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  1. Fraser am with sky and did not have to enable the DHCP identifiers at all and had no problems with connecting the R2, but i am now wondering should i have.
  2. Little help I have had no tracking number for my order. 24492 just wonder should I have had one by now please sorry to be any trouble. Just got it though now happy days
  3. Could you do a set up walk though of how you connect your R2 to your Sky network Trmin ?
  4. I have the R1 so i have ordered the R2, cannot grumble at the price.
  5. Have just ordered the R2 had the R1 as an early adopter happy days.
  6. Hi sorry to be any trouble to your good selves just wondering when i will receive my beta invite i signed up virtually straight away for the R1. My apologies to be any trouble and i hope you and yours are all safe and well.
  7. Try re-booting the router legend.
  8. Just another question if i were to connect a 5Ghz router that it runs though the R1, then connect my wireless devices to the 5Ghz router would this affect the performance of the R1 in any way. Thanks in advance.👍
  9. Thanks for the replies and heads up with my issue keep up the good advice folks its very much appreciated thank you.
  10. Thanks for the reply sir am getting between 30/40 mbs download and 18 mbs upload done the WIFI analyser and there are no wireless devices around it to be honest. PSK2 is also set once again thanks for the reply 👍.
  11. Hi folks any help if you can please, just been upgraded to 80/20 on sky fiber and am struggling to obtain a download speed anywhere near to 80. The upload is always fine just an issue with the download, wired speeds are fine and i have tried going through various suggestions on the forums with no luck. Set up is sky modem then the duma and then everything is going though the duma, never had the issue till i was upgraded i have also waited the 10 or so days for the connection to become stable.Any help/suggestion would be appreciated.😀 I hope i find the duma army all well and in good health.
  12. Turn console on and and reboot game before turning geo-filter back on.
  13. Yes dont forget to save it
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