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  1. On the xr500 you can add manual ports mid-game and it works Flawlessly! You can not do this on the R2! Just like you said it can be hard to nail the exact port down, so this will be very benificial to those who can find the port mid-game. Can you get this implemented?
  2. I reported this back in March. My app has to get the port after the connection is made and that is the reason why. You can get manual ports to work and you have to have the port in there before a connection is created. From memory this is only the case on the r2. - When they fix it their end then my app will work as intended.
  3. It should work, delete file on desktop named newsettings.txt and re open my exe
  4. try this https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApLNR75YpVCMqTq-Z67c40Pt57Xf?e=s0FrsB
  5. Mainly because the main discussion took place in another thread. here https://forum.netduma.com/topic/30279-gaming-hardware-and-settings-controllers-headsets-monitors-routers/#comments In this thread you will find out why i made it and all of that. Im sure all of the links to files in that thread have been removed by myself. There have been many variations Correct. No. You put file on your computer fill in the info and it will connect, no proxy or anything like that. Your computer just needs to be connected to dumaos. Im not one for sob storeys but i havent been invested in this at the moment. but i will get back to it. but feel free to ask any questions
  6. Utorrent uses peers to connect 2, geo filter will block it. If its outside ur settings. Best advice I can give is to only use geo while gaming.
  7. I'll take a look in the next couple of days.
  8. Glad u sorted it. Just remember when you have a port in use by a game it will show as closed in port scanning tools.
  9. @Satan1976 I love solving issues like this. When you change your router you also change your pc network firewall, can you check your pc firewall under both conditions of r2 and xr300 you may find that you have to add the game to the new network. For me my r2 says network 2 when i hover over the icon in system tray and when i have my xr it just says network. so please check. The quickest way to test this theory is to disable the firewall completly and restart your pc and try.
  10. What does your currently look like? @Flipmode
  11. @Flipmode I havent done a lot of gaming since lockdown, but i do fiddle about. My latency to game servers in eastern europe is very low of 25ms in locations. Depending where you are in the uk, you can be routed through liverpool or london. On the day before my switchover i disconnected from the phone socket multiple times as i thought this would be the best time to make changes as my line would get a dlm reset on switchover day. However its been a couple of months now and my sync is 72Mbps compared to before it was the full 80Mpbs, but this is not really down to supplier. I have had no disconnections and support offers a ticket system if needed, and as you mentioned your tied to a 12 month contract and unable to move to FTTP unless you pay the remainder on your FTTC. The links they have to game servers are really good. I have got mid 80ms to parts of the usa, aus and japan is about 250ms, all of which are on ping heatmap for fortnite. comes with ipv6 that also works with the r2. They do supply a free modem/router, i have discovered that mine came broken i have not made a ticket for it as i dont plan on using it. Speed test throughout the day are very consistant. Take the plunge you wont be disappointed.
  12. the r2 is a router only and you will still need a seperate modem. Plug your r2 into the modem and your wired devices into the r2. do you have an internet connection? If you dont you may need to set up PPPoE and you can find this option under network settings on the r2, you may already know/have these details if not you will need them off your isp. What is your normal setup? just in case you need more assistance.
  13. I think the antennas that I got are shite, bit of brewers droop! Lets hope they are not the same for everyone.
  14. What you have to know first is that the majority of the pings returned are not 100% true. To show you this grab the ip addresses from geo or ping heatmap and run it through a cmd promt using the tracert. You will see that the last hops are unreachable, but the figures shown in geo filter and ping heatmap will show you the last reachable ping. In some cases this reachable ping will be the same as end destination. Also to continue to show you this, if you check the in game ping say on Modern Warfare and compare it to that of the geo filter you will also see this. In my conclusion the closer you live to a particular server the ping returned is going to be pretty close. You need to adjust your ping assist to a higher value to get what you want.
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