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  1. Usually port 3074 Are you having trouble?
  2. My file creates a txt file on desktop delete it and restart. No its an exe. I believe you will need to click on more info on the alert screen and click run anyway Your all welcome to run it on any scanner you want. Try on a few scanners and if ur still not happy don't use it.
  3. @L7NALMARI I have only used it on cod, others have reported that they have had it working on other games using diffrent ports. Try it and find out.
  4. The port closes when utorrent is exited. To test simply disable firewall on the pc its preformed on. But I guess ur concern is, while playing a game u feel that the ports are closed, and testing it on the above site confirms ur suspicion. First you would need to find some1 that can show open when game is being played, b4 u can go any further. I can not get open this way. I dont think you can but nothing wrong with trying. Good luck
  5. i can get it to show open, using utorrent. When i preform same test with cod on pc it shows closed, this may be a security feature on pc/console for cod.
  6. I have not used that site/program. I'm pretty certain nobody can get a fair test using games console.
  7. I have only looked now and again. So i cant really answer. Maybe console blocks those kind of requests for security.
  8. When i do this its also closed for me, so i then open utorrent on my computer use the port 3074 in the connection settings, then canyouseeme will work.
  9. I only play cod. I havent played much even though I'm on furlough i think game play is subjective. I can only go off of how I feel and I feel great about it.
  10. No outages, speed as expected. your going to be connected to FFTC with the speeds you gave, and as you know these are only estimates which will be the same for any provider you had chosen. It will be pretty quiet now from them untill they have further information, like sending out your modem/router and this will be a tp-link archer vr400 you will be able to put this in modem only mode.
  11. @Rdot i recently joined Ghostgb just over a month, and so far its good. my base ping to london from south wales is 10ms, and to the netherlands its less than 24ms, which is really good. They have direct connections with some gaming services. like steam, xbox.amazon and google to name a few. The parent company is called structured communications. 12 month contract. currently with 30% knocked off.
  12. The program i use is not compitable with github quick macros
  13. Thanks for the appreciation, Im not familier with github, and sharing of code is not something i want to do. I think sharing of any code or selling can/will bring more harm and can create more problems. community driven stuff is all well and good but if you have to many chiefs and not enough indians then whats the point. any doubt in charcheter is fine and welcomed becasue im not forcing anyone or asking them to use it. however i do get feedback on a weekly basis from ipinfo as im using their free api for ip lookups and im currently getting about 10000-12000 per month in ip lookups. Which says to me there is a very strong use/need for it. It would be good to see it implemented in 3.0 like they have done with delete offline Fantastic
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