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  1. Thanks Bert for your reply.. My tick rate for H5 is 60 host and 60 client.. Those two are always the same for me.. Which is a good thing.. It also makes sense how one could possible see an incorrect tick rate if a packet gets delayed.. H5 for me plays pretty good for the most part.. But once in a great while there will be a game that just seems slow.. Very sluggish..Heavy aim.. Its strange.. I know they have had this issue for sometime and have been trying to correct it.. Thanks again for your reply Bert.. Have a good one! Zippy.
  2. Exactly Bert. Thats what I thought. Im with you.. But are you saying that its possible the Geo Filter is displaying the incorrect tick rate. Or possibly displaying an inaccurate tick rate? Thats the part im confused on.. What struck me by what Ali has said about heavy aim is something ive come across as well in H5.. Just wondering what the cause of this is. Possibly a tick rate issue.. Not sure tbh.. Thanks! Zippy..
  3. Hey @Ali would you be so kind to take a screenshot of your tick rate while playing a game of H5? I want to compare yours to mine.. Thanks! Zippy.
  4. I agree.. Ive seen others post about something similar to this.. But I thought we had no control over Tick Rate.. Whats strange about this case is I think he said he was getting a tick rate of 120.. How is that possible when the game only renders at 60fps? Unless im totally missing something here..The tick rate should be 60 client and host.. Very strange but yet interesting.. Thanks Fraser. Zippy.
  5. Hey Ali, Im a little confused here. What exactly did you say you did to stabilize your Tick Rate? I dont think there is anything one can do to stabilize that.. At least not to my knowledge.. Are you saying your send and receive tick rate is now at 120? @Netduma Fraser Is this possible to do this? Im confused on how he was able to do this.. Thanks guys! Zippy.
  6. I see the R6300 is on the list.. That router there was widely handed out by Spectrum here in the US. Its a freebee Spectrum gave out.. People like free so they rarely ever buy there own.. Specially if it works okay for them yet.. Spectrum being one of the largest ISP in the US makes me wonder how many are still floating around out there.. Good post Killhippie! Zippy.
  7. Zippy


    Hey kinel, we are in the process from gong to fiber to curb to fiber to home.. Our town has started its own fiber ISP.. We are doing it for symmetrical speeds. I cant say yet for sure latency will be any different.. If it is it will be minimal.. But im excited to get symmetrical speeds.. Im on the broadband board here for our town that has helped build out our CO-OP fiber company.. We have had enough of these Corporate ISP that rely on only there stocks.. Then never invest into there own network.. So we took matters into our own hands.. Zippy..
  8. Good to hear SIM all is well. There doesnt seem to be enough time in the day anymore.. Im always doing something it seems.. That detailed R1 setup video I had always thought you were a spokes person for Netduma at first.. Ha ha good job! Take care! Zippy.
  9. LAN access from remote is what one wants to look for.. Followed by the port and address it connects too.. The top entry you can see 3544 to 3074.. That is a good connection being made.. I dont get that when using UPNP on the XR500.. I only got that by port triggering and sometimes with DMZ.. Thanks! Zippy.
  10. With the XR500 I have mixed results on this as well.. But there was something of interest I found.. When using port triggering I get better results.. One way to verify if the router is working you should see entries in the log of the XR500 that will state what ports are actually getting through.. Here is a screenshot of what it should look like. If you look close you will see what ports are actually being made and used when a connection is established..
  11. SIM has some of the best videos. Specially on this.. He will guide you to the light! lol.. I havent seen him post in sometime though.. Hope all is well with him.. Dig his videos! 👍 Zippy.
  12. Is your modem a stand alone modem only or is it one of those modem router combos in one? If you look there is a conflict because the XR500 states it had to update the ip address to avoid conflict. Set the Netgear to get Dynamic. Then try just a simple power cycle of the Netgear.. Something has changed in your Network that cause the XR500 to do that. Something in front of your Netgear.. Thanks! Zippy.
  13. Hey RJHart, Im assuming you bought an R1? Im not entirely sure one can connect a hotspot like that to the R1. But im sure the Netduma folks would be able to help and tell you. Also I don't think the R1 is compatible to run IPV6 atm. To help I will tag a few gents that should be able to give you the answers your looking for. @Netduma Alex or @Netduma Fraser One of these guys should be able to help you! Good luck! And welcome to the forum! :) Give them sometime to respond. Thanks! Zippy.
  14. Hey @Ali The in game ports ive used is 30000-30040 UDP. Those would go in the destination. So you would just use one manual rule. Games console and DumaOS classified games would all be disabled. And any other manual rules you may have added.. And the only thing that would be enabled is this one manual rule you would add yourself. This may work for you if you want to try it. Cant say for certain it will work for you but it might be worth a try. You would add a manual rule and leave the source port range default to whats already there. And add these ports ive mention for destination. Starting port 30000-Ending port 30040. UDP.. These are the ports ive captured with wireshark. So it maybe worth a shot! If you do try it let us know how it goes. Good luck my friend. Thanks! Zippy.
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