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  1. Hi Fraser could you please send me the latest firmware please sir
  2. I was thinking of doing one it would consist of 1 Eject MW disk 2 Throw said disk over garden wall 3 Sit back beer in hand and relax
  3. I am the same mucker packet loss though ping plotter but none though the command ping prompt.
  4. Thanks for the reply done as requested and not showing no packet loss.
  5. I would check the cable first mucker, saying that i have started to get slight packet loss on hop 2 at 7% pinging twitter but the final destination is fine. Seems sky is a bit of pain.
  6. Just checked mine it was fine, is it the original hub or the newest one. I seem to remember ping plotter having a issue with the older hubs and packet loss, i would check my cable in between the hub and the R2 mucker.
  7. To true but it was worth the wait lets just hope its not another 30 mucker, 96 never forgotten YNWA.
  8. The wife always says to me I have a weak end at the weekends, to much beer me thinks. I will get me coat sorry folks.
  9. Was something similar on the original R1 or am I mistaken?
  10. When you power down how long are you leaving it off for Eddie ? and are you port forwarding as well as using UpNP.
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