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A7Legit Passed Away :(

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Someone claiming to be his sister told both Justin Slayer and myself he died from a heart attack.


He used to post pics of the meal and food he was having on Twitter. One of his favorite things to do was food, Pizza and grilling with friends and family.

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Heart attack is very rare for a 38 years old. Aneurysm is making more sense.

Heart attack is a symptom of extremely poor eating habits and lack of exercise. I find it hard to believe it's the real cause.

Its actually its more common then ever in todays society.  I have a friend who is a head nurse at a major hospital here in the US, she sees this trend more often than before.  I have a friend who died at 40 because of a heart attack.  He was fit and very lean.  His demon was that his genetics got the best of him.  His father passed away at 43 and his brother who was in his late 30's had a quadruple bypass.  

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