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  1. the app is not responsible how the game plays. all the app does is add to 'Prioritization' a specific port. dumaos takes care of the rest. if you check qos page after you refresh the page you will see what has been added. you do not need to have dumaos web page open for it to work. try starting a game then open app, click manual. does it work? then start a new game and click auto, let it run, over 2 to 3 games observe the app for changes. if it disapears let me know.
  2. ok i have just found the issue, and its a typo. I set it to search only 3074 no matter what you put in for source port. my mistake.
  3. Here as requested a new link removed todo I will work on adding some debug for next version. Then you will be able to help more
  4. I do not own xbox 1. Have you got the latest app? v 1.3 you can use an above link to get it. It would also be nice to get a list of setups. for me to better understand what i need to work on. Do you get any error messages? or any mesages?
  5. what ever in game is reporting is the port to use in my app. in your case 3075. https://drive.google.com/open?id=16Dt0WxE6BOrVmowXhcHUei-svcD7kgy7 i use google drive and every time i upload a new file it uses the same link, if your unsure if you have the latest file just redownlaod. also i have added file version to window, current version is 1.3
  6. I remember, to get it to work on bo3 was much more difficult, but I did manage it, but since that game my code got modified for the next cod game. I wonder if i can find it.
  7. no idea what dmg is. i use google drive so every time i update the app it uses the same share link, just re download when i repost a link thats a plus then
  8. i see it still needs a little improvment, its lost the server on the app. The good thing is that it doesnt remove from prioritization, If the server plays good you can click Allow it will add to your Allow/deny ready when you use geo filter
  9. Then likely this will not work either. the latest version i posted should show an error on failure, just let me know what it is if any, than i could fix
  10. To be clear, each app i made had the intention to work on all duma os, but my testing is limited to what i own. adn each version i put out will be intended for all of duma os. i cant fix what i dont know. does this app i just put up work for you on the xr700? .
  11. I have hooked up my r1 and after and hour or so i have found the problem. It hasnt had much testing and quite supprised there was only 1 thing wrong. I think i got it this time @N3CR0
  12. At times, it will pick up a backend server, not often though, just like the geo filter picks it up at times. but not to worry the app will correct it self when it detects the game, at the moment the app scans for new servers like every 8 seconds. which ever is the newest at time of probe will be added. and while gaming i have not seen the backend make an appearance.
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