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    new router

    XR700 on sale NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR700 WiFi Router with 6 Ethernet ports and wireless speeds up to 7.2 Gbps, AD7200, optimized for the lowest ping https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GZYSJDZ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_THh5Cb71D9K9M
  2. any chance someone could look at my settings using team viewer just in case i am missing something obvious or not so obvious?
  3. also some more information the ping assist will not work on my PS4 Pro or my XB1X added the XB1X to Geofilter today and no dice on ping assist but circle radius with ping assist off works exactly same as on PS4 i even connect to the same dedi in Georgia with 26ms ping on the XB1X when i tried BO4 today
  4. Ping assist will not function properly for me on Black Ops 4 using my XR700, if i set ping assist to 45ms in the middle of the atlantic ocean when BO4 boots up every single dedicated server comes up as a triangle strict mode is enabled (turned it off for 1 attempt and it put me in european server) however if i turn ping assist off and use the circle radius i connect to 25ms Georgia US server 30ms Miami US server or 35ms Texas server. i play with friends on the west coast and can only get them in my party if i increase the radius of the circle and when i do this being the party host i get servers with higher than my max desired ping(45ms). i would like to use ping assist and just allow them on the allow/deny list so they can join me and then i would still connect to low ping servers however it is not working for me even if i play solo. im on the most current firmware (already tried down grading then reloading and did not work) any help or other suggestions? ping assist was working for me up until recently about the time of the last BO4 update, i did a factory reset and have tried multiple other fix attempts, resetting modem, having isp refresh my modem, and so on
  5. and now if i try the ping assist this keeps happening and if i turn on strict wont ever join a match ping assist set to 34ms but join dedi server in europe over 120ms ping
  6. no luck all dedis still triangle on boot up of BO4 and will not find a match unless i switch off ping assist and use circle radius
  7. i have left the gateway to dynamic but ping assist still cant be used, when the game boots up if ping assist is set to 45ms ping middle of ocean same results every single dedicated server comes up as a triangle and if i try to run a multiplayer match any mode it never finds a match however like i stated before, if i set ping assist to zero and do circle radius with a 400 mile radius i will get in dedicated server with 25ms ping. the only thing that happened was the last BO4 update and ping assist stopped working and i then did a factory reset and still in the same boat ping assist will not function
  8. ok im having the same overall issues getting all triangles when i try and use ping assist set to 45ms and when i try to connect to the internet using in my router settings as the default gateway ip it will not allow me to connect the internet what should the subnet mask be ? and can i just leave the ip address to what is already in the box when i select static ip?
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