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  1. Very true very true. I've definitely never had this issue before I upgraded to DumaOS. I love the DumaOS so i'm not willing to downgrade. I believe my settings stay even though i can't access the UI so it is what it is. If it can be fixed it would be better.
  2. I don't even get this message lol. Mine just doesn't load!
  3. So i've tried different browsers i've tried releasing the ping and ipconfig and nothing fixed it. Finally reset it in the back redid all the settings and can access it now probably for couple of weeks.
  4. None of those worked and to reiterate does not work either.
  5. When I reset the R1 router I can go to and access the DumaOS no problem. After couple of weeks when I go to it just times out and goes nowhere. I forget the exact error message if there is one but it just does not load the DumaOS at all. When I get home tonight I can either make a small quick video and or take some screen shots. It is just weird that it works when R1 is reset and it works for lets say a week. I do nothing different so I can't see what would not make it inaccessible 1 week later.
  6. The router is connected to the internet through a modem. And used to work fine until I updated to the latest software.
  7. Hi All, I am not sure if this is the correct thread to post this to but here it is. If I do a reset of the NetDuma R1 router I can access the UI/NetDuma OS using the 192.168. etc. but after a couple of weeks I am unable to access it anymore. To gain access to it once again I have to reset the router redo the settings and so on. It is a vicious cycle that I hope can be resolved. Any suggestions and or tips are greatly appreciated. I use Chrome Browser I've tried clearing the browser the only thing that helps is when I do the RESET on the R1 router itself and that fix only works for a week or two. Thank you
  8. The only UPDATE they had was on April 16th 2018 saying that it was delayed for a few weeks. 4 more days and it will be 2 months since their delay. The allotted weeks time they said has come and passed. Good job NetDuma.
  9. We already paid $200.00 for the R1 and its supposed to get the DumaOS for free....So why spend another $300.00 just for the DumaOS? That is really what your paying for is the DumaOS the specs you can find other routers with better specs for cheaper. So in the end $500.00 for the NetDuma software and DumaOS is a bit crazy. Unless you have money and enjoy paying for the same thing twice or 3 times.
  10. No more than few weeks has turned into a month. I wonder if a month will turn in to 6 months and then 6 months into a year!
  11. Weeks at most is not a time frame, its not even an educated guess. It is simply a guess that means nothing with NetDumas track record.
  12. There is no DumaOS for the R1 yet. It has been delayed to an unspecified date. Thank You
  13. I myself have given up on the R1 router and NetDuma in general and will be switching to something different. There are too many inconsistencies with their DumaOS for the R1. The only thing that has been consistent is them delaying the DumaOS release period. I will keep the R1 router and when the DumaOS releases if I remember will get back on it to see if anything changed.
  14. Great video on why he sold his R1 router. He was huge supporter of the router with countless tutorial videos.
  15. I just hope this delay does not end up being more than what Mr. Luke has said which is *Weeks at most*. No timetable no potential date. I believe it is because they don't have any idea and also because they don't want to disappoint again.
  16. I disagree with you. I think NetDuma would absolutely purposely lie to the Duma Army. The reason I come to this conclusion is the fact that they waited 1 day prior to the launch of DumaOS on the R1 to delay it. You, the moderators and everyone else who can be reasonable has to understand that this issue did not prop up on April 16th 2018. I refuse to believe that supposedly this got overlooked until the day of the launch. Also if that is the case I am sure same was required when they launched with NetGear XR500 backwards compatibility etc. That was 2 months a go now I believe correct me if I am wrong * I could be wrong about when the XR500 launched*. With all that said I believe they knew in advance but they bought themselves time and hoped they could fix it. They couldn't fix it so they delayed on the day of the launch. I would be less upset if they just said 2 weeks a go we need more time but no they do it on the last day. Also they didn't delay it to a specific date they simply said its delayed at most is a few weeks. What is a few weeks? It was delayed in 2016 to 2018. Private beta apparently happened for the DumaOS but never did the Public Beta. They never said Public Beta would not have taken place. I also signed up for e-mail notifications about the DumaOS on their site and never once did i get an e-mail about anything period. So yes I believe NetDuma has purposely lied to us and will continue. This is just my opinion and conclusion I have come to. Personally I hope I am wrong because I want NetDuma to succeed but I also want to hold them accountable to if nothing else but their own DAMN timetable/schedules. Thank You
  17. I was a very big defender few months a go when it came to NetDuma and when they announced the NetGear deal. Now i have no ground to stand on and have nothing to defend them with because of the poor timing of their delay. They should have delayed it from the day they learned that they would have to. It is not that complicated.
  18. You might be better off returning it to Amazon and this is coming from someone that has had it for years.
  19. It will be later than sooner. Not even NetDuma knows when it will release since it is just a guess because they said: Rampage, on 16 Apr 2018 - 4:36 PM, said: Weeks at most No one is posting false information. People are simply pointing out the lack of information and false release dates from 2016 to now*Insert here what false stuff was spread PharmDawgg*.
  20. Were you one of the testers as well? Also whatever happened to PUBLIC beta for the DumaOS for the R1? I am not trying to give you a hard time or anyone for that matter not even NetDuma I am simply trying to show my frustration and not give a pass for them. They haven't earned a pass. I can understand business model with NetGear I can even understand this DELAY but I do not accept the LIE that they only found out about this the day of. NetDuma company is turning into EA its just that NetDuma is a lot smaller.
  21. There is only so much Admins can do. They can't lie anymore than the company has already. On the day of the release for R1 DumaOS is DELAYED it is very fishy.
  22. XR500 has its own issues so i wouldn't use that router if it was free. R1 has been waiting for its update for YEARS not months. I most likely will be moving on from NetDuma as a company and any of the products that they sell. I doubt that I will be the only one.
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