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  1. Thank you Btw do you have your openwrt router first in your setup then the netdumer second Just wandering
  2. Do we need to copy n paste the text to firewall rule
  3. Knoxmax do you copy and paste that text in custum rules in firwall rules Sable how is the game playing for you I just had a few games today my first in a long time It was pure garbage rage quited every game lol I would like to find out what setting your using for cod mw still
  4. Typed my message in wrong
  5. Im having a problemwith using two routers together When i do this it bypasses my traffic prioratization hyper traffic i want to use my openwrt router first in the setup but if i do this then i lose my traffic prioratization when it passes through this router as this router dosent have traffic priortiaztion so i want to create it on the router btw my setup has to have openwrt first As im using a few programes from it but if i use it secondly i cant use the programmes If i have my netdumar1 first in my setup and i prioratized ports for cod mw my hit registration is brilliant but i cant use the features on my openwrt router so this is not an option If i want to use these features the openwrt router has to be first in my setup and then traffic prioratization dosent work ass my hit detection is crap no matter what i try So i am trying to recreate your hpertraffic algorthyme with reacive on my openwrt I hope i made sence Its either reactive algorthyme or hyper traffic thats making my hit dection great on the older firmware On the newer firmware i cant get my hit detection as good as it is on the older firware So i want to recreatre reactive and hypertraffick on my openwrt router so i can upgrade to newer firmware
  6. I have noticed this for a long time playing cod as well with friends the game plays are worse Heres my thoughts on it I always used to think this but not no more If you play with lets just say two friends for an example The game would add all three of your ping together So my ping to server is 11ms My freiend player 2 has 20 ms My freind player 3 has 40 ms It adds all these together that equals 71 ms delay Then it divides it by 3 that give us a 20.33 ms delay Heres what it might be Or it could be when we are in a party we use party chat and this affects are ping I had that problem for a long long time but since i prioritised game ports the problem went away
  7. I have done it that way as well in the past but it used to take ages to find games if i recall corectly
  8. Daniele sorry i cant help you as i have never used wireshark theres many members here who have like ghost east Post in there thread and they may help you sorry Btw thank you for voting
  9. Btw thekoreansavage has an moderate nat type It clearly shows this in his newset video playing snd
  10. I just seen somthing intresting One of the youtubers who i think is brilliant player the koreansavage his nat type is moderate As i just watched his latest video where he plays snd it shows his nat type in bottom left of screen I have always thought this but i was never sure All my friends and family who always did good on every cod would always have a moderate nat type When i had a moderate nat type i would do better But i could never keep it at moderate because if me and my family and friends had moderate nat type we could never play together So i would always keep mine on open As my family and friends would never know how to set theres to open Also if any one intrested if they dont wanna play on a dedicated server and only play on peer connection Hers how to Set your download speed to around 8mb And upload speed to around 2mb this is on ps4 I found out how to do this by mistake Ive been away since christmas and just hot back so i turned my internet back on from plugs I thought ide play a quick game of mw But i noticed every game was a peer and i couldnt get a dedi no matter what i tried Then i looked at my speeds and relised the problem my tp link router had not saved my settings when it was turned off I then increased the speed in settings then i got dedis again So i think if you ever wanna play on peers limit your speeds to around these numbers should work for you
  11. Thanks for that i could never find his out his ping as i wasnt a subscriber You could try rule1 source 80 80 destination 80 80 Rule2 source 443 443 destination 443 443 Etc etc etc Or another way is rule1 source 3074 3075 destination 80 80 Rule2 source 80 80 destination 3074 3075 rule 3 source3074 3075 destination 443 443 rule 4 source 443 443 destination 3074 3075 Etc etc
  12. Yougotstrecthed ive been trying to do what your talking about on openwrt But i still havent figured out how to do so As i read about what your talking about from a post on these forums a few years ago from a member called roydavis77 He posted a topic about this called a possible fix to lag comp I posted the link in my lag comp thread When you look at images from wireshark captures on these forums It shows the packet lengths are diffrent from client length to server length It looks like to me we are sendinging more packets than the server can handle Ive worked how to limit my packets we send to the server using openwrt and pfifo But i havent had anytime to experiment with these settings as i have been very buisy over christmas btw pfifo is hypertraffic traffic priortization Im still trying to learn how to limit the packets que length not the size of the packets
  13. The reason you coulcnt find a game is because you need to add the spanish data centre matchmaiing dedi It only appears when you first log on to the game What you wanna do is add it to allow list name it data then shutdown the game or eject cd then load up game again Then add the next data matchmaiing dedi and name it data Then repeat this process to you foung all the data centre matchmaiing dedi in spain Then search for a game You can do this method with any dedi you wanna play on
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