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  1. A honest answer is that you cannot manipulate your connection gameplaywise in COD (if this is the game you are interested in).
  2. I'll try to explain my gaming experience with my limited English vocabulary... With DUMA OS I feel tense and I find myself gripping my controler harder than usual, getting ready for the imminent gunfight which I'm almost certain I'm about to lose. On the other hand with OpenWRT the game feels like it "flows" better and I can obtain a momentum easier. I'm not saying I'm kicking ass with OpenWRT as I am a mediocre player. But at least I have a good feeling at the end that I did the best I could. I'm afraid I can't explain it better.....
  3. i wish there was a caddy firewall script for Linux OS. OpenWRT/cake plays better with MW
  4. Killcam is unreliable. It's more ore less like spectating camera in Headquarters when you're dead. How many times I've said "why the hell he is not shooting? He is right in front of him"... but I'm convinced this is not the case.
  5. Is "Duma Os Classified game" available in R1?
  6. I mean if it's better to choose "never" when using the script
  7. Thanks man. Do you have QoS disabled while this script is running?
  8. I can't see the port. Just the server. Is it only me?
  9. I doubt this is due to connection. You are a great player, and you moved well. You also went for the kills rather than the objectives (2 captures). Overall it was a great game..
  10. Quickscope . No matter if they are rank 5 or 155. No matter if their ping is 5 or 155. If you learn how to quickscope you are having fun in EACH AND EVERY GAME. Take my word for it. I quickscope ever since WWII and I'm having a blast. I wouldn't change quickscoping for the world.
  11. I know this is an unpopular comment but I like this game. Ppl tend to like the games that their good at and I understand it. You can't like a game when your butt is constantly kicked, unless you are a moron. Devs have made huge mistakes. No doubt. They have screwed mini map, dead silence, prestige system, map voting and so on. You don't touch things that are not broken or no one ever complained about. But the community is also responsible for the all this negativity. Campers with claymors, RPGs fired at the flags, shotguns in corridors etc. Anyway, I try to avoid TDM as much as I can and I only play Hardpoint/Headquarters using flanking routes. This is my way to avoid all the crap above. And I'm having fun...
  12. Sgt-Greco


    New bells and whistles with the new DD-WRT builds.
  13. Hey Alex. A brand new 18POW just arrived but again, no luck. Just sent an email describing the problem and asking for my options. Best regards....
  14. Sgt-Greco


    just right click in the window
  15. Sgt-Greco


    Is this enabled?
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