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  1. kinel

    Ps5 netdumar

    Thank you all for the help
  2. kinel

    Ps5 netdumar

    I found a really good way to acsess the web browser Alll you need to do is type a message to a friend or another account or user on your ps5 I typed www.Google.Com It creates a link so you can click on This is the fastest way i found so far What would be the adress i would type for dumar 2 gui I tried,1 it didnt work
  3. kinel

    Ps5 netdumar

    Thanks fraser but that does seem like a lot of effort everytime i want to go in dumar gui setting I was hoping for a shortcut or a easier way Thanks for letting me know that method
  4. kinel

    Ps5 netdumar

    Has anybody found a way to get the netdumar web page open so we can get into the settings menu Ive had my ps5 for a few months now and i still havent found out how to do this simple task As the ps5 dosnt have a supported browser on ps4 it was simple and easy to do I would love to be able to just play the new cod on ps5 and be able to block or add servers on the router through the ps45 at the same time
  5. Can any one tell me the msin stats i should ge looking out for I have to quickly lear the info buy fridat to catch the sales Hdmi 2.0 or hdmi 2.01 i know anout all ifo welcome on the stats
  6. Thank you all for the help
  7. Im about to buy cod vanguard tmaz And i wanna buy a new gamingmonitor for my ps5 It has to be 120hz at least 24innh at leadt Price range from 100 to 300 pounds uk And it has to be from these two stores as i cant buy online atm Www.currys.co.uk Or Www.argos.co.uk All advice welcome Please help me choose I wantto play cod vanguard on ps5 at 120hz and ide like a great picture quality with low input lag Ive had an benq 24rl monitor years ago but its sadly broke the picture was always looked washed out
  8. I was doing some more testing today and i noticed The game is now using port 443 tcp a lot It is the destination not source If any one wants to try it as i havent worked out the exact port ranges yet I need more testing But you all could try this it should be good Rule 3 source 50000 -65535 source 443 tcp only
  9. Thank you you are correct its was way to confusing so its been edited Btw this thread was originally meant for mw2019 If its still to confusing i will try to efit a bit more Thank you for poining it out
  10. You are correct the game uses 50000 - 60000 range but they aint udp there tcp Ile explain Try this settings Rule 1Sorce 3074 - 3075 destination 30000 - 45000 udp Rule 2Source 50000 -60000 destination 3074-3075 tcp These are the only two rules you need These are the ports i only ever found But the 50000 -60000 tcp ports were for source And the 30000 - 45000 upd were for destination Sorry for late post
  11. Jesus omg 9ms ping ingame What platform are you playing on and what fps are you using it has to be 120hz at least thanks
  12. Thank you all I was hoping it was diffrent
  13. Please can sombody tell me this If your running your ps5 on120fps settings with your netdumar how mutch delay is there added to your netdumar ping As i havent got a ps5 yet On the ps4 there is around 16 ms delay added to you netdumar ping Heres an example My ps4 i get an 8ms ping to my local dedi server on coldwar this is shown on the netdumar geofilter page But on my ps4 console in coldwar it shows around 24ms ingame ping So it looks lkes the game adds a delay of 16ms this equals 60fps So i was thinking on ps5 the delay should only be 8ms if your running at 120fps on ps5 So if your on ps5 and your ping on netdumar is 10ms Your ingame ping should be around 18ms if i am correct That is if i am correct But i cant test it atm till i get a ps5 So all help welcomefrom ps5 users
  14. I have just found somthing intresting out This was on my ps4 i not sure about xbox please dont use this rule Source start 1 end 65535 destination start 1 end 65535 udp and tcp It makes it so congestion control thinks your sliders are still set to 100 % So it mucks up your settings Try it yourself you will see if you want to Set your cc slidrrs to sround 10 % or dver lower But then do a speed test on console it still think it set to 100% this was only on ps4
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