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    Caddy 1.0

    I thought i would start this off with its own thread. I have expanded slightly from my first app, screen shots are below. now you can save and load your allow and deny list. This is very ideal if you have to factory reset. plus sharing of lists is possible. you can clear your allow/deny list with a single click. for those of you who are fed up of seeing your offline devices can with 1 click remove all offline devices that no longer hold an ip address you can also create your own custom black/whitlist just make a text file named with the following Server_Blacklist.txt Server_Whitelist.txt Peer_Blacklist.txt Peer_Whitelist.txt and insert ip addresses, only 1 ip address per line for example from where ever this file is saved just drag and drop into the white box, this will automatically add here is the file caddy 1.0 @Mobel @GHOST-1-EC @TrayDay @MikeyPython @Sable @WalkedDave @Bert @Locosano @Sherman85 @DanyKTM @Zippy @Grafti @Fuzy @[email protected] @HaBlo0
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    I'm sorry, but I've never seen such a lack of competence with firmware updates. Other companies release firmware updates on frequent bases, but the response that we hear over and over and over at Netduma is "Were have a lot of features in the pipeline, but we don't know when Netgear will release them". Literally half a year will go by with the same nonsense. You guys really need to revise your business model. Releasing firmware updates every 2 years? Seriously?
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    Netduma Alex

    Were these routers given up on?

    I don't know how much i'm allowed to say regarding which hardware we'll put DumaOS 3.0 on due to legal mumbo jumbo that i'm restrained by... What I will say is that we're not dropping support for any existing hardware, and we're planning to release DumaOS 3.0 for every current DumaOS device. I can't promise it yet, but that's what we're planning on.
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    New XR500 owner needs big time HELP!

    Thanks for that! A technician is coming tomorrow so I will find out how everything goes.
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    Devices not showing online

    Isn't it a known bug, Alex? There have been a lot of people with this issue including myself. Hopefully one that 3.0 will fix, even though you haven't actually patched it, just re wrote it so it now works (isn't that technically patching?) from what Fraser said and of course if I got the gist of what he was saying correct. Looking forward to seeing these bugs vanish with DumaOS 3.0.
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    Well Netgear have patched the R8900 and R9000 nothing about the XR700 or the RAX120 yet, but they will be patched at some point. It turns out they left TLS certificates in plain text in the firmware so anyone could read them... https://kb.netgear.com/000061582/Security-Advisory-for-Signed-TLS-Certificate-Private-Key-Disclosure-on-Some-Routers-PSV-2020-0105
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    We definitely have fewer XR700 testers than we'd like at the moment so thanks for signing up
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    PPPoE or DMZ???

    @Kostas83 hope your quiery was answered to your satisfaction, I will now close this thread.
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    I’ve got to be honest I’ve never had an issue where my Wi-fi cameras need a fresh boot as they enjoy it or any other equipment that requires it. I would rather see a system that is stable and not needing a reboot to solve issues and personally a scheduled reboot due to problems that are solved via this is a tad lazy.
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    XR500 and PPPoE

    Thank you Fraser for your advice! I did and it work!! I set on my xr500 pppoe connection, I gave the username and the password from ISP and everything works ok!! I believe now that it work better that before...
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    the new one, i have added extra things. and i also noticed previous version was bugged.
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    Never thought I'd ask this...

    If you forward ports 1-65535 for both UDP and TCP it should work. Essentially this is the same thing as putting it in DMZ. I would not worry about it though as it's likely just the app going off because it sees something in DMZ like Fraser says.
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    LOL! Yes, I can only imagine all the rage they were having as you was drilling them with that hit detection! Unfortunately, I'm in a similar boat with @N3CR0 and can't get any of the servers recognized as I play on PS4. But I also have a theory as to why it may not be working. It could possibly be due to not having the R1 as the main router due to bandwidth capacity. I'm going to give it a shot later when the family is not using the network and swap to give it a test run. Edit: Notice @N3CR0 and I both have R1's and facing the same issue. But still going to try later when family is asleep.
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    ok ill make an update now, https://drive.google.com/open?id=16Dt0WxE6BOrVmowXhcHUei-svcD7kgy7
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    Lag spikes when streaming

    You are most likely experiencing the same issue I & many others are having with BT, EE & Plusnet (BT Network) with prioritizing streaming/video content. There's a 72 page thread on the BT forums of people complaining of high latency spikes whenever there's someone streaming video content. https://community.bt.com/t5/Home-setup-Wi-Fi-network/Recent-online-gaming-ping-spikes-when-streaming-Netflix/td-p/1930963 https://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2019/08/customers-of-uk-isp-bt-see-multiplayer-lag-spikes-during-streaming.html Login into the BT Forums & ask a mod in the thread linked above about applying a "Fix" to your connection - Some people have had success & some others not so much. Sadly I'm with EE & they don't acknowledge this been a issue & don't guarantee ping.....
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    yeah.. i have a crack for that tool if you want i can PM you
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    I have a XR500 on but moved on to a RAX120 after issues with the XR500, awaiting DumaOS 3.0 to see if this fixes all the issues, which would be great.
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    Have you tried 5Ghz channels to see if they work? it's possible your firmware may be corrupt. Firstly make make sure HT160 is off, WMM is on and try with MU-MIMO off as that's not really doing much of anything unless your devices support it. Also make sure 20/40 Coexistence is ticked as trying to use 40Mhz bandwidth in a busy Wi-Fi area can also cause your own Wi-Fi network to suffer packet loss. What country is your router showing as if that got changed it could mess things up too. Mine just says Europe, If you let it auto select can you connect? Failing that try re downloading the firmware again it and reset the router via the pinhole on the back after uploading it (pressing in for 10-20 seconds will work) and set up everything manually, don't use a backup as that could copy issues back to the router. If that does not work its possible you may have a hardware issue with the 2.4Ghz radio, this really is a question for the Netgear forum as its their hardware, but lets hope the other things sort it out. If you still have warranty and can't get it working contact Netgear support for a RMA replacement possibly.
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    I had the same problem apparently but my switch is on a Lan Cable so not wifi only related it appears.
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    Holy Crap

    so probably processing power in any given router is definitely a factor. I ended up putting 3rd party on the wrt if I remember right (I have like 8 routers and am pushing 50 years old so don't remember) and tinkering with that but I didn't get any positives out of it that I recall. Strangely enough this newest cod seems to work way more consistent than any of the previous from 4 onward and believe me I've had trouble with them all through several isps and different equipment. Remember the good old pc days when laggers got booted? I miss those. Now we have to suffer their crap connections so companies can move more units. My theory anyway.
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    Hey, welcome to the forum! I think the issue here is that the Geo-Filter wasn't designed to matchmake two consoles on the same LAN just to ensure you get the closest servers when playing online. The only way I can think of doing this is to add both the consoles to the Geo-Filter and place the home location/radius in an area where there are no servers or players and then they should find each other. However, like I said it wasn't designed to be used this way so it isn't really an issue with the feature per se if it doesn't work.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Anti bufferbloat 20%

    That's frustrating, could you try plugging your PC into a different LAN port and retesting incase it's a fauly port please?
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    Glad to hear your issue has been resolved. I will close this thread.
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    That was a Windows issue, but it was fixed after the last update, so now you probably don't have any issue's playing League of Legends. To be honest, this story made me cry, because I got a lot of reports from my teammates, because of those freezes and ping issues, so my account is now banned and I can't play League of Legends at all, so I don't know who is guilty for that and who is going to help me. I thought Riot support team would help me, but they won't, as long as this is not their issue. So now I am searching how to solve my issue, and what should I do, to be back in League of Legends game. As well as I know, the best solution, for me at least, is to buy Unranked League of Legends account with a lot of blue essence, to be able to buy all the champions and start to play once again. I was afraid a little, because I heard a lot of times about scamming people, but a friend of mine told me that he bought a lot of League of Legends accounts and he was never scammed as well as a lot of his friends. So to say, I found a way out, I think I will be able to deal with it, but I hope, Windows won't make me surprises anymore
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    Hi to everyone!! As all of you I tried all this time to find the best settings. Here are my settings and something that really improved my game experience! ABB on @70% share access enable qos 10mb down 5 mb upload traffic priority 3074:3075 30000:45000 and reverse. Reservation IP on PS4 disable all media share access manual setup on PS4 for static IP and enter the MTU that I have from ISP, in my case 1492 And final for all of you that you have FTTC internet connection as I have. I set on the modem from my ISP pppoe pass through and then I set on my xr500 that my connection need log in, I set pppoe and I put my username and password from my ISP. With this way you avoid the double NAT. With the above settings for 2 days now I play and my hit detection is perfect. Never first shoot first die. And I have really the feeling that all gunfights that I loose I fair. I am not a pro player but now I do very good scores and positive KD ratio. I am playing on hardcore mode with MP5 and only need 2 bullets to eliminate the enemy.
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    Level800 Quick Stats +130 nukes

    i play all,,,, depends the days and the friends i join. but i can say im 70% hc player, and 30% core :D
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    I would recommend you leave Bandwidth Allocation default with share excess enabled, consoles don't require much bandwidth at all. With share excess every device will get what it needs and share the excess that devices don't use with the ones that do. As long as you use Anti-Bufferbloat that will prevent local congestion.
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    Netduma Alex

    Never thought I'd ask this...

    In my view, the only security risk is having DMZ going all the way to a computer. Routers have built in protection against port scanning and such, so having DMZ going to a router specifically shouldn't be a problem.
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    décodeur tv

    Avec sfr impossible d'avoir la TV via le duma ! la seul solution est de garder la box fai
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    Good game. That dude that was swapping seats in the car was clever LOL.
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    Config XR500 nat modéré MW

    le probleme je n'ai pas acces au freebox os pour l'instant en effet j'ai actuellement la freebox cristal et elle n'ai pas eligible au freebox os! j'ai migré vers une mini 4k en vdsl que je recois cette semaine ! donc j'aurais accès a freebox os et enfin regler les paramettre au mieux! je revers vers toi si j'ai du mieux; en attendant un grand merci pour ton aide c sympas!
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    All I can say is everyones connection is different. Might work for some but not for others. Shame it didn't work for me.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Bufferbloat issues and others.

    Yes it better to have your ISP router handle PPPoE as PPPoE on the R1 doesn't work well with QoS which has led to some of the issues you have seen. Also DSLReports is not an accurate way of testing your bufferbloat as it doesn't saturate your connection and that is when bufferbloat happens. I would recommend you follow this guide while saturating your connection doing downloads/streams etc and try different Anti-Bufferbloat percentages to see what keeps the ping as low and stable as possible (after R1 no longer uses PPPoE) http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000074717-how-to-test-your-internet-ping Ping assist can get games above the limit if it first pinged the server and it was under your limit. If you unzoomed the map you would probably see the server. You've already found servers you have good experiences on so just force them all the time.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Config XR500 nat modéré MW

    Les paramètres réseau de la console s'affichent-ils comme ouverts? Je supprimerais ces règles de redirection de port, vous pouvez basculer NAT pour ouvrir dans les paramètres WAN à la place. Le géofiltre peut parfois provoquer une mauvaise lecture de l'état NAT du jeu, mais cela ne signifie pas qu'il n'est pas ouvert. Tant que la console lit ouverte, ça va. - Does the console network settings show as open? I would remove those port forwarding rules, you could switch NAT to open in the WAN Settings instead. The Geo-Filter can on occasion cause a misreading on the game NAT status but that doesn't mean it isn't open. As long as the console reads open that is fine.
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    for that piracy.. sure you can blame me.. but i dont pay 180 dollar for testing if i dont know if it works... if i would know a freeware to use i would use it Cheating.. i dont know its cheating.. sure it improves the connection and make a better gameplay.. but on the other hand the game itself has many problems with connections and it dosnt make you a better gamer.. you still have to play .. this is not like a aimbot or a wallhack.. it just deliver the pakets a second time to the server.. pakets that shouldn´t get lost to beginn with
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    Now we know where to find you!!! Lol 😂
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    netdumaR1 derrière l'ONT

    Derien désolé ^^
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    Orange DHCP ou PPPoE XR500

    Ouii ouii si tu met le xr500 en dmz derrière la livebox le geofiltre et la qos fonctionneront
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    One thing I've been messing with the last couple of sessions that has made things a little better for me at least is lowering the speed on your device (for me, my Xbox) in Bandwidth Allocation on DumaOS to 0.12 and leaving Anti BB on but with silders @ 100/100. I'm finding peoples seem to drop quicker when I try this BUT... it also kinda seems that I also drop quicker lol. Try see... see how it goes for you. I'm finding that 'shoot first die first' is happening a hell of alot less.
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    If you live on top of a server with a fibre connection you are at a super disadvantage, now if you live on top a server with an average connection ping etc you will dominate. This games netcode does not play well for low ping players. Unless that lobby is filled will low ping players also
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    Any update
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    The only fix is uninstall and have peace of mind
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    Dante Soulest

    WiFi Disconnection

    So for awhile now I've been suffering from random drops in my Wifi connection. These usually occur a few hours separate from one another, but have had it occur twice in an hour before. This does nothing to my hard wired devices as they are able to work perfectly fine while the devices on wifi are working or down and not working. The wifi enabled devices still show they are connected to the router, but they can't go to any websites or watch videos. I thought this would clear up by following a bunch of things I saw online from changing frequency channels, rebooting with various settings changed, to messing with the workaround option thing with previously mentioned settings changes. It is a fairly decent annoyance that occurs regularly and I don't know what to do about it anymore. I haven't tried downgrading back to pre-dumaos to test if it works, then re-upgrading to see if it then fails because of the update. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Depends on the gun really. For M4's and MP5's there is usually plenty of ammo on the ground although with the MP5 I run out sometimes. Also I use the Annihalator as secondary (.357 with long barrel / snakeshot) and especially in close quarters I'm quite comfortable using that. Stopping power also gives you 30 bullets extra every time you use it (or whatever the mag capacity for the gun is). So for like the FAL when I use stopping power, I also pair it with tune up so it loads faster. That way you can also go around the ammo issue.
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    That will also work since it just covers a larger destination range. It really doesn't make much difference if you set it to destination 3074-45000 or 30000-45000. Say the server is using port 33548 then both ranges would cover it. Only if the server used something below 30000 the rule 3074-45000 has effect and 30000-45000 doesn't.
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    Anti bufferbloat 20%

    Try loading your connection in a different way. Might make a difference, might not. I normally test with speedtest.net for a number of reasons, I need too many HD video's to load my connection but also using video's doesn't seem to be as reliable. One is that you don't load your connection on the upload side. If I do a speedtest without any sort of anti bufferbloat enabled I get the ping spike only on the upload side. Many ISP's who are selling bundles with IPTV actually prioritize video by themselves so if you try to choke these down, chances are that your ISP in response kills your other traffic to keep the videostream going. There is many topics around here where firesticks's etc give issues even though everything is correctly set. I believe this is due to the nature of these video's. If you look at data from YT, Netflix etc then these send their data in bursts rather than a constant stream. I find that QoS in the XR500 takes a bit of time to kick in so to say. In a constant stream it handles it just fine, but when you hit it with a mega transfer you get a pingspike at the start of a transfer. Since these video applications send data in bursts, this is just happening over and over again. What I also like on the speedtest method is that you can verify your setting. I have found that there is inconsistency in DumaOS regarding these settings. Like if I set the base setting lower than my actual connection with ABB off it will completely ignore those and just go to my connection maximum. Also you have to remember that you share bandwith with the rest of your ISP's subscribers. So lets say I set a 500mbit download in the ABB sliders but speedtest returns only 200mbit and I get ping spikes, I know it's a provider issue rather than an issue with my end of the connection. It's very hard to compensate for this unless you go really low in settings.
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    I found a means of connecting to dedi server, this works for me. On Geo-filter, force add the nearest dedi server. Now move your home marker and place it on the exact spot or area you found it pop up. Make sure your radius is really small enough just to cover that specific dedi server you added also make sure your ping assist is 0. Now search for a game it should connect to the same dedi server you added, at times a peer might appear back out or stop the search wait for it to disappear then search again. For me most times I just wait until the same desi server pops up and then search for a game this has worked for me always! I have tested this several times this works 99.99% for me. Feedback my hit reg is much better than before, I melt opponents, movement is way quicker gameplay is smoothed and of cause I get melted too if the opponent lands their shot first which is expected. Depending on your setup and location to a dedi server this might work or not either way I thought I should share my findings here....it absolutely works for me.
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    Thanks to @GHOST-1-EC for helping me with my settings Here is a clip of the hit detection
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    Xr500 rubber banding

    You only have 7.5 Mbit upload. So if somebody has a phone that's syncing to the cloud or whatever it can already cause issues for you. QoS isn't that necessary if you have 100+ mbit upload but 7.5 is a tad on the low side depending if you have a lot of people using it. If you choke that to 70% you have 5.25 Mbit left. So you really want to use QoS in this case. Also if you run QoS you can set your anti bufferbloat to be only active when priority traffic is detected, so you won't loose any bandwidth when the PS4 is off. Most guys here set specific ports for CoD but if you don't want to make it too complicated, just use PS4 and use PSN or what the setting is called. It automaticly prioritizes UDP traffic from your PS4. You could also give powerline adapters a try if ethernet cable is not an option. If it has to be 2.4GHz wifi, you can try tweaking that as well with different channels and disabling 20/40 MHz coexistence. Also make sure you do the pingplotter test, and see which anti bufferbloat percentage gives you the best line. Some connections are more sensitive to others. Like there is no reason for you to run 70% if say 90% gives good results. That saves you some more bandwith.
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