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  1. You also make a good point. More and more things are now becoming connected. Really they should have a setting where devices get removed from the Device Manager after a period of time where there no longer active. Like after a couple of days they automatically get removed. Or have a setting where one can set a time frame. Can you imagine this router at a public coffee shop! That would be a really big mess! The only thing you probably can do is a factory reset to your router to get what you have now under control. Basically starting from scratch. But that isn't by any means what I would call the ideal way to deal with this.. I know I wouldn't have the time to delete these one by one.. lol. Maybe Fraser or Alex know of an easier way. My Device Manager gets all screwy where I cant even delete them manually.. Even when they are offline.. Zippy.
  2. Holy crap that's a mess! Im not sure there is anything that will remove them except one by one manually. Maybe Netduma can give you advice on this.. Ive never seen anything so packed as yours. What did you do have a massive party at your house? lol. How many devices do you normally have on your network? Zippy.
  3. When you get really bored look into QoS and firewall.. Excellent job thus far! 👍 Zippy.
  4. Hey Fraser, Is there away I can access this backend to verify? Or how is it your seeing this? Thanks! Zippy.
  5. Good luck! I do hope things are working for you now! Cheers man! Zippy
  6. Hey purpleandgold, Does your sons PS4 also show Moderate Nat type? To make sure this is a Nat issue remove your PS4 from the Geo then re add it.. Im not totally sure what the process is exactly but just trying to give you some help! What ports does upnp display atm? I have many things you could try. But I don't want to feed you a bunch of bs before we know what the cause really is.. Zippy.
  7. Yeah I had to switch back also. My XR is very touchy! And has a mind of its own at times .LOL By the sounds of it your ping plotter isn't showing nothing bad. So that's a plus. I use a variety of ways to test my connection. And dslreports is one of them. What I always look for is Quality of connection also. If one over buffers a cable type connection you can cause more harm then good. And im not just speaking of dslreports. This is something that those that have been working on BufferBloat for years have always mentioned. They say every connection type from cable, dsl, fiber, all have to have a different approach to BufferBloat. And its so very true. What do you currently have your sliders at now upload/download? Run ping plotter and dslreports test at the same time once. I know Netduma doesn't rely much on dslreports but there is some good info in that test as well to help fine tune everything. Lets hope Cousins starts to play at the level he is actually getting paid to play! I think we paid way to much for a QB that hasn't really proven himself yet. He has yet to show me he is the one! What did you think about the news about Luck? That was a shocker! Guy at 29 years old throwing in the towel. Sad but I give that guy credit. He was worried about his long term quality of life. And honestly that is key more so then any money can buy! Hope you get things sorted! Cheers! Zippy.
  8. My Upnp port map table doesn't show anything like yours. Your port map table at least shows what ports are being triggered and or open by Upnp.. Mine shows just one port. If im lucky. One thing I did notice though in your upnp port map table is one ip address is getting more ports open then the other. The .4 has got 11 open while the .6 is only getting 7. Not sure why that is because both you and your son are playing on separate PS4s. My guess is your ip is the .6 one.. One would think you should have equally the same amount per ip. Good luck! Zippy.
  9. You might need to do a reboot. Both modem and router? Why do you have FTP port added? Is that something you have to have? Just curious on that.. I was also going to try port forwarding because Im currently using Upnp. But every time I switch from Upnp to port forwarding my XR500 goes crazy! Basically with a similar issue as you had. Zippy. P.S. Go VIKES!!
  10. purpleandgold33 this is strange that your son isn't experiencing this as well.. In the upnp table what ports does it show? Im guessing it should show two active ports. One for you and one for your son. What are those ports? The only reason I ask is it makes me wonder if your port is being prioritized or not? By the sound of it your sons is and maybe yours isn't? Its just a guess but curious none the less. Hope you get it all sorted out! If your sons ps4 is showing offline when its actually online that is a known issue. And hopefully will be corrected in the next firmware update.. Zippy.
  11. While this issue itself may not impact performance. I tend to disagree its just a visual. Because really no one can say for absolute certainty it is just a visual and doesn't impact performance in some manner. How do we know if the module that tells device manager what devices that are online and off doesn't also send information to other things like QoS. Also how can we also say for certainty that the miss labeled Ethernet ports are not conflicting with QoS tagging. Another thing when a device is online and yet device manager shows it offline how do we know if QoS is being tagged properly there.. We cant.. Not until these issues are address can we make any what so ever conclusions. Also upnp still has its own issues as well.. Upnp falls into a stale state and never updates after the first initial request. There after it also stays active even when the said device has been offline for days.. That also cant be said that it doesn't effect some sort of performance issue until fixed. Way to many variables here that are being left unchecked for far to long. There needs to be some accountability on these issues. No more waiting months on end.. This is just absolutely a shame.. Zippy.
  12. Stalker turn upnp off and then turn it back on once.. Sometimes toggling it will clear up your Moderate Nat issue. And then see what your upnp table says. If you continue to get a moderate nat then try selecting spectator mode in the Geo Filter to make sure you haven't block a authenticating server or something like that. Im sure Netduma will respond with further help. Zippy.
  13. I find it interesting what you post.. To me its not rambling.. Your info maybe the only hope there is to get this corrected. I know what this router can do when it is performing as it should. DumaOS is very much point on when its working. What worries me by what you have posted sounds like something that wont be fixed though. It took 8 months to get this last update. That really didn't fix anything tbh. Even when the new milestone is out what and when will Netgear release. With these issues like we have sounds like it would take to much time they don't have to spend on this router to correct these issues. If it was already known and simple I feel it would have been corrected by now. Come Sept. I will have had this router for a full year. I by no means see any light at the end of this tunnel. The one feature I like and need is Traffic Prioritization. I can see when something starts blocking my connection. It usually happens on the incoming traffic because I will notice that packet number will begin to slow down. While it seems all out going traffic continues okay. But my incoming basically comes to a crawl. When its working correctly both in coming and out going move very fluid. And the number between outgoing and incoming will be either the same or incoming will be more. I think what maybe happening is what you have pointed out in your description. Something either loses QoS tagging and the firewall begins to block incoming traffic.. And once that takes place it really falls apart fast. Im very observant. But you know more in depth under the hood info. I really wish this router would work. I still might get my hands on a R1. Id love to compare the two in regards of these issues. Something tells me the R1 doesn't experience any of these.. Zippy.
  14. Once again the things you have posted are the same things im experiencing. QoS has to be disabled for this router to be more stable. Sad thing is why even have this router if key features like this cant even be used?? If I toggle QoS I can get things to perform decent. For a bit. Example if I jump into a game right before I actually play it then believe it or not it performs not to shabby. But it doesn't last long. If I continue to toggle it every so often it seems decent. Not perfect but better then nothing at all.. But im not going to toggle such a feature to get it to work for a bit.. Device manager does still get confused. So nothing was fixed there. And that issue is more then just a visual issue. But we were told this was just a visual issue and nothing to worry about.. Upnp is still broken and is not just a visual effect either. Another thing we were told was just a visual flaw. I will try what you have mention above to close it when im done. I don't like the fact that days later that port is still showing active when the said device has been off line for 2 days. Anti Bufferbloat is useless when I cant even have QoS enabled long enough to find a sweet spot for my sliders. Ive ran a ping plotter to see how well it was working. I basically start getting packet loss at the router level and it is carried over to every hop after and to destination. Would love to actually use this feature but sadly cant. If I disable all QoS my packet loss is gone. I use a variety of ways to saturate my connection. And I also use dslreports as one of them. Makes me wonder if dslreports is really to blame for the inaccurate results or this router! lol. Ive seen Netduma say that dslreports isn't accurate.. Maybe its actually Netdumas OS that isn't accurate. Whatever the case is I know this isn't the way Netdumas OS is suppose to work. Would love to test an R1 against this XR. I want to see if this is a Netgear issue or a DumaOS issue.. So basically Im pretty sure I could go to WalMart and buy the cheapest router I could find and I bet it would do circles around my XR right now. Because right now to keep this router stable I have to keep all my QoS disabled. Another sad day in paradise!! Zippy.
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