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    Warzone hit detection (help)

    I am also in the same situation in France as soon as I go to bf5 the connection is almost perfect ... Cold war, warzone and Modern warfare are full of scirpt you have to boycott this license their netcode favors bad connections but now it writes the damage of life etc ... that's why we often find ourselves in situations where the enemy at 1% of life ... Bf 2042 is the only solution for the year 2021 2022
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    R2 Just stopped working

    Ok I will do big big thank you, I cant live without the Duma on our internet 👍
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    Tuto netduma R2 livebox Orange

    Super merci a vous en effet je n'avais pas vu qu'il fallait aller sur l'interface. Bonne journée
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    Got it, thanks.
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    Setting up on talk talk

    Yeah changed it to a spare one I had at home the one in the box that come with it didn’t work which is fine I’ve got it working now. So simple of me 😂😂😂but thank you
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    Configuration R2

    L'IP du R2 est à fixer au niveau du DHCP de la box Orange ! Cela permet de réserver toujours la même IP pour le R2 afin qu'il reste dans le DMZ de la box Orange ! C'est une IP DHCP et non pas ton adresse IP sur internet ...
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    Geofilter Error

    Seems to working properly! Thx
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    UDP Flood XR1000

    As requested - 7.50 am is when I did a speed test and packet loss then appeared on hop 7 soon as line was saturated and it never disappeared after that. Issue when I get packet loss on shadow even minor it has visual or audio effects which gives you bad experience. Thanks
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    Reason to buy Netduma Router?

    *** I am not the most knowledgeable in how the internet, wifi, ports, etc., all work. I'd say I'm average on the router/modem connection knowledge scale, lol.*** First, I purchased my Netduma R2 almost a year ago now. I'm on Xbox and was playing on wifi..(I KNOW ). I finally called my ISP out to set up a direct plug-in at my new spot, with 500gbs up and down. It was night and day. I still wanted as much performance as possible, so I ordered the dumaR2 after a friend of mine told me about it. Many people I see on the forum have acquired it for the geo-filter, which is insanely impressive. If I even knew what that was when I got mine, I would have probably purchased it if that was the sole function. However, my favorite things are the control you have when you log into DumaOS; it's nuts. You can run tests and mess around with numbers till you get the best connection possible. You can allocate bandwidth in QoS for specific devices, set congestion control to limit other devices taking up bandwidth. Check the Network Monitor to see what devices are active and taking up space. Again, this is just the tip of the iceberg, and I still have a lot to learn. The only things I complain about, which are very small and wouldn't justify not getting one, are that sometimes the RAPP doesn't load when I log into DumaOS. I reboot the router from the website and reload OS, and it works perfectly. (I'm sure I can do something to prevent that, like clearing my browser, etc., my way seems to do the trick.) I'll never go back to any router even if the "dark day" comes and I never play video games again. I can switch my setting for work since I'm always on my laptop on skype, zoom, etc. I hope you get/gotten one yourself!
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    Netgear XR500 internet dropping.

    Hi thanks for joining and thanks @Netduma Fraser For helping 👍
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    Netduma Fraser

    Netgear XR500 internet dropping.

    Hey, welcome to the forum! How often is it occurring? Is it wireless or wired devices or both? Do you still have access to the interface when it happens? Does the connection come back on its own or do you need to reboot or factory reset to get it back?
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    Netduma Fraser

    UDP Flood XR1000

    If you're concerned the router may be blocking some UDP traffic you can make a Traffic Controller rule to Allow ALL traffic to the device and see whether it's better. The latency and FPS it's saying you're getting are great, what is the actual issues your experiencing?
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    Netduma Battlefield V

    la vdsl est l'une des meilleurs connexion pour le multijoueur même si j'ai pas a me plaindre avec fibre orange
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    Netduma Fraser

    Vanguard/battle field

    No just re-sync the cloud on Ping Heatmap.
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    Netduma Battlefield V

    Ah mince, c'est embêtant un peu. Dans le sens où tu n'as "que" ( je mets ça entre guillemets) 33Mbits. Je m'explique: le routeur qui gère une qos comme le R2 est largement plus performant si tu mets tous tes appareils y compris la TV sur lui. Justement la TV d'orange , ça va être le problème. Car tu ne pourras pas la brancher sur le R2. Pour lui le R2, c'est comme si ta co ne sera pas stable, si t'allume la TV. Voilà. J'espère qu'on trouvera une solution . Peut être avec le nouveau firmware qui arrive.
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    Hi there Many thanks for your reply. In this case would you then recommend connecting my R2 to my ISP and then connecting my WAP to my R2? Will this still give me all of the features of the R2? Unfortunately running wires isn't really an option. I am due to move house in a couple months at which point I will be able to set up the R2 as intended, just needing a temporary solution. Thanks
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    Yeah true, thanks for getting back... here is a reddit forum for fixing cod error 6068 giving ps5 black screen that helped and couple of sites more too.. but it doesn't help as it keeps getting back... i saw there are quite cod fans here so thought i might get a fix
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    Grazie mille, seguendo i tuoi passi ho impiegato 30 secondi!! Gentilissimo!!!
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    -QoS back to default, aka Anti-bufferbloat to Never. Rest default/blank (though tried adding as attached which is how it is currently set). -GeoFilter back to default/ no devices added -Speedtest run while one xbox only connected to network and other had LAN removed -Network settings on Xbox have been reset multiple times to include clearing the alternate MAC address , the other settings are set to Automatic (have not tried manually changing things like ports) -Both have Open NAT Ironically just re-ran test now and I am getting 301.76 down / 320.82 up using web browser test on xbox. The only change was rather then running it while the second xbox was LAN cable unplugged I pulled the power cord. Put the other one back in power cord and seeing 300.92/299.25 (we pay for 300/300). Ran the console speed test and seeing 304.54/48.41 Re-ran Browser 301/273 (with second xbox still plugged in) unplug power second xbox in browser 299/286 So happy to chalk this up as cosmetic and great great call on not using the console speed test. Thanks for your time! If you have any thoughts or know a good recommendation QoS / Geo-Filter settings for the XR450 to better prioritize the Xbox's in the house would be happy to hear, but at the moment not going to poke it while it is working.
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    Unable to get dumaos to load

    thanks it worked
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    Netduma Fraser

    Unable to get dumaos to load

    Hey, welcome to the forum! Reboot the router, wait 2 minutes then try accessing and it should have loaded correctly.
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    Could you provide the overall log so we can have a look?
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    Warzone servers and lag

    Roger that i will keep that in mind. Thanks again feel free to lock this thread if youd like
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    Netduma Liam

    merci netduma

    This topic is getting a little toxic, I'm gonna go ahead and lock it now.
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    I see. Thanks for the clarification.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Besoin de vos conseils

    Bufferbloat/Ping Under Load ne se produit que lorsque la bande passante est saturée/utilisée. Aux vitesses que vous avez, il est très peu probable que cela se produise, surtout lorsque vous jouez, de sorte que votre ping n'atteindrait jamais un niveau aussi élevé. Donc, fonder votre pensée sur une valeur que vous ne verrez jamais n'est pas le problème. Il s'agit également du forum Netduma pour discuter de nos produits et de leur assistance. Si vous ne souhaitez pas d'assistance, veuillez discuter des autres routeurs que vous souhaitez acheter ailleurs.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Warzone lobbies

    Hey, welcome to the forum! There are no specific locations those game modes use, it's just the normal locations that they use for them
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    Netduma Liam

    Xr700 avec sfp Orange

    Comme il s'agit d'une fonctionnalité du logiciel Netgear et non de DumaOS, vous aurez peut-être plus de chance de publier un sujet sur les forums Netgear à ce sujet : https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Routers/bd-p/en-home-nighthawk-pro-gaming-routers
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    El XR1000 es más potente en términos de hardware, aunque el XR500 también será suficiente. Dicho esto, DumaOS 3.0 está actualmente completamente lanzado en el XR1000, donde todavía está en versión beta en el XR500. Entonces, a corto plazo, probablemente sea mejor obtener el XR1000, aunque en el futuro serán los mismos en términos de sus firmwares actuales. Los resultados que proporcionaste se ven bien, aunque no nos dicen mucho sobre la experiencia real en el juego. Ahí es donde probablemente encontrará el mayor beneficio con DumaOS. También debería encontrar una gran mejora en su puntuación de búfer con DumaOS.
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    Besoin de vos conseils

    Tiens moi aussi je vais test un nouveaux de chez Asus le ROG STRIX GS-AX5400 sur Amazon a 174€ pour un Wifi 6 c'est propre et y a VPN Fusion qui peut être pas mal avec NolagVPN. Je vous tiens au jus, faudrait se faire un discord ou on se regroupe entre cheater de co ! Car la Netduma va pas apprécier a force qu'on parle de la concurrence ! 😂
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    netduma r2 warzone

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    Netduma Fraser

    Duma 3.0 R1

    We're consolidating some things that will be pushed to all routers so once we've done that for the R2 the R1 shouldn't be too far behind
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    Netduma Liam

    Sky router to xr1000 help please :-(

    Sounds like you're making good progress though, could you share a screenshot of how you've currently got Geo-filter setup? In Geo-filter, you would expect to see a server icon when you're in-game, then maybe a peer/server icons for your friends and if you're using a chat server too.
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    Netduma Liam

    Duma 3.0 R1

    Looking at the router online it lists that it has an access point mode, but there doesn't appear to be much detailing it in the user manual. You may need to reach out to Linksys for help getting it into AP mode if you can't find it in the settings.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Connection Benchmark issue

    Ahh brilliant to hear that. It is hardware from 2014 so times have definitely moved on that, it's a hardware limitation really. Yes exactly, can turn on/off as needed. Goodput gives you a more accurate speedtest reading that's all, no other benefits
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    QoS can be enabled but not used, just set it to 100% and never, disable Traffic Prioritization and then you can not use QoS but still use Adblocker. The speed test on Benchmark uses different servers, do a speedtest.net test using the R2 and I am sure it will be a lot higher. You can whitelist Hulu in Adblocker and that should then work as well. Thanks!
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    XR1000 - DumaOS not loaded yet!

    So far it appears to be working again. I followed the steps and failed the TFTP method as I didn't have it enabled on my PC. Upon reset of the router the dumaos appears to be working again for the past few days. Thanks all for the help, I'll check back if the error returns.
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    Ahh that's brilliant to hear! Does the error go away if you click okay and the Rapps in the background there load?
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    protocol 0800 is buggy

    have disabled it, will let you know if they stay connected tomorrow
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    Netduma Fraser

    Port Forwarding Questions!!

    Setting it to Open relaxes the firewall (doesn't disable so it is still active) which makes it easier to get an Open NAT. I personally use the option and I would say it's safer than using the DMZ
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    Ping Heatmap failed on Warzone

    Can you guys also update the Cold War server list?
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    Netduma Liam

    Wifi performance

    Good answer from Newfie, Could you also confirm/double check that wired devices are getting the speeds you'd expect?
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    Adapter properties really depend on what equipment you have. Not only the NIC but also your CPU etc, switches you attach to etc. I have found that for 1Gbit nearly everything works and you don't need to do a lot of tuning. It's when you start upscaling to 10Gbit for example when things get interesting. On that guide Fraser mentiones for example: Jumbo Frames is not needed for 1Gbit and especially not when your PC is directly connected to your router with no internal file transfers taking place. It basicly sets your maximum MTU to 9000. Most internetproviders use 1500 or 1486 or 1522 etc depending if you use PPPoE etc so your router doesn't use jumboframes anyway. Best is to turn it off. MTU auto discovery should take care of things but if it doesn't you will get packet fragmentation. If you want to use jumbo frames, you need other equipment on your network to support it as well, ie switches and so on. I have it turned off since my file transfers are fast enough without it. RSS scaling. You can turn it on or off. It means that recieving data is distributed along the cores of the CPU instead of single core. For 1Gbit this does not pose an issue but for 10Gbit again here things get interesting. My I7-2600 Win 2016 server box pulls 30% CPU load under transfers and RSS scaling is needed as otherwise it maxes out a single CPU core. For RSS queues you want to set it equal to the amount of physical cores you are using, not the amount of threads used. My i7 has 4 physical cores so I set 4 Queues, my AMD system is 16 core so uses 8, max setting in the driver. Aquantia NICs are set to 8 by default and I had a lot of issues with that. Basicly file transfer speeds were all over the place recieving to my i7 box, with the driver set to 8. I then turned it off for starters. That went well for a while until I started using Hyper-V hosts, ran out of CPU cyclces and needed it on. Then found that the Queues needed to be set to 4. 10850k is a 10 core system so setting max here is no issue. Select speed. You NEED to set this to auto negotiation as you can have a lot of issues if both sides don't support setting physical speeds, the adapter will default to 100/half if you run into issues here. Flow control I generally leave it off and also interrupt moderation off. Flow control needs to be supported by sender and reciever and also the switch in between. interrupt moderation slows you down when network transfers start using too many CPU cycles. My AMD system is fast enough and on my i7 server using a lot of CPU cycles is kinda the point. Offloading tasks generally leave them on unless there is issues with large transfers. QoS on PC can be set, but I generally don't. It attaches DiffServ tags but again here your other equipment needs to support it. I'm not sure if the XR routers effectively use DiffServ tags. I use DiffServ on my main switch, it automatically tags traffic on ports 3074-3076 and gives them their own priority lane. Otherwise if your switches or routers don't support DiffServ or DSCP tags it's a moot point. Some unmanaged switches from NetGear for example don't allow setting tags but will honor the tags. Setting it on my switch ensures both PS4 an PC can use the QoS over the switch. There is many guides on how you can set it in windows, just search "Set DSCP tags in windows" in google. You need to set the "Expidited Forwarding" flag if you want to use it for CoD. Also sometimes overlooked is the Windows power profile. I found that in Win10, using the balanced power profile with minimum CPU set to 0%, incoming file transfers didn't properly turbo up the CPU, it stayed running 1.6GHz instead of 3.4GHz baseclock and this slowed the transfer enormously. Setting it to 50% still displayed some delay so I set it to 100% all the time. Incidentally I checked it's power consumption with a watt meter and there is no difference in idling on 1.6GHz vs idling on 3.4GHz when it comes to power consumption. Again for 1Gbit this is probably not an issue but at 10Gbit vs a lower end CPU it is. When your file transfers start slow, you can check this on the target machine.
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    OK, I'll speak with the team and see if we can reproduce this.
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    Lets be honest... BOT LOBBIES!!!!

    nope. i got this router for its intended purpose. to not be forced to play Cold war with 50+ ping when my local server is right there with 15-25 ping. its just crazy how much people really got this router just to get bot lobbies.
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    I started using these port today and lemme tell ya’ this works great!
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    Netduma Fraser

    R2 - Fifa 20 peer to peer

    Yes it does absolutely work with FIFA and sounds like it is doing it's job getting you a low ping. Literally everyone who plays FIFA has come across this, I believe it is the game itself. There are some suggestions here which may help: https://fifaaddiction.com/fifa-issues/lag-fix/
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    how to get better hit detection

    Lol that’s not true mate.
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    Need Optimal Settings

    Clear your deny list. Set geofilter in the middle of the ocean with strict mode on, and set geofilter to 30-40.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Need Optimal Settings

    The ID you provided was a Microsoft server so almost certainly an authentication server, can you add it to your allow list and then see if you get games faster within your radius?
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