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  1. You’re not in filtering mode in that last image? Because nothing is being blocked. From your video, location and distance are good. But ping assist at 0 will be a problem because it won’t allow mislocated Australian servers. Please set it to 50ms.
  2. Nothing changed on the cloud so this won’t be the reason. Was Hybrid VPN being applied to your gaming device at the time? What functions were you doing on the router at the time? This message isn’t anything to be worried about necessarily, it’s an auto pop up when something is just taking more than 30 seconds to complete e.g. flush cloud
  3. We’ve found the problem and reported the issue to Netgear. Will hopefully have a hotfix for you soon.
  4. Oh right - you’ve posted in the Netgear subforum. I don’t think it’s router related looking through the logs. When you get a drop out, is it over wired or wireless? Can you connect to your modem and see if that still has an Internet connection?
  5. Could you contact Netgear support about about this please: https://www.netgear.com/support/contact.aspx
  6. What results do you get wired PC or laptop into the router? Hard to tell if it is WiFi improvements or a QOS settings improvement that you need.
  7. So just to be clear - applying a static WAN IP on your XR500 does not allow you to connect. If you downgrade back to the last firmware, .32, does it work? https://kb.netgear.com/000060127/XR500-Firmware-Version-2-3-2-32
  8. Hi Tango - we are seeing this ourselves in testing, which is really strange. So it's not just you! It used to be working. We are looking into this as a priority. Could you just confirm the firmware version you are on? Thanks.
  9. This is a great idea and something we will be making soon. What stats would you like to see?
  10. You’re referring to the 1,200 unprioritized packets right? Could you do a PingPlotter test on your line. It’s possible you have an issue with it that’s causing packet loss, rather than there being anything wrong with your router. Here’s a quick guide on how to do this. Let us know your results:
  11. This is an awesome idea and something we have on our roadmap. We were thinking you could have a ‘save ping’ option which would keep a record of your average ping for the last x minutes. And you could then add notes e.g. the game you played, KD etc. Would you guys find this helpful?
  12. Thanks for this. We’ll need to check with a dev if these logs are indicative of anything. We’ll get back to you on Monday about this.
  13. After 4-5 successful blocks on your Geo-Filter the game unfortunately assumes you have a network problem so forces a restart. There are two ways to reduce this: - make your filter cover your region e.g. EU. This way you’ll only block the game from giving you servers in the US which won’t happen as frequently - If you just want a single server, boot the game up just covering that server with your filter. Then switch to spectating mode so the filter is disabled once the game is fully booted. After that you should mostly get that server, but when you don’t, exit the pre-game lobby as quickly as you can if the server is not the one you want.
  14. Make your range MUCH smaller than that. Just cover one or two of the west coast servers. We were able to get a US server every time when setup like this. Also make sure you have this all setup then boot up the game. Don’t make changes to the filter while the game is running because you need to ‘trick’ the ping test the game does at bootup into thinking you can only connect to US servers Thanks.
  15. There’s a lot of jitter on that line. You’re seeing regular spikes of 20ms which will affect your gaming. Was your test over wireless or wired? Was anything else using your bandwdith at the time? If it was wired, then you may have an issue with this line. I would recommend sending these results to your ISP and they should be able to look into stabilising it for you.
  16. Could you take a screenshot of it not working please. Could you also take a screenshot of your settings in the Geo-Filter map? Thanks.
  17. Thanks for the info. Could you link us to the page where you got the config from? Thanks.
  18. If you test your connection on the PS4, what is your NAT status? Trying to figure out if this is a console issue, or BO4 specific issue.
  19. Hi Chad - tricky one to know the cause immediately here. It could just be an issue with your Internet line that might have been acting up that night. To rule out some potential causes, could you upgrade to this hotfix firmware which solves some disconnect issues:
  20. The 5GHz WiFi band is on newer routers, such as the Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 that TechFlow reviewed, so you would need to buy one of these to get the 5GHz band. That probably isn't the reason for the drop outs though. Do you know if it's just the WiFi dropping out, or the whole router? I don't think this will be possible unfortunately, but than you for the suggestion
  21. Ok - I think Ping Assist may have broken on your router. Could you factory reset the router to solve this please, and when setting up your Geo-Filter, could you make sure you have it set to 0 again (and Strict Mode on) When you boot up the game next time, all those servers outside your range should all appear as triangles, not servers with dotted lines around them. Let us know if you're not sure how to factory reset - would also be useful to know which router you have too. Thanks
  22. Thanks for the nice words How long has this been happening? It sounds like it might be ageing hardware unfortunately. Is it just the WiFI dropping out? Easiest way to tell this is if the WiFi drops, can you still get on the Internet via a wired connection? It might be worth changing the WiFi channel to see if there's any improvement.
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