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  1. Hi Liam, I'm also still getting this. It's been going on since I purchased the R2 on release. It seems to occur when the management interface is left open in a browser, which is unavoidable during gaming. I mentioned in a PM a while ago to Frasier, it appears to affect any app that makes use of the device list. Really hoping this is resolved soon.
  2. Thanks for confirming @Netduma Fraser. I've used a variety of routers over the years, but mainly from Netgear and the standard BT supplied routers, all of which allowed spaces. Its odd, because on previous versions of the firmware, I did manage to include spaces in the password by pasting, which then seemed to work fine. It's not a major issue, but will be a pain, because I will need to update on all my smart devices around the house... Anyway, thanks for confirming. So far so good on the new firmware, so well done on finally getting it out.
  3. Hello. Just trying to setup the new firmware on my R2 and I'm unable to enter spaces in the WiFi password. I've managed to get round this in the past, by copy/pasting the password from notepad into the password field, but now it seems to be completely locked down. Is there any reason why spaces are not allowed in the password field as It seems fairly unique to DumaOS? On another note. After upgrading to version 1.79, I was initially able to get directly back into the router. Given all the issues I've had, I decided to start from a clean slate with a Factory reset. Once the router rebooted I wasn't unable to access at all. To get round this, I ended up having to manually set the IP/Gateway of my pc. DumaOS was set with DHCP enabled, so not sure what was going on. Either way, it's not a major issue, but might be one to look out for for others. For those running into this issue. I simply set my IPv4 settings as follows:-
  4. Hi @Netduma Fraser, I'm still having this issue, despite installing the firmware you provided me with in August. If there is a newer version please could you send to me to try too? Thanks.
  5. I'm experiencing the same issue. I rebooted yesterday, which did resolve the issue, but has started again today. Is there any update on this? Thanks.
  6. I've ordered the R2, but would really like to get to grips with DUMOS3.0 before it arrives. I registered for the R1 beta 7 weeks ago, please could I be added to the Beta?
  7. Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I have the same setup with just open reach modem and Netduma and I'm experiencing exactly the same issue not being able to find p2p connections in Fifa 18.
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