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  1. Thank you n3cro for posting settings
  2. I have to ask as diffrent routers do this diffrent but do you Put the ports like this Eg 1 source 3074 - 3075 destination 30000- 45000 udp or Eg 2 source 30000-45000 destination 30000- 45000 udp or Eg 3 source 3074 -3075 destination 3074 -3075 Im just wandering how you put the rule into port forwarding
  3. chaiyoabc does ddrwt have netem im just curious as i downloaded openwrt to try this out im just wandering if ddwrt has it as well also have you tried openwrt if so whats your opinion on it
  4. Is WTfast an isp if so that means you have 2 isp if i am correct I didnt relise you have WTfast as well
  5. kinel


    somthing i did notice from tryong many diffrent dns servers ip using my isp dns made my ps4 speeds more consistant in ps4 tests before the speed test results would constantl be diffrent But with my isp dns it would be better and i only ever used one dns eg I put this in twice on ps4 for primary and secondary As i read somwhere that use the same dns twice Using 2 difrrent ones causes problems Eg this is meant to be bad
  6. Cheers i was looking at merlin videos I know sable used to have talktalk as he had simmuler setup to me Maybe he changed it like you think
  7. Is game boost in queue discipline As i never seen game boost in the video i watched Im just trying to work out its features
  8. Thank you I have to ask you in assus fw settings qos addaptive What que discipline are you using As i just watched a video about it Theres 3 to choose from Sfq fq _codel or codel I bet you your using fq codel Have you tried all 3 diffrent settings if so what do you prefrr
  9. Sable are you using the dumar with the assus router If so how is your setup please tell Eg heres mine Modem - openwrt router - netdumar all evices connected to dumar Modem is first then openwrt second the 3 rd is dumar
  10. Was that still on the spain dedi Omg i never knew you could type in valeues into share excess lol
  11. I havent played online for a few weeks Ive been playing private matches mostly And it plays a lot better with thottleing But i still have to use traffic priortization its still peforms best for me
  12. I used to do this on my tp link router its called bandwith control Whats good about it it only affects the ports you throttle not the whole network I was doing this years ago before i even had my dumar1
  13. Sable on your ps4 do you check your buffer bloat on dsl reports with these settings if so what do you get as or less for buffer bloat Sable when you throttle are you doing it by typing in 3mb downkload and .0.5 mb upload into congestion control settings Or are you doing it by unticking share excess by putting share excess sliders to where you get the speeds your after So moreless your throttling with share excedss Im just wandering as theres a few ways to do it
  14. Ive noticed in the past using an incorrect mtu causes packet loss
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