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    Nope, waiting on DumoOS 4.0 announcement... lol
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    Netduma Alex

    Small delay to launch

    Hi gamers, Unfortunately there's been a small delay to the launch of Game Optimiser. DumaOS will now be activated on your routers this thursday. Thank you very much for your patience, and we hope you enjoy Game Optimiser when it launches! All the best, Alex at Netduma
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    Netduma Luke M

    ping heatmap

    Looking at this thread, it seems like the icons on the map are offset up and left a bit. I will look into this.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Netduma r2 just got it today

    I provide support on the forum, you can tell those who are officially part of Netduma as we will include it in our names. Everyone else are our community members who will help with issues as well. Just to make sure, as tito already mentioned above: The ethernet cable we provided with the R2 should be connected from the R2 blue port on the back of the router to one of the available LAN ports on your modem. Then connecting another ethernet cable if you have one from one of the R2 yellow LAN ports to your PC ethernet port? Have you definitely connected the router to the modem in this way? If you haven't then that will be why you don't have an internet connection. Please provide a screenshot of the System Information page as well. We don't provide phone support as we're a small team and this is faster than using email or a ticket system that you could wait up to a day for a response with other companies.
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    You sure can. I have the XR700 for wifi and I put my R2 behind it for my consoles. The software or DumaOS 3.0 works fine with the consoles plugged into the R2.
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    As above, you shouldn't need to factory reset. A reboot should suffice to establish the connection with the new modem.
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    Netduma Fraser

    ping heatmap

    We're still testing and working on the latest firmware at the moment, I shouldn't think it will be too long until it is available.
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    Caddy 1.2

    @RedBull2k In order to get it working, I assume I need to proxy my PS4 through my pc running the app in order for it to pick up on the ports being used? @MassaDebata85 You're right, there is very little info about what this program does on this thread. I believe, after reading through the forum, it picks up on the exact ports used by Call of Duty and prioritizes them on the router QoS (and a couple other features like saving and loading Allow/Deny lists). Somebody on the forums figured out that CoD uses a random port for each server connection (port 3074 on your PS4 and a random port from 30000-45000 from the server). This program should eliminate the need to use wireshark to figure out the ports and manually add the ports every game.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Where is VLAN setting?

    Hey, welcome to the forum! I will ask the team for an update on it.
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    I would hide your email asap or you will get spammed to death by bots malicious actors and such like.
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    Well I think I'm getting ripped off 🤣
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    DUMAOS 3.0

    Bonsoir à tous Personnellement et ce n'est que mon choix, j'ai laissé de coté netduma au profit de openWRT, et n'ayant pas encore la chance d'être fibré, je l'attends avec impatience, mon gameplay est je trouve bien plus fluide avec openWRT et le routeur que j'ai décidé d'utiliser, Ma modification sur mon routeur ne s'arrête pas à une simple DMZ ainsi qu'un SQM qu'on telecharge dans software, En premier temps , j'utilise port forward traffic rules et nat rules les 3 ont des regles bien specifique pour ma ps4, chose que ne fait pas netduma... ensuite j'utilise autoSQM et croyais moi ca marche très bien ) en deuxieme temps j'ai des regles personallisées pour mon pare feu iptables DSCP MARKS je joue avec une manette ds4 et l'accessibilité Mon idéal serait de dévellopper une manette pour gaucher et ainsi travailler en tant qu'éditeur commandes de touches pour les jeux vidéos, car bien souvent nous n'avons que très peu de choix de commandes adaptés à ceux styles inversées ... video pour nico j'ai reussi !!!.mov
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    My Auto setup QOS result...

    Thank you!
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    Cannot connect to Internet.

    Email sent.
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    The DumaOS Mobile App is OUT

    Love it folks great job thanks
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    Cannot access R2 router interface

    Hi i turned the R2 on and it was in boot loop so i pressed the reset button for 30 seconds and i have connection to the internet but cannot access the router interface, could you tell me how to do the ip configure procedure please.
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    Klesk Reaver

    Xr700 vs Xr1000

    Hoping for 3.0 on my XR700 soon Ill keep my XR700, need the extra LAN ports, my previous Asus router has 8 ports but speed test caps at 430mbit, CPU hits 100% at that speed, XR700 reaches 945mbit without QoS and is probably my max speed anyway (gigabit plan)
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    XR1000 not loading the QOS menu

    Did you factory reset after the update to firmware? if not I would strongly recommend you do as this clears the Low level code. Do not load a saved config but set up as new. Test once reset.
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    Netduma Fraser

    DumasOs 3.0

    You now have access
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    Netduma Fraser

    Netduma r2 just got it today

    Access the modem/router combo interface you were using previously. Go to the Internet Setup/WAN settings section there and note down the settings. Then put those settings in the WAN Settings of the R2 and you should get a connection.
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    Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War discussion

    I like how it looks as well. Just worried that SBMM will be back. So far I am kinda done with MW, I don't really feel like playing it anymore. I haven't even reached 155 or finished the BP yet for this season.
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    Ah I think you need the XR500-V2.3.2.104-DumaOS3.0-Beta.img. I can see two files in the zip, when you unzipped it did you see 2. heres what I’m seeing.
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    NetDuma R2 Packet Loss

    What do you have the interval set at? If it’s set lower than 2.5 seconds it can sometime falsely show packet loss at hop 1 I would recommend running a test directly from your modem, ping twitter.com then run exactly the same test from your R2. Post both sets of results here and we can help you out
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    Thanks it loaded back up normally. Thank you
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    General question on replace modem

    Ive never factory reset my routers when Ive add my new modems. Im kinda guessing but I'm thinking the router will pick up on it...but if not...do a factory reset and just reboot both of them up at the same time.
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    Je joue a destiny et la sa a l air de fonctionnez je te direz dans le temp merci
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    This hotfix addressed the issue of that error coming up for me. Thanks for this! I installed that hotfix image and the router rebooted and all the apps for Device Manager, Network Monitor and QoS started showing up for me.
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    From my understanding reading the sky forum just now Sky don't have a bridge mode on their routers and are unlikely to add it, Fraser. Its locked down pretty much as you can read here. https://helpforum.sky.com/t5/Broadband/Sky-router-bridge-mode-any-eta-on-this-being-possible/td-p/3265276
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    Asus have 1 that looks looks similar. Bloody ugly looking things. Under the hood the XR1000 is a tempting purchase.
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    Hey, welcome to the forum! It is not available currently but is on our roadmap - I couldn't say specifically when this might be implemented. They shouldn't get flushed, they'll appear as either online/offline on the router until removed. Telnet/SSH is not enabled for users. I will add your request to the roadmap so it gets boosted and maybe implemented sooner.
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    Netduma Fraser


    If that is the case then I would recommend people use Spectating mode so they're not restricting an already limited player pool.
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    yeah good point
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    XR700 DUMA OS 3.0

    Thank you everything works now
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    It was on my Dashboard I have the Geo-Filter, Auto Ping, Network Overview, and Traffic Overview on it. Everything seems to be working now
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    Having error with Duma OS 3.0

    OK, I'll test and see if it will be fixed. by the way: Traffic Overview Prioritized Download 8337516 Prioritized Upload 10260297 Background Download 49083540 Background Upload 42570284 Network Status: Bytes Packets Unprioritized Transmitted 7913273976 52567177 0 Received 124542177563 59527466 1880697
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    Duma os 3.0 on r1

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    Hey, welcome to the forum! Netgear decide on sending out the invites so very hard to say, it is a waiting game.
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    XR700 Keeps Disconnecting.

    yes the router just reboots, so far its holding out! no drops whilst streaming the windows install may of fixed the problem! will keep an update over the next couple of days
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    Yam Yam

    No Connection at all to R2

    Cheers Fraser, I was thinking it wasn't your department or it's seperate to what you guys do, thanks again 😁
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    Netduma Fraser

    XR700 - Duma 3.0

    We don't have a specific date. We're working hard to get it tested and released asap.
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    Tua PR

    QOS || Applications vs Devices

    Excellent! More than one console in my house. Now I know. Thanks!
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    No me conecta a internet.

    Ok fraser gracias. Tratare de buscarlo y darle solución a esto ya que me llego hoy y no lo he podido poner en marcha 🤷🏽
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    Netduma R2 with Sky Q

    Thanks Fraser. I'm hoping I can just plug the R2 in when it arrives in place if the R1 and change the SSID and everything else will work the same!
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    Netduma Fraser

    Party chat issues ps4

    As above it's because they are clustered. I did add it to the form so we should be able to add the entire cluster to be whitelisted once the next cloud is done.
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    if you want 3.0 in a near future, buy R2
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    Well at this rate it’ll be out before v3 is released
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    This is with flushing the cloud in the respective option menus not 'forcing' correct? TrayDay has some great advice above, you will likely need to do that in order to 1) Get an open NAT & 2) That could be blocking the cloud downloads. Let us know how you get on with his suggestion. Did you prioritize for latency or bandwidth? Sounds like latency, prioritize bandwidth, does it give you a higher result? It is something we've seen in this build and we are looking at this. It's only possible to show players if you make direct connections with them, with a game like MW where you connect direct to a server it isn't possible to show all the players. Really glad you're enjoying it so far!
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    So far very happy with the R2 and DumaOS 3, I'm now getting near max broadband speed (400MBs) with congestion control enabled. Initial installation was not completely smooth, initially the router could not get an internet connection and I was confused by the fact I couldn't connect and setup via ethernet. I had to read the manual (who reads manuals before trying a new gadget!) before I realized I could only setup via WiFi. I have no idea why it wouldn't get an internet connection at first but I reset the LAN IP subnet to my usual range left everything else to defaults and rebooted the netduma and the internet router and everything worked. I like the ping heatmap - would be great if we could chart the ping values, download the data or have a sparkline graph for each ping node so I can quickly see the ping over time
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    after 5 years i'm very tired of all this ... this is a very summarized version of my personal experience with this Company. in late 2015 i got the R1 which served the purpose on ADSL connection and somewhat controlled few aspects of my gaming, years went by as NetDuma empty promises over and over and Over. Yet technology improved so internet for most part as ISP had at least here in Europe comply with whatever was going on around them so connections got a lot better so wifi-routers (Netduma functionalities becomes obsolete) ... Now one day we've been informed of a partnership with Netgear which sure has some good hardware but never ever had good service nor maintenance (Software is obnoxious) on wifi-routers so to me all this sounded kinda of fishy ... but nevertheless said hey maybe they have a chance to redeem themselves, so for NetDuma which that point filled us with empty and painful waiting and a promised land that never came (the infamous new Beta version ... Anyone remembers).... Still on faith i tried extensively the xr500 and then the xr700 which both have great hardware potential but neither have demonstrated software wise any of that ... not going to sit here and list all the problems that both have cuz frankly is embarrassing especially on security side (not Netduma fault for most part .. i know) Still updates are nonexistent as Netgear customer service ... So gave away both routers to the shop and got an Asus RT-AX88U installed merlin and finally forgot it all about it ... back to the real world ... Now this PR stunt all over again in spite of all that had already happened.. once again Netgear get it first then maybe the outdated R1 and all comes down to a Beta which gives at first look of what ? Really !!! Geo fencing and few other things justify all this waiting all over again ? and you guys already working on 3.1 ... seriously... come on guys... You cannot even get a 3.0 Beta out properly and to you say we already working on 3.1.. hellooo... is this for Real !!! Not to mention all the PR from Netgear when you buy the router which none ever happened, but hey we promised you something so wait for it ... I don't know why i even wrote this post, maybe got really frustrated by this complete non sense (False Marketing and PR) or just maybe had to get it all out once and for all ... and put my R1 in his original box full of promises and wait to become what should already been ... Still Just my humble opinion on Company that has a very Unique idea/way on how to treat loyal or new customers ... So long
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