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  1. No not at all Just set up as normal but turn wifi and upnp off on the sky hub and let the r2 take care of the rest.
  2. I have the r2 connected to the sky hub then turn wifi etc off on the sky hub.
  3. I understand mucker sky is a pain when it comes to the r2 few folks seem to have issues with it, just wish the duma team would look into it am fed up with using the sky hub.
  4. Am using the sky hub, sky uses MER and I think you have to have a certain modem to work along side it if am not mistaken mucker.
  5. Are you using the sky hub ?
  6. What issues you having buddy.
  7. Just done a ping check still the same 2 servers 143ms ping and 158ms ping.
  8. Don't know just might be a coincidence it might help you with the issue knowing if its a certain ip.
  9. Am getting the same issues as above on ps4 pro geo around uk only just out of interest is sky your isp.
  10. Hi Fraser could you please send me the latest firmware please sir
  11. I was thinking of doing one it would consist of 1 Eject MW disk 2 Throw said disk over garden wall 3 Sit back beer in hand and relax
  12. I am the same mucker packet loss though ping plotter but none though the command ping prompt.
  13. Thanks for the reply done as requested and not showing no packet loss.
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