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    Xr500 firmware updates

    The only reason I still use it is for the geofilter. If another company came up with something similar, I'd be all over it. I cascaded an openwrt router to it to control my entire network besides my ps4. Openwrt is open source and has nighty, yes every frickin day, builds. So yes I agree. Netgear will just eol all these routers and move on. Netduma will keep saying a new firmware is coming to keep selling routers, but it's been way too long! I don't think will ever see a working firmware for any of the XR series.
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    At this point, after almost seven months between updates I've pretty much lost all faith in the product. The fact that you used to be a lot more open about the Netgear side of things and suddenly it’s all quiet, the fact no patches were released for milestone 1.3 it was just left sitting there being buggy for this long honestly doesn’t give me any faith that this router will get any better, or even if we get the next update which is probably due, yet it still leaves me wondering if we will ever get another one? At the end of the day it feels like these routers have been totally abandoned by both netduma and netgear as a experiment gone wrong. Not so long ago Netduma were telling us all the things that were going to happen all those tweaks that Jack promised like the extra icons for all the devices that are not listed in the device manager, yet now it’s just silence. The excitement for your team up with Netgear seems to have evaporated to be honest. As I said the XR500 is one of, if not the most buggy routers I’ve used and at seven months without an update, I would consider this device even if it does get a firmware update to be pretty much end of life, which isn’t great for people are still buying them. I'm not saying this is what will happen but its how it feels Honestly I wouldn’t advise anyone to buy the XR500 or any of that range of routers due to their complete and utter lack of support by both sides. Netgear have forgotten their AC routers, the quarterly updates gone along with the promises made by your team that never came to fruition and I feel like this was a giant beta test and at the end of the day it didn’t really work out for Netduma or Netgear as maybe you expected. You can’t leave routers unpatched for so long when your team used to be so on top of when the next updates would be roughly coming, and hinting at fixes and new features yet suddenly that behaviour changed almost overnight. Also you need enough developers to be able to patch bugs in current firmware while developing new firmware and you seem to have not got them, and I get the feeling that’s maybe nearer the truth possibly. Also we probably won’t see new Netgear AX DumaOS routers if things carry on like this, it feels like there’s a breakdown between you and Netgear and it just doesn’t inspire confidence. I hope you can see and understand why many of us feel this way. The continued silence and massive amount of time since V2.3.2.40 came out just keeps getting longer, It really does now feel like time to move on from Netgear based DumaOS routers. If the next update when it appears is not a substantial one I think the result from the current user base that's feeling uncomfortable with the present situation will be to look for other devices, pure and simple.
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    Xr500 firmware updates

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    Qos help

    You are correct use traffic priority so your packets leave and enter the queue first. Every packet queues even if there is only a little bandwidth being used by another user on the network, this will form a queue. Having your gaming packets prioritised means it will drop the other packets for **ms and lets yours through then tp will resend the other devices packets there after.
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    6 months for XR500 ... and nothing ! LOL !
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    I don't feel the politics of the partnership are relevant with regard to this matter because: 1) If The XR500 is broken, and a new firmware will solve the problem then fix it. 2) What partner wouldn't want it fixed? 3) Knowing when the firmware is going to be released is irrelevant, they could have released several, and only told us at the time of release. Or not released any and not told us (sounds familiar). Or even tell us they are going to release one but not when (sounds very familiar). The last one rings of I know some thing you don't know! especially when technical users of this forum are asking "what firmware? Could you send me a copy?". Nothing like having your nose rubbed in it! 4) The real crux of the matter is: If the problem is real, and there is a skillbase to produce the fix, then why not implement the fix? 5) Finally I am a customer, and not interested in internal wrangling. I just want a product that works, I have (as we all have) invested money in this product and would like to know what to do next. I don't want to have to wait to be told it's an End Of Line, or its a growing pains thing, oh and of course; there is a new firmware coming out, but not when! Ultimately I want to use your product, it's a great idea, and when it works well, there is non better. When I read the adverts about the partnership with NG, and how this router (XR500) was going to be better than the R1, I couldn't wait to have one, I gave my R1 away when the XR500 arrived. Now where am I; with no support for a product that needs it, no R1, and the partners putting the blame on each other, like school children with dirty hands and faces, denying it was them that buried their sisters doll, and what garden/yard? Then pointing at some other kids, saying it was them. Just fix this. You owe it us and more so you owe it yourselves!
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    Fraser do you not see what has happened here.. You guys were known for your openness with the community on several things.. Now this policy you have with Netgear has pretty much taken all of that away from you guys.. That alone has changed Netduma.. People and players cant wait for fixes this long. No matter how you cut and dice this its impossible to survive.. If your not aloud to make patches along the way until the next build out then there really is no way I can see this working in the future.. This is like becoming a runaway train.. You guys have to start saying something here.. What about the issues people have posted about for sometime.. Can you talk about anything about fixes? What is troubling me and im sure others is fixes.. I don't ever hear where we are at with current problems.. Are there fixes? We need some sort of status where we can get an idea of whats being fixed and where we are at with those issues.. Whats really scaring me here is ive watched you guys respond to others with similar issues and for some odd reason by your guys replies make it sound like that was the first time you've heard of such an issue when many others have posted about the same thing already.. It almost sounds like you have no idea or have yet to reproduce the issue at hand even if it has been brought up several times before here on the forum.. So this likely may mean even when we get a new firmware issues may not even be fixed! That is my number one concern.. I honestly could not recommend any of the XR family routers to any of my friends.. I wouldn't even suggest these to people I don't even know.. Zippy.
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    XR500 access and reset issues

    Resetting whilst disconnecting all Ethernet cables worked. Cheers Zippy 👊🏼
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    That's awesome! Good to see Fathers and sons owning online. My Dad & I used to play Doom on IPX network back in 1995. Normally against each other not coop though
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    i have problem with DNS

    I know what your asking about and unfortunately you can't turn off DNS Relay. You will always have the router as the DNS address unless you manually set each device witch I don't suggest you do. Dunno if it's possible to build the ability to turn off DNS Relay in DumaOS but if so it would be welcomed. The relay is almost always slower than connecting direct to the DNS servers.
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    fraser je te remercie de ta réactivité si seulement les gens de netgear pouvaient faire de même.
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    bonjour fraser, je suis un informaticien passionné et je suis conscient que s est le mème software . mais netgear doit adapter son matériel ou le logiciel pour une utilisation optimale (supposition ) et cela fonctionne mal . j ai au cours du temps réglé ces différents problèmes mais tout ce temps perdu en reboot ,instabilité sur du fonctionnement basique est épuisant et non productif . j attend d un routeur une certaine fiabilité et le xr500 en l état actuel ne m inspire pas confiance pour une utilisation constante .
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    Thanks Guys. I had to reset using the paperclip. Now it works like it's supposed to. Thanks again.
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    Interleaving is back :(

    12.7db Downstream SNR 16.0dB Upstream SNR You are close to the cabinet with a Max Attainable Data Rate of 92.934 Mb/s / 26.636 Mb/s You have an higher SNRM than many because you are so close to the cabinet giving you more headroom. Yes DLM will raise the SNRM on a user that is further away from the cabinet to give stability for noise issues that bite into the ratio, you have a high SNR already but DLM does not work case by case but a flat rate for all. DLM has put an 8ms Download 5ms upload interleaving on the line. Like you say 0/0 is fast path. The signal is fine for the attenuation.
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    It worked! thank you.
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    Can I please get someone code a hysterical laughing sound for when I click on the check for update button on my NetDuma XR500. I think that should definitely be put into the next build for sure.
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    On the 18th of July it will be 7 months since an update has dropped for the XR500. Netduma's mood towards Netgear seems very distant right now but without some transparency this is all guess work. If Netgear and Netduma have parted company and Netgear are reaching end of support for their AC routers it would be good to know so I can sell the router and move on. Its buggy, QoS does not always work as it should, network mapping gets confused, the Geo Filter seems to do not much any more, UPnP has never populated for me in over a year. It only did on one of the early firmwares and thats not good as you cant go back due to lots of security issues. I think a statement about whats going on is needed for people that Own Netgear/DumaOS devices so they can move forward if these routers are not going to get regular updates. I'm not waiting seven months for the next update when this one finally drops that's for sure! Communication does not seem to be Netduma's strong point or Netgears and that just hurts the user base.
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    Xr500 firmware updates

    I’m in agreement here ,it’s the 15th July and amazon prime day ,might be some router deals to go for ,I’ve never had a router that does not get supported after it’s been released and initially firmware got bugs mostly resolved, the timeline of updates is very poor and also NetDuma seem to be distancing themselves away from this thread , I was told when I decided to move from ASUS Rog rapture to XR500 that the product would be fully supported moving forward,this was over a year ago now and I kind of feel let down that people are seeing some issues and firmware release is poor, understand Netgear but when I owned R7800 they did at least throw out firmware, so really the question is ,has the XR500 now been put to one side in favour of the newer AX models,Netgear still advertisers XR on Facebook ,one more month and I’m done if no firmware, getting on my nerves family members asking why the iOS device keeps disconnecting.Back to ASUS I think 🤔
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    Yes I did do that. However, see below. I called to activate the new modem, but I guess they didn't provision it. I just called again and they did the provisioning and now my speeds have jumped up I'm averaging in the 300-400 range when I disable QoS. It goes down when I enable it, but I assume that's by design. Tested direct connect to the modem and was getting in the mid 400s so there is a lot less disparity now. So now I just have to make sure comcast provides me what I'm paying for, wish me luck there Thanks for the help everyone. I'll be sure to hang out on the forums some and post again if things go awry.
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    Welcome to the forum. What modem do you have? Qos enabled? What firmware on router? If it's a router/modem from xfinity, you have to put it in bridge mode. If it's just a modem, reset the modem with a paperclip. If there's no reset button, unplug it for 10 minutes. That will allow the modem to reprovision the routers Mac address. Turn off qos and bufferbloat.
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    I've just seen a high level request for a cloud update within the team so I suspect I'll hear back on that shortly, sorry to hear it's still an issue but should hopefully be resolved shortly.
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    Netduma Alex


    No problem, always a pleasure.
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    Perfect! Thank you.
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    You should never alter the MTU, leave it turned off as this will use the default MTU value for your connection type.
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    Openreach NTE5C master socket

    it won't put a fault on your line unless you wire it incorrectly! You can ask an engineer to come out and do it but they may charge you. There are many videos on how to change a faceplate on youtube.
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    Openreach NTE5C master socket

    hi the NTESC or MK4 socket has no need for a vdls filter as it has it's own port that will allow you to plug a modem directly into.
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    No worries, we will continue to test and optimise the games as much as possible, we'll let people know when a cloud has been done.
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    Sky and Open WRT

    we have done it guys!! open WRT on the DM200 with the XR300 in the DMZ and we have open NAT!! F You Sky!!!
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    NEDuma xr500

    Yes, those logs perfectly normal, nothing to worry about.
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    You are not logging into the internet in any way here, its http which yes is more insecure but you are logging into the device so really it does not matter as much, its not like logging into a website so it should not matter, even though https support would be great from Netgear.
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    That could work, I'll add it to the ideas list
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    Just a suggestion for improvement in the Geo Filter: Sometimes the peer icon appears directly on the server icon, (and vice versa) and it gets annoying constantly trying to click on one and the other appears because they're directly on top of one another. If I'm trying to check a server with a peer icon directly on it, there should be some type of distinction that the system knows exactly which icon I'm trying to choose in that particular scenario.
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    Bandwith Allocation Help

    I just keep it equal for everything. Seems to run better that way. Gaming doesn't use much bandwidth. Just make sure share excess is enabled for both upload and download.
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    Okay @Choppa01 could you please email us on [email protected] and we'll get this sorted out. Put a link to this thread in the email!
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    Firstly, try rebooting the router using the software reboot button (press the ℹ️ icon, then REBOOT) If that doesn't work, you might have to reset the router as @Sunaikinti says. I'd try resetting the router through the interface before attempting with a paperclip (Settings > Administration > Backup Settings > Revert to factory default)
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    R1 problem ?

    Okay think think i found the problem yesterday we had a huge storm come through with high winds and i went and saw that the cables outside where really messed up so i called and had them fixed and so far everythings be good so far.
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    XR500 Bricked my R1?

    Thanks Fraser. Also just wanted to thank you and Alex you all your help over the last week and a bit. You guys are awesome 😉
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    I downgraded to .32 last night and was able to look at it tonight. It appears that the issue is not present on .32. My PC is showing as online when I boot it and look at the manager. My S8000 switch is not showing as online, which is what I expect, since its a switch. My Xbox and TV also show as online when I start them and move to offline when I turn them off, as expected. I will continue to monitor.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Black Ops 4 Support

    On the Geo-Filter page you first need to add your gaming device, you will then see the option to switch between filtering or spectating mode. As you’re in the UK a range of 1000km should get you very good games close to home. It sounds like you don’t have the Geo-Filter setup correctly but if you follow what I just wrote then you should notice a difference then.
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    XR500 bufferbloat

    Same problem I have.. And you are correct the flower must be equal.. Once I allocate more bandwidth to another device all bets are off! All I have found is more similarities with others that have this router.. Nothing makes any sense with any of this.. Zippy.
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    You have to block some of these servers. They are absolute trash. I agree with you on the chicago server. It's by far the closest to me and best ping and for this game plays the best. You really feel the lag in blackout. It's amazing how many servers are in one bank. There's gotta be like 10+ per server. Cause I feel like I am denying the same one over and over. But if you look at the ID its not the same one. Good stuff Bdotson!
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    Well they're not saying not to use our router specifically. From their point of view if you don't have full connectivity then you could experience longer search times etc which is why they don't recommend it.
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    Netduma Fraser

    Xr300 GUI

    I believe I know what the issue is so I've let the team know and hopefully they'll be able to resolve that but we won't be able to release a firmware ourselves
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    option 2 would be useful for many users
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    Xr300 GUI

    best connection i've ever had tho!! back to back wins on blackout!
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    Ok i just finished the process.. I will keep you updated
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    Thanks Blur - great to know you would value all of these things. Many of these features are planned for upcoming Development Milestones.
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    Netduma Admin

    Xr500 firmware updates

    Thanks for the feedback guys So you know, we are working on DumaOS Milestone 1.4 right now. We don’t give release dates but obviously we want all DumaOS users to get this as soon as possible. NETGEAR also input changes to their side of the firmware (Settings, drivers etc). All of this takes time to test and make sure it’s stable, which is why updates tend to be large and every few months rather than small but frequent updates.
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