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  1. Just another question if i were to connect a 5Ghz router that it runs though the R1, then connect my wireless devices to the 5Ghz router would this affect the performance of the R1 in any way. Thanks in advance.👍
  2. Thanks for the replies and heads up with my issue keep up the good advice folks its very much appreciated thank you.
  3. Thanks for the reply sir am getting between 30/40 mbs download and 18 mbs upload done the WIFI analyser and there are no wireless devices around it to be honest. PSK2 is also set once again thanks for the reply 👍.
  4. Hi folks any help if you can please, just been upgraded to 80/20 on sky fiber and am struggling to obtain a download speed anywhere near to 80. The upload is always fine just an issue with the download, wired speeds are fine and i have tried going through various suggestions on the forums with no luck. Set up is sky modem then the duma and then everything is going though the duma, never had the issue till i was upgraded i have also waited the 10 or so days for the connection to become stable.Any help/suggestion would be appreciated.😀 I hope i find the duma army all well and in good health.
  5. Turn console on and and reboot game before turning geo-filter back on.
  6. Yes dont forget to save it
  7. Have you turned UpNp off and rebooted the router
  8. Go to network settings open DHCP and give your console a static ip this will ensure your console connects to the same ip each time.
  9. If it helps i have done the following to open my NAT, first turned uPnP off then port forward the ports 3074,3075 UDP. Then deleted my console from the geo-filter and unchecked strict mode and auto ping flushed the cloud and rebooted router, all this was done while console was hard off. Turned console back on and rebooted game up and now NAT was saying open in game. Then i enabled geo-filter back on and ticked strict mode and auto ping back on. This seems to work could just be a fluke on my behalf do to me being an old fart and a caveman when it comes to technology apologies if it does not help sorry.
  10. Dont know if this helps but when i boot game up these pop up first took the screen shot to show.
  11. Am getting players no dedis showing up within the geo filter and virtually every game its showing to many players in your party to join session or if i do get into a game its constant host migration. Fully zoomed out shows no other icons only icons within the geo filter are shown. Just to add got the geo set at a 1000 miles from my home location.
  12. Getting the same Greco nothing showing up at all, then if i do get in a lobby am getting booted or host migration just seems to be running on peers for me.Also getting to many players in party to join lobby
  13. Similar issue fraser strict mode on get lobby not joinable turn it off and it connects to severs but a lot of the time to USA, got geo filter covering Europe.
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