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    Bandwidth Required to Play?

    1mb would be hitting the bare minimum. It’s not so much bandwidth to play the game but it’s the latency it creates. If one Ethernet frame (1500 bytes) of your other devices just started sending from the router, and your game packet arrives at the router. Then at 1mbit link speed it will take your router 12ms to clear that frame before it sends your game packet. At 10mbit upload it would take 1.2ms and at 100mbit it would take 0.12ms, 1Gbit 0.012ms Latency is a function of bandwidth, but with diminishing returns. Ie going from 100 to 200 mbit is not such a difference (0.12ms VS 0.06ms) but going from 1 to 10mbit is a big difference. This is also why I suspect that throttling works for some people, ie when you drop your upload bandwidth to 0.5mbit you are creating 0-24ms bufferbloat for yourself and it’s in fact updating the server later.
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    No it's not possible without disabling share excess currently - doing this will also restrict all other devices to their allocations as well. We can do that and it has been requested before so will likely make it in down the line.
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    Netduma R2 - QOS - Questions?

    hi. https://portforward.com/ will give you every port for every game. Remember to disable upnp if you are going to port forward though to avoid conflicts. Giving your xbox 100% priority in qos will do exactly that if there is a heavy work load on the network. If you want to give your xbox priority and limit the bandwidth to other devices hen you would have to disable share exxess in the qos options menu.
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    salut locosano 😃 le meilleur achat que j ai fait depuis longtemps .qos cake : 250/45 mbps 2 ms de bufferbloat, stabilité a toute épreuve etc... au début j ai eu du mal a appréhender le fait qu' une fois le routeur réglé tu ne le touche plus tu l oublis ,vue le nombre de problèmes du xr500 ou du r1 que j ai géré au cours de toutes ces années sous netduma.
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    DumOS site cannot be reached

    I don't know if this would have any major affect on connecting next time or not. One thing I like to do when you've done everything else, or perhaps even before going to extreme measures such as factory resetting, is to flush DNS resolver. you can do that by simply going to command prompt and using the command -> ipconfig /flushdns What this will do is flush any ip addresses and dns records from your cache. I personally find that it will sometimes resolve silly little issues like that, and allow you to fresh start your cache again.
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    Netduma Fraser

    mobile app being blocked

    Great to hear that, I'll pass this on to the team so they can have a look and try to fix the cause.
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    Netduma Liam

    Access point question.

    What devices do you still have connected directly to your R2? Are they just devices for gaming? Gaming doesn't use much bandwidth so you don't need to limit the AP too much, depends on what sort of speeds you get from your ISP really!
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    Netduma Fraser

    Duma R2 Daily Internet Outage

    Great to hear! As far as I can tell the WAN IP of the R2 changed so double check the IP shown on the System Information page now (you may need to update the DMZ on the hub with this IP) then set it as static/reserved on the hub and see if it lasts longer than a week please.
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    And you're seeing those higher speeds now? I'll get the team to try and reproduce the issue on the beta.
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    Netduma Fraser

    XR500 and Fritz box 7530

    Great to hear that, let us know how you get on. Thanks and you!
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    Netduma Fraser

    XR500 and Fritz box 7530

    Okay just give the XR a reboot, see if it can grab and IP, so you can then continue with the above setup. If it does work ensure the IP is set to static/reserved on the fritz as well
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    Netduma Liam

    NEW R2 FIRMWARE: 3.0.205

    Hey all, hope you’re doing well. Here’s the latest firmware update for the R2 – 3.0.205 (Sounds great, right?) Nothing huge - but it welcomes several stability, security and general cosmetic improvements to your R2. We recommend you make the upgrade and do a full factory reset afterwards, just to make sure you're starting from a clean slate! You can go ahead and download it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/49gt1wxva9rxame/DumaOS-R2-3.0.205.sig?dl=0 Those that have an R2 on pre-order, rest assured that it will come with this latest firmware pre-installed - if you have any issues or queries, just give us a shout! For the techies amongst you, here's a more detailed change log: System-wide GUI improvements to both cosmetics and Security Increased DHCP cache size to 10000, stopping DHCP from being filled by 1500 requests Improved Traffic Prioritisation for wireless devices Fixed occasional issue where IPv6 devices weren't assigned DHCP IPs DumaOS webserver fixes for improving operating smoothness of GUI Improved DPI detection services Improved Bandwidth Allocation backend
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    Welcome to the forum! You can disable Share Excess in the three-line menu in Bandwidth allocation, this will mean the device does not get speeds over whatever you set.
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    Best ethernet cable to buy??

    The only thing you would need for 1Gbit connections is cat 5E. Cat 6 for 10Gbit connections up to 55 meter. 5E will also do this for shorter distances but it’s not really supported. The pairs have a higher twist rate in cat 6 compared to 5E that’s the only significant difference. My advice is use cat 6 or higher for cables that are fixed ie in walls. That way you can future proof it a bit but really you should be good for 10Gbe. For loose patch cables just use 5E as they are the easiest to work with, nice and flexible. They are super cheap. I order them to the length I need. Like 0,5m cat 5E is 1 euro, Cat 7 is 4 euro. When you go from 1Gbit to higher just throw the 5E in the bin and replace it with a 6/6A/7. I have Cat 7 in wall. (You can use 6A or 7 doesn’t really matter as Cat 7 is not true Cat 7 without GG45 connectors, so you might say that the ready made 7 is really 6A spec) and then 5E for 1Gbit connections and 7 for 10Gbit connections. Even the thinner cat 7 S/FTP 26AWG cables are so stiff that a 0,5m cable can almost stand up straight like a cobra. 5E is far more pleasant in that respect. Also note that if you want to make cables yourself, 5E and 6 are easy to crimp. Connectors for 6A and higher use different crimping tools. Cat 7 I use is punched down on LSA connectors. But I used these toolless connectors before that, you can get angled versions as well since 6A and higher can be a pain to bend in tight radius. Shielded cables, don’t bother with them for cat 5E and 6 for home use. There is not enough EMI interference around to make a significant difference.
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    Will do. Thanks for the help.
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    Netduma Fraser

    June 8th

    Rest? I don't know the meaning of the word! Once cannot rest when people need help! 🦸‍♂️
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    Netduma Fraser

    June 8th

    Due about 6pm or so
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    Internet cuts out periodically

    Makes me wonder if this could be causing my issues too...
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    Thank you @Fraser
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    XR500 and Fritz box 7530

    Thanks Fraser ill give that a go hopefully resolves the dropping sync issue.
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    L'espoir fait vivre ^^ j'avoue que ma confiance envers netduma est proche de 0 il font pleins de chose mais mal mdr toute leurs fonctionnalité sont bugé geofiltre les emplacements n'ont jamais était au bon endroit obligé d'utiliser ping assist , l'upnp n'a jamais réussi à ouvrir les ports en 3 ans ,la qos n'a jamais réussi à réduire le bufferbloat leurs test de co est inutilisable avec le xr500 et j'en passe après je parle que du xr500 le r2 j'imagine est plus stable mais la ça devient compliqué de croire en cette entreprise 3 ans après et toujours être sur une version bêta même avant 3.0 ^^
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    Netduma Fraser

    gaming router

    Great! Better to do HG to XR so everything can be controlled by the XR - you can enter PPPoE information into the Internet Setup page in Settings (first page that appears), say you require a login and you can enter it there. Make sure to select the always connect option
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    you can download configuration files from the PIA website and use them with they Hybrid VPN feature on your Duma
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    I don’t think the p2p method works on warzone though as these lobbies are too big to be p2p hosted.
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    Lamento me refería que le envió en la noche después de mi hora de trabajo
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    Toronto ultra

    It was about 2 years ago Acti said they partnered with Google to use their servers so you could be right. Xclusive Ace mentioned in his last video that you can use a VPN and still get a low ping and good connections, in fact since he has alot of connection problems he's admitted he's gonna start using VPN's from now on when he plays as it actually improved his connection to the game.
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    In addition to the above, change the DHCP start address from .2 to .50, then for any reserved rules you make do them between .2 - .49 that will completely rule out DHCP if there is an issue there
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    Netduma Fraser

    My wifi not working

    Email [email protected] with a link to your order number and this topic and we can arrange a replacement for you. Please do not drop it by the office as we have to follow our process.
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    Did you perform a factory reset using the rear pinhole method after updating? Don’t use a saved profile either, set the router up as a fresh install.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Custom firewall rules / ip tables

    They allow you to change the end of your public IP address? Could you take a screenshot of this? You can omit the IP of course but please keep the start of it so I can see
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    I bought a power link adapter today and that’s how I solved this issue! It’s not too troublesome and there’s no need for an ethernet cable too, just a small one going to the router directly to the power line, thanks for the help !
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    He informado al equipo, pero me pondré en contacto con ellos de nuevo y solicitaré que se reubiquen.
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    Ryan Douglas

    Geo filter not working

    Before I flushed it then I looked up the massage I saw and found a past form post with the same problem and router it said flush so I did and it worked instantly
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    Netduma Fraser

    gaming router

    The Connection Benchmark results on the XR routers are still being improved upon so I would take those results with a pinch of salt at the moment, using PingPlotter would be a good idea. That just means the Sky box is only capable of 100Mbits I believe.
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    Xr 700 succesor

    They can actually run DD-WRT as well since internally it's the same as R9000 so even if software support becomes lacking, you still have a beast of a router with 10Gbe uplinking capability. As far as I know the R9000 and XR700 are the only consumer grade routers with 10Gbe capability, anything else you're looking at building a x86-64 platform or a enterprise solution. Or something like UDM pro.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Xr 700 succesor

    NG don't tend to make it known if they're working on a new product before it's at the ready to be sold stage so I couldn't say whether they're planning that. It was overkill for sure, I suspect as it's not being sold anymore that they may not look into making a beefy hardware router like that for awhile but couldn't say for certain. We will continue to work on 3.0 for the XR700 however.
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    Hi peeps, A Google search for the error ‘Uncaught Unmatched Device’ brought me here! I had the same error message on the Geo-Filter page in both Chrome & Edge browsers. Not sure if it’s a related issue, but after removing my PlayStation 4 from the Geo-Filter, the ADD DEVICE button failed to do anything and I was unable to add any device at all. I... • Saved my config • Did a factory reset • Restored saved config • ‘Uncaught Unmatched Device’ error on Geo-Filter page still there • ADD DEVICE button still not working I then… • Did another factory reset • Did not restore config this time • No ‘Uncaught Unmatched Device’ error on Geo-Filter page • Was able to ADD DEVICE once more I had a can of lager and… • Loaded saved config again • ‘Uncaught Unmatched Device’ error on Geo-Filter page had returned • ADD DEVICE button not working again My speculative conclusion here would be that a previously saved config for a previous firmware, was incompatible with a newer firmware. Just a thought, but ‘Unmatched Device’ might have a bearing on not being able to add any devices on the Geo-Filter page? If no ‘matched’ (or compatible) devices are found, the routine which adds devices returns an error? Maybe the OP could try adding a device to see if their ADD DEVICE button also does not work? I have since done a third factory reset and manually configured all my settings from scratch and all is fine thus far. I’ll continue to monitor it and post back if the error returns or the button stops working. Currently on same FW as OP - V2.3.2.120
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    Hi and welcome. Any questions just post away. Hope you are enjoying your new router.
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    Geo-Filter will not load

    Okay thanks for your quick response
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    Netduma Fraser

    Congestion Control 70 percent?

    The dev never specified so I've asked them and will get back to you once I have a concrete answer. Ah gotcha, that should come with the next update.
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    Netduma Fraser


    As above, what it is set to by default would be what I recommend you keep it as. Changing MTU having a big impact on gaming is a myth really.
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    Destiny 2 Speeds.

    Worked fine for me.. Only problem is that if you have to update. It will take forever.
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    There may still be some servers that we need to manually whitelist so you don't have to manually allow these in Geo-filter. If you do find servers that you need to do this with, let us know and we can amend that in a cloud update. If you disable strict mode, dedicated servers will no longer be filtered but peers will. As Destiny works via server-based matchmaking now, you will want to leave strict mode enabled.
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    Big fan of the game here from northern Europe! I'm starting to doubt though if this game has any EU servers at all would like to check that out. Online play is super laggy most of the time...
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    No need to flush the cloud, the cloud update would already have been uploaded to the router. It's just how you normally filter, put your location/radius over a server/region you want to connect to, strict mode on in the Geo-Filter Map menu, Ping Assist 0 and then search. If you do notice that you get kicked just before the game have a look on the Geo-Filter and there will be something blocked. Ping this (if needed can turn Auto Ping off in the menu) then name it and click allow on the ping panel and you should be able to get a game after that - it could take a few times allowing these servers. If you do come across servers you need to allow please let us know the IDs and we'll add them to our allow list.
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    Netduma Liam

    XR1000 WiFi Issues

    Great answer and explanation @Newfie I think it's still worth testing with the next mode down on 5G, we have seen some bizarre issues in the past where 2.4GHz devices can affect 5GHz devices and vice versa.
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    Adblocker isn't available on any of the XR routers at the moment
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    As of today the XR1000 is the worst !!! Months later we still can't have more than 1 device in Open mode in COD... can't get proper bandwidth in COD (mostly Cold War on pc as warzone always get 50mbps(yes 50 000kbps) while CW barely get 4000kbps) except if you restart the game multitude of times in a row until you get proper 4100kbps and more !!! Struggle to have parties with friends since weeks... and i found out that to overpass this problem the ONLY solution is to raise ping assist !!! Let me explain... previously with duma os routers we had no problem at all because when a friend tried to join you then it was making them flip on the same dedis as you so you can communicate with your party (was playing on PS4 at that time and we were having dedicated party dedis)... but recently they changed something in Cold war (how we connect with others) and since then the Duma Os routers are not able to do that anymore if friends are not already on same dedis as you... aka now we can see on which dedis we connect in Cold War (via CONNECTION QUALITY option in account/network tab in CW) ... so if it says you are connected to dedis us.northeast.3 and 5... then your friends also have same dedis connected = you will have 1 chance on 2 to connect with them as you both need to be on same exact dedis already so either the 3 or the 5...so if both see 3 and 5 but you on the 3 and friend is on the 5, even if both see 3 and 5, then you won't be able to party. If you connected to 3 and 5 but friend is on 1 and 2 and 6 = you won't be able to party with them at all !!! Also if you hooked to 5 but your friend got 1-3-and 5 but is hooked on 1 or 3 = no party ... but if friend got 1-3-5 but also hooked on 5 = then you can party !!! You can confirm all that by yourselves if you use your brain a lil bit... like set ping assist to only hook on 1 dedis... ask friend to do same and then try to join each other... the only time ya'll be able to join them will be while you both have the same exact dedis hooked !!! In Warzone we still see friends on the geo filter and never have problem connecting with them. Tried making us all enter in Warzone so i can bring them in Cold War... same problem... it's not garanteed that they'll jump on same dedis as you... yes i know it's freaking weird i really taught it would force them to hop on same dedis as we bring them togheter but nope that's sadly not what happen !!! Wait a second it's even worst than that 😛 it does the exact same while on same XR1000 aka friend come at your home with console... you hook friend console on your xr1000 and start your pc or console...then friend start console... same exact shit happens... if you don't have same dedis connected ingame then NO PARTY AT ALL... so you need to restart until you lucky enough to have the same dedis hooked so you'll be able to party with friends !!! But hey that's not all ... we have bandwidth problems with duma os now aka we struggle to get proper bandwidth ingame in COD... to fix that all you can do is restart the game until you get proper bandwidth... so if by chance you get the proper bandwidth but friends can't connect then your friends need to restart their game until they lucky enough to fall on same connected dedis as you ingame so then you'll be able to party with them !!! By raising ping assist you raise the percentage chance you both hook to the same dedis. Playstation 4 PRO still ALWAYS struggle to get proper bandwidth ingame on R1-XR500-XR1000 in Call Of Duty (worst is Cold War) since season 2 of Cold War as before season 2 it was getting full 4100kbps and more !!! REMINDER to thoses who don't know... Call Of Duty proper ingame bandwidth is 4mbps aka 4100kbps and up+ !!! If you don't get 4100kbps and more then it won't play good (shoot first die first ... long searching time to find lobbies... unfair gaming experience...ect) UPNP never worked properly on XR1000... NEVER !!! So still impossible to get more than 1 device in open nat in COD... only on XR1000... no problem on XR500 and R1 on that matter !!! I did thousands of tests to find the problems and solutions... like changing an option then having to reboot everything to confirm changes then trying those changes in game... one option at a time !!! Factory resets of routers...pc...consoles ... trying on other setups aka other lines... ect ect ect !!! Ping Heatmap don't show same results as geo filter... but shows that those who maintain the geo filter don't do their job properly as it is really simple (simple for locations having more than 1 dedis) to confirm if dedis are properly located on the map... how?? simple... by pinging the said game and looking on the map where there's the square boxes... when there is a square box at a location that mean there is more than 1 dedicated server there... so wherever you are on earth... at one location you always supposed to get same ping (can differ by 1-3ms but nothing more) so let's say you are Netduma and are in UK... then you want to properly set geo filter with Cold War... ping cold war in ping heatmap and then see a big square in New Jersey,USA... click on it then you can see all the dedis there with their respectives ping... well they all supposed to have same ping with 1-2-3ms difference but not some dedis at 20ms and some at 45ms and some at 73ms .... they all supposed to have same 20ms range !!! Those that are 45 and 73ms clearly go somewhere further on the map aka the 45ms would be in middle usa and 73ms would be in California !!! WHY DO I TALK ABOUT THAT ??? Simple... because it breaks our gaming experience as we can't properly use geo filter anymore (except with ping assist but ping assist also have flaws)... why?? because if you set your home at a location where there is mislocated dedis then none of your matchs will be the same as you will never play at same ping !!! You think that's not that important ??? AH AH AH let me laugh !!! The only point of buying/using a Duma Os router is to use geo filter so you always play at desired ping on choosed dedis... so let's take me as exemple : I live in Montreal,Qc Canada and i played COD for over 2 decades at same ping than my lines were... i was always playing on Montreal,Qc dedis as it was playing flawlessly at same ping than my line so it resulted in FLAWLESS GAMING EXPERIENCE aka exactly like playing in a Lan party or an MLG competition.... while when we were testing matchs on Ontario dedis or Vancouver or New Jersey dedis then it was at higher ping so it resulted in: Over recoil + shoot first die first scenarios aka not a good gaming experience versus playing on Montreal dedis at same ping than our lines !!! But it's now worst as our Canadian dedis got removed 6 days after BO4 launched...exactly at same time Montreal disapeared from Geo filter map (before that when setting home in Montreal it was staying there but now it moves you away like Montreal doesn't exist anymore) so since then the only closest dedis location is New Jersey... i actually use a 9ms docsis 3.1 line and i ping New Jersey at 18ms to 21ms... resulting in 30ms to 39ms ingame .... so if i do what netduma guys told everybody and i set radius to get new jersey in or if i set home in new jersey (same results) i'll play some matchs at 30ms ingame and some at 70ms ingame ect...because i let new jersey location in my radius and because there is mislocated dedis there with way higher ping ... so my gaming experience fluctuates so bad... resulting in shoot first die first and over recoil !!! Now to fix this stupid geo filter problem... the only WORKING SOLUTION is to use ping assist like it is meant to be used... if your home is at a location where there's mislocated dedis...like in New Jersey... then set home in water to properly use ping assist so it will only allow good ping dedis !!! But since weeks now even ping assist struggle to find the dedis !!! Also if you ALLOW a dedis it will almost never pop aka like if you denied it instead of allowing it... it's like that since over a year now... the more dedis you allow the longer it will take to find matchs... so i don't allow them anymore !!! By starting hundreds times COD again and again to manually ping every dedis in Americas i found a brand new Call Of Duty dedicated server showing near new jersey and new york... run by AMAZON AWS... at 2-3ms more than my line... meaning it's the closest dedis available right now in COD for us here in Montreal,Qc Canada... but it never show up in Ping Heatmap and extremely rarely shows up in COD... i had to factory reset multiple times since i found it and i didn't took time to ping them all manually until i find it again ... and since like i explained about allowing dedis... yep you got that right... i allowed it so it never poped up while searching matchs (while it was allowed until factory reset). If you start the same game multiple times in a row you can clearly see that some always show up but a lot are not always showing up even if they really are there in real world aka they are actives !!! I really miss the old Netduma original Os where there was no shitty dedis list in it so when you were starting a game... it was really letting the game show every dedis without any problems...then was restricting the game on which dedis you wanted to play (setted via radius or via ping assist when introduced in netduma's os) and boom... everything was perfect... no confusion inside the router os because no dedis list causing problem with real world dedis !!! It's like if duma os now tries to force the game to accept netduma's broken list of dedis instead of letting the game showing its dedis then the duma os could choose which dedis can pass or not !!! Also when you were allowing or denying a dedis... it was effective !!! WIFI upload share excess still always ON even if setted at DISABLED. Lan devices will have it properly disabled so they will not override it aka they will received proper shared bandwidth to both download and upload.... if you don't change any setting... both share excess disabled... test a lan device... then test wifi devices... all with speedtest... upload will not listen to your settings so wifi devices will receive full line's upload bandwidth... while lan won't !!! Exemple just to be extremely precise : My line is 113-34 mbs ... 5 devices hooked so they all have 20%... disable both share excess... slidders at anything but for the exemple set both slidders at 70/70...resluting in 78.4 down and 23.8mb up... shared in 5 so each get approx 15.7mb down and 4.6mb up on Lan but will get around 15.7mb down and the full 34mb UPLOAD... yes even if Lan properly split the bandwidth and still while both share excess are disabled !!! R1 detect PS4 PRO as COMPUTER... XR500 detect PS4 PRO as Playstation... XR1000 detect PS4 PRO as Game console... If you let Pc as Game console then you'll never get the proper bandwidth in Cold War... if you set it as XBOX you will but mostly never the first time so like i said you do need to restart the game over and over until you get the proper 4100+ kbps ingame !!! Tried Ps4 in pc mode and game console mode but same bandwidth problem plus it plays different ingame so Playstations do need to stay as playstation !!! QOS absolutely needs to be set as ALWAYS to work properly !!! If set at auto it will always pop On/Off while playing on either Pc/PS4 Pro... resulting in worst gaming experience possible with almost only shoot first die first scenarios and insane over recoil and No enemies tracking aka aim assist !!! Both share excess needs to be disabled before gaming sessions as it also impact the overall setup... resulting in shoot first die first and over recoil and less enemies tracking... but it's less intense than qos at auto instead of at Always !!! Also with Qos at Auto and/or with both share excess enabled we struggle even more to get proper ingame bandwidth !!! Hey that's not the weirdest part yet... here's the weirdest part... if i set download at 70... upload at 93 = i can get proper bandwidth around 4110 kbps... if i raise download aka if i give more bandwidth to the gaming device = impossible to get proper bandwidth !!! Like if i follow what Qos/Auto-Setup suggest me as optimal on my line aka 99/99 ... i'm supposed to have the maximum bandwidth i can get from my line... but NEVER i will get the proper ingame bandwidth even if every devices do have more than 4mbs on both download/upload !!! Talking about that Auto-Setup tool... it's broken and it's not reacting/giving same result on different routers even if on same duma os versions !!! Xr1000 i have every alpha firmwares and public firmwares and since auto tune tool was added it always differ... either upload is broken or download and we even had firmwares with both broken !!! How can i confirm it's broken... like i told you... your line stays the same and only have lil fluctuations... so a proper tool will always tell you the same results... like speedtest... your line is 432mbps with wind on its back so it always supposed to give you same results with minor fluctuations.... but it can't be like one day you have 432mbs but next day you have 1789mbs and next day 27mbs ect... you always around 432mbs right !?! So auto tune and stress test in connection benchmark should always give same approx results... well on same line i've passed from A+ A+ -D to tripple A+ because Download under stress was sky high in +50ms at whatever slidder setting... while ping and upload where around 10ms and 25ms... then new firmware so full factory reset and upgrade and setup... then boom tripple A+ as even download was under 20ms !!! Changing firmware again to confirm difference and boom same sky high results... back to latest firmware and boom tripple A+ !!! But i don't take that as granted yet... i run 3 different duma os routers and friends also do so every router actually give different results on same lines same settings ect... so not only the firmwares do differ results... but also the router you use !!! I tested on multiple lines and the optimal one is ftth 0-1ms 1.5gbps/1gbps ... believe it or not the optical fiber was sky high in 100ms... changing firmwares does the same as on my line and bringed back the results to tripple A+ around 3ms ping/download/upload !!! On actual .52 firmware it gives same result as on docsis 3.1 line aka ping and upload under stress are normal around the line's base ping, but download is way higher !!! The XR500 on that ftth line with the latest beta is giving more decent results also for download so tripple A+ as download strangely don't raise higher than 10ms !!! I even already told Fraser in a post that the benchmark tool was the first best version ever when it came on .52 ... even if download still is higher than supposed it's way better than +50ms and the gaming experience is way better !!! So by simply testing different firmwares we can see different results and then we're able to know what still is deffective... and like i already said... if your line is lets say 10ms... then under stress it is supposed to be around that 10ms... differing by some ms is aright but not supposed to have huge differences like that !!! My line is 10ms and with some benchmark tool versions (different versions on different firmwares) my download was around 10ms but upload was +60ms... on other firmware the download is +50ms but upload is 10ms like my line's ping. Another one gives me both down an up higher than 50ms while ping still always around 10ms. Then on .52 the download is at around 20ms and upload is 6ms aka lower than my line's 10ms ping ... meaning duma os really work on that ''upload''part and do lower your ping as for the first time ever and only on XR1000 with .52 firmware !!! To cancel any confusion... i use a modem (Technicolor TC4400-AM docsis 3.1) and always have same exact ip (except if i force it to change but i never do that for testing stability) i also use same exact dns... yes only 1 for optimal stability and to always get same flawless experience (anyways xr500 can't deal with more than 1 dns anymore since so many months now so i don't bother with that anymore on any duma os router i touch... it might show them all once or twice but they'll vanish and you'll endup stuck on just one of the 3 dns and from that moment your gaming experience will suffer !!! ipleak.net to test dns ) your isp will only force a dns switch if a problem occur or for maintenance... but even then it takes micro seconds and it's rare that it happens... while duma os seems to force switching of dns for reasons that i ignore... yep i'm also ignorant on some things 😛 ah ah ah so by using only the best dns possible from my isp i always have the best gaming experience i can get on my line based on dns aspect at least... that remove things to look at when lag/spikes/jitter occur in games as switching dns would also cause these problems !!! I always game on Lan CAT8 cables and test things on same devices with same options ect... no updates are made while testing things to prevent drastic changes resulting in false results !!! I look for updates on a daily basis so everything is always up to date !!! When i test on another setups i test with their equipment but also with mine (routers and cables) to confirm results are the same !!! I do hundreds of test on every little things like on every single options in duma os... at least the basic functions and options i use daily aka like i never tested popup blockers or hybrid vpn as i don't use/need that !!! I actually run R1-XR500 on latest duma os 3 betas and XR1000 on latest public .52 firmware as i strangely don't get betas for xr1000 even if i'm an alpha tester... but some people that are not even duma os insiders had received .53 and .54 betas in last weeks...!!! If i test a setup with an AIO i test normaly as dhcp, i test bridge mode if there is an option, i test DMZ and i also test Advanced DMZ !!! We can't use the result of QoS Auto-Setup tool to set our lines as it won't give us the best gaming experience ... like i said... on ftth it says both at 100% and on docsis 3.1 it says both at 99% (was giving lower results on previous firmwares) but in both cases it won't play good at all !!! The gaming experience becomes unfair !!! If i lower download at 70... let upload at 99 then i don't die as quick as at 99 down but i have so much recoil and lot of bullets don't register or simply shoot and disapear !!! Now if i lower my upload at 93... so 70 down and 93 up... then the gaming experience becomes way better... we have a chance to react when getting shot at and there's less over recoil and every bullets do register... also it takes 1 to 3 bullet max to kill enemies (mostly 1-2 bullets) while with higher settings it takes over 4 bullets to kill anyone if you lucky enough for all bullets registering 😛 !!! Same happen if you drop upload to 70 so 70/70... except every bullets do register and none disapear but it's like if our bullets are sponge bullets while enemies use real metal bullets... so you need so many bullets to kill them while they need 1 or 2 bullets max to kill you !!! When share excess are enabled it's a mix of those problems... it will never react the same... sometimes you'll be able to react when getting shot at but sometimes not... not talking about getting an headshot by a sniper ... same for bullets you shoot... sometimes they all register flawlessly and sometimes a complete mag will land on the enemy but he won't die and he'll shot your left foot and boom you're dead 😛 ah ah ah... or ya'll shoot a mag with almost no recoil then the next bullets will have huge over recoil. Last thing to XR1000 users : WARNING: You can setup xr1000 via lan like other duma os routers but you'll always have even more problems... XR1000 absolutely needs to be setup via Nighthawk app... only the basic setup (admin/password security questions and it's all... i don't recommend changing wifi names there as it caused a lot of problems)... once done you reboot via nighthawk app and reboot device or power it off then once xr1000 have rebooted you can use pc via lan to do full setup !!! You absolutely need the xr1000 being connected to internet when adding devices or touching QoS options just like you absolutely need internet via nighthawk app to do initial setup !!! If you can't get internet while in initial setup in nighthawk app...like after you hooked on the xr1000 default wifi network as it's the first step... it's because you didn't factory reset your modem/AIO(yes even if your ip don't change) so just do a factory reset of modem/aio... no need to reset xr1000 again... just keep the nighthawk app open until all lights are up on the modem/aio after the factory reset... then hit detect again or if not present just go back on the app to start the detection process again... you will then have internet ... just don't forget once you'll have reboot the xr1000 after initial setup, to go back in modem/aio to set things up before doing the xr1000 full setup things like allowing only one ip adress on aio for xr1000 and setting it in Bridge (if available) or in DMZ or Advanced DMZ (but results might not be optimal on advanced dmz vs dmz depending i suppose on the firmware and/or model of aio you have) disable wifi on aio and disable upnp on aio as you'll run both via XR1000 instead and you want to prevent double nat ect... then reboot modem/aio... now you can do full Duma Os setup !!! Qos needs to be at Always if you want traffic prioritisation to work !!! For optimal performance/stability... and surely depending on how far you are from the dedis... both share excess need to be disabled before gaming and just enable them back after gaming so you'll enjoy more of your bandwidth !!! Pc needs to be set as XBOX if you play COD... Playstations and xbox are both supposed to be set exactly as they are aka playstation or xbox but NOT as game consoles !!! When you change type for the first time and applied it, wait less than 20 seconds and you'll see the icon changing in front of your eyes to game console, just set it back to either playstation or xbox and apply, now it will stay like you setted it !!!Bandwidth allocation needs to be set as DEVICES and not as apps !!! Always do a page refresh after changing an option.. to first confirm that the change you made apllied and second because they did set an extremely low timer on admin identification so we always need to re confirm we the admin after every 1minute except if you refresh the page before the timer ends... so everytime you refresh the page it restart that login timer !!! If you want to see the real tickrate while you game you need to manage duma os via a wifi device like a phone web browser in pc mode . If you look via Lan while you play it will falsely tell you it runs at 60hz tickrate while it actually runs higher than that !!! It's a Lan limitation duma os have on Lan while this limitation is not present via wifi !!! It feels better and becomes more reactive once you open duma os via a wifi device while you start gaming or when you suddently remember you didn't opened it yet 😛 ah ah ah... it's like if you're telling duma os ''hey homie you can go higher so do it'' and that's what he do !!! Also if long waiting time to search matchs but your searching bar clearly state at wich ping it search... you might open duma os via wifi and if already open then do a refresh to trigger the authentification so it then will reload the page properly... it's like a wake up shaking call to the router and usually help !!! If you only see ''searching a match'' without ping number then it means you're not connected to any dedis... in Cold War in settings network/account, Network Quality or Connection Quality 😛 scroll down and you should see no dedis hooked. If there is some dedis... close game and devices, reboot router and go look the dedis you hooked on...now search matchs !!! Also raising a lil bit ping assist will help you find matchs faster because more dedis will hook but it also will raise your ingame ping so you'll have to test by yourselves to find best ping assist setting !!! For ping assist you can use the heatmap... in fact that's the only use of that tool... select every cod one after the other... compare the 2 best pings you get on every COD and add 2-3ms to the highest of your 2 bests... like if my 2 bests are 20ms and 21ms inmodern warfare but 18-22ms in cold war and 19-23 in Warzone... then your highest of the 2 lowest is 23ms so add 2-3ms so you can set ping assist to 25ms 26ms !!! Then you can start Cold War and confirm the number of dedis that have hooked... and then keep that ping assist setting or change it again then restart cold war ect...!!! Same goes if friends running duma os can't join you or vice versa... then raising both ping assist by lil adjustments until you find a sweet spot that mostly let you party with your friends !!! You also need to know the approx ping of your friends if can't connect with them as ping assist will block them if they're higher pings... and if it's the case... like you have a friend with 100ms ping and you both play Cold War... we can't see friends anymore on geo filter in Cold war only so you would need to set your ping assist based on friends ping aka 100ms !!! And don't think you smart enough so once your friend join in you lower ping assist... because as soon as one of you will get a disconnect from a dedis then it will brake the lobby or kick either you or friend out of the lobby... if you do lower it then you'll just need to raise it again if problems occur so your friend will be once again able to join you !!! I discovered all that recently as they implemented that connection quality option in Cold War like 2-3 weeks ago only and i was freaking tired of having to restart game dozens of times and having to make friends doing the same also as the huge problem of getting proper ingame bandwidth which added to the ''you're not on the same exact dedis as your friend so you can't play with them'' problem = RAGING IN OUR HEARTS because we loose so much hours just to connect with friends or to have proper ingame bandwidth so we can't have a good time enjoying our games with our friends !!! Add to that the insane delay finding matchs when your setup have problems you're not aware yet so game can't find lobbies like it should or like it does when everything runs perfect... making some friends not wanting to play with us anymore because it's more waiting time than gaming time... even friends who played with us for years without any major problems like that are annoyed as fuck and are trying to force us to get rid of our premium costy routers because they have none of these problems while simply running isp's routers we have for free... Hope to get new ''better working'' firmware soon team Netduma... i still love you guys even if duma os is not even close to be performing like original Netduma Os.... yet !!! Take care... Peeeaace !!!
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    It will definitely get a full release, it's just something that we want to make sure is as good as possible before full release!
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    XR500 problème de ping/latence

    @Netduma Fraser Je confirme que DCG (R2) ne fonctionne plus pour moi également sur XBOX (RJ45)
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