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  1. The program i use is not compitable with github quick macros
  2. Thanks for the appreciation, Im not familier with github, and sharing of code is not something i want to do. I think sharing of any code or selling can/will bring more harm and can create more problems. community driven stuff is all well and good but if you have to many chiefs and not enough indians then whats the point. any doubt in charcheter is fine and welcomed becasue im not forcing anyone or asking them to use it. however i do get feedback on a weekly basis from ipinfo as im using their free api for ip lookups and im currently getting about 10000-12000 per month in ip lookups. Which says to me there is a very strong use/need for it. It would be good to see it implemented in 3.0 like they have done with delete offline Fantastic
  3. A file named newsettings on desktop. Delete it. Or edit it
  4. The numbers mean a number of things, like is the server also been found in geo or not is it added to hyperlane, has dpi detected it to be gaming traffic and probably more things. No need to factory reset, while I'm in work ur gona have to think what you have changed before it stopped working. My app will only work when u have duma os set correctly
  5. If its failing to go beyond that point, I would need to look at the code as im in work at the moment, but you can try manually to remove any hyperlane from the router and or classified games and try my app again. The message your seeing is when my app finds a server and then it attempts to remove any hyperlane associated with the same device. But without looking at my code I wont know for sure just yet
  6. No it's just for information.
  7. It doesnt interfere with anything other than duma os.
  8. i have stated somewhere that at times it will grab the wrong ip just due to my code, but when it goes into game it will get the correct ip. on a side note I am aware that Caddy 1.2 isnt working as it should all the time, again due to my code. Im trying to make things work better etc, so please use Caddy 1.1 then i belive some of your issues will be resolved. As long as it gets the correct server when the game starts its working.
  9. I think this is a rarely used feature just due to the fact i havent explaind much behind it, but i do plan to. Add some servers to your allow/deny list the normal way from your router. Now use my app and click on save to file, name it what you like in the save dialog box. now go to router and delete the servers you just put in. then use my app and load the file up you just saved and refresh the router page, you will see that they are now all back in there.
  10. there will be times when you need to factory reset for example requested to do so by duma os support, or you have updated your firmware etc. or you feel the need to do it for what ever other reason.
  11. ok so the idea behind this feature is when you need to factory reset. First you would add your allow/deny the usual way through dumaos, then before you factory reset you would use my app and click on save allow/deny to file. it will create file on desktop keep it safe, after reset of router, you can then load up all your allow/deny in an instant using my app. quick and easy especaily if you have a large list there are other ways also, like your mate or something has found some servers he/she likes dislikes and you want to add them you can create a file your self and add it using my app.
  12. Which caddy version are you using? I'll be honest this feature isn't best explained or implemented Do you already know the ips? Also if you hover over the buttons there are tooltips if your using caddy 1.2 then click help I'm sure I put more info in there. It prob best for me to make a small video.
  13. Yes very possible and actually, easy to implement a port range, but then as I do not play the game, I do not know what side effects it will have so I guess ur the test subject. I have been back in work and my pattern is not the best at the moment, so I dont really get enough time after work. But I will get it done.
  14. When you decide to use my app to prioritize specific ports, just click start and it will keep running until you stop it.
  15. If you have tried on mw then it should be working. You should be entering duma os ip address., delete the file named newsettings and start my app and re enter details. It's either ur understanding of how it works, or something is happening that I'm not aware of. I am more than happy to keep exploring until resolved. So can u tell me what duma os router ur using
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