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  1. Im a very loyal Halo fan.. And what Tripper has said is also something ive notice also.. But to be honest 343i has never been good at much.. Even worse at there Networking team.. The MCC is totally dedicated servers now.. And that transition hasn't been good at all.. This also has been the issue with H5.. The fan base for that game is even far worse.. I hate to see what there new Halo will do.. Im sure they will lose a great amount of there population if they don't get there games to perform better.. When Halo5 came out we screamed for Server Selection.. But what did we get! Search Preferences.. Which turned out to be a gamble.. And really did nothing with connection but more towards skill! Whoppty Dooo! Ive come to the conclusion that 343 could screw up a wet dream if given the chance! LOL Zippy.
  2. Zippy

    modem question

    No worries Dakota, I did read that prior to my last post.. The reason I mentioned the new DOCSIS 3.1 is because that type of network targets one of the main issues many cable type ISP struggled with in the old DOCSIS 3.0 and that was latency.. Specially when we are talking Gig plans.. And if your a gamer the number one thing we look for is low latency and stable connection.. Which the new DOCSIS 3.1 really helped with.. Not saying any 3.0 is horrible but something to think about.. Food for thought! If and when you decide to purchase a modem id recommend a modem that is both 3.0 and 3.1 compatible.. That way your covered either way and can run speeds of Gig without issue.. But you also have to make sure your ISP supports the said device.. In the mean time if money is a factor you could always purchase something like the Arris SB6183 which is a stand alone modem that is DOCSIS 3.0 and has the good chipset in it.. It has been tried and tested by many to be a very good modem.. And if your ISP allows this type you could buy one very reasonable and then you would at least get away from the combo unit you currently have. Hope what im saying helps a bit.. And again you are the first person ive come across that has a Gig plan that was still using the old DOCSIS 3.0.. I found that very interesting.. The SB6183 is just one that I would suggest.. There are others that are good as well but ive had first hand experience with the SB and was very pleased with it.. Im going to check and see what modems your ISP actually allow.. Zippy.. Edit: After further looking your ISP does allow a wide range of good modems.. Even ones that are DOCSIS 3.1.. And after further looking I now see why your current 3.0 was labeled as Gig speeds.. Because it has the same number of bonded channels as a DODCSIS 3.1.. First one ive ever seen..
  3. Thanks Fraser! Id be curious to see what you guys notice when you retest the game.. Something tells me that is whats going on.. And its very likely not a Geofilter issue.. Zippy.
  4. I think Fraser this is what it might be doing.. Ive experienced it like that before.. Where one will connect to the closest server but then that server connects somewhere else.. Example is I connect to my closest server which is US North Central but the game is actually on US Central South.. I don't think there is anything one can do about this because its technically connecting one to there closest server its just MS hands it off to another.. And I don't think there is anyway one can intervein between the hand off because that's in MS hands at that point.. Basically its one dedicated sever communicating to another during a game at various locations.. Zippy.
  5. Zippy

    modem question

    Okay Dakota! There is something I find strange about the Hitron you have.. If you currently have the Hitron CGNVM-3582 that modem combo unit is still only DOCSIS 3.0.. Usually once one gets a Gig plan you are running the DOCSIS 3.1.. I honestly have never heard of a DOCSIS 3.0 modem capable to run Gig speeds.. So that maybe why you cant achieve your full speeds.. Another issue ive notice also is if this Hitron you have with the model number CGNVM-3582 that combo unit has the Puma 6 chipset.. Which is the one that was plagued but latency issues.. And I would recommend to try and stay away from that.. If what I have stated above is true and you do currently have that type of Hitron either way you want to get rid of it.. You really want a modem only unit.. Not a combo unit and definitely not anything with a puma 6 chipset.. It has been said that some of the issues with the puma 6 chipset has been fixed.. But there are many that still say its garbage. So my question to you is can you purchase your own modem and will your ISP allow you to do this? Also I myself would downgrade your speed package until this gets all sorted out for you because there is no sense in paying for speeds you cant achieve the way you want it.. Hope this helps a bit for you.. Is there a list of modems your ISP does allow? If there is you can share them here and we can give you some advice on which might be your better option.. Zippy.
  6. Zippy

    modem question

    Hey Dakota, Who do you have for a ISP? Spectrum?
  7. C1r, Microsoft has been really doing strange things lately when it comes to the MCC and H5.. I have similar issues as you have.. The main reason I don't use the Geofilter anymore is because I would set my radius and start to search for a game on strict mode.. No matter what I would do I rarely got a game on the server in my radius.. For some strange reason right before the game starts I get bounced to a server outside of my radius at the last second.. But at no time did I ever get kicked back to the lobby.. When I first got my Duma XR500 it worked fairly consistent and I liked it.. But ever since the MCC went to full on dedicated servers that went down hill quick.. Hope you have better luck then me! From what your describing sure sounds like a authenticating server is being blocked for you.. Not intentionally by you though.. Zippy.
  8. Zippy

    Upcoming xr500 firmware upnp fix

    Ha ha lets hope it doesn't go as long as July! That would make it around the 7-8 month mark.. We could never survive that! LOL.. I also cant wait to test the new firmware for the XR500.. Very curious on that one.. I just hope some headway is made.. It will be a total downer if it hasn't.. To be honest im surprised we haven't already had a firmware update.. I was expecting things to have picked up by now.. Its funny when I first purchased the XR500 I must have pick it up 3-4 times in the store and sat it back down.. That was an omen.. I should have left it in the store.. Zippy.
  9. Zippy

    Upcoming xr500 firmware upnp fix

    One can only hope! I think the upnp was an issue for a few across the board.. And that is something that needs updating on Netgears end.. As long as it is taking for this new firmware one would think there are several issues they are ironing out.. Again most of this is on Netgear.. So we will see how this all plays out.. I am very curious about this next new firmware! Excited and also cautious.. I just hope things get fixed and not new bugs added.. 😕 Zippy.
  10. Zippy

    modem question

    No not the gateway IP of the Hitron but the gateways MAC address of the Hitron.. And add that into the R1 MAC address Cloning... For now follow what Fraser is suggesting and see how things turn out! Zippy..
  11. Zippy

    Best host analysis

    What Fraser has mentioned about search times is a very good point to make.. Also on a side note when a game developer makes a game they can better things a lot on there end also.. But the problem is players complain about the search times.. And then that usually leads to a poor performing games.. Ive seen this go back and forth on games.. Players will complain about poor performance and then the developer will adjust for that.. Then right after the adjustment players complain about to long of search times.. Its like a vicious circle.. They never seem to find that happy medium.. A prime example of this issue is H5.. Because the games population is so low there search range is wide open.. And whats bad about that is if you solo search your going to find everyone on your team will have a wide range on pings.. And the game has a very hard time syncing players then.. When I see a Champion level player on my team I know the game is going to play very odd.. And nine times out of ten it does.. It comes down to ping.. That Champ likely is so close to the server hosting the game his/her ping is just insanely low compared to the rest on the team.. Which is unfortunate.. There are many times I could out skill that Champ.. But I just cant beat his/her ping!! 😕 Zippy..
  12. Zippy

    modem question

    Good point Fraser! I didn't catch that right away about it being the new device.. But since this is a ISP Hitron and he gets full speeds from there then I think if he took the MAC from that and added it into the R1 he should be good to go.. It sounds like the Hitron is provisioned properly because he is getting full speeds there.. Hope this helps.. If im getting in the way of you trying to help him just let me know! lol.. I don't want to confuse the situation.. I see a lot of ISP lock onto the first device MAC address.. In this case it would be the gateway of the Hitron.. Zippy..
  13. Zippy

    modem question

    Hey Dakota, Usually the MAC address is from the gateway of the said device.. So basically it would be the MAC address from the Hitron.. You would take that MAC and add it into the R1 MAC address.. Usually there will be an option in the R1 that says clone MAC address.. And that is the spot you would add the MAC address from your Hitron.. There is something that Fraser also mentioned.. And that is this Hitron is new.. Is this something you purchased yourself or did you get it from your ISP? Also if you hook directly to the Hitron are you able to get your correct speeds? This will be helpful to know in case you have a MAC address conflict from your old device to the new Hitron.. Hope this makes sense.. Im trying not to confuse you or the situation.. :) Zippy.
  14. Zippy

    modem question

    Hey Fraser, would the issue be that he needs to clone his MAC address of his ISP gateway to his R1? I think some have to do this in order to get correct speeds.. Does this sound familiar to you? Just trying to through some ideas out there to try and help.. Zippy.
  15. Zippy

    modem question

    Dakota, when you have this combo unit in bridge mode make sure the R1 is plugged into port one.. Power cycle your modem once you have put it into bridge mode.. You cant have anything else connect to your modem except the R1... If need be power cycle the R1 also.. If that doesn't work then you don't have your combo unit in bridge mode properly...When you put your combo unit in bridge mode you have to disconnect anything attached to it and power cycle it.. This is required to obtain Transparent bridging and pass on your IP to the R1..