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  1. Sorry for the lateness of reply Fraser tried your suggestion my issue is still there.
  2. Thanks for the reply and to be honest have already tried that suggestion out and still get the disconnects.
  3. Any more info on my issue folks sorry to be a pain.
  4. Very random already tried different cables to ps4 still get the issue but don't get it when it's connected to my sky hub
  5. No rules to be honest everything seems fine regarding bandwidth allocation.
  6. Tried on a different LAN port still happens as for the QOS Just basically standard folks 70/70 Duma classified games enabled.
  7. Does not happen when it's on WiFi and I get the message LAN cable disconnected on playstation
  8. Complete disconnect from the psn for a short while then reconnects it's intermittent tried connecting to my sky router with same cable with no issues just seems to be when QOS is on
  9. Only running my ps4 on the ethernet the rest are though wifi Fraser.
  10. Hi am having a problem with the above when QOS is enabled running latest firmware cables all ok etc, just wondering if anyone else is having this issue cheers.
  11. Your welcome Fraser you are dedicated to your work mate, right played a good few games with QOS off with no issues with disconnects then switched it back on and started to get my issue again sir.
  12. No Fraser sir not changed anything at all i will try and disabled the QOS and get back to you thanks for the reply as always you are a credit to your company.
  13. Hi folks any advice or help please i keep getting the ethernet cable not connected on my PS4 Pro when attached to the netduma R2 intermittently, it does not matter which port its connected to on the R2 the cable is fine also. To test this i have connected the same cable straight to my Sky router and i do not get the issue this way i am wondering if this is a issue with the R2 i have also rebooted/factory reset the R2 and i am running on the most updated firmware. Any help would be greatly apricated from you good folks and i hope you are all safe and well.
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