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    smooth cold war

    If you are running DumaOS, and you are getting 60ms ping, then I think you hay have a few settings that may need tweaking And if you are playing on a 60+ms ping, rather than the more common 10-20 in MP and 30ms in warzone, then 'Call of duty' is probably using its algorithm for lag compensation, by throttling the other users faster connections to compensate for your bad one. I'm sure you must be playing on a better connection than 60+ms.... Also, if you dominate 90% of all lobby's you get in, the games 'Skilled Based Match Making' is probably putting you into easier lobby's than it should be I totally understand how people can complain about connection issues, when you have the servers dictating the speeds of the faster connected users over those that are slowing the server down. Its very obvious when this happens (in my experience). This has been covered in great depth on Youtube. For example how Tick rates work in MP compared to Warzone. The servers update 20 times a second in Warzone when compared to 60 times in MP, so you can clearly see why people experience the 'Super bullet' kills that drop you instantly in warzone. This is why the competitive 'money Games' community called for the tick rates to be increased on the servers that these players play on. Any half decent FPS gamer can identify a discrepancy in the way the game performs. For me, its like night and day if there is a problem with the connection.
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    Okay let us know. Brilliant to hear that, sounds like the update is working very well then!
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    Hellooooooo Sim here. Its been a while since I've shown my presence... been pretty busy... and now trying to get my YouTube mojo back. So as I've been pretty quiet, you might have missed last week's episode.
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    3.0 walk through

    i got it yall yall be safe yall are amazing thank you
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    Netduma Fraser

    2 routers, 1 modem

    You could do ISP router (XR in DMZ) > XR500 in router mode (R2 in DMZ) > R2 for wired devices and see if that is more stable for you.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Ping assist

    Make a new topic and we can look into that further.
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    I've done full factory resets multiple times. In fact this has been the only way to get certain devices to connect to it. My xbox series xs (less than 15 feet away) was only getting 22 mbps connection. The router interface page was slow and also timing out (connected via ethernet..). There's no logs of disconnects just a few DDOS and Syn attacks. I've had QOS enabled and disabled. I've just tried a newer version (.47_1x) The Xbox Series X is now connecting at 218.16 Mbps previously 22 Mbps. The main page is extremely responsive. (I was getting time outs and errors just trying to load between the pages). The new QOS auto and bandwidth checker works just fine. I'm no longer getting micro disconnects.
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    Microsoft had been moving all party chat servers to dedicated servers so it's up to nd to address these servers and whitelist them.
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    @Cussiv made me buy a R7000 I flashed it with FT and first game on I went 30-8 but I'll post my (unbiased) impressions later because a VTOL helped a lot. I have a feeling though, that FT kicks ass......
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    Netduma Fraser

    No Internet Amber light

    There will be but honestly keeping it F2000 > XR should not give you a degradation in performance if you do the steps I mentioned to make them work together and the benefit of removing it would be marginal but more complex.
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    Wifi randomly shuts off

    I’ve disabled it and followed it with a reboot. Will let you know if anything happens.
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    Ping Increasing

    I was on Cloudflare at the time and those reading were going on for more than an hour last night and the same again this morning. If it happens again, I'll try swapping to the Google DNS instead.
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    I get that at times, other times is greys out speed. It’s not that great at times to be honest and seems a bit hit or miss. Try it with a different browser to see if that helps. I’ve ran tests with my friend and we both get different greyed out circles. we use this sites test. https://www.thinkbroadband.com
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    XR1000 .50 update

    When they sort those drivers out you will have blistering connection rates with AX devices and very stable WiFi. Should be a nice router in the long run.
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    Did you do a factory reset after the update Yes, currently the router is running smooth. No issues since turning mirrored off on the WiFi. Even tho we kept getting disconnected On WiFi & Ethernet connected devices. Will update if more issues come up.
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    XR700 DumaOs 3.0 Beta

    XR700 here as well. Can't wait for the 3.0 to arrive
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    I will give this a try tonight when I get back home and see if that works. I will update you with the results. Thanks for your time Fraser.
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    Hey Duma, Would there be any chance or any future plans of allowing the customisation of our own Geo servers? I'd love to go in and update my own server locations and classifications myself because right now there are Sydney COD CW servers appearing in Japan and some foreign servers appearing in Australia. I think it would be nice to have the ability to do it ourselves but of course localised to our own routers.
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    Hi it did work so far and lets see. Thanks
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    Bat 'n' Ball

    BOPS Cold War peer servers!

    There are a few instances when dedicated servers are being reported as a peer servers. I'm collecting these in notepad and will submit via the form later. But peer servers are being reported as peer servers with a peer icon, so I assume these are peer servers.
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    Well I tried downloading the older version software and now all my problems are fixed. Just wish I knew my Duma auto updated without me knowing and it would have been my first thought rather then 5 hours of messing with things. EDIT: Never mind I getting about 5 minutes of party chat then I get the same error and disconnected. Its better then nothing but its still not fixed....
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    Netduma Fraser

    2 routers, 1 modem

    Yes exactly right. UPnP will be disabled in AP mode but the R2 will handle that for those devices connected to the XR in AP.
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    Thank you, I will try that and let you know.
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    Hey, welcome to the forum! Auto QoS wasn't ready by the time it was released, we managed to get it in quickly for the R2 just before launch but now we're making major improvements to it as it is too aggressive. Whether this and Adblocker comes to the XR1000 is entirely down to Netgear as they decide what features will come to their hardware. If it's not there within the next few updates it may become available later down the line when the Rapp store is active.
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    It's been happening to me too these past few days. It's the cod servers playing up as usual, don't hold your breathe hoping it gets fixed soon choopa network engineers don't even monitor the servers for faults, they only fix issues if they're told about them. I've had to contact them 3 times to fix issues with the servers they weren't aware of! The first was earlier this year when there was crazy rubberbanding happening for over a month on the aussie servers. It went on for over a month without them knowing!! On a positive note, they do respond quick and *apparently* fix the issue but yeah I cbf emailing them again when it' something they should be aware of. They fixed some issue with a faulty "pluggable" last week which was causing rubberbanding/packet loss but this week every single lobby is giving me 10-20% packet loss and 60-70ms ping
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    The ping in game includes things like processing delay which all games have, some just choose not to include it in their ping calculation - CoD does. This can also fluctuate due to server load. So while a higher ping than what the Geo-Filter shows is normal the packet loss isn't so I would suggest trying to force a different server even if it is slightly further away to see if you get a more stable experience.
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    LED lights not working on the xr500

    Dry joint or something along that line. Sadly they don’t offer repair but log into mynetgear and see if you have any warranty left just in case.
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    Netduma Fraser

    PS4 Internet Speed is Low

    Hey, welcome to the forum! Console speed tests are not 100% accurate. However, it is most likely that you're receiving slower speeds as QoS is setup to prioritize game packets rather than the speed test portion which is only helpful for downloading updates etc as games use very little bandwidth/speed - usually less than 1Mbps. Disable DumaOS Classified Games on Traffic Prioritization and see if it speeds up.
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    Hey, welcome to the forum! I've given you access to the R1 beta. What is your other username? I can look into why it was banned - most likely share an IP with a blacklisted range. We're still looking into that party chat issue and as far as I am aware upgrading will not resolve it at the moment.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Best settings to Warzone

    If you have multiple gaming devices I would recommend gaming application, otherwise I'd allocate to the specific device.
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    Martin D

    Am I Doing Something Wrong?

    Hey Fraser, I received the new one, everything works fine. Thanks
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    I am finding this the most stable FW so far. Had no issues to speak of and I usually speak of them quite soon after an install. I will be keeping this as the main router for now unless I get my usual unwanted reboots, but so far it is purring like a kitten.
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    You can’t lower your base pin if that’s what you are asking, that’s down to your line quality, no router can change that. You could lift your house nearer the DSlam but that might be quite hard 😊
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    Can you navigate to system information. Can you please send a screenshot of the "System Info" panel, and then double-click on the area labelled "Router Time Zone", and take another screenshot please.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT: New R2 Firmware! (3.0.179)

    ^ Reported same issue above
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    Spaces are not a symbol, while some Netgear routers may allow it its bad practice as its not a true digit and a space is easy to guess and can confuse a router too let alone the client. You should be looking for a wifi password of 8 digits minimum hopefully at least using ASCII or hexadecimal, I use 63 digit ASCII for 256 bit AES encryption. Equally your routers password should be hard to guess, and about 8 digit minimum too .This is from Cisco and its good advice. https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/ios-xml/ios/sec_usr_aaa/configuration/15-sy/sec-usr-aaa-15-sy-book/sec-aaa-comm-criteria-pwd.html
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    I did that and it didn't help. I ended up using the reset button, updating again for good measure and the redoing all my settings. So far so good... JoeGantic
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    Have you tried the R2 to see how it performs. The way it works is that you can enjoy great gaming but also have good bandwidth for the devices you want or wish to use a higher percentage. without knowing your isp speed if you allowed full bandwidth of say a pc and it starting downloading a file and saturated your connection your Xbox would suffer hence why QoS and congestion control work to insure you get the best performance of your network. if it were me I would try it out as you have I believe 14 days.
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    I hope by Xmas, Fraser! I'mma have a lotta Series X game testing to do by then! lol😉
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    3.0 walk through

    Go manual and then browse your computer to where the .img is and select it then tell it to install.
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    Router Restart

    Just for anyone watching, it has happened again - around the same time.
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    i use 70% on the slider and i get no lag also i use the geo filter 800 miles and all my games are below 30 latency
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    Fiber connection XR700

    @Netduma Fraser thank you very much for your help and effort.
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    No Internet Amber light

    yeah I think I did anyway
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    Netduma Fraser

    No Internet Amber light

    Connect the previous router how it usually is, then access its interface and find the Internet/WAN Settings, take some screenshots and then disconnect it, connect the XR, access the XR and try to put the settings in. If you post the screenshots here we can help direct you as well.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Dropping WiFi/internet

    Yes please reboot. I've sent you a PM, please check.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Beta 3.0

    You both have access, enjoy! Welcome to the forum @Vasil
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    Netduma Fraser

    Overwatch PC

    What router are you using? The Overwatch service for the Geo-Filter should already be selectable.
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