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  1. It will never cease to amaze me how people think that manipulating their connection will make things better in this game.
  2. I know what you mean. I also knew, even before hitting the "submit post" button, that ppl would mock and laugh at me. But that's OK. I was so stupid I didn't record the game (hardpoind on CROSSROADS, I will never forget). Anyway, best of luck with your brand new R2.
  3. Please believe me Fraser. I can hear them hit their controller on the desk before I see the shot registered as a kill
  4. Maybe this is a stupid post but I can't stop thinking about it. Bear with me. I mostly quickscope in COLD WAR and Ι think I'm doing pretty well . Definitely not on a par with all the amazing Quickscopers out there, but I believe "descent" is a word that can describe my QS skills . I have a good perception of where my bullet landed on the enemy (head , upper or lower torso). It's a fact that opponents rage (mostly) with snipers, and I SWEAR TO GOD: I CAN HEAR THEM RAGE MILLISECONDS BEFORE I SEE MY BULLET HIT THEM. I've been trying all day today to decode and understand, why this happens and if this is a good or a bad sign (connection-wise). Any idea would be much appreciated. (Netduma crew input would be also very welcome) Stay safe and have fun.
  5. Also for everyone who wants to test throttling in Fresh Tomato , please check the in-game Bandwidth Info. The number should be slightly above 380. The reason I ask to double-check is that if (accidently or not) QoS is enabled, throttling may NOT take effect.* Keep in mind that the game must be restarted every time we change a value in Tomato's page if we want to see the correct in-game Bandwidth. * If conflict between Bandwidth Limiting and QoS indeed occurs, I could possibly help with a workaround I just found out. Hope this helps
  6. Max and Min available values are the nominal Down/Up values (those you pay your IP for) minus a 10 - 15% for the Bufferbloat. The throttling is shown in the next line where his console ( gets 21000 Kb Down and 500 Up with highest priority. Rate and Ceiling are the values assiigned when his console is the only active device and when there are other devices connected, respectively.
  7. I I'm on 2020.6 and I can't get BW limiter and QoS to work together.
  8. I think I'm wasting my time with QoS in this game. Unless you are in charge of a Hotel Network trying to protect a student taking online lessons from the douchebag who's on p0rnhub 24/7, QoS is useless. On the other hand , throttling works like a charm. I've set my Bandwidth Limiter to 400kbps up and I constantly end the game with 30+ kills. I'm an average player (1.2 KDR) and I enjoy this -heavy SBMM- game but with a few prerequisites : I only play Hardpoint or Domination , I don't rush (can't stress this enough) and I kind of "patrol my area" before jumping to the next safe one (hope this makes some sense).
  9. https://gamingintel.com/black-ops-cold-war-sbmm-changes/
  10. First couple of matches are always good for me too. I've seen posts on twitter that Activision is implementing changes on SBMM. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I use fresh tomato. i find it to be the most robust and versatile open source firmware there is. I'm trying your settings and they are good, even though I can't understand how MTU is beneficial when it comes to gaming.
  11. Here is a typical CODCW session. A mere 380 bytes OUT and 760 bytes in, constantly. The port listening (in my case) is 3076 (I thouhgt it was 3074). Let these packages have priority. This is QoS at its simplest.
  12. Sgt-Greco

    Activision suck

    Activision ranks 463 at forbes. I wish my company could suck that much.
  13. Sorry for quoting myself but I'm super excited. FT is amazing. These things happen while Netflix is on, in the other room. Speechless 😶 FT.mp4
  14. Sorry man, but you got it all wrong. I don't complain about not finding noob lobbies. I complain about not finding a variety of good and bad players. A variety between having fun and being better. This is how COD should be. This is how COD flourished. This is how life is. You stomp noobs , you struggle with experts. This is excactly what happens in real life. You may work for IT or whoever, but you are missing the basics. SBMM has no place in COD.
  15. @Cussiv made me buy a R7000 I flashed it with FT and first game on I went 30-8 but I'll post my (unbiased) impressions later because a VTOL helped a lot. I have a feeling though, that FT kicks ass......
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