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  1. The truth is tapping out the umpteenth post in frustration won't get DumaOS here any faster.
  2. Ughh... Don't get me started on their pay-to-play-properly micro-transaction B$. Makes my blood boil, man.
  3. I don't disagree with anything you've said, Macca. What annoys me is some of these Oik's are blatantly calling Iain a liar. Insinuating, or flat-out saying, he's stuffing his mouth with Netgear gold and running for the hills. IMHO, I think that's way outa line, and I'll call it when I see it. (or until Z bans me )
  4. Oh dear, Sul. You do realise you cannot prefix a load of old cobblers with, "I'm not suggesting anything..." and then do precisely the opposite, don't you? It makes you look somewhat disingenuous. Contradicting yourself aside, Sol, I'm intrigued as to what the thinking is behind your post? Perhaps you are going to be the figurehead and lead this amusing band of sceptics, pied piper-like, to the highest court in the land and win one for the little guy? No, probably not, eh.. Sil, next time you're tempted to tap out another little gem, and I say this purely for your edification and personal enlightenment, take a really deep breath, get control of yourself and mind your manners. Good afternoon.
  5. I see the Rt Reverend snuck in via the tradesmen's entrance and delivered a stealth-like 'like' to this post. Bagsta, you miracle of modern science, how are you? I'm considering a comeback and may require your council... any gossip? PM me. PS How 'bout those Aussie's, eh? So many 'sorry's'...And tears! Ooh how I laughed
  6. Hey Macca, long time fella.. Hope you're good. TBH, I don't think they give a brass shiny shit as to what the likes of you and me think, mate. It pains me to say it ('cos it makes me feel old), but we're probably a generation or two outside their target audience. The gaudy colours and flashy bits are akin to Crack for today's ADHD instant gratification yoof. So long as they continue to drink it in faster than parched squaddies at a NAAFI bar, I don't see it changing anytime soon.
  7. Dirty Dog


    In light of current events, an inspired idea, Mr Boom. Just last night his live-in BFF (three-dollar Bill) called to say the bug is back with a vengeance. Latest prognosis is within a couple of weeks' JD set to lose both ears. And to think I nearly bought the poor bastard sunglasses. 9mm avoided.. phew!
  8. Dirty Dog


    Having read some of the wild speculation surrounding the delayed release of DumaOS, I thought now might be a good ttime to point out there really are more important things in life to be worrying about. Word has reached me that our once great and fearless leader, Mr John Dillinger, has been rendered incommunicado by a particularly aggressive strain of flesh-eating bug. I'm told it ate away his arms, then his legs and finally his body before it was brought under control. Now, he is reduced to just a head on a pillow on a life support machine. My dilemma is, what to buy him for his upcoming birthday? He already has plenty of hats. All suggestions welcome.
  9. Pro, no offence intended... but you're going to struggle to stay in my top ten 'best of the rest' list with this kind of attitude.
  10. Very diplomatic, Z. But surely these levels of snowflakery would be better dealt with via the Duma furnace? I assume the old girl still fires? Snowflakes, be safe. Be warm. Begone.
  11. Ah, the much-maligned English weather. No overcast sky here, my friend. It's wall-to-wall sunshine and blue sky for as far as the eye can see. The lawn is freshly mowed. BBQ cleaned and ready for the Rib-eyes, and enough alcohol is chilling to sink an Orion-class battleship. And I get to play with fire. What could possibly go wrong?
  12. I listened but thought it a little too Sauvignon blanc for my palate, major. I much prefer a full-bodied Merlot or a good Rioja. https://youtu.be/W9ChimGhYOI
  13. And what in the name of Greek buggery is going on here? Dissension among the rank and file? The great unwashed daring to get ideas above their station? Such treachery would not have been tolerated during my time roaming these esteemed halls. And never mind page after page of this self-entitled, whiny, conspiracy bullshit. Why hasn't the knuckle-dragging Vanilla lowland been unleashed to quell this foetid uprising? Who has the dubious honour of holding the keys to his cage nowadays? - @Crossy, @Fraser, @JD, @Zenon?? To the rabble-rousers, a word in your shell-likes... You may think you're pretty good at this bitchfesting thingy, so you will be disheartened to learn you're all pretty shit at it. None of the barbs resonate because they're tired, rehashed and, quite honestly, pathetic compared to what's gone before. They smack of pre-pubescent angst and the ramblings of admonished children; consequently, nothing hits home. Overall, it makes you look terminally stupid so put away the scatter-gun approach to insults and veiled threats. Stop ejecting toys from prams and wait politely in their house for your FREE upgrade. @Fuzzball - By my return, I expect to see your opposable toes firmly gripping the throats of these pusillanimous little skid marks. I sense the peasants are revolting, and it's 'Vitai Lampada' time for the Duma Army and its brethren. Up your game, tout de bloody suite, Son. SMH...
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