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  1. Ha Ha I give you the badge of honor when it comes to the staying on top of Netgears stuff! And if you don't know it you seem to have always pointed me in the correct direction! So I have promoted you to that title. Zippy.
  2. @elimont173 You are not alone by any means with this issue. And I have the XR500. Currently I have devices also stuck either online or off. All the same with what you have said above.This issue is over a year old and yet has been fixed. Maybe when the new firmware comes out it will fix this issue. I know of no other way to correct it other then a factory reset to the router. I personally don't like the idea of downgrading either. And I think if one does that might be a security risk.. Im sure @Killhippie could confirm that.. Hes a Netgear guru! Good luck! Zippy.
  3. Hey @Netduma Alex If it is at all possible id also love to be put on the list for beta testing. I definitely could give the needed feedback as needed. Thanks! Zippy.
  4. Something new has started to pop up for me in the Geo filter when playing on my Xbox. A new Domain name has appeared. And the Domain name is ipv6.microsoft.com.akadns.net. At first when I saw this it didn't make any sense because it shows it as a peer. But later turned into a server. But im almost sure this is Microsoft's tunneling port. Is this Domain being assigned to me by Microsoft because I have ipv6 disabled? And now should I enable ipv6 because of this? I know MS has been doing a lot lately with ipv6 and all the updates that have happened recently. Thanks! Zippy.
  5. See with that port arrangement one would think that with that type of arrangement you would have everything covered and nothing else would need to be done when it came to prioritizing ports. Because technically your only prioritizing UDP type traffic. How many games are played before that screen shot? Also how did the game perform? Thanks! Zippy.
  6. Exactly man! I know there has to be others out there that have these issues. We are not alone.. Seriously if we can sort this I couldn't even begin to tell you how excited id be! lol.. Zippy.
  7. RedBull if you could make such an app it may very well help and see what is going on. Specially about tagging. Again in my case I can see something is taking place. And it doesn't make any sense as to why. Specially if a reset to the router cures it for a few games again. Your app likely would help eliminate chasing down to many rabbit holes though which in itself would be great! If you have anything else that comes to mind of possibilities im all ears! Thanks again for all your hard work and your apps! Your apps have help me confirm what I got with wireshark. Good job! I have mentioned a feature like this for a very longtime.. And it should be an app on the router. Zippy.
  8. Exactly, for whatever the reason I feel the high priority traffic starts to bog down or become stale. The flow of traffic definitely gets disrupted.. In my case I notice it effects my download high priority traffic first.. See if you can find anything and keep us posted, Thanks! Zippy.
  9. Thanks GHOST for your reply. And I do think we are experiencing similar things here. How many times have we made adjustments and all of a sudden a particular game plays awesome! But then the very next time we play we are back to square one! Something tells me there is something more going on here then what we think. And I still see new people that have just purchase these routers pop in to the forums with very similar issues. Im not pointing fingers at anyone here. Im just trying to figure out what is the cause of this. I know something is up! But just what is it.. This is one of the most confusing things ive ever run across. But I do believe if we all put our heads together we maybe able to figure out a possibility or at the very least rule something out and focus in another direction. Its like you said there are still kinks that need ironing out! Let me know if you find anything out on your digging! Thanks! Zippy.
  10. Thanks Bert for your reply. Im sorry I should have stated that those screen shots were taken playing Halo5. And you are also correct about the port arrangement. I was just experimenting at the time to see if the second arrangement would help. What I find strange about this is I get the same results if I use DumaOS Console traffic prioritization. And not manually add my ports. Both give the same results. Meaning if I reset my router both work for a handful of games and then for whatever the reason my download high priority traffic starts to drop off and slow down. But what I cant figure out is why would a rest to the router clear it up for me again? That's the part I cant wrap my head around. Again thanks for keeping an open mind about this. I honestly feel there is something happening and Im just trying to figure out what it is! Zippy.
  11. So I don't make this confusing the first screen shot is with just one game played. It played very well and like it should. To keep this an accurate test I played the same game and stayed on the same server. When playing a game we are always downloading more then uploading. So it would stand to reason that we would see more high priority packets in the download then the upload. Just like my first screen shot shows. But now look at the last screen shot after a number of games. The high priority download packets fall behind to a point where now the upload high priority packets surpasses the download high priority packets. And this shouldn't be.. You see what im saying? Its at this point when the upload high priority packets surpass the download high priority packets the game becomes very erratic.. Most games we are downloading around 580-680 kbps. And unpload at around 180-280kbps. Give or take of course. Something is disrupting my download high priority packets. And the only way I can correct this is by resetting the router. And the minute I do that things work again and my results are just like the first screen shot. Im curious to see if others are having this issue.. Its easy to spot! If you have any thoughts or suggestions im all ears! Thanks! Zippy.
  12. It could be related.. Its just very difficult where one should start digging first.. There is something happening to my packets. Not sure exactly what though yet! I also resized my images so you can see better what im talking about.. Thanks! Zippy.
  13. GHOST have you ever done Packet Capture on a Netgear router before? Was wondering if I have to also enable WAN Port mirror to LAN port1.. Thanks! Zippy.
  14. I do want to share with you guys what I get.. The first screen shot is right after I do a reset to the router.. The game plays great. And notice my high priority packets that have been prioritized. Now the second screen shot is when things are still playing well second game.. Things look good. Notice the high priority packets.. Third screen shot now look what takes place! gameplay was erratic.. Not at all like the first two or three games.. Do you see the difference in high priority packets? There is definitely something not right.
  15. I think you are correct about that.. That sounds familiar. I will have to dig in that a bit more and see if I can come up with something. The strange thing is about this is if I do a hard reset start to my router it works great. But then something starts to take place and I notice my high priority packets on the receive end start to slow down and even get dropped. Each time ive reset my router it works! But then does the exact same thing over and over again.. Any thoughts? Again thanks for the info! I will do some digging on this. I think there was a feature in there where one can capture packets as well. Which might help me identify whats taking place for me.. Zippy.
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