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  1. I was wondering about if Voxel had the XR500 in his sights! Shame it isn't.. I totally agree with you and don't worry your not going on about it.. Im with you on that.. Out dated modules or modules that shouldn't be in there that cause issues are things im sure are causing issues.. How much would you bet that part of the so called debugging process involves updating modules and removing modules that shouldn't be there or are causing conflict.. Im sure you know where im going with this.. Things like this just make me scratch my head.. I really do wish Netgear would spend more time on the XR series.. So many new things coming down the pipeline the XR gets put on the backburner. That's my feeling anyway.. Zippy.
  2. Your welcome! Give it a look! Imo if it wasn't for guys like Voxel, Merlin and such, routers like Netgear and ASUS would be very much lost with out them.. Reach out to Voxel.. He will tell you if he supports the XR500.. Good luck! Zippy.
  3. If you go onto DDwrt site you should likely get help there on there forum.. If you are looking for a third party firmware id recommend Voxels. He is a third party firmware guy for Netgears routers. Im sure if you can install Voxels firmware you are very likely to have better performance. He fixes and modifies all the issues Netgear doesn't in his firmware. Not to mention a lot of Netgear engineers hide out there also.. Check out SNB! Zippy.
  4. Exactly what Micbot is saying is something ive been really stumped on also.. Example.. Lets say the game im playing uses port 4200 UDP if I add that port it doesn't recognize that port as high priority.. Even though I know it is suppose to it doesn't.. So if I hook up my ASUS router and prioritize that particular port it recognizes it as a high priority.. Ive even done a wireshark capture to verify this and sure enough it is a main UDP port that is used when playing the game.. Now when I add that port in my xr500 it doesn't recognize that port at all. And it is a UDP port.. The only UDP ports I want to prioritize are the ones for games.. You wouldn't benefit from prioritizing all UDP ports.. There are UDP ports that Xbox uses that are not used for actual in game playing.. Hope this helps explain the situation we face.. Zippy.
  5. Exactly!! Honestly the only ports I want to prioritize are ports for gaming.. Nothing else.. I feel the performance is much better when one can target specific ports for a particular game then a wide range.. Just for the simple reason you stated above. Plus the in game performance is much better that way.. Good post btw.. Ive been meaning to ask this very same thing! Zippy.
  6. I actually would like to know what the exact ports are also! I know they say it covers about everything.. But I actually like to know the actual port numbers.. Not sure that is what your asking but I know I would like to know.. Zippy.
  7. That is a separate issue.. I don't think this hotfix will address this.. Some have downgraded back to firmware .32 But im not aware if they have even narrowed this issue down yet because we don't get any updates on where they are at with this.. Would be nice to get better communication on this though.. Zippy.
  8. Now this I do find very interesting! If this actually works id be more then willing to try it! Thanks for sharing! Zippy.
  9. Your router is doing what mine has for a long time.. As is why I don't use it any longer.. Zippy
  10. Hi Alex! Wish you well on your new endeavors with Netduma! Good to see another who likes Destiny! Ive always had the up most respect for Bungie.. One of the best independent developers out there. This is one developer that has likely been through it all and seen it all! It will be very interesting to see how they evolve Destiny! And of course with the crazy tweet Phil Spencer posted awhile back has brought very much speculation.. All interesting stuff! Again good luck! Zippy.
  11. Ive tried everything you have mentioned except the current hotfix.. I was kind of waiting to see what others have for results on this before proceeding.. Currently I do not have my XR500 hooked up any longer to my network with its current issues and performance problems. And I haven't had it hooked up for sometime now.. When I get some free time to spare I may give it ago.. I will definitely report back when I do.. Zippy.
  12. Exactly the results as Id had before.. Router refuses to obtain an IP from my ISP.. It is the router.. Nothing else... Have you tried the latest hotfix at all? Curious to see your results on that.. I currently do not have my XR500 hooked up and want to see if there is any positive results from this hotfix before going through this over and over.. I have spent more time fiddling with this router then gaming.. Good luck! Zippy.
  13. I also have the same issues as what the OP has stated. And what he has said is so very much similar to mine.. I gave up posting about these as well because we were getting nowhere and frustrations were just building between everyone. Im not here to bash anyone but just to get to the bottom of these issues. The only reason im posting at this point is because of what exactly the Op has stated. His issues are beyond a coincidence as mine. And just how he has explained them is a mirror image as mine.. And not just the Geo filter either but even now how his QoS is acting strange.. I could add to this but I wont.. Like ive stated before there is something breaking down behind the scenes and things like the Geo filter, QoS, ect become dysfunctional.. Zippy.
  14. Zippy


    Your correct! 🙂 But that means that hop just doesn't respond to pings correct? I don't think there is anything wrong at that hop is what I am saying. Zippy.
  15. Zippy


    I have a fairly good idea why that's happening.. Try setting your interval to 2.5 sec intervals instead of your current .5 One reason you cant use that interval is because your pinging google.. The only DSN type server you can ping at that interval is your own ISP provided DNS servers.. If your going to ping google like that you cant use that interval for a long period of time.. Google starts to reject your ping request because it thinks of it as a ping like attack.. So it starts to drop packets.. Basically it thinks your flooding google with ping requests.. This usually happens with all public type servers.. Switch it to 2.5 interval and see if your still getting packet loss.. Good luck! Zippy.
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