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  1. It's not a setting. It's an issue in the program. Netduma is still working on 3.0. They haven't issued a date for when it will be ready for the public.
  2. I missed the window for signing up to beta test 3.0, but I would be happy to assist.
  3. no resolution for this yet. I haven't heard anything which says it has been specifically addressed in the upcoming firmware upgrade either.
  4. I can't disagree. The Astro's sound really good to me. I was interested in hearing people's POV on Atmos to see if it's worth the 15$. If I didn't have a mixamp already, it would be a no-brainer. I'd run Atmos in order to get the surround. Thanks for your input.
  5. Bert, Have you tried Atmos or Windows Sonic via HDMI and then made a comparison to an Astro Mixamp which utilized an optical cable?
  6. Necro, I have the same Mixamp. I read that, in order to get the Atmos / Sonic experience you need to turn the Dolby off on the mixamp, and you can't use an optical cable between the console and the mixamp. Reportedly, HDMI is required for the amount of data Atmos uses
  7. Good day Netduma forum, I'm running an Astro Mixamp for my Surround Sound on my XB1. I'm trying to understand if Sonic or Atmos would possibly provide a better soundstage. I have a couple questions: If a game isn't coded for Atmos or Sonic, do we still get spatial sounds, up to 7.1 surround, or does it default to stereo sound? Are most new games on the XB platform being produced with support for Atmos/ Sonic? Do we get any benefit over the Mixamp from either offering for games which were produced before the apps were released? Sonic for Windows is free, Atmos costs 15$. For gaming purposes, does one or the other offer better spatial sound? Has our resident audiophile done a [email protected]
  8. has the glitch with wifi calling not working correctly on DumaOS on R1 V1.3 been figured out, and will it be implemented in V1.4?
  9. major masingil on xb (you and I are already friends) I'll run some with you. I like playing on a team way better than randos
  10. in the States we have this thing called e911. Its a way for emergency services to locate a cell phone's GPS position. I guess you Brits have something similar. I would imagine the radios cannot be turned off by airplane mode, because how else would the man be able to zoom in on your position when you're being all nefarious? Maybe whatever is left on for those purposes is all wifi calling needs to validate a call? it's possible? It's also possible that @xr450owner just exposed an issue with iphone radios
  11. you're probably right about the signal strength. I know android phones have some settings where you can choose for it to prefer wifi calling over phone service. Good luck man, I know this stuff can be frustrating to
  12. if it was the isp's firewall, I don't think wifi calling would work without a fuss when I use a different router. Would it? I'm speculating. I have Fios internet, but I'm not using their router. I'm using an Edgerouter X until the R1 gets squared away.
  13. Yea before the issue @xr450owner identified with his router , I thought the problem may have been isolated to the R1. This is the first wifi calling issue I have seen that wasn't related to DumaOS on the R1. I figured it could be related because of the Netduma's participation in it. A couple of R1 owners tried, and it didn't work for them.
  14. yeah my buddy is running the xr500 without any issue. He loves it.
  15. @xr450owner "Praying for a magic software fix, somewhere." I couldn't agree more. I want my R1 back. It's an amazing piece of gaming kit
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