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  1. I should have been more clear. Re check that your pc firewall is allowing it as sometimes when you switch networks, your using a diffrent firewall exceptions list. But if this has already been done then ignore this message.
  2. Please check your pc's firewall to see if the game is allowed, you maybe connected to the wrong network from when you last did it.
  3. I don't play that game so I don't know. For research don't use ping heat map, just use geo and record the ips or id. That you get during, before and after. Then once again after 2 mins of just waiting in the lobby. Let's see if we can see a pattern then we can work out from there
  4. That id is coming back as and its based in cardiff, not ireland or belgium. Your showing images from both geo and ping heatmap. You must not rely on joining a lobby that uses the ip from ping heatmap. heatmap is just an indication only| In geo filter map the server in ireland may not be the one from ping heatmap
  5. Its pretty simple really, the port is already occupied by your main ps4, you bot ps4 will use a random port if 3074 is already taken. There is a setting on xr500 to have nat filtering (open or secured) and this will be responsible. If the port is already listed for one ps4 then your not going to get another to use the same. 9308 is used for chat.
  6. plug your normal hub in and try that just to see what results are
  7. the device your using to do the pingplotter you can try ethernet. also reduce the interval to 2.5seconds
  8. First of all this kind of testing can tell you if its your ISP, middle men and Server at fault. Do you have any ips for the server?
  9. use pingplotter on a desktop and run it to some servers to see where its going wrong. heres a decent looking one.
  10. Just offering my thoughts as i think some of your feedback are actual issues If your on Sky or any other provider that requires extra ID's (VCI, CID) then it not extreme, but a necessity if you want to connect directly to the modem in a type of bridged mode. The same for such if you need to use PPPoE, you will need username and password to authenticate with your ISP. Lets be honest an ISP probably takes these steps to stop joe public from using their own eqipment. From what i can gather these ISP will stop support if your using your own equipment. Wifi is shit on the r2, They know that. They use open source drivers, and even the source has not prefected it. Dont hold out on wifi. As a gamer dont you think using ethernet is best. There wil be new firmware as some point. but dont hold out for it, it wont fix all the isses. They have their own agenda bit off more than they can chew. but im sure at some point things will improve. As a BETA tester before launch i did say the product was not ready, I appoligise that i wasnt louder, but like i said they have their own agenda regaurdless.
  11. Im in the UK, most games are played on UK Amsterdam France Spain Germany My latency is ok on all of them. Dont get me wrong i have my moments/days/weeks its really laggy sometimes even when all the signs point it should be good. I just dont know what gets into it to make it not enjoyable.
  12. ps5 no geo Congestion 70/70 (60/18 speeds set in congestion) Always In DMZ DumaOS classified games. Wifi Turned off(use my XR500 in access point) Add blocker Off no VPN
  13. Have the guy to post a tracert with and without the vpn. be intersting to see the route
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