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  1. I have done it that way as well in the past but it used to take ages to find games if i recall corectly
  2. Daniele sorry i cant help you as i have never used wireshark theres many members here who have like ghost east Post in there thread and they may help you sorry Btw thank you for voting
  3. Btw thekoreansavage has an moderate nat type It clearly shows this in his newset video playing snd
  4. I just seen somthing intresting One of the youtubers who i think is brilliant player the koreansavage his nat type is moderate As i just watched his latest video where he plays snd it shows his nat type in bottom left of screen I have always thought this but i was never sure All my friends and family who always did good on every cod would always have a moderate nat type When i had a moderate nat type i would do better But i could never keep it at moderate because if me and my family and friends had moderate nat type we could never play together So i would always keep mine on open As my family and friends would never know how to set theres to open Also if any one intrested if they dont wanna play on a dedicated server and only play on peer connection Hers how to Set your download speed to around 8mb And upload speed to around 2mb this is on ps4 I found out how to do this by mistake Ive been away since christmas and just hot back so i turned my internet back on from plugs I thought ide play a quick game of mw But i noticed every game was a peer and i couldnt get a dedi no matter what i tried Then i looked at my speeds and relised the problem my tp link router had not saved my settings when it was turned off I then increased the speed in settings then i got dedis again So i think if you ever wanna play on peers limit your speeds to around these numbers should work for you
  5. Thanks for that i could never find his out his ping as i wasnt a subscriber You could try rule1 source 80 80 destination 80 80 Rule2 source 443 443 destination 443 443 Etc etc etc Or another way is rule1 source 3074 3075 destination 80 80 Rule2 source 80 80 destination 3074 3075 rule 3 source3074 3075 destination 443 443 rule 4 source 443 443 destination 3074 3075 Etc etc
  6. Yougotstrecthed ive been trying to do what your talking about on openwrt But i still havent figured out how to do so As i read about what your talking about from a post on these forums a few years ago from a member called roydavis77 He posted a topic about this called a possible fix to lag comp I posted the link in my lag comp thread When you look at images from wireshark captures on these forums It shows the packet lengths are diffrent from client length to server length It looks like to me we are sendinging more packets than the server can handle Ive worked how to limit my packets we send to the server using openwrt and pfifo But i havent had anytime to experiment with these settings as i have been very buisy over christmas btw pfifo is hypertraffic traffic priortization Im still trying to learn how to limit the packets que length not the size of the packets
  7. The reason you coulcnt find a game is because you need to add the spanish data centre matchmaiing dedi It only appears when you first log on to the game What you wanna do is add it to allow list name it data then shutdown the game or eject cd then load up game again Then add the next data matchmaiing dedi and name it data Then repeat this process to you foung all the data centre matchmaiing dedi in spain Then search for a game You can do this method with any dedi you wanna play on
  8. That server ghost is france i think The sever we play on is just south west of it
  9. Bert is correct about peers I have ben host a few times in the past it was a bad bad expeirience It was quite easy to become the host of a game All i did was det my geo location far away from me Set ping assist to 0 my geo radious as small as possible I only done this when i was trying out diffrent dedis around the world I knew i was host before game started as it didnt show a host on map and i thougt thats strange Also i looked at the network settings ping screen my ping was 0 This was a few weeks ago though
  10. Sorry ive been away for christmas and still not back yet if i can i will try to find away to send yu its location So i cant post the geo location of the spanish dedi All i can say its located the very far west on europe on geo map
  11. Thats brilliant to hear i think maybe we werent seeing the spain dedis in the last few days was because Maybe after a patch the dedi was still down they might have been trying to do work on them Thats maybe why i was findinding only peer lobbies With massive ping spikes
  12. The problem with thottleing your speeds is You wont be able to do other stuff as well like play with friends But i used to have a solution to do what your talking about and it worked in the past on older cod I used to limit port 3074 upload and download to whatever i wanted This was fone from my old tp link router I found out about it from a comment on simjc74 youtube channel years ago This means when i did a ps4 speed test it would still show my speeds i could still party chat etc etc On the tp link router it was called bandwith control All this meanS is it will limit only the port you select now the whole console I do not use this feature at the moment as my current tp link router has openwrt firmware installed on it I hope i made sence
  13. I only discover about it in the past week or two but its only in the last few days i been using it but i been very buisy so i havent had that mutch time to experiment like i normally have
  14. I have ABB set to Always as i read that turning it off on dumar1 disables the traffic priotization Share acsess i have it ticked\enabled on both upload and download My cc are set to 70\70 where i get no soikes on ping plotter and an A+ on buffer bloat Also i am running a second router to try and emulate the reactive algorth from og firmware I als was connected to spanish dedis a but now its hard to find a dedi there it always peer So this is why i changed how i search Hopefully k coverd everything you asked maybe try he italy dedi just west hat was giving me a 31 ms ping and great gameplay to same as spain but it also has a lot of peers too
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