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  1. I have an Xbox one X,ive played a ton of PUBG which is not using my X to its full potential graphic/performance wise,when i played the BO4 beta it looked rubbish which was a little disappointing,same graphics as BO3,BFV and red dead 2 look absolutely amazing and totally embarrass BO4 in my opinion,i may still pick it up at some point when it drops in price and give it a try because im a cod fan (only just)
  2. Im also using a HG612 modem +duma
  3. Im with plusnet,its ok ive stopped obsessing over having amazing internet now days and just crack on with what ive got,i only currently play pubg and BF1 and its played fine now for a good few months,not disconnected my modem for months not felt the need to,price wise you cant go wrong with Pnet i pay for 40/10 something like £23
  4. If thats what gets you excited mate you go ahead and toss it out...
  5. I think any hardware can use a break from time to time
  6. Ive experienced this and still do to this day,ok for a while then bam starts feeling terrible,ive allways thought that my line builds up errors after playing a while then starts acting up,never acually been able to tell with my OR modem as i cant access stats,my line last sunday night started feeling a little off but ive worked away all week jumped on yesterday and it felt great again,its not a R1 problem and to rule it out you could perhaps unplug it from the wall for half hour give it a cold reboot
  7. Great stuff mate,like I said little messy with basically 3 modem/routers but does work well and you got the hg612 giving the handshake with the cabinet down the road
  8. You can bypass the modem as I said mate it does work and that's how I used mine through the black ops 3 year worked fine
  9. Which is of course totally acceptable
  10. On jitter like that you will probably be a true spongy slayer mate lol
  11. This exact thing happened to me a long time ago but it was during really warm weather and the blinds on my front room window was up and didn't realise sun was blazing through onto the r1,it acted strange for a good few hours and wouldn't perform diagnostic tests,I unplugged everything from the wall and left it unplugged all day whilst I went out,when I plugged it back in everything was back to normal later that evening
  12. Lol that makes no sense but i aint surprised,if he does meen his power cord directly into the wall i cant see how it would make a difference,i have my monitor my Xbox X a lamp and my phone charger and a wireless printer all in a surge protector
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