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  1. Yeah, same goes for you. Love you too! BTW what are you contribute other than down talk me and making things up? All is said in this topic nothing to contribute instead of acknowledging that the issues mentioned are real right now. I could add a ton more of proofs and other arguments and technical details why the issues mentioned here are a matter of fact and indeed the fact why DumaOS for R1 is indefinitely delayed if ever released at all but it will be deleted in seconds and I get banned as well. Educate urself dude. Thanks for the nice conversation my life is nowhere sad instead its super and I am very happy thanks for worrying and asking! ps.: do u might have some more life-saving karma phrases?
  2. Mhh funny to re-read this thread in regards to the current R1 situation...
  3. Yeah, love to see how a qca soc software for dual-core 1.7GHz runs on mipsbe archi. Would be a tremendous task to realize this. But they said they started developing DumaOS on R1 so maybe I am missing something here.
  4. I have issues with GUI on 4k monitors, I have constant restarts which wiping all my settings, R1 has no times zones, host analysis is not working ... Just to mention some. An update is more than urgent and is advertised for 2 years now. Please tell us how much more patient we should be... maybe just a few more weeks? At this point, it would even better they just say it will never come and we can move on. But right now they are playing with us. This is ridiculous. BTW are u paid shill (you sound like Netdumas excuses all over)??? Reminds me at
  5. That was not what I am asking for as it is obviously and sadly a blind and brainless would have already accepted that. And its a shame. You really believe they release it in the next time?? I want an honest answer, not a fanboy answer, thanks. ps.: Why you are here with your umpteenth post to bash ppl expressing their frustration. Nobody asked for it coming faster in relation to expressing the feelings about the situation. We "frustrated" already got it for a long time that it will make nothing faster. Therefore more frustration will be voiced as its not a proper handling of the situation at first hand.
  6. I can't believe R1 is still not updated... Nothing more to add.
  7. Tell us the truth then almighty as you seem to be. I call out liars (never said Ian is a liar btw just citing his twitter) if they make promises over and over (just a few more weeks, everything is ready just needs backward compatibility, just to name some, ridiculous) and can't stand ANY one of them. And it's not outta way it's the damn actual situation we are facing which was developed by Netduma themselves. We just call it out!
  8. It was not meant specifically for the VPN problem. But sometimes it just seems things get abandoned to fast with blaming the user configuration but that's OT. I didn't say one word about you being a mod... (instead of in the first pages in this thread where I asked if you got the XR500 4 free as a mod which you obviously did not and I am sorry for asking) And I will happily catch you later about that config as I am on the move right now.
  9. It doesn't work for me properly as well. Please stop pretending that all these things are always user configuration faults. They aren't. VPN doesn't work for me properly for over a half year after several changes on PIA side. Same for titofuenla, it's not that we are too dumb to configure our router. It's just that not all features are supported with high bandwidth lines. And with the advertisement wording of "unlock the full potential of the R1 for the first time with DumaOS" maybe some are hoping that this limitation might not exist in DumaOS but I personally don't hold my breath to be true.
  10. Nope, u didn't. Don't hold your breath either u will smother.
  11. Ian is on a short vacation now as his twitter states. Not that I think he doesn't deserve it. But it clearly tells me they are not actively working on getting the update released. Instead, it seems to be more like they totally ignore it (or they have it ready yet and cant release because of contract rules with Netgear which would be even more depressing). Absolutely disappointing and dishonesty at its best slapped in the face of loyal customers. Just a shame.
  12. Can you tell me about what update you talk? Because so far there is no FREE update of DumaOS. And at this point its absolutely unclear if and when it will be released.
  13. Yeah, this is absolutely correct and I must fully agree. I got a new answer from ND which clearly states we will get DumaOS when its ready/as soon as possible. So that "just a few more weeks" statement was officially dismissed now and the timeframe to expect the update is unknown at this point. Could be 1 week could be one year. I won't post the new ND answer here before Colonic gets a complete freak out just check the FB conversation. Funny thing is that they couldn't update the post in here with this information/official statement of an unknown timeframe (dismissal of "just a few more weeks" statement). They actually force us to switch over to FB. And last but not least, there is not any word anymore about backward compatibility.
  14. You somehow missed the point, huh? Let me know if I am wrong. It's not funny and it's not the same not even in the closest. You know there was the April 2018 big update for Win10 released weeks ago. You know didn't ya.
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