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  1. thats what i was trying to give him lol
  2. Micbot-"I think I've found a temporary fix to the WAN disconnection by using the 10G LAN SFP+ port for the Internet connection. It's been stable for 2 hours and everything looks good so far. No interruptions while playing games or browsing the web. I looked everywhere online to see if someone has tried this but I didn't find anything.This could be a solution until NETGEAR comes out with an update to fix it. I will keep everyone updated if it stays stable or not."
  3. Six7 Tango

    Black Ops 4 Geo-Filter Cloud needs your help!

    mis-allocated server location im in tampa florida friend is in maryland and server is showing california should be atlanta georgia ISP Organization Latitude Longitude United States Georgia Atlanta Choopa, LLC Choopa, LLC 33.7865 -84.4454
  4. Six7 Tango

    XR700 Owners

    i love that you are always working towards more helpful features
  5. Six7 Tango

    XR700 Owners

    Merry Christmas!
  6. Six7 Tango

    XR700 Owners

    the XR500 does this with the .40 update, the XR700 owners are still awaiting the update for advanced ping stats, ping assist etcetera, unless i missed something?
  7. Six7 Tango

    XR700 Owners

    Sure would be nice to get the gift of ping assist for the XR700 on Christmas eve lol
  8. Six7 Tango

    XR700 Owners

    Glad to see more than 2 of us on the forums cant wait to use Milestone 1.3
  9. Six7 Tango

    XR700 Owners

    nice hopefully we get the update soon
  10. Six7 Tango

    XR700 Owners

    Anybody with an XR700 out there?
  11. Six7 Tango

    XR700 Owners

    Am I the only person with a XR700? lol
  12. Please post here if you own the XR700 so we can support and follow each other. Also be sure to post as soon as the new Milestone 1.3 update goes live so that there could be one thread for any issues the new firmware may have on the XR700 when it releases hopefully soon.
  13. ok thanks i will triple check the xbox server
  14. Do not think that is it because i am connecting to the same choopa dedi in Georgia on both consoles and PS4 only shows server and party Xbox shows everyone in match