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  1. Im not entirely sure but I think most daemon errors are to do with IPV6.. So the question is do you have IPV6 enabled or disabled? See what Netduma says and maybe they can give you a clearer answer.. Its just most of the time when I start to see those type of errors is when I have my IPV6 enabled.. If your not experiencing anything wrong then I wouldnt worry. But again Netduma can give you a much better answer then I can.. Thanks! Zippy.
  2. Okay thats good news at least it was working.. Give your idea a try.. If not report back here.. Im sure @Netduma Fraser might have some good advice for you.. He should be back on tomorrow.. Thanks! Zippy.
  3. Did you just get this XR700? Has it ever worked on any of the LAN ports? I must say I find it strange that none of them are working.. Specially if you have done a few factory resets.. When you are connected to a LAN port are you able to connect to the interface of the XR700? Like log into DumaOS on the router? Hopefully Netduma will be able to give you a few things to try.. Im at a loss on this one.. Good luck! Zippy.
  4. I dont think the XR700 is fully compatible for IPV6 yet.. I could be wrong on that but if you are going to try and enable IPV6 on the XR700 I would disable QoS then try it.. My understanding was anything that isnt running DumaOS 3.0 ones IPV6 wouldnt work correctly.. I could be wrong on that.. Im sure Netduma will chime in for you to give better clairification.. Thanks! Zippy.
  5. When you are going through the setup wizard for the R2 when you come to the part where it says cant detect your connection. At that point power cycle your modem and let it fully boot back up and then proceed and click the "retry" to see if it detects your connection then.. It should detect it.. Please report back how this goes for you.. Thanks! Zippy.
  6. If one is getting remote login to your xbox that is normal if you are using one of the following.. Port forwarding, Port triggering, and or DMZ on the xbox.. If your using one of those three then its normal behavior for you to see those connections in your logs.. Hopefully that helps.. I use port triggering and get those same remote log entries in my logs.. Thanks! Zippy.
  7. Do you have IPV6 enabled? Also what device is the remote login connecting to? Thanks! Zippy.
  8. So other things connected to the R2 get internet? The only things that dont get internet right now are your xbox and ps4? What im trying to understand is does the R2 have internet connection? And have you gone through the setup wizard for the R2? Thanks! Zippy.
  9. That is odd. It shouldnt make your gaming worse.. Ive always had very mixed results with TP.. So most of the time I have it switched off.. Basically for the same reasons you do.. Ive had much better results disabling all QoS and just use a manage switch with QoS.. Zippy.
  10. When you first setup your R2 it should of ran you through the setup wizard. It would have stated if a connection was detected.. Did it say connection detected? If it didnt at that point power down your modem and power it up again and click retry in the setup waizrd.. It should detect it. Good luck! Zippy.
  11. Zippy


    In all reality IPV6 doesnt have to be enabled. But I also have it enabled on both LAN and WAN. My Xbox responds very well with it. And Microsoft really pushes it to enable it. Ive always been for IPV6 because it is the wave of the future regardless. And learning now about it then later I feel is my best option.. The key to IPV6 though is making sure its working and setup properly. That is key.. Currently I see odd behavior with it on DumaOS products. But there software is still evolving for full IPv6 support I feel.. Im an Xbox exclusive user. And I do get error codes every so often that state I need to enable IPV6ICMP.. I even called Xbox Support and they had me walk through a few tests. And they said the same thing about IPv6 ICMP.. Now whats strange for myself is the XR500 performs different then my R2.. Both give different results. So im still working between both of those routers to see what is causing this.. So as far as enabling it is up to you. If you have somewhat of a understanding of it I say go for it.. Never hurts to try it.. If it causes issues for yourself then disable it.. Now as far as gaming is concerned is it better.. Well I think that all depends on what platform you play on and what type of IPV6 your ISP uses..Theres variables there to look into.. Thanks! Zippy.
  12. @Netduma Fraser Not sure if this is the cause for the Op but I figured id share one of my findings.. One cant always disable QoS from the three line option.. The only way I could get it to fully disable and stay disabled was doing a factory reset and clear all browser cache and cookies. Then very quickly go into the QoS three line and disable it. One has to do this rather quickly or it wont disable. Ive tested this several times.. And thats the only way to accomplish this. Its possible this is happening with the Op and QoS might be what is blocking his tunnel broker.. One will know real quick if they have successfully disabled QoS completely and to test this all one has to do is navigate away from the QoS page then come back to it.. If it is successfully disabled one will be greeted by a pop up saying all QoS is disabled.. This should pop up every time one comes back to the QoS page there forward until one reenables it.. Once QoS is completely disabled check and see if your tunnel broker works then.. That might be why his tunnel broker isnt working.. Not sure but its worth a shot! Thanks! Zippy.
  13. Thanks @Netduma Fraser I really do need to sign up and help with the XR500 over on Netgear forum.. My time is so limited though.. Zippy.
  14. @Netduma Fraser Ive also have had this happen a couple of times.. In fact last night it did it to me and both CPUs ramped all the way to MAX and then the router became unstable and then finally crashed and lost all connections.. I dont have anything fancy setup on this at all.. Id say I get about a couple days of use before this happens. Nothing much more then that if im lucky.. My only way to correct this was a full factory reset from the back of the router.. Holding the pin down for 30 seconds.. I should also add that it struggled alot to obtain my WAN credentials this time.. took a good hour to finally get it to take.. I dont have anything else pinned to the Dashboard other then what is factory pinned there.. Thanks! Zippy.
  15. I will tag @Netduma Fraser here for you.. He will give you the best possible help needed to get you setup correctly for your situation.. There is something else I also just noticed on your QoS page.. On Congestion Control select "Always" and not Auto Enable and rerun your Auto Test again.. It also never hurts to manually lower your upload and download sliders and run a Benchmark Test as you lower them.. I feel one can get a better experience that way.. What you want to look at in the Benchmark test is ping underload.. You want that as low and stable as possible.. So you would keep lowering your sliders until one achieves that and keep rerunning Connection Benchmark tests to confirm your sweet spot.. Once you have that dialed in then I believe you should be golden.. Now on the game you play Fraser will likely be able to give you good advice there.. And what to do.. I just dont want to give you the wrong advice and add more issues.. Good luck! Zippy.
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