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  1. I'm a bit late to the party but wasn't it SeanEDawgs that got caught doing some dirty tricks with his connection to try to cheat?
  2. I can only see cloud-based gaming as a shitty gimmick for shitty games at the moment. With a lot of shitty lag.
  3. ColonicBoom


  4. Yeah, I meant another controller. PUBG had a bug a while back which would randomly pop up the 'controller disconnected' message (as if the battery had run out), this sounds a bit like that. Are you talking about a blue menu box popping up (even if it's an empty box) or this a total blue screen? If it's a pop up box then it's more likely a controller / PS4 issue. But if it's a full blue screen then I'd say it's more likely what @Zennon said - some kind of communication fault, a signal dropout, power dip or interference. Also, does your tv/monitor show this same blue colour when it has no signal input or this the same as the PS4 menu blue?
  5. The clunky slowness is definitely normal in my experience but the blue screen appears when you're actually in a game running around? That's different, I don't think that's normal - there's no Xbox equivalent anyway. Could it be that your pad is triggering that to come up? Have you got another pad that you can play with for a bit to see if it still happens? Unless this is when people join your chat party, on Xbox this causes a massive lag spikes every time sometimes joins your party. It seems to be a BO4 problem that the developers are aware of but are struggling to fix.
  6. Yes. Yes. Yes. I forgot about that, a laggy enemy makes you lag like in BO3. And I also forgot the ridiculously strong auto-rotation aim-assist, that's some rotten shit. If you played it more, I guarantee it'll start to bother you. I'm finding that more than half my deaths are from specialist weapons or equipment and are virtually unavoidable unless you run a complete 'Anti-Specialist' class (which is no fun at all anyway). And it's not like BO3 where you had to be stomping the enemy just to earn the specialist weapon twice in a match. In BO4 you can get the weapon a few times easily and the equipment is really quick to earn so you probably get that 6+ times in a match. On top of that you can use the thing that lets you earn them even quicker, I reckon you can probably get the specialist weapon 5+ times in a match and the equipment about 10 times with that. Imagine if all 6 enemies were using that. 30+ specialist noob-streaks in a match of TDM and about 50 specialist equipment streaks. When in BO3, a team might get 10 total in a match. That's horrible. Totally agree with you both on the suppressors. A longer TTK, many flank routes, rapid movement, some terrible spawns, combined with a lack of suppressors does not add up to something nice.
  7. If PS4 is anything like Xbox One then it's always like that, even the X1X. Shitty companies, with shitty developers, making shitty changes to shitty operating systems. I doubt there's anything wrong with your PS4 at all. Clear the cache too, that might help. On top of that BO4's in game menus are something special, they stink, laggy and clunky, I end up clicking on the wrong thing probably 50% of the time because of it. Just horrible.
  8. I like it. But I also hate it. It's typical CoD, arrogant developers thinking they know what we want and ignoring what the players say. Specialists are OP and annoying as hell. The flinch mechanics that they've implemented (flashing screen, gun-jump, 'total seizure' movement) make it seem like the game is lagging when it isn't. But if you're a good player (on CoD in general) then you should find it very easy. It's less sweaty now and is turning into a regular Pub-stomp which is nice.
  9. You can easily and reliably find out if you're on a dedicated server through the game. In the pre-game or post-game lobby (see attached screenshot), there's a server number in the top right corner of the screen. To check whilst you're actually in a match you either have to bring up the scoreboard or go to Options > Network in the 'pause' menu (I can't remember which it is), again the number will be in the corner of the screen. If it's a dedicated server then it will have an 'E' at the end. If it doesn't have the 'E' then it's P2P. It's been like this in at least the last few CoD games. On Xbox I can get dedicated servers on the old 1.03.6 firmware with 99.9% success. Obviously there's the odd server meltdown which means a random P2P game once a week I suppose. But I can't get any dedis on DumaOS. Seems to be ok for people on Playstation just not on Xbox.
  10. I believe there a several other EU countries (or the EU in general) that are in the process of changing the law regarding supply drops, as they've already decided that it's straight up gambling. What remains to be seen is whether Activision / EA et al are so arrogant that they will just leave the supply drop mechanism as is in games and simply put a block on it in countries that ban them. Just like how you can't have red blood in video games in some countries, so those countries get green blood instead. We could find that in countries that don't ban supply drops the games remain the same, whereas people that live in countries that do ban them won't be able to unlock those items at all as a lazy FU from the games companies. I expect that they will try to get around the issue by using the argument that some of these games have 18 ratings so they should be allowed to have gambling due because it carries the same age restriction in most countries. In my opinion it should go the way you suggested, so if you see a skin you like then you can buy it straight up. They'd get more money from me that way as I'll never pay for a random crate but might pay for something that I could choose. That will force them to put more effort into the extras as well, rather than just make all the random boring filler icons and flags that we see in crates, very few people are going to buy a horrible plain murky brown camo for their gun or a little picture to sit in the corner of the screen.
  11. If you want to see what it's doing... Set you Congestion Control to 100/100, open up Ping Plotter, ping something like Twitter, then run a speed test, you should see big spikes. Then repeat the test with your Congestion Control set to 70/70, you should see drastically reduced spikes. You can try other numbers and repeat the test if you want. I always leave my CC at 70/70 when I'm gaming, even if nobody is at home. Although saturation causes the massive spikes, any online activity from any devices connected to your network can create smaller spikes. I leave mine at 70/70 to make sure that I don't get any surprise spikes when my phone decides that it wants to communicate with my network for no reason.
  12. 1. That depends how much bandwidth you have. If you have high bandwidth then no it won't saturate your line. A guaranteed way to saturate your line is by running a speed test, this will use all of your bandwidth. 2. Doing that will show you how your CC sliders affect things while someone is streaming Netflix, it will give you an idea of what it is doing but it's probably not saturating your line (apart from maybe a quick burst of saturation at the start) unless you have relatively low bandwidth to begin with. 3. 2ms is not a high level of jitter, the graphs just look a bit spiky. The 'taller' you make the graph, by dragging it up the page, the spikier it looks. It's relative to your base ping too. Take the following example: a) I ping Twitter at 8ms (something like that), a 'spike' hitting 10ms (an increase of 2ms) looks big because it's 25% higher than the base 8ms but in reality it's barely a 'spike'. b) Someone else has a base ping of 100ms to Twitter with spikes hitting 115ms (an increase of 15ms). Their graph looks smoother and their spikes are smaller than mine because it's only a 15% increase over their average. But really their spikes are much bigger. 4. It doesn't replicate gameplay, it's not supposed to. Ping Plotter results are pretty accurate but they don't 'reflect' gameplay, the graph just shows what your ping is doing and can be used to show what your CC is doing to suppress spikes caused by local congestion. CC exists only to stop someone else on your network from creating large amount of lag for you. My advice is to set them to 70/70.
  13. I think @mike10522 is playing Blackout, rather than regular multiplayer, so there's lots of people popping up. I've no idea how Blackout fill lobbies but we've got to assume it's going to be all over the place to get 100(?) people in a lobby. I haven't done any testing with Blackout but I wouldn't think it would be a good idea to ever use the Geo filter for Blackout lobbies anyway.
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