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  1. There are p2p games on cod mw I have been host in 1 game it was just before last patch I have also seen host migration once before patch as well
  2. I forgot to ask bert you said your ping was either 33ms or 42 depending on uplink Is 33ms or 44ms what the dumar is saying or ingame ping
  3. Ive seen a few people say set it to studio refrence it im gonna ajust the eq on mixamp Cheers alex for the advise
  4. Where di d you see bobbypoff and dougisraw playing cod mw just wandering as i never heard of them till u mentioned them So i searched youtube but only found footage of them playing cod blackout
  5. D.O.C is correct the server you connect to is located in ireland but its for american players i think its just mislocated Because when i played a few hours on all of the american servers everyone to test out my ping to them I would always connect to the ireland server as well Ive played in russia same thing i wss always connected to the ireland server as well as the russia dedi Same with italy i was connected to ireland server as well Thats my experience with them no matter where i set my locatiion i always connect to two servers at the same time the first is the countrys ddi and the second is the one in ireland its either a data centre or an autothentacation I thought that the autothencation server pops up when you first put in the game even before you select multiplayer so your not even online yet and your connected to a server You can check this out yourself put cd iin dont press anything when it gets to cod mw screen it says press x to start dont press any thing it should show you your connected to s aserver but your not even online yet This ws on ps4 btw i cant remember if you could eer ping to it or not but atm i couldnt I havent seen that in any cod before I hope i made sence
  6. Thanks please send more Btw i am looking for presets that people who use with cod mw I looked at the entire post 9 pages but most of it was for older cod and other games I will defently try a few of them though cheers I was reading in that thread you posted A lot of people saying to turn off the mixamps surroun sound and to use stereo sound on mixamp As it was more precise with expensive stereo headphones Is this correct i thought the mixamp surround sound was meant to be brilliant for surround sound and pinpointing enemies footsteps But a lot of peole are saying to turn it off if you are using expensive stereo headphones
  7. I just purchesed the mixamp pro tr on its own And i was hoping people on here might have some settings they use here for cod mw I would like settings to hear enemy footsteps Atm i am using an old turtle beach dss with my headphones There good but soon as theres killstreaks out it drowns out the footsteps So i was hoping to get some recommended from everyone here who using them What i mean is you can manually make your own presets in the command centre programme I only just found out that the mixamp could do that lol im well behind on tech stuff I used to own turtle beach px5 they could make your own presets but they wsa no good for surrond sound Cheers The more settngs i would get i would love As like i said i only just found out about being able to cusumise presets So the more help i get the better
  8. Ghost why dont you try using ping assist set to 30 ms see if connect to lower ping servers I know you probally have tried this already But i thought i would say it incase you hadent
  9. I great to hear from you again zennon as always your always helping people especially me Cheers again
  10. ?3 Is regarding this thread i made a poll about it a long time ago The thread is called please read this everyone I cant link ithe page as i am doing this on a ps4 sorry It is located home\newsandcummunity\feature ideas and improvements fordumaros\please read this everyone Hope that this might clear it uo abit
  11. Bert shouldnt your source port be both as 3074 is definitely udp but i tjhink destination might use tcp as well But im not sure
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