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  1. Hey friends. As the title says I'm about to upgrade from an old PS4 and a 1080p BenQ RL2455 (both served me well so far, no complaints here). There are a few things that I have to consider though, and here is where I need your help. 1. My monitor sits on my desk, less than a meter away from me, so anything over 27" is an overkill in my case. 2. 4K monitors @ 27"-28" are either non existent or hard to find plus they are quite pricey. I also think that in such a small display size , 4K is meaningless (pixels are already dense enough even with FULL HD or 2K resolution). 3. PS5 and XBOX series X output either 1080p or 4K. 4. I play only Call of Duty (occasionally Titanfall). 5. (this is huge) Microsoft announced new data centers a few kilometers away from my home, but I'm not sure if data centers include gaming servers. (If they do, XBOX S/X seems like a better choice than Playstation). 6. Series S is easy to find (no shortage), it is cheaper and supports native 2K (a resolution easy to find in 27" monitors) but it lacks storage. on the other hand 7. with PS5 or XBOX Series X you are future-proof for at least 5 to 7 years. More or less, that's it. I'd appreciate your input.
  2. Yes it is. Thank you sir. I love you.
  3. Need your help guys. I've been asking here and there but no one seems to know. How do I get this orange glow hologram? Is it with an optic or some other attachment/perk ?
  4. If you are looking for answers to your inquiry, I'd suggest you to avoid this clown.
  5. Need a net guru advise on this Packet Bursts thing. And no, On-Demand Texture Streaming turned off, won't solve it.
  6. Use a VPN service just for It's intended purpose. As far as online gaming is concerned, don't even bother.
  7. Please someone explain how fragmented packets are beneficial towards online gaming.
  8. The game is so awesome, it inspired me to start my new "Great Composers Play" series... Wish I had better hardware. Anyway, here is episode 1. 😊
  9. WTF is a lagmaster? How do you become one? I'll preorder this game because I believe respawn 6 vs 6 modes will be awesome. + Lots of maps at launch + Gameplay + Gunplay + Movement + Sound + TTK close to perfect + Ghost effective as long as you move + Footsteps are as loud as they should - Zero visibility when you take fire. Like taking fire and you are about to die is not enough. - Stupid reload animation whenever you switch to your secondary weapon if it's an AR, SMG, LMG (except pistols) - Polina is ugly - Feels like the entire map is made of drywall. You can wallbang through almost anything - No FOV for consoles (hope it will be implemented) - Regaining health takes too long.
  10. The Gunplay is fine. And the movement. This Champion Hill mode is awful.
  11. It will never cease to amaze me how people think that manipulating their connection will make things better in this game.
  12. I know what you mean. I also knew, even before hitting the "submit post" button, that ppl would mock and laugh at me. But that's OK. I was so stupid I didn't record the game (hardpoind on CROSSROADS, I will never forget). Anyway, best of luck with your brand new R2.
  13. Please believe me Fraser. I can hear them hit their controller on the desk before I see the shot registered as a kill
  14. Maybe this is a stupid post but I can't stop thinking about it. Bear with me. I mostly quickscope in COLD WAR and Ι think I'm doing pretty well . Definitely not on a par with all the amazing Quickscopers out there, but I believe "descent" is a word that can describe my QS skills . I have a good perception of where my bullet landed on the enemy (head , upper or lower torso). It's a fact that opponents rage (mostly) with snipers, and I SWEAR TO GOD: I CAN HEAR THEM RAGE MILLISECONDS BEFORE I SEE MY BULLET HIT THEM. I've been trying all day today to decode and understand, why this happens and if this is a good or a bad sign (connection-wise). Any idea would be much appreciated. (Netduma crew input would be also very welcome) Stay safe and have fun.
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