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  1. Seems to be a similar game to counter strike but for console only doc disrespect and big youtubers being sponsored to play looks a bit iffy at the moment to purchase but also curious how it plays on duma as regular warface would kick you for 30 min rank play bans if the game tried to put me on a server outside my geo filter.
  2. What are good attachments for mp5? haven't played cod in ages i fancy a return for a bit later.
  3. Only time throttling worked for me was avoiding being made host playing mw3 😎
  4. This is more for pc games wtfast is still in console beta funny thing i loaded in auto dedi grand theft profile (ps4) a couple of weeks ago and my games have been solid on ps4 i'm waiting for placebo to go downhill 😀
  5. Not looking for a new monitor but bob does some good content for pc gamers, check him out 😎
  6. I prefer FQ felt more pound to pound over sfq done enough testing with those two.
  7. I use that router and merlin if you do go that route check out the freshjr. https://www.snbforums.com/threads/release-freshjr-adaptive-qos-improvements-custom-rules-and-inner-workings.36836/
  8. I found using merlin software with freshjr in qos works best for me in any multiplayer game regarding hit detection, would like to see duma have something similar to freshjr.
  9. like undies said nate gibson also siriton is insane at high sens. https://www.twitch.tv/siritron
  10. Using the native mouse and keyboard support will give you a little help i'm 79 or maybe 85% for sure using this option is putting me in to easier lobby's IW are giving you a little help due to no aim assist. Native MnK support on ps4 is doing something, longer match making easier lobbys, i dunno know got another 15% to find. If you have a decent mouse and keyboard try 1600 dpi and give it a try. I'm curious for any other similar feed back.
  11. Yeah it does give you the option to re join the same match so I could turn geo off when reloading in but it's a nuisance. The main problem is the game will kick you without that option sometimes with geo stricked. I think because of the small player base the game puts you on the most active server at that time which can be Argentina or Brazil the connection is so bad I have been stuck in ads for 3 plus seconds. Reckon you're right Jack not looking good to get around this also ping assist won't work either using xr700 v1.0.1.10 for warface. Shall plod with spectate mode.
  12. It is xr700 v1.0.1.10 its not working on warface possibly not supported game. I don't play much of any thing else lately so haven't tested on a supported game.
  13. Hi Duma team Any way around this? warface for both console and pc have a list of dedi's to choose from i'm on amsterdam server and will set my geo (stricked) around that and moscow as the secondary nearest now if the game puts me on any other further away server which is real lag fest it will kick me out of the pre-loading screen if i play ranked that will give me a 30 minute ban. I have tried ping assist but seems to be an issue with vers .10 xr700 which is not working. Not a big issue as i use spectate mode but the game will put you into south american servers which is real S... show. Any thoughts?
  14. Any progress? I noticed this myself on latest version over the weekend.
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