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    Hi everyone, This is an update for you guys on where we are with DumaOS and specifically, the XR/NPG routers which is why we have posted it in this subforum. First of all, here’s the current status for each XR router, including links to where you can get the latest firmware for those of you who don’t already have it installed: XR300 – V1.0.3.68 (DumaOS 2.0) XR450/XR500 – V2.3.2.130 (DumaOS 3.0) XR700 – V1.0.1.46 (DumaOS 3.0 Beta) XR1000 – V1.0.0.58 (DumaOS 3.0) Now to address the problem: the speed at which XR users have been getting new firmwares. We realise it has been far too slow. Here’s how the firmware building process typically works: Every few months a new DumaOS firmware is completed This first must pass our internal testing Then it moves over to NETGEAR where it must pass their testing, including all the non-DumaOS side of the firmware Then it goes into closed beta testing Eventually, if all has gone well, it will be released The big problem we have is that if there is an issue at any point, the entire process needs to start again. Considering all the different XR routers DumaOS is on combined with the fact all of them have very large user bases (meaning disaster if a serious bug gets through) and you begin to see the problem. So, what can we do about this? We asked ourselves the same question at the beginning of the year and we have been working on a solution ever since. We’ll be putting a blog and video together to explain in more detail what we have done, but here is a summary. We have created a brand new ‘build system’ which will drastically speed up how quickly we can build and test firmware. One part of this system involved writing hundreds and hundreds of automatic tests which allow a bunch of computers to test DumaOS without any human involvement. Another part is to allow us to trigger new internal firmware builds every night. The purpose of this is to gather all the latest changes our developers have made during the day, build a new firmware and then kick off the automated tests. This means we can catch bugs before human testers ever get their hands on the firmware. The end result of all of this is we can make stable and well tested DumaOS much, much faster than ever before. We’ve been working on this build system for some time and last week, we released a new R2 firmware. It was our very first full firmware built using the new build system, so it’s a bit of a landmark moment for us. Our plan is to now use this new system for all future DumaOS 3.0 firmwares, including XR routers, Telstra Game Optimiser, the R1 etc. It’ll take us a bit of time to tweak it to work with each router, but once done it will become very easy for us to prepare rock-solid firmwares to send to NETGEAR for their testing before then releasing them to you guys. There’s still one sticking point left: the XR300 community. We really do know how far behind you are, and it sucks. All I can say is we’ll do everything in our power to try and bring you up to the latest version using this new build system - I can’t promise it will work, but we’ll do our very best. The last thing to say is we realise we’ve been pretty quiet over the past few months in terms of communication. Behind the scenes, we’ve never been busier. We’ve got some massive features coming out in 2022. Honestly, it’s going to be the biggest leap forward we’ve ever made in our technology and is the culmination of several years of R&D. We’ve also doubled the size of our team over the past 18 months. We know it’s been a long wait, but the payoff will be worth it. Thank you for all the patience on this. We know we’ve got a brilliant user community, we feel very blessed and fortunate to have you. We think you’ll love what’s coming out next and we’ll begin to share more details with you on what we have been up to, so stay tuned. The Netduma Team
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    Rapps not loading

    Hello, after I upgraded the firmware (394) and did a reset to factory settings I've also encountered this problem with most of the rapps failing to load after the first reboot. Second reboot fixed it for me and it's rock solid ever since.
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    Vanguard Thread

    If you are experiencing disconnects earlier this evening this appears to be the reason why. It's not your netduma causing the issue.
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    As above we're still working on improving the results reported by Benchmark, if you're getting full speeds on other sites then those are the speeds you're getting so nothing to worry about.
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    I 100% get you. Me personally am an above average player. I can tell when something is off. No disrespect but all the people who say that you should get better at the game have no idea what's at play here. I guarantee these players are manupliating their connections.. And BTW I have seen players have this type of connection against good players.. This has nothing to do with skill.. This has to do with connection..
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    NEW R2 FIRMWARE: 3.0.205

    The 2 weeks have passed, I hope finally we have the update.
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    NEW R2 FIRMWARE: 3.0.205

    alriht thanks ill give u an update
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    Always play where you friends play, unfortunately for me I have them in 3 places... PC, PS5 and Xbox...with that said here is my take on owning the 3. Xbox is where the deals are, no other console or PC can match what Xbox offers. also with MS basically throwing money at it left and right, the future is good. Xbox s is an amazing console, people that have it love it and honestly they have no plans on going with the X. PS5 is a great console, the price on the games...no really making it better for me. Although I just finished playing last of us 2...probably one of the best games I played. Top 10 for sure...and this is coming from someone that played the original Zelda on released day PC is a mixed bag, you can have all kind of issue based on hardware, software, etc...also the cheating is out of control, but when it works its marvelous. I currently stopped playing vanguard in PC and moved to console. Monitor, anything that can play 2k 120, you good. I actually was able to see the eve spectrum 4k in person and I am impressed. it actually does 4k120 in consoles, just too expensive for my taste. I actually went to an OLED 48 in LGC1 this year, and honestly I don't think I can go back to a monitor again.
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    Netduma Liam

    NEW R2 FIRMWARE: 3.0.205

    I'm not sure what the problem was, it refused the upgrade from the backend too. I gave it a little more persuasion and I think it's good now, but you will need to go ahead and complete the setup wizard again. You'll now be on firmware version 3.0.205i and can upgrade to 3.0.394 normally. Let me know if you have any issues doing this.
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    NEW R2 FIRMWARE: 3.0.394

    My "Free" ISP router (FR) allows me to create a WG server with my box. And thus generate a WG configuration file! I wanted to do the test with!
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    @Fuzy You are so serious, I am not using xr500 for two months and everyone in the house is happy, because there is no internet disconnection and restarting this xr500 scrap, also wait another two years to fix the errors, I have already given myself peace, but I will look willingly and I will comment and I will express my opinion, because what is happening is very funny and I would like to watch netduma and netgar shoot each other in the knee with another leaked version of the software
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    Netduma Fraser

    NEW R2 FIRMWARE: 3.0.394

    Okay thanks we'll take a look, you may need to reboot/reset to get rid of that. Did you specify the IP rather than using /32?
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    XR1000 Update when??

    i'm so annoyed now man this router is up their with XR700 and beats all the other routers with its specs.. however what brings the value down of this router because of the FW version is filled with too many bugs and still unstable after many many months gone by no update yet and so outdated like one example is UPNP i can't even enable/disable anymore even after factory reset twice now.. so bugged that you're forced to play on UPNP -_- i know its not NetDuma team fault mainly the Netgear Teams fault here.. etc
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    Rapps not loading

    Same thing for me, upgraded to 394 and nothing was loading; did a second factory reset and everything has been loading without any problems so far (touch wood).
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    Really appreciated the help, actually I do think currently it is working well. But when I got COD update with around 15GB last week, then the slower speed will be an issue to me. I had sent the order number to [email protected] And wait steps to send old one back. Thank you.
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    NEW R2 FIRMWARE: 3.0.394

    @Netduma Fraser Yes, I believe it I used fast.com then when I did the speedtest. But, I know for sure I used speedtest.net and got the speeds. Yes, it could be the identifier. Seeing that I get close to my speeds on speedtest.net and @Fuzy confirimation. I'm fine with the results.
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    Indeed I thought it odd too. I've never messed with the DNS settings in the router directly, just on 1 static IP computer. WIll try the above & report back!
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    If that is the case give it a reserved IP in LAN Settings and then it won't change until you change it
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    Thanks for that! No algorithm changes, just a lot of fixes and improvements to improve the stability of the router and that's presenting itself in your QoS results. That is something that has been requested before and we are looking into it.
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    I just installed wireshark cause I found an old capture of a match on cold war. I've forgotten how to use filters so I'm manually having a look through the traffic. I sorted it to see traffic with my ps4 IP as destination (so what is being sent to my ps4). Throughout the entire match the server is sending it's UDP packets via port 39370 to 3074. There's a demonware IP address ( which is sending TCP traffic through port 56975 I think. That's all the traffic going to my PS4 during this match. I'm not sure whether this capture was just from in a match or whether I started it while searching for one. When I switch to my other router I'll be able to capture gaming traffic and see it more accurately. Sorting it to see traffic from my ps4 IP as source, it communicates with different IP addresses: (blizzard) - UDP 3074:30000 (amazon) - TCP 64736:443 (akamai cdn) - TCP 60194:443 (akamai cdn) - TCP 60214:443 (demonware) - UDP 3074:3074 (google cloud) - TCP 56257:443 (demonware) - TCP 56975:3074 I probably missed, there's just too much to go through and keep in mind some of these could be something the ps4 is doing in the background e.g. refreshing your friend's list/checking for an update etc..
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    Youtubers (majority) do reverse boost, not saying the ones mentioned above do but it's generally a well known fact. A reverse boosted lobby is easier to detect from just watching - Enemies running past without shooting, enemies not revenge killing or coming back again and again with more inventive ideas to kill you off your streak, player levels of those being killed over and over are real low, sbmm seems absent as there's literally no one on the other side with a similar skill level. Saying that there's other factors too , such over powered weapons ,certain weapons ranked up to get attachments which literally transform the gun and make it a 2 shot kill. Brute force well organized parties who are communicating every movement of your team, so you get a kill and get killed instantly as you have people aware of your approximate location, with an ability to spawn trap. People using Apex Xim ( mouse, keyboard with aim assist and other mods ) on 20+ sensitivity easy to detect on kill cam, as snap speeds are insane, other controller mods here aswell which i won't mention. People connecting to your local server from a greater distance giving them lag comp advantage. I don't reverse boost personally, i've dropped like 3 V2's on vanguard and choked like 9+ because i get hunted on my streaks which is how it should be in a sbmm lobby, dying on a 24 is frustrating but if you keep hitting those brutals it will happen eventually. If i'm having a tough time on local server try something alittle further, in other cod games i would prefer US servers as they were more stable, but here the middle eastern servers are better.
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    Netduma Liam

    Battlefield 2042

    So it didn't let you in to the game right? It booted you back to menu? I think that's the current behaviour we've found in our testing too. We're looking into the possibility of makes Geo-filter's blocking a little more gentle so games don't react in this way, but I don't have an ETA as to when we might be able to make those changes.
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    For 1Gbit appliances it's not going to matter what Ethernet cable you stick on it as long as it's Cat 5E or higher. Shielded also doesn't really matter. Most home routers and consoles have no metal ethernet ports so you won't be able to complete the earthing circuit anyhow. You can even transfer 10Gbit over short runs with 5E. For future proving, Cat 6 would be best though.
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    Thanks for the news. Ok, I will do the upgrade test after I back to home, should be tomorrow.
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    Netduma Liam

    NEW R2 FIRMWARE: 3.0.394

    You can do it through the three-line menu in the top right of the interface, or hold the reset pin on the back for thirty seconds. Whichever you prefer!
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    Vanguard Thread

    2WXP plus shipment. Now we are getting somewhere lol.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Ps5 netdumar

    Yep, definitely not I would suggest doing but PS5 only has a hidden web browser. Mobile app would be best!
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    If someone is reading this topic and wondering the solution it is that basically you simply cannot do it in warzone. Warzone sees that you have high ping and doesnt find any game is impossible to fool. Other games might work such as Fortnite. Consider the topic solved.
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    Vanguard Thread

    I think there is nearly nobody playing it in my region. Last night I could not find a game even with crossplay on. I really don't like crossplay on console since you have some stupidly OP stuff, mouseplayers with auto shotguns etc. I actually find I dislike the game as a whole. Mechanics and graphics etc is all ok. But on top of SBMM the game is doing everything in it's power to randomize the outcome of games, revenge spawning, these stupidly big maze like maps where you get shot from 9349489245 directions by campers, which by the way you can't spot since you have this haze in the distance and the characters blend in, and the other is destructible walls where you punch a small hole and can camp without being spotted. Then you have these stupidly overpowered attachments like vital. Oh do we think it's coincidence that all people that preordered got that STG variant with Vital + Russian rounds? They make these attachments so OP so they can keep selling variants that have them, it's the new version of creating hyper OP DLC weapons. That's also why they have made weapon XP so slow. I have only played with STG, MP40 and Combat shotgun up to now and still don't have them max level. I find the game as a whole is simply not fun to play. I play a few matches a day and then I have had enough. It's not something that I keep playing like previous CoD games. Also for a series that claims to be a competitive FPS this is an absolute joke. The beta played far nicer since it didn't have that stupid stuff in it.
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    Oren Tasuna

    Geo filter does not filter

    I'll try
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    Netduma Liam

    Device manager

    It's just a hotfix for some specific issues a couple users were having. We'll be posting a new firmware soon with these and more.
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    Netduma Liam

    Hyperlane While Streaming

    It's hard to think of these in terms of Upload and Download, as traffic source and traffic destination works both ways. Theoretically though your idea of prioritising UDP traffic would work though, give it a test and let us know your findings. It's not something I've tested myself!
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    Xr500 rubber banding

    I will look into it, thank you.
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    So far everything is back to normal. Appreciate the help @Netduma Fraser and @Netduma Liam you guys are the DUMA Legends!
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    We'll be releasing the firmware very soon, stay tuned!
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    Nighthawk XR1000

    I'll give this a try tonight when I get home and will report back, thank you!
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    Netduma Fraser

    No Warzone on the Ping Heatmap?

    You can follow the Tweetchain here which explains what is happening:
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    Netduma Liam

    Error: RPC error

    No problem at all, I'll go ahead and lock this topic now but if you have any other problems feel free to start a new one!
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    You're on quite an old firmware version there, that may be the cause. Could you please upgrade to the latest version then factory reset the R2 afterwards? https://www.dropbox.com/s/49gt1wxva9rxame/DumaOS-R2-3.0.205.sig?dl=0
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    Official DumaOS 3.0

    I've updated to firmware and still have the bug. if we use internet vlan config. qos on the uploud site dont work. Wait long time for an update and still not fixed.. garbage..
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    Vanguard Thread

    Every time I hit a ping heatmap for vanguard I get 29 failed servers, no pings. I’ve synced cloud and restarted but no readings
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    R2 & XR700 2021 updates!!!

    Looking froward to it @Netduma Fraser again thanks for the quick reply. Have a great weekend as well.
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    Netduma Liam

    Update to call of duty Vanguard?

    Yep we're doing it now! It's already on Ping Heatmap so go ahead and hit 'Resync cloud' in the three-line menu and you should see it.
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    Ping heatmap

    I was only able to past it after restarted the router, so it works fine now. I wanted to se if there was Vanguard on the Ping Heatmap list but there isn't.
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    Netduma Liam

    Ping heatmap

    Are you able to get past the message and use Ping Heatmap still? You will see this message from time-to-time as sometimes the resync can take a little longer than the interface would've expected.
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    Possibly. I'll see what I can do in the next week or so.
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    Netduma Liam


    ¿Te refieres a cuando lo conectas a tu módem? Siendo realistas, probablemente no importe, pero puede ser más fácil darle una IP estática si quieres ponerlo en la DMZ del módem o cualquier cosa.
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    Thanks for that, my intention is to connect to middle ground servers that gives the most feasible ping for overseas friends I play with. NA servers are basically the best location because everyone connects with a ping below or around 200 which is playable. I am currently using Exitlag which offers greater flexibility but will retry again based on your steps and guideline. Cheers.
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    just my 2cents and what has worked best with me when using vpn, turn everything off, no geo filter no qos no nothing
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    R2 & XR700 2021 updates!!!

    I see they been giving you the run a round to. I’ve been asking the same question and my comments being removed Because according to Fraser I was bullying him for catching him in his lies here a few thing’s the next thing he’s gonna tell you is that they’re waiting for Netgear to release it I’ve gone to Netgear support they say that Natduma has to release it and hasn’t released nothing i’ve got emails and pictures of all the comments and some of the comments that I have posted been removed they even Took down a page about the firmware update for the XR700 here’s a few links and photos i’m just gonna post the stuff on social media see if I can get any help or anything done it’s gonna look bad for NetDuma but maybe it’ll help out all of the other users that have the router’s and paid good money for a product but not doing the Firmware updates like they promised fixing some of the issues
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