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  1. I don't think anyone here is really blaming Netduma.. Most of us here already know Netgear is in full control.. And Fraser has stated before they cant talk about firmware drops and things of that nature because of there agreement with Netgear.. Those are somethings we know.. Heres where things get fuzzy.. Does that also mean we cant even get updates on where we stand with current issues.. And when I say updates im talking verbally speaking about where there at with a particular issue.. That's what id like to know... Another fuzzy area is that Netgear usually has quarterly updates. We have not had one in 7 months. That means we are getting close to two updates behind if not two already.. Again this is strictly about issues.. Not the next milestone.. Unless the only time we get fixes is with each new milestone.. Which I hope isn't the case... These are just some questions that I have and im sure others have.. None of this is meant to be any ill will towards Netduma.. Im sure Netduma is doing there best as they can.. This is really on Netgear.. Because at the end of the day Netgear is calling all the shots! Zippy.
  2. Fraser do you not see what has happened here.. You guys were known for your openness with the community on several things.. Now this policy you have with Netgear has pretty much taken all of that away from you guys.. That alone has changed Netduma.. People and players cant wait for fixes this long. No matter how you cut and dice this its impossible to survive.. If your not aloud to make patches along the way until the next build out then there really is no way I can see this working in the future.. This is like becoming a runaway train.. You guys have to start saying something here.. What about the issues people have posted about for sometime.. Can you talk about anything about fixes? What is troubling me and im sure others is fixes.. I don't ever hear where we are at with current problems.. Are there fixes? We need some sort of status where we can get an idea of whats being fixed and where we are at with those issues.. Whats really scaring me here is ive watched you guys respond to others with similar issues and for some odd reason by your guys replies make it sound like that was the first time you've heard of such an issue when many others have posted about the same thing already.. It almost sounds like you have no idea or have yet to reproduce the issue at hand even if it has been brought up several times before here on the forum.. So this likely may mean even when we get a new firmware issues may not even be fixed! That is my number one concern.. I honestly could not recommend any of the XR family routers to any of my friends.. I wouldn't even suggest these to people I don't even know.. Zippy.
  3. Excellent! Good to hear! Glad it sorted it out for you. If something like this happens in the future now you know what to do! Cheers DJ! Zippy.
  4. No worries.. Hope you can get this all sorted. Zippy
  5. Awesome father and son duo! The clutch win on the end....Priceless! Good job guys! Zippy.
  6. DJ, Heres what I would try.. Disconnect everything from your router except power going to it.. Do a hard reset and hold the button in the back of the router for a good thirty seconds.. Maybe even do this two times back to back but let the router fully boot up between them. Again do not have anything connected at the time during this other than power of course.. Once you have done that let the router fully boot up and sit a bit. Then proceed and connect your lab top or computer you use to access the router.. Also before doing that make sure you have totally cleared any browser cache.. Once your at that stage you should hopefully be able to go through the setup procedure again.. If this doesn't work wait and see what Netduma suggests for you.. What I explained above worked for me and may not work for everyone.. Good luck! Zippy
  7. Hey purpleandgold!! You know how it is living the dream!! lol.. I have Spectrum also with the same speeds as you.. I think we have what I would call a decent ISP.. But honestly though I wish we could get more upload.. Id like to see more of a symmetrical type speeds.. Or at least have that option.. Id much rather have 100 down and a 100 up! On a side note many here in my town absolutely do not like Spectrum and have been having serious issues.. So much so that many have now come to town hall meetings and expressed there concerns with Spectrum.. The city has now moved forward and is getting a build out plan to run fiber to home for everyone in our area. The best part is it will be fiber symmetrical speeds to home. And it will be done by a Co-op company.. No more relying on corporate type companies like Spectrum. Our city is really fed up and is moving forward.. Im curious to see how the XR500 performs for you.. Ive not had much luck with it.. But please share your thoughts as you use it! Hope it works awesome for you! Zippy.
  8. Same problem I have.. And you are correct the flower must be equal.. Once I allocate more bandwidth to another device all bets are off! All I have found is more similarities with others that have this router.. Nothing makes any sense with any of this.. Zippy.
  9. Hey purpleandgold, Im from MN also and have Spectrum.. I was curious to know what your speeds are? Ive been with Spectrum for along time.. I do have some questions for you and some info to share with you on your thoughts.. p.s. I am surprised you took the plunge with the XR500.. Zippy.
  10. Fuzy its good to see that at least the XR700 may have some beta testing about to happen.. Sad thing though is the XR500 isn't even at that stage yet! Going over 6 months without anything for the XR500 and if they don't even have a beta yet for this that's very alarming.. The way things are stacking up here the XR500 is in a sad state. I will definitely join and let my voice be heard.. I wont be sugar coating anything though.. I wouldn't recommend any XR router to anyone at this stage! Zippy.
  11. Zippy

    E3 2019

    Im also very excited about the new Elite controller.. The current Elite controllers don't seem to hold up long for me.. But it has been replaced free for me.. Im on number 4 now.. And the new Xbox! Well I will be getting one unless something changes where I feel MS dumbs down on something with it.. Cant forget Halo either! Its always been my favorite game.. Even though I still feel very cautious about 343I. The history of that developer has by no means been great! Once Bungie had left that was really the end of the legend.. A new chapter for Halo maybe in our sights! Rising from the ashes! Could it be! Will it be! The once great game it was... Time will tell.. None the less the excitement is growing! Zippy.
  12. Newfie its not that some don't think Netduma isnt trying there hardest.. They are and yes they are a very small team.. The problem lies with the fact that many are using this router as there main router for there home network.. One cant wait for months on end when there are some serious issues.. That is the problem.. This day and age one just cant wait 6+ months and have no firmware updates when you have issues like this.. Also most don't have spare routers laying around until things get sorted out with the XR500 or any XR router for that matter.. Now as far as being patient and being part of the Netduma army as it evolves over time. That is something that needs to be almost labeled on the box to let consumers know this router is still evolving and issues may take time to be sorted.. Because many that buy these may not want or be part of this evolving process.. One of the most problematic issues I find very troubling is the fact that we have DumaOS running on top of Netgears firmware. This means double the trouble and much harder to trouble shoot. We don't know if its NetdumaOS or Netgears firmware that is causing certain issues.. If we did we would have much more clearer responses to the issues at hand on the forum here.. The only way I see this working properly is either have Netduma take full control of the OS and have a clean Duma OS running on the router and not Netgears firmware underneath.. To me that is the only way moving forward.. Technically right now we shouldn't even be posting any Netgear issues here.. That should be done over on Netgears site because they are the ones in control of the hardware and firmware.. I have hope but very little. This is the perfect storm for issues.. Zippy.
  13. You know Fraser it has been over 6 months now for a firmware update from Netgear. Granted im not looking for new features. Just get what we have to work! The more I think about this XR500 the more it really is a bad deal.. You guys at Netduma got a good deal with Netgear.. Us consumers got the big fat shaft! This router will continue to be riddled with issues when one is running stock Netgear firmware with your OS on top of it.. It will be a never ending cycle.. I have yet to see a good stock firmware on Netgear or ASUS work with out some bug or issue.. They only spend so much time then move on.. Both ASUS and Netgear would be a total mess with out third party firmwares. Honestly the only way this will ever work is you guys getting full control on the firmware and leave Netgear out of it.. Just use there hardware.. What we have here now is a nightmare.. Zippy.
  14. Fraser Exactly the same issues starker is having has been the very same ive been having.. The Geo Filter sometimes works and then for whatever reason it quits.. I have no idea why this is but it happens. Granted ive got other issues ive noted as well but I see way to many similarities for this to be just a coincident.. Ive now reached out for help from other means to see if this can get sorted and other issues ive encountered. My goal is just to find out if Netgears firmware is the cause of this or if its your OS.. Since this router has your OS laid on top of Netgears firmware there could be easily an issue from Netgears side that breaks down and causes this.. Ive tested a lot of routers and never have I seen anything like this before.. Who knows maybe I got a bad router.. Time will tell I guess... Thanks! Zippy.
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