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  1. Atm i cant have my pc working i missing a lead to get it working
  2. I cant take a screen shot as i am doing the tests from my ps4 from ps4 web browser I think you would be able to choose your server As i could on the first the division 1 The problem is when i try to test stuff from my ps4 web browser with dumaros the browser just runs too slow So i end up giving up The older fw run a lot lt better with ps4 for me I fotgot to put mention i had these settings Strict mode ticked Ping assist set to 0 my geo filter radious was set to just cover uk And it found server in europe somwhere west of france Lol sorry i am crap at geography
  3. I enabled geo filter for the pvp game called conflict It only found games outside of my geofklter range
  4. I havent had the geo filter enabled yet On the first the division the geo filter would get me games inside my range I will enable geo to see if i can get games inside its range
  5. Somthing i noticed while i playes the beta skirmish game mode The server was picked after the other opponents joined the lobby I played my first skirmish game yesterday and it was using a european google server with 20 ms ping
  6. Again please keep voting Thank you to all that voted
  7. Just wandering? Does Dummar os clasified games need to be enabled \ ticked . if we manually put in our own ports in tfaffic prioratization
  8. Sure i will have to do it when i set up my pc again Cheers again I think its time for me to go back to original fw These disconnections are driving me crazy lol
  9. Ok i will next time it happens btw i factory reset my dumeros again in last few hours i have no goe filter no setting set up and i havent been disconnected ONCE yet But this is exactly how it was before as soon as i put my ps4 onto the devices on ps4 in geo filter in spectator mode the problems start up No the pronlems only started when i put my ps4 onto the devices on the geo filter page i didnt even enable it it wss set to spectator mode as soon as i put it on within minutes i was disconnected
  10. I cant take a pic for a few difrent reasons atm Also my console is always nat type 2 Like i said before my exact same setup on orignal netdumar fw 1.306 j worked sam e exact setup It was working til i put a device on geo filter I now have deleted all devicds off geo filter since yesterday still keeps disconnecting not as ofter but about one a half hour The reason i have no devices selected is you told me to do that before in a pervious post I hope it makes sence now
  11. I was playing great since saturday till today Yesterday i enabled qos and set antibuffer bloat to always and it worked great no disconnections at all Then today i tried to put my device on the geo filter the geo filter was set to spectator mode Within seconds i was discontented and now with it keeps disconnections I really need to have my ps4 on geo filter even if its in spectator mode
  12. Ok it seems good now ive been playing for a few hours with no disconnections I had nothing on geo filter all deleted as you said also bufferbloat set to off also qos disabled Ghanks
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