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  1. I played with a lot of settings and nothing seemed to work, but the Nighthawk XR 500 is working straight out the gate.
  2. Good afternoon, I have had the Netduma R1 for years and it is now working as my only router, so direct internet line goes into the Netduma. I'm connecting to my work laptop using WiFi which works great, but when I log into GlobalProtect VPN, I cannot get an internet connection. I worked with my company's IT and we tried the following: resets of TCP stack, reset winsocks, fllushed route cache. I also tried connecting to the router via ethernet and that did not work either. We managed to confirm it was the router as I hooked up my laptop directly to the internet line, and the VPN worked. I tried turning off UPnP, adding total port forwarding to my laptop, enabled DHCP and gave my laptop a reserved IP.. What settings in the Netduma would prevent this VPN from working? Thanks!
  3. I enjoy it as well, minus some of the crashes and errors...at least on PC. I think this'll kill off the other BRs except for Fortnite. (Just my opinion! Before anyone gets too triggered lol)
  4. I can understand all perspectives on this. My viewpoint (because I want to share it, not expecting anyone to care).. I'm not angry, I've never been angry... just really disappointed. The optics for us OG R1 users is not the best as we've been continuously let down (and at times misled) over the past year+. It's unlikely that your legal team waited til the last minute to inform you of this..So your PR failed you quite remarkably, IF you're being 100% honest with us (which I hope you are..). Regardless, I continue to feel like a kid on Christmas eve waiting with so much anticipation... PLEASE don't let us down. Sincerely, Netduma community
  5. Welcome to the forums, if you're looking for new PSN friends lmk
  6. What's really funny is that I live in NY but keep connecting to California and Texas..... 3000 miles away... sigh.
  7. COD matchmaking has just been so aggravating for a long time. I often tell myself I'd likely be a pro if it wasn't for my constant lag and horrendous hit detection lol.
  8. Wow... devastating. I haven't been on here in quite sometime but he was always so helpful and kind.. Rest in peace <3
  9. It's like waiting for Christmas Can't wait!! As for the negativity about a longer wait.. Things happen and delays occur. I'd much rather they take extra time and include as many features as possible that function properly. They do their job, they do it well.. There's no need to be nasty in the comments
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