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  1. Thanks kinel, I do hope we can get some sort of a thing like this. It would make life much easier and then we can target ports correctly! The Netduma Classified games option while nice likely becomes outdated.. Meaning it likely is missing any new ports or changes. One is always much better off knowing exactly what ports a game is using on a regular bases.. That's why I think we need something like a active connection log. Its really a must have! Btw nice job on the poll! 👍 Zippy.
  2. Here is what I think might be taking place.. Or my hunch. From what I have observed over the last few months. And this is mainly about port 3074. Im currently using/playing on the XboxOneX console. And ive noticed that 3074 is no longer present in any of my wireshark captures anymore. To verify this I also checked using my ASUS router because it has an active connection log that tells exactly what port is being used and what type of port tcp/udp. Also shows how much data a port is using. Its basically like a mini version of wireshark on my ASUS router.. Im basically focusing on the UDP type ports. 3074 is gone. And has been for id say close to 6 months for me. Im not saying some might not still see it but its not been present to me in about 6 months if not longer. And both wireshark and my ASUS come up with the same thing every time.. The one port I do see now that has taken place of 3074 is 3544 exclusively for me. And that port is used exclusively for tunneling for IPV6 with Microsoft. So even if we have IPV6 disabled doesn't mean we are not running into IPV6 tunneling.. Microsoft has been very clear on this saying big things are coming with IPV6. And the last few updates MS has had on the console clearly points to this.. In fact with one of the updates that is when I noticed my 3074 was gone. So does this mean the PS4 is also doing things like this? That is unknown to me atm. If you see a port like 3544 in the mix then I would say yes! Because if MS data severs are doing this im sure other larger ones as well are using some sort of tunneling protocol for IPV6. Looks like IPV6 is becoming to be a thing more and more and also the fact that I see IPV6 MS servers pop up in my GeoFilter really makes me wonder.. Im currently running the XR500. And I no longer use any of the port prioritization features anymore because they have a negative effect in game. I just don't think there is something working right with that feature for me atm. What I think might be happening is the port that is tagged going into the tunnel protocol isn't being prioritized correctly coming out.. Basically QoS tagging is not being fully completed.. Its likely my XR500 is the problem. Since I have had issues with it from almost day one. Another thing also is even if I switch to IPV6 the XR500 has some of the most outdated IPV6 options I have seen.. We have very little options and control with IPv6. And of course the other problem using IPV6 is I don't think much of the DumaOS is compatible with IPV6.. Have any of you noticed if port 3544 shows up at all? Or noticed any IPV6 servers in the GeoFilter? Zippy.
  3. Bert, I also have noticed that 3074 doesn't play much of a part anymore for other games as well. Did you happen to notice in your wireshark capture what ports are being used? Specially UDP. What are you playing on btw? I may have a pretty good hunch what is taking place.. Zippy.
  4. kinel, I love your dedication to this! 👍 Good job! Zippy
  5. I would think the R1 would get the update first. Then to follow the XR series Netgear routers. It will be very interesting to see how long the transition takes from R1 to any of the XR series routers that Netgear controls. The mystery is will the XR series see all the new features, some of the new features, or none of the features.. Im very curious on that. and also curious to see the time frame that is expected out of this. Like how much priority will Netgear give this.. Zippy.
  6. I agree with a lot of what has been said here.. I can say this.. Anytime you have two separate firmware's running on any router and developed from two separate developers there is very little chance for success. This is why you don't see this type of combination in other routers. They know better. Your always better off sticking to a router that controls its own firmware completely.. That's why Netgear routers work better on there own and that also goes for the R1 working better on its own. Each are run on there own full firmware. When I found out about how the XR series routers were running one firmware on top of another... I said oh boy!! This is going to be a nightmare.. And it has turned out exactly as I had figured.. One sloppy mess! This isn't at all like running a third party firmware on a router either. Because a lot of your third party firmware developers just fix what is broke in stock firmware. And tweak certain things to make them better. And all of this is done in a much more timely fashion. You cant say that at all with any of the XR series routers.. If there is a bug your SOL. There are bugs in the XR series routers that have been there for almost a year!! That is completely unheard of by any standards to go that length with zero attempts of patches. My prediction on the new 3.0 firmware isn't some shinny bright star either. There will be attempts for some bug repair. But I don't think much bug repair will be done until after the release of 3.0 After that they will try and focus on repairs because god only knows what these new features will bring in for bugs on there own. The more I look into this the more I find it very hard to believe one will ever have a stable type router. Just to many things to go wrong with this type of configuration. And it would be to costly and time consuming to keep such a configuration running stable.. For those that are Netduma fans and supporters Id just wait for the right time for when Netduma ever decides to launch there own new router with there very own full firmware operating system where you can get 100% support at one place.. So much easier that way and it will be much more realistic and less problematic. Make no mistake Netduma is a fantastic developer! But they will be much better served on there own where they can actually have full control.. Zippy.
  7. Id have to agree with @stalker4hire- to stay with what you currently have for the time being.. At least id take the safe route for now and not purchase any of the XR series atm. See what the next new firmware does to the XR series type routers and then decide from there. New features are always cool. But nothing is cool when its bugged or not working correctly.. The R1 is likely your better option atm.. Zippy.
  8. @GuildersYou can try a new modem and see if that does anything for you. But something tells me the only hope for this to get corrected wont be until a new firmware comes out. If the new modem works and fixes your issue then great! If not one will have to wait and hope the next new firmware corrects these odd issues or at least addresses these issues.. Good luck! Zippy.
  9. SIM you have always put up good videos. Keep it up! Are you rolling with the R1 or the XR500? Or neither? Cheers! Zippy.
  10. @Guilders See what Netduma says about your issues. They likely will respond tomorrow because I don't think they have staff on the weekends.. Id see if there is anything they can do to help. Then make your decision from there. There are others out there that have this disconnect problem so I wouldn't call yours a one off type problem. Good luck! Zippy.
  11. Yes Im loosing speeds too. Basically right now as I write this ive lost 68M. Who knows where it went to or why I lost it. Ive triple checked everything and its the router loosing the speed. If I connect directly to my modem Im back to normal. If I do a hard reset to the router my speeds are back. But will loose my speeds again.. Sometimes they stay fairly normal for hours on end to days. Then all of a sudden they drop again. Even with buffer bloat on Never my speeds do this. My router which is the XR500 eats bandwidth.. Also when I do a reboot sometimes it works and then sometimes it doesn't. The other night I noticed my Traffic Prioritization wasn't working. So I did a basic reboot to see if it would fix that. But when I did a reboot my router wouldn't reconnect. So then I had to proceed to a full factory reset. After a few of those I finally got it to connect again. And my Traffic Prioritization was working again. But my speeds still would drop randomly. For some reason when my speeds drop my receiving packets are either getting dropped or being filtered. It acts almost like the firewall on the router is doing this. Whats strange about this is it will randomly seem to do this. Is it the firewall. It could be. But when I say it acts like it doesn't mean it is a firewall issue.. There are other things that can give this effect. But the through put of this router is vastly hindered when my speeds drop. So in return I take a performance hit from this. Hope this helps explain a bit better of what is happening to me. We do have similar issues no doubt. Zippy.
  12. I have those same issues as yourself. And honestly I think we will have to wait and see what the next new firmware does. That's my only thought. Ive tried several things to find a work around but nothing seemed to work. You can see what Netduma says but in my eyes it seems like a firmware issue.. Did you have issues like this with the R1? Good luck! Zippy.
  13. Okay cool.. Im just trying to figure out what server you likely get when playing H5.. We should play a few games sometime.. We can play some social slayer.. Im curious if we partied up how the game would play.. Let me know.. Thanks! Zippy.
  14. Thanks guys for all your help! Heres what I have done thus far. Halo5 Ive removed the game and then reinstalled it.. It was a digital download and no disc. The MCC I have a disc done the same thing with no luck either. Both games are installed on my HDD primary that is internal in the console. Ive done everything I can honestly think of. The only things I haven't replaced are my modem or router. As far as clearing ones cache how does one do that on the console? If anyone has any ideas or suggestions im all ears! Hey @e38BimmerFN what is your ping in Halo5? Have you ever noticed what yours was? Are you one the East coast by chance? Thanks everyone! Zippy.
  15. @kymadn Sorry about that. I didn't mean to high jack your topic. I was thinking possibly that port 3544 was causing this in your case. When you said you were playing from a PC I thought it was possible that its a MS Windows 10 driven PC and they shared some the same tunneling ports like 3544. Since the Xbox One X is running basically the same Windows 10 or something similar. One other thing I would do in your case is when your PC is off and you have physically unplugged it from your router I would go into Device Manager and see if its still being showed as online or offline.. That might help them trouble shoot your issue better.. Just a friendly suggestion.. Zippy.
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