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    Xr500 firmware updates

    We need more frequently updated firmware. Don't try and fix everything at once. Release what you have fixed. Then work on more fixes. Waiting 3 months plus is a long time to wait for simple fixes imo.
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    Netduma Admin

    Xr500 firmware updates

    We agree too! We have that with that our own R1, we have a bunch of beta testers who can help us find all bugs very quickly. Can't make promises but the plan is for this to be the same with NG hardware too 😊
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    Sounds like you need more testing done on the new firmwares. Release them as betas and you could have thousands of beta testers, us! This will track down bugs faster. Openwrt has new builds daily. Let us help you make your product the best it can be!
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    The XR500 is a little over 3 months and not one update for current issues, and no updates from Netduma for issues with table view inconsistencies with port mapping compared with NTGR port mapping. Even if it is only visual it should be fixed. Also still no UPnP tables showing on my router (had three from a beta unit to present unit that has the port numbering the right way around on the back) and only one firmware ever showed UPnP info, but then again I use a mac and Firefox and it seems if you don't use Windows and Chrome that's always the issue. So many times I see "try another browser like Chrome" as a fix. A router should work with all the major browsers not be developed to work with just Chrome, I have issues with Chrome and Flash so neither are used on my device, and I use Duckduckgo as my search provider I try to avoid Google as much as possible, so Firefox should work just fine, and so should Safari and Opera, as well as the mobile Safari browser. Saying that logging in via even any tablet can be a mess. These are things that need to be fixed before adding more features, unless you just plan to fix bugs and regressions in Milestone 1.4 which tbh does not make me fill me with confidence. Right now some of Milestone 1.3 quirks should have been ironed out as well as bug fixes from NTGR. Also can't you get NTGR to update its GPL source code, things like OpenSSL and miniupnd which is still over a decade old and patched in binary but not actually replaced properly, or maybe you should let a third party developer in to add to your firmware so NTGR have to update this stuff. Voxel who produces a NTGR firmware fork for the R9000 and R7800 can kick new versions with updated packages and bug fixes in week or two while having a full time job. So why Does NTGR never update any of this code, and why don't you push them to do that? I had high hopes that Netduma would get NTGR to update this stuff, but the XR500 is still running the OpenSSL version1.0.2n released in Dec 2017, and its not like there hasn't been any CVE's for OpenSSL or newer versions to patch these security holes since December 2017 either.
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    I agree, there needs to be beta builds that people can test. Use this community!
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    I totally agree here... Ive seen slow firmware updates before on other brand routers as well but not like this... This approach we have now here with the XR500 is not the right approach at all. When there are issues that can be addressed then they should send out firmware patches once they have them.. Not wait months on end.. Another thing that bothers me is on the Netgear forum I see Netduma posting there to help those with issues.. But I never see Netgear folks post here on Netduma forum.. Theres a disconnect there.. Heres the problem with this current relationship we have here.. If we are on here posting with issues and need further assistance or help we now have to go over there and totally start from scratch with them with issues we are having.. This is extremely important when it comes to a issue where one might need to have there router exchanged for a new one.. Posting here on Netduma doesn't count even though it should.. We shouldn't have to cross post on two forums to resolve issues.. That alone is very problematic.. And by the time one does that there warranty is likely over.. I can easily see this happening.. Moving forward I can only say this.. Anyone new buying a XR500, XR700, and the XR300 id pay close attention to your return policy.. If you get close to your return policy date and are having issues just return the router for a refund.. That will be the safest course of action for yourself.. Don't wait for firmware patches because by that time one could easily run past there warranty timeframe.. And then your stuck!! Zippy.
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    UPnP Drop and Not Working

    I would say Streamboost is better and once set is relax and forget. FQ_CoDel and Cake are both great, maybe you should have a look at Streamboost that's nestling under the hood of the XR500 still in NTGRS firmware or check out Cake, both work brilliantly. No offence to DumaOS which eclipses the Netgear GUi too, but I'm pretty much in the same boat as Sunaikinti. geo really helps but the R7800 QoS is much simpler, sadly no hardware acceleration with OpenSSL as NTGR never updated it from two+ years ago, although Voxel has, but QoS on DumaOS can be a pain, and after asking for months for guides for setting bandwidth for devices like printers and soundbars and Wi-Fi speakers, even phones and tablets still nothing. I really have no idea what my printer should be set to download or upload wise, or my iPhone XS or iPad Pro or Zeppelin Wireless, Its all guess work. Streamboost handled all this automatically and still gave you the option to adjust it manually as well. If DumaOS could do that or give the option for that function it would be brilliant.
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    Someone refresh my memory please?

    misc settings / cookies
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    FIFA servers tick rates

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    Glad was able to help
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    nighthawk XR500 AP mode

    I have my XR500 as the main router, I have all wifi on it disabled. I thien have a managed switch with another router in AP mode for the wifi which I have the switch throttle down to 30mbps as i dont give a monkies about others in my house so long as they get acces This way I minimise the load my main router has to do. It works for me
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    nighthawk XR500 AP mode

    Thanks alot guys will do that tomorrow
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    IPVanish VPN problem

    Sorry guys, wasn't monitoring the forum. Success on this one: client dev tun proto udp remote iad-a69.ipvanish.com 443 resolv-retry infinite nobind persist-key persist-tun persist-remote-ip <ca> -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- MIIErTCCA5WgAwIBAgIJAMYKzSS8uPKDMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBDQUAMIGVMQswCQYD VQQGEwJVUzELMAkGA1UECBMCRkwxFDASBgNVBAcTC1dpbnRlciBQYXJrMREwDwYD VQQKEwhJUFZhbmlzaDEVMBMGA1UECxMMSVBWYW5pc2ggVlBOMRQwEgYDVQQDEwtJ UFZhbmlzaCBDQTEjMCEGCSqGSIb3DQEJARYUc3VwcG9ydEBpcHZhbmlzaC5jb20w HhcNMTIwMTExMTkzMjIwWhcNMjgxMTAyMTkzMjIwWjCBlTELMAkGA1UEBhMCVVMx CzAJBgNVBAgTAkZMMRQwEgYDVQQHEwtXaW50ZXIgUGFyazERMA8GA1UEChMISVBW YW5pc2gxFTATBgNVBAsTDElQVmFuaXNoIFZQTjEUMBIGA1UEAxMLSVBWYW5pc2gg Q0ExIzAhBgkqhkiG9w0BCQEWFHN1cHBvcnRAaXB2YW5pc2guY29tMIIBIjANBgkq hkiG9w0BAQEFAAOCAQ8AMIIBCgKCAQEAt9DBWNr/IKOuY3TmDP5x7vYZR0DGxLbX U8TyAzBbjUtFFMbhxlHiXVQrZHmgzih94x7BgXM7tWpmMKYVb+gNaqMdWE680Qm3 nOwmhy/dulXDkEHAwD05i/iTx4ZaUdtV2vsKBxRg1vdC4AEiwD7bqV4HOi13xcG9 71aQ55Mj1KeCdA0aNvpat1LWx2jjWxsfI8s2Lv5Fkoi1HO1+vTnnaEsJZrBgAkLX pItqP29Lik3/OBIvkBIxlKrhiVPixE5qNiD+eSPirsmROvsyIonoJtuY4Dw5K6pc NlKyYiwo1IOFYU3YxffwFJk+bSW4WVBhsdf5dGxq/uOHmuz5gdwxCwIDAQABo4H9 MIH6MAwGA1UdEwQFMAMBAf8wHQYDVR0OBBYEFEv9FCWJHefBcIPX9p8RHCVOGe6u MIHKBgNVHSMEgcIwgb+AFEv9FCWJHefBcIPX9p8RHCVOGe6uoYGbpIGYMIGVMQsw CQYDVQQGEwJVUzELMAkGA1UECBMCRkwxFDASBgNVBAcTC1dpbnRlciBQYXJrMREw DwYDVQQKEwhJUFZhbmlzaDEVMBMGA1UECxMMSVBWYW5pc2ggVlBOMRQwEgYDVQQD EwtJUFZhbmlzaCBDQTEjMCEGCSqGSIb3DQEJARYUc3VwcG9ydEBpcHZhbmlzaC5j b22CCQDGCs0kvLjygzANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQ0FAAOCAQEAI2dkh/43ksV2fdYpVGhY aFZPVqCJoToCez0IvOmLeLGzow+EOSrY508oyjYeNP4VJEjApqo0NrMbKl8g/8bp LBcotOCF1c1HZ+y9v7648uumh01SMjsbBeHOuQcLb+7gX6c0pEmxWv8qj5JiW3/1 L1bktnjW5Yp5oFkFSMXjOnIoYKHyKLjN2jtwH6XowUNYpg4qVtKU0CXPdOznWcd9 /zSfa393HwJPeeVLbKYaFMC4IEbIUmKYtWyoJ9pJ58smU3pWsHZUg9Zc0LZZNjkN lBdQSLmUHAJ33Bd7pJS0JQeiWviC+4UTmzEWRKa7pDGnYRYNu2cUo0/voStphv8E VA== -----END CERTIFICATE----- </ca> verify-x509-name iad-a69.ipvanish.com name auth-user-pass comp-lzo no verb 3 auth SHA256 cipher AES-256-CBC keysize 256 tls-cipher TLS-DHE-RSA-WITH-AES-256-CBC-SHA:TLS-DHE-DSS-WITH-AES-256-CBC-SHA:TLS-RSA-WITH-AES-256-CBC-SHA
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    Netduma not working correctly

    I already responded to a topic just like you published in another section of the forum, please do not duplicate the issues because it will not be more difficult to help you. I return to answer here because the other thread is anyway published in the section that is not and surely delete a moderator to be duplicated. As I said: Have you ever updated your R1 to the DumaOS version? If not, I advise you to update and try to see how it goes and if your experience improves. You can obtain the update at the following link: https://netduma.com/r1-dumaos/
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    si por favor, haga los pasos que le indique a ver si asi se resuelve el problema, si tiene creadas otras reglas de port forwading eliminelas antes de crear la que yo le e indicado. Un saludo!
  16. 3 points is the latest version, it is Milestone 1.3
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    Packet Loss

    it was happening on the router but i fixed it didnt notice there was a LED switch in the bad nice touch now i know i can cut the lights of anytime without having to turn the pc on =D
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    Error code on DumaOS upgrade

    Worked perfectly, thanks to the both of you for your time and help.
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    Since you're using DumaOS, having the "share excess" option ticked will share that 85% bandwidth. What you're looking to accomplish is, unticking "share excess" on the upload. So that the bandwidth is given only to the gaming device. You can select the gaming device, and pretty much give that 100% bandwidth, as you stated, you want the other devices to have "no bandwidth". You will still have access to the DumaOS interface if you want to connect from another device other than the gaming device. I do want to inform you that it will be extremely slow, but you will still have access to the interface if you need to change the sliders back. You can still set the 99% upload to the gaming device and leave 1% for other devices, which will also work out fine but if you truly want "no bandwidth" for others and only your gaming, then set the gaming to 100% upload in the "bandwidth allocation". Showing a photo of what it will look like if you do 100% with share excess "unticked" - Tray
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    UPnP Drop and Not Working

    R1 is really old and not even dual band Zippy. Also the CPU has no grunt for modern 4K streaming etc. I would suggest trying a R7800, same hardware as the XR500 but 128mb less flash ram, but better QoS using Qualcomms Streamboost. You can then use Voxels firmware to update all the packages that NTGR fail to. The XR500 is due a update, its just over 3 mths since the last one, lots of bugs need squashing but so far nothing has been released yet. Quarterly updates if you are lucky is not the way a company should update its routers especially ignoring things like miniupnd and OpenSSL etc. The latter having been patched by NTGR but not publicly and is still at version 1.0 which is over a decade old. Not sure about OpenGPL for the new AX routers but they are a hot mess right now anyway and not to be bought in my view till the final draft later in the year and the possibility of new new silicon that will work with the final features that present SoCs probably wont.
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    We went the entire first quarter of the year without an update.
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    If you are bothered about the price and are budget conscious then consider the XR300 which launches next week which is lower in price than the XR300. I prefer wired above anything so I use a managed switch for every device in my house (including a router I use as an AP for the wifi as I have wifi disabled on the XR500 to reduce workload and throttle my family's bandwidth ) except my consoles which are plugged directly into the XR500 bypassing my switch. There are many options open to you to consider. The switch I use is the Netgear S8000 (no I am not plugging them just advising you it is a bloody good piece of kit).
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    All that is essentially doing is throttling your connection. It’s a placebo effect at best, I can do that same thing in any other cod and get that same feeling. It’s as if when you shoot they try to and they can’t touch you. That or the algorithm is really kicking in hard idk, but most likely it’s just a throttling effect. Everyone has issues with this game though. High ping, low ping, but what kinda pings are you actually getting in matches? I’ve been messing around with sliders as well and prioritizing bandwidth and it almost feels like when I add the port range like what’s in DumaOS and I allocated ALL bandwidth on both upload and download that the games get better feeling. Again could just be placebo but I almost never go below 70/70 Or beyond 90/90. I think anything in that area and your gonna get the best BB possible. I’ve tried going well below and it didn’t look that impressive on dslreports. But I haven’t messed with it doing ping plotter yet cuz I didn’t really get to it. Don’t feel bad though, this game is a struggle for everyone, my cousin playing on a wireless ISP is still kicking butt in blackout and in reality he should t be able to with the amount of hitter and packet loss and latency....just goes to show this game doesn’t care.
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    Hi Azza - let me clarify this for you! So first off, QoS doesn't drop packets to throttle devices - rather, it limits the amount of bandwidth a device can take. Limiting using QoS in this way actually reduces the amount of packets -sent- as well, so there aren't an excess of packets. No packet loss will occur. Our Anti-Bufferbloat solution is pretty unique, since we built it from the ground up to prevent the packet loss and spikes throttling would usually cause. Secondly, you're assuming it's possible for gaming to saturate your network. It isn't - games use <0.5mbps bandwidth (usually a lot less). Giving them 50% of your home network bandwidth, even with a low speed connection, is usually overkill. It's far more likely that the packet loss symbols you're seeing are caused by other factors, or it just isn't happening. Plenty of ping spikes / packet loss indicators in games are inaccurate, especially when secondary routers and QoS get involved. You're far better off using Pingplotter to test for packet loss - if it isn't showing on software like that, it most certainly isn't happening in-game unless the game servers are the cause.
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    UPnP Drop and Not Working

    Unfortunately that was my other issue you just brought up! QoS.. I also have much better luck using Openwrt or ASUSwrt.. And I know NetDumaOS should perform the same if not even better but it doesn't for me.. Im really putting a lot of faith in the next firmware update that I hope shakes something lose in my XR500.. If I knew someone near me that had an R1 for sale id buy it.. Id love to compare this to my XR500.. Zippy.