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  1. Thanks for your reply . Yes, I can feel the click. I waited long enough but nothing happend. If I fail to boot it is it possible to send it back for a repair?
  2. Pinging gives me a General Failure. Can't hard reset it with the reset button. I keep pressing it but there is no beeping sound. The only way I get a beeping sound is when I press the reset button first and power it after, but still nothing happens. What can I do?
  3. First off, the guys in IW took Net Coding to the next level. They actually extrapolate data, meaning they are predicting your moves based on the last input data to compensate your exact position when they receive bad or corrupted data . (check 3:54). Yet, we are still talking here about MTU. This is a joke. Second. I had no lag problems whatsoever using any router. I have a HUGE problems though, with Claymores, Shotguns and the maps promoting a "Camp play style". I know this is another topic, but I hate it and I refuse to adapt. Third, I also refuse to drop the game altogether. IT HAS HUGE POTENTIAL and this is a fact. In case you may have not noticed, there are in-game connection icons like cascading triangles (meaning packet loss) , high ping icons e.t.c. If you haven't noticed yet, good for you. Your connection is fine. Finally, there is an in-game Ping meter ICYMI . Hit Options->Account WHILE IN GAME and read the value. Omit the trailing zero (for example 600 ms means 60 ms) Have fun.
  4. Hey. I'm sure you are all familiar with this screen Well, this is from an Advanced Warfare game session. I'm back into this game and I'm having a blast. AW is fully hybrid as we speak (Dedicated Servers and P2P) and this is why -at this moment- this router shines. There is no way I could force P2P without it. I'm under the impression that newer COD games will assign you the best Dedicated Server for your region by default. Plus, hybrid matchmaking is not a option. Jump into a AW game, squeeze Geo Filter around you and see for yourself. Have fun.
  5. Hi. 1. 50/5 but it makes no difference . Any descent d/u speed is good enough for UDP packages. 2. Nothing special. Whatever gives you a triple A in DSL reports. (90/90 in my case). My base ping is 50, my wife is abusing YouTube watching some stupid shows all the time, yet I'm having fun with this game. No way OpenWRT could do better. I don't know if it is by chance or the game's netcode is better or whatever. I don't care . DUMA OS is doing fine.
  6. Plugged my R1 yesterday to check MW. I could never imagine a router behaving so well in such a ridiculously short TTK game. Speechless.
  7. You spend lots of money on hardware and plenty of hours setting up your network, just to find out that the game has hit registration issues even with bots. This is sad. hit-reg.mp4
  8. It's not the search radius. Or the Ping assist. Or the QOS. It's the stupid game. Plug the shittest router you can find and play Titanfall 2. You'll have fun.
  9. I'm not a network expert by any means, but let me throw in my two cents here. Maybe NETDUMA's ping assist relies on a simple ICMP echo request to a server. But the in-game ping meter shows the ICMP echo request time + the processing time which is real and more accurate . That's why the in-game ping readings are significantly higher compared to those shown in the ping plot. Maybe I'm wrong though..... Hope this makes sense.
  10. Sorry for the delay. No, PA=0 seems to block everyone. Rebooted, set PA=30 again and doted heads start to apear all over. I'm joining a p2p match within a few minutes. This guy over here pings 15 ms , with what seems to be an internal IP. Any ideas?
  11. No Fraser. I just rebooted the game with the same settings and the same results. I forgot to mention that it takes a while to find a game but you are never pushed back to the main menu with the "lobby not joinable" message as it happened before 1.06
  12. .... Ping Assist doesn't seem to work. As shown in the image below, lots of peers with high ping are allowed, even though they are way above my 30 ms threshold. Nevertheless I will never join a dedicated server when I circle a dedi-free area, which (in my case) is awesome. I have good games, to the point the opponents rage quit. It's 100% p2p because the capital "E" (indicating a dedicated server in the lobby) does not exist. I've also noticed that the in-game ping meter is missing. I know for you guys it's frustrating when you can't join your favorite dedicated server, but try to force p2p. I think it's the only way to deal with this matchmaking mess. I can't remember when was the last time COD would allow p2p a month or so after launch. it seems that the game is overpopulated, so there is loophole for p2p. thank God.
  13. Where can I see my current public address and the DNS servers I'm using? Thanks
  14. Let's give devs a break. I understand they have tons of work to do, issues to address, different games with different settings both on consoles and pc, etc. I don't understand though, how beta tester failed to point out all these problems before release. Maybe the "inner circle" should become a little wider, providing continuous feedback before the release reaches the end user. Anyway guys, just some random thoughts....
  15. Yes, it was fun. Although I snipe only and the game is not sniper friendly. BTW don't get fooled by bad ass youtube snipers. They cherry pick their uploads. Check their live streams instead. Disaster.
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