar in CoD. The idea is to show you where a game’s server banks are located, and how good your connection is to each one. Currently, you should use the heatmap to find the best server locations for your game, then draw those as geo fences (using polygon mode) on the Geo-Filter. We’re looking into streamlining this so the two are tied together.
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