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  1. @Rodney Rosado3 If you have some money burning a hole in your pocket then id say go for it! But im a bit conservative and would wait and let Duma 3.0 run its course a bit longer. And also let it get to the XR700. See how it performs and get it in the most stable state it can be.. Its always cool to have the latest and greatest. But that also could come with its own issues as well.. Just something to think about.. But either way its up to you! Im a bit surprised that a new one is already out when the beta for the XR500 is still going on..I would have thought the launch of the new XR1000 would have at least waited until the XR700 was in beta.. But hey its all about the new thing on the block. Good luck! Zippy.
  2. I personally keep my IPV6 enabled.. But I dont use the DMZ feature.. What type of console are you using? When IPV6 is enabled make sure your IPV6 is working correctly.. Take the IPV6 test to make sure.. That will at least give you an idea.. Performance has always been better for me when IPV6 is enabled. And im on the Xbox One atm.. Good luck! Zippy.
  3. SendNukes when Auto Setup is running through the tests does it slowly start to bring your ping down as its performing your tests? Like example when mine is testing each test it does it brings it down little by little.. Mine usually runs 7 tests until finished.. And that is considered one complete test.. Auto Setup is still evolving so they will continue to make it better at testing ones connection.. In your case one cant use 1% of course but manually set a happy middle and see if you can get better control on your ping.. For the heck of it start at 50% and use connection benchmark also to see if your ping is more stable after making the adjustments.. From there either go up or down to see if anything will effect your connection in a positive way.. There is no magic number per say because everyones connection is different and the results will vary from each other.. So what works for me very likely wont work for you.. Thanks! Zippy.
  4. In that screenshot above you would just click on the submit button.. Your WAN connection is DHCP. So everything there is correct as far as I can see.. You dont need Client Identifier or Vender Class.. Just leave those blank. For some reason the R2 isnt detecting your connection automatically. As it should because you have just a stand alone modem.. Fraser will have to investigate this further with you.. Sorry your having these issues.. Hang in there! 👍 Thanks! Zippy.
  5. Your welcome! I hope this gets sorted for you quickly! Thanks. Zippy.
  6. Your connection type is DHCP unless you are on Spectrums Business network.. Which I doubt you are.. Fraser maybe off for the night for support.. So you may have to wait until tomorrow for a response and further help.. There maybe something you can try.. When you get to the screen where it says connection not detected in the DumaOS setup wizard at that point power off just your modem for a few minutes and then power up your modem and let it fully boot up.. Once its fully booted back up try the retry button again in the DumaOS to see if it detects your connection.. Hopefully with some luck it will.. You can try my method or wait until Fraser gets back to you.. Im just trying to help so you wouldnt have to wait until tomorrow.. Good luck! Thanks! Zippy..
  7. Patience my friend.. Give them sometime to respond.. If you can have the model number of the modem you currently have with Spectrum so they can help you properly.. That way they know if you have a stand alone modem only or a router modem combo with Spectrum.. @Netduma Fraser likely will be able to help.. Ive tagged him here for you.. Good luck. Thanks. Zippy..
  8. Your welcome! Please do let us know how your new modem does. Im curious on how your results will be with the new modem.. So feel free to share your results. As you know im not a fan of Spectrum.. I think your best chance possible to get a better grip on your ping is buying your own modem like the one you have mentioned. Its going to be your best bet.. Spectrum doesnt seem to be so concerned about latency which is a shame.. My neighbor who is on what I call crusty old dsl has a much better gaming experience and much more stable ping.. But he also only has 7Mbs down and 3 Mbps up.. But yet he games on it fairly decent tbh.. Anyways good luck! Keep us posted. Zippy..
  9. That is a good modem.. There are two that I like.. One is the Arris SB8200 and the other is the one you mentioned here the MB8600 which is the Motorola.. Im also with the same provider as you are. Charter Spectrum.. When it comes to DOCSIS 3.1 modems id buy my own.. Dont use the supplied Spectrums DOCSIS 3.1 modems. They are locked down and have been having issues with there own in house firmware for there DOCSIS 3.1 modems.. When you purchase your own modem you are responsible to download any updated firmware from the company you bought the modem from.. So example of this would be if you bought the Motorola then you would have to get any updates for firmwares from them directly.. Not from Spectrum.. Which is what I like and want.. Also your modem wont be locked down to where you cant make simple changes if need be.. Even though theres not alot in a modem interface its still nice to have full access.. So you should be just fine with the Motorola.. Most seem to buy that one because its got a good price.. The Arris was a bit more expensive.. But as time has past the two could be fairly close now.. Both modems dont have the puma chipset.. Which is another plus! Good luck! Zippy.
  10. For those of you that download and upgrade to the beta 3.0 id make sure you also have a copy of the .56 firmware so if something goes wrong you can go back to the most stable firmware non 3.0 of course which is .56.. That is just some friendly advice.. Ive been getting an ear full from a couple of my friends on the beta.. Betas are going to have issues..That is why its a beta.. So be pre paired! And report your issues on Netgear forum with proper info.. If you dont how can they even fix things.. If you dont have the time to report issues with the beta then dont download it.. Again this is just friendly advice so some dont get frustrated.. Thanks! Zippy.
  11. Newfie, Did you ever have a XR500? I for some reason thought you did.. Thanks! Zippy.
  12. Thanks Killhippie, Ive got my R2 locked down like that as well.. Can I ask why dont you keep the R2 hooked up? Is the wifi not good enough for yah? Thanks! Zippy.
  13. Hey Killhippie, Are you using UPNP? Also do you have respond to ping enabled in your Network settings? I think the R2 defaults to that.. Thanks for the info btw.. Nice job my friend! Zippy.
  14. It should be compatible with most any modem.Just not sure exactly what you mean by had difficulties turning on? Is your ISP Charter Spectrum? Also make sure you make a new topic if your having trouble so you can get the help needed if your still experiencing issues.. That way your issue wont get over looked. Thanks! Zippy.
  15. Okay thanks. So basically you will have to wait now and see what Cox does for you. Im sure others in your area have similar issues and likely have reported that also. Cox is aware of the issue. Just uncertain how fast and how thorough they will be at getting it sorted out.. Keep the pressure on them.. Im surprised they didnt give you an ETA of when they expect it to be fixed.. Good luck! Zippy.
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