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  1. I agree also. Internet traffic is very high atm. And even gaming servers you can tell are struggling with the higher traffic.. Just a lot of oddities happening. Id say most ISP are running at there limits in certain areas if not all areas.. Id imagine since most of us are now hunkered down at home everyone is doing something on the internet to pass the time.. I know in my area the town is like a ghost town. Everyone is at home until we start seeing progress with this virus.. In the meantime we just all have to bare it and hope this passes somewhat quickly.. Zippy.
  2. @Trip The SB8200 and the MB8600 both use the Broadcom 3390 chipsets. Which is good. The SB8200 I did beta test. I had no issues with it at all. But with that said it did run warm. But it also has a giant heatsink inside of it. Another thing that many have talked about with this modem was why it had so much memory. The SB has 3GB of memory. While the MB8600 has only 512MB. Many today still question why there is so much memory with the SB8200. Some say it helps with processing. But yet who knows. The MB8600 seems to run cooler and many seem to like it. It also has 4 ports on the back. But really in reality you only use one. Those 4 ports are meant for Link Aggregation Grouping. You will understand this more when you set this up with your ISP. But again you will only use one. Another neat thing about the MB8600 is it has a power button on the back. Again something that many do find nice to have. The SB doesn't have a power button on the back. You just unplug it. I think why a lot do gravitate towards the MB8600 is the price. To me the price is why so many do like this one. Its cheaper then the SB8200. The CM1200 I have absolutely no experience with. I don't think that modem was even around at the time when the SB8200 or the MB8600 first hit the market. I think maybe the CM1000 was though. Again not sure on that. My conclusion here to you is pick the one you feel comfortable with. And of course your ISP allows. If you pick the MB8600 im sure it will serve you just fine for years to come. Heck I may try the MB8600 just because id like to compare it myself.. You will find when you ask people there opinion on this type of product your going to get arrange of opinions.. If you want more detailed info on these two dslreports should give some more insight for you. Good luck with your purchase! Zippy.
  3. Ha Ha no worries man! Im glad you got it going!. If none of those steps would have worked we would have needed to do an intervention! LOL.. Remember to try my first option first and put everything on wireless. Don't try using all my options at once.. Good luck my friend! Zippy.
  4. No worries here, This seems to be another issue that the XR500 struggles with. Ive run into this countless of times. Heres what I would do. When you get to that part just power cycle your modem. You might have to do this a few times. And if that doesn't work disconnect your XR500 and do another factory reset start to it using a little pin in the back of the router and hold it for at least 10 seconds.. And then let the router fully boot up and then hook up your modem to it.. The XR500 is bucky! Let me know how it goes for you! Zippy.
  5. Yes that is correct. Even your ps4 has to be on Wifi. Nothing can be plugged into your wired ports 1-4. Everything has to be on wifi. There are pros and cons with each of these options. And the con is the fact you have to have everything on wifi. But the XR500 does have pretty good wifi so the over all gain of this is much more consistent in performance if it keeps the ARP entries from going STALE. This is why I hope this one works the best for you. The pros and cons of enabling IPV6 is that it seems to work better also. And it lasts for lengths of time. Even though I did start to get IPV6 entries of going STALE. Around those DHCP renew/release entries. One other con about this enabled is the fact that not all your QoS functions work with this option. Something to think about. This option is why I call it a good testing measure. Because what this option help to do for me was the process of elimination. Meaning it helped me narrow down the likely cause of this issue. Which I believe to be the DHCP renew release entries. And its not the fact that DHCP release/renew is the problem. Its the amount of these that start to take place back to back that the ARP likely cant keep up with. So the end result is the ARP goes STALE.. Disabling DHCP. This option here we can talk about another time. Because this one is very difficult. And there are pros and cons also.. Lets just hope you don't have to try this one. Your welcome btw! Im always here to help if you need anything. Lets just hope option number one works for you. Because it really is the best option imo. If for some reason things get a little unstable remember a simple powering down of just the router for a few minutes and then powering it back on and let it fully boot back up does wonders some times.. My XR500 has been going strong with this option without issue for almost two months. Hope it gives you the same result. Good luck! πŸ‘ Zippy.
  6. Thanks Fraser for those kind words my friend! Really appreciate that! ☺️ Zippy.
  7. Hey @purpleandgold33 here is a list of things you can try to see if it helps with your issue. I will list each one bellow separately starting with the easiest to the more difficult to do.. All these I have tested and had some better results. 1) "Have All Devices On Wifi". This option here I find the most easiest to try. Basically you would do a hard reset to your router and set all your devices up on wifi only.. Nothing can be hard wired.. For some reason this method helps slow down the amount of DHCP renew/release entries. And the ARP table seems to respond well with this.. Its strange this helps but it has from what ive tested. Also a plus about this one is that Device Manager starts to work properly as well. Devices show there correct status being online or offline.. 2) "Enable IPV6". Now I know you may ask why would we do this! Well think of this one as a test because here is why.. IPV6 doesn't use ARP(Address Resolution Protocol). IPV6 uses NDP(Neighbor Discovery Protocol). So think of it like this. ARP=IPV4, IPV6=NDP. So by enabling this you will likely notice you wont get those ARP STALE entries. But what you want to look for here is entries that pop up with IPV6 STALE entries. Usually this doesn't happen or if it does it always revolves around those DHCP renew/release events. And a simple way to clear this is by a simple power cycle of just the router. My results with this has been fairly decent as well.. And like always if you try this you have to hard reset your router and start the setup from scratch.. 3) "Disable DHCP On The XR500". To do this you would do this in the section of where you would do address reservations.. Disable the router to handle DHCP on the Lan side and manually assign address separately for all your devices on your Network. This is a big pain.. Specially if you have a lot of devices. And the strange thing about this one is that the XR500 doesn't like this at all.. So if you do try this one make sure you have a lot of patience. And even when one gets everything setup correctly it took me several power cycles to get the XR500 to finally respond to this. But once it did finally connect it worked. This one here you may want to think on. Because it can be a difficult one to do.. All those options above are meant to be tried one at a time and not all together. I think if we did try all of those at once the XR500 might have a nervous breakdown.. Because I hear my XR500 talking to me..lol.. And he always says what the hell are you doing now to me!! LOL. Hes bucky!! ha ha. Anyways I hope this helps you. Try the first one first and let us know how it goes. Again like anything this does have a 50/50 chance on working for you. But I have had some very good luck with them all. The first one just seemed the most stable. Good luck and feel free to ask any questions and post back your results. This could be useful info! Zippy.
  8. Okay Thanks for that info! It likely is what is causing the ARP table to go stale.. If I was a betting type guy. Sometimes those cheapy routers work just fine. And it never hurts to have one around. I do know of something else to try but honestly it would be a 50/50 chance on it working. And it can be a hassle.. The best bet here is to wait for the next firmware drop! Just hang in there because we are all in the same boat. Feel free to hit me up anytime. And if I come up with something I will definitely share it with yah! Thanks! Zippy.
  9. I totally understand your pain my man! I seriously do.. What we are trying to do here is find a solution until the next firmware drop. Either the ARP table is the issue or something is causing the ARP table to get corrupted so to speak.. I know what the ARP table does I just don't know if its the ARP table or something else causing the ARP table to go STALE.. Are you getting any DHCP renew/release entries in your logs around the time the ARP table goes STALE? Thanks my friend! Zippy.
  10. Okay Thanks! Since you have already done a factory reset monitor this again.. If at some point you notice this again just power down the router only by pressing the little power button in the back of the router. Wait a few minutes then power it back on. That may help clear it up for a bit longer and also save you the pain of having to do a full reset start to the router. Which is a pain! When you see this in your logs does your router disconnect? Also when you see this in your logs does your gaming seem to be effected by this? In other words do you feel like you take a performance hit from this? Zippy.
  11. Hummm I would have hoped this would have lasted longer for you.. That error your getting is that the one in the ARP table? Thanks! Zippy.
  12. I can totally understand your frustration.. I would try to hang in there because I also believe this is a firmware issue. Ive had the same trouble. I was able to correct my issue. Or at least my XR500 staid up and running for a month and a half without issue after I switched everything over to WIFI. Meaning I did a full factory reset to the router and then let everything connect to the router by only WFI.. You cant have anything connected to LAN ports.. During setup or after.. After that no problems. Im not saying this would work for everyone though. And im by no means saying to try it. Im just stating what worked for me in the mean time until a new firmware is available. Your more then welcome to give it a go. But make sure you hard reset the router before doing this. And once it is up and running you don't have to add any of your devices in the reservation. I tested it both ways with or with out doing that and it stayed connected.. And Device Manager also works with this. Meaning it accurately showed what devices were online and off. The chances that this will work for you is a 50/50.. Hang in there! πŸ‘ Zippy.
  13. Hopefully Fraser this is something Netgear and DumaOS 3.0 will fix together as a whole. I cant blame the Op for being upset and very disappointed. It comes down to how much time one has to fiddle with this router that really starts to eat at ones nerves. And its not like there a cheap router. Even if it was a cheap router it should handle basic DHCP work. Its a shame to see this really. Im surprised that Netgear hasn't been quicker at a fix for this. And its a shame to see new people come to the forum with the same issue. One thing to note also is in the Op's logs his DNS servers are being tagged as some sort of DoS Attack TCP/UDP Echo. Makes me wonder if that also is adding to his issues. Its clearly not normal to see his DNS servers in the logs like that. and He might be able to add a port forwarding rule to help clear that from the logs. And who knows it might help keep his router to be a bit more stable.. Even if this isn't and issue it makes me wonder if there is filtering being done on his DNS servers. Ive also tried this awhile back what I believe you have mentioned also Fraser at disabling DHCP once one has there Ips reserved for all devices. And once one loses connection sometimes a simple power cycling of just the router tends to get it back online. But even that im sure varies per user and type of setup one has. Hopefully the Op hangs around! πŸ‘ Zippy.
  14. Excellent glad to hear things seem better! πŸ‘ Just keep an eye on it and every so often check your logs for key words like "STALE". You should be okay now though. If not you know where to find me! Cheers man! Zippy.
  15. Thanks for the info! That does seem very strange that they asked you if you wanted your IP range excluded when they said they lost control over there own server. That indeed sounds very shady in itself. How can one do that if you have lost control over your own server? LOL. And by reading up on them a bit they sounded like they got off on the right foot but then towards the end or current state id question there practices. If I go by my gut feeling id say they knew what they were doing. And they were up to no good! If you read the end of the article of what they did one would have to question that for sure.. Nowadays there is zero accountability! Zippy.
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