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  1. Quickscope . No matter if they are rank 5 or 155. No matter if their ping is 5 or 155. If you learn how to quickscope you are having fun in EACH AND EVERY GAME. Take my word for it. I quickscope ever since WWII and I'm having a blast. I wouldn't change quickscoping for the world.
  2. I know this is an unpopular comment but I like this game. Ppl tend to like the games that their good at and I understand it. You can't like a game when your butt is constantly kicked, unless you are a moron. Devs have made huge mistakes. No doubt. They have screwed mini map, dead silence, prestige system, map voting and so on. You don't touch things that are not broken or no one ever complained about. But the community is also responsible for the all this negativity. Campers with claymors, RPGs fired at the flags, shotguns in corridors etc. Anyway, I try to avoid TDM as much as I can and I only play Hardpoint/Headquarters using flanking routes. This is my way to avoid all the crap above. And I'm having fun...
  3. Sgt-Greco


    New bells and whistles with the new DD-WRT builds.
  4. Hey Alex. A brand new 18POW just arrived but again, no luck. Just sent an email describing the problem and asking for my options. Best regards....
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    just right click in the window
  6. Sgt-Greco


    Is this enabled?
  7. Sgt-Greco


    You can paste any command in putty. You don't have to write it. Be very careful what you type. Linux is case sensitive. Also in your commands there are two spaces in between words and wrong spelling. The IP is wrong too. It won't work. Are you sure you have Internet through your TP-LINK?
  8. Sgt-Greco


    Don't worry. Even if you bricked it I think the tftpd method will bring it back. I've done it many times. I suspect you installed the image without the luci interface (GUI). Probably your firmware is installed but you can't access it. Try to ping it and see if it responds. As I feel this is going to be a long thread, feel free to DM me with the procedure you followed. If it is OK with the rest of the community keep posting here.
  9. Sgt-Greco


    Cake no. It has SFQ, codel and fq_codel. In OpenWRT, SQM is not embedded in the firmware once you install it. You have to manualy download it as an extra script from the OpenWRT's database. It's true that OpenWRT is now more resource demanding thus your machine will suffer. Also keep in mind that OpenWRT will not provide you (by default) throttling or priority per IP so you have to achieve it with custom comands, something very difficult unless you are good with linux and networking. I'm not, so I try to avoid it. Cake is more like a fair share of bandwidth to all devices. But as a gamer I assume you don't care about Bandwidth Fairness and Network Democracy but Strict Dictatorship 😊, right? It's me and all the other stuff. For all of the above reasons, I'd suggest DD-WRT. Light and easy. Here is an emulator if you want to play around. Best of luck
  10. Sgt-Greco


    LEDE merged with OpenWRT . LEDE kept their forum page but the firmaware's name is OpenWRT. It's excactly the same thing. I've tested it extensively. I've also tested Gargoyle and DD-WRT. My opinion is (that for us gamers) DD-WRT is the king.
  11. Hi again. Tried once more and the home page appeared, but when I tried to navigate in the menus the connection was lost. This seems to me like a power adapter issue. Wouldn't it be better if I purchase and try a new 18POW before anything else?
  12. I also use DDWRT since my R1 broke. 😕 Please do me a favor and add the following two lines in your custom commands: ifconfig eth0 txqueuelen 2 ifconfig eth1 txqueuelen 2 Experiment increasing the value (2) game after game until you reach 10. Give as a feedback if you see any impovement and which value seems to be your "sweetspot" if any. BTW let me confirm that a camper with a 725 in a toilet wins any QoS in the world.
  13. Thanks for your reply . Yes, I can feel the click. I waited long enough but nothing happend. If I fail to boot it is it possible to send it back for a repair?
  14. Pinging gives me a General Failure. Can't hard reset it with the reset button. I keep pressing it but there is no beeping sound. The only way I get a beeping sound is when I press the reset button first and power it after, but still nothing happens. What can I do?
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