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  1. Its happening to me also. Probably nothing can be done router wise, just have to wait for the game to get better.
  2. Thats quite funny. every time i do this method it matches 100% of the time.
  3. basically its a tracert (pings every hop). it uses the last responding ip address for its ping. Which by the way is not a true result, The last hop (final destination) could be anything, best case scenario is its the same ping as the last repsonding. or worst case +1000ms, who actually knows!
  4. From my understanding your r2 is connected to your hub thats in router mode and no hub i know of can send this ipv6 through its lan for the r2 to use as a WAN so its can assign its devices a ipv6 address You will not get ipv6 to your xbox with your setup. you may get one if the r2 connects using PPPoE
  5. It doesnt do anything like that. If you think that only using the current game port in traffic priority works best for you then this file will help with doing that for you that would otherwise be a long process.
  6. i dont own the xr1000 so i dont know.
  7. We prioritise 3074 as that is the port we use internally. We can only prioritise traffic thats in our router. We can not control the outside world. When we are in a game the servers use a different range. Maybe this is why your confused. The reason why some of us narrow down ports in tp, is because we only want the actual game to have priority and not the other non essential game ports.
  8. You got your wires a bit crossed. Moderate NAT or STRICT will only exsist if there are issues with getting an open NAT Port 3074 in general is used for call of duty, the 30000 range is used on the recievers end. We have no control over what port the reciever uses. If port 3074 on your end has not been forwarded, not in upnp or DMZ then your likerly going to get a moderate or strict nat type. your device is responsible for what port it uses, and if it finds that it cant communicate on 3074 then the logical thing it does is adds 1 to the range. Now it will look at 3075, then 3076 etc. There are other scenarios, but we dont need to go into that. In the Image below is what it should look like when you set a rule for those port ranges. This has nothing to do with NAT Type or anything like that. Also disable all other rules if any are active. TP is used to make sure your gaming traffic has priority this way there will be no bottleneck caused by your other devices connected to your DUMAOS.
  9. Its an app that was made on duma os 2.0. Some features that are on there are on duma os 3.0 by default yes there are some other things on there but was made on duma os 2.0. so not expected to work. Good news. I will be making an updated version.
  10. As far as im aware you cant do this that way. R2 will need to handle PPPoE for your sky connection, then you may have a chance your r2 will dish out the Correct ipv6 to its devices.
  11. My setup is Modem >R2 >(xr500) in access point mode The wifi on the r2 is disabled. I also have other devices connected directly to r2 using the spare ethernet ports. And that would be my suggestion to you.
  12. But you do have congestion control mode to off, I would change that to any other
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