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  1. Ditto. I got a lifetime licence deal on AdGuard a year or so back and protect maybe a dozen devices with it. AdGuard can also act as a proxy server for a local network, but I've never bothered to set that up in favour of installing and activating on individual machines.
  2. I'm using 32400 for both internal and external. In my case, an automatic firewall rule on the destination Plex server was blocking it, not the R1. I'd be looking at the firewall settings on the Synology as the cause.
  3. I had custom configs for VPNArea then subsequently ExpressVPN working. The problem is VPN on the R1 was excruciatingly slow compared to the VPN desktop apps.
  4. I'm assuming we can add our own custom VPN settings by pasting in an OpenVPN config, like we did on the R1. Is that right?
  5. I don't have any issues using the plex.tv/web address to access Plex via the R1. I'm not using a VPN on the R1, nor any unusual settings. DNS however is set to Google's and Check your firewall, I don't think it's the R1. Out of curiosity, how did you bind different external and internal ports on the R1? From memory, that wasn't an option by default.
  6. Again, I can't argue with you and I agree. I can stick to my principles and boycott the XR500, but I'm simply beyond caring at this point. I saw a router that had what I wanted, which is not something the R1 can ever deliver. Fair upgrade for my dough, though it doesn't wash the bad taste out of my mouth. If a competitor comes out with something that beats DumaOS, I'm far more likely to make the leap next time around - customer loyalty has gone out the window. No company should want to lose their brand evangelists.
  7. No, the internet connection is governed by your ISP and your modem, not your router. The same basic tools of the R1 are available on the XR500 (Geofiltering, Congestion Control) to "improve" game connectivity, but I bought it for the hardware upgrade. Custom VPN is something I want too (I couldn't get a fast connection on the R1) and that's apparently pretty close to release. I'm hoping that might reduce ping, in which case it will improve my connection to the AU game servers 1000km away.
  8. That's a fair perspective and it's reasonable to feel that way. I've chosen to step back, look at things objectively and realise the XR500 is the far better product with the best of both worlds - vastly improved hardware and the software we were promised. I've given up on the R1 and moved on, which is what Netduma would doubtless like us to do. I'm ok with that because the hardware upgrade is worth it for the features I get in return. I could buy any other router for those features, but then I wouldn't get DumaOS. If DumaOS does hit the R1, I hope it meets expectations and I'll keep it tucked away in the closet for that reason. But I'm not prepared to wait any longer when there's a perfectly good upgrade already out there.
  9. I paid $300 AUD for the R1 in March of 2015. I paid a further $380 AUD for the XR500 in May of 2018. I'm happy with both purchases. I've replaced routers on roughly a 3 year basis for two decades, so it's nothing new...everything has an expiration date. The R1 router itself was not impressive - it's a bland, small, beige brick and I would never have bought it for the hardware. I bought it for the software and to support the little guys with the big idea. The time I spent with the R1 for 3 years was worth the money, but the hardware is well and truly out of date and in desperate need of an upgrade. I've wanted a new router for some time, but stuck with the "little box that could", in part due to brand loyalty and in part due to the promise of DumaOS and a couple of features that could further elevate Netduma's status as the leading gaming router software developer. I don't feel that loyalty has been repaid as DumaOS is still MIA on the R1 with no concrete sign that it will happen any time soon. But life goes on and the butthurt will fade over time. Although I am disappointed with how DumaOS has been handled on the R1, I'm very happy that Netduma, a software company, has partnered with arguably the best gaming router hardware brand in the Nighthawk. There's no way that a small indie company could develop hardware in-house to compete with any of the big brands, so it makes perfect sense to focus on their core competency and build DumaOS as robustly as possible. Yes, there is better router hardware out there (not by much), but they can't do what DumaOS does at the same price point, so it's a happy medium that Netduma could never have achieved on their own. Even if DumaOS hits the R1 (I'll assume in a cut-down form), the reality is you're running very basic, old hardware that is missing rudimentary features like 5Ghz wifi, a strong wifi signal, wireless ac, WPS, guest wifi, DMZ, port mapping, content filtering, DDNS, bridging, traffic monitoring, DLNA, basic NAS capabilities...the list goes on and on. Focusing on software development while hand-balling the ridiculously expensive hardware and marketing side of things to Netgear is a fantastic match for Netduma and I applaud them for the move. I'm sure it was difficult to give up their independence and be perceived as selling out, but we're getting a far better product in return. I'd just like to see a better transition plan for R1 users to the XR500 (and beyond) because you will be left behind, sooner or later with a dated, crappy router chugging along on crippleware. Long story short - DumaOS might drop on the R1 sooner or later, but my guess is it'll be DumaOS Lite. It won't do anything to address the weak aspects of the hardware, nor basic software features you'll find on every other router. Get over it and upgrade to the XR500. Your pockets will be a little lighter and you can still be pissed about a broken promise, but you'll be happier for it.
  10. Looking forward to custom VPN config support. I've just upgraded from the R1 to the XR500 and it's the first notable omission I've come across. Everything else looks great, really good job gents
  11. It is an issue when said update remains vapourware after 2 years with little in the way of information or support. There's nothing entitled about expressing disappointment that a promise has not been delivered and a deadline has been missed with no follow-up. Honestly, I'm thrilled with the Netgear partnership because on top of the vastly superior hardware and AC wireless / WPS support, the XR500 router has back-end configuration options like a DMZ and internal / external port mapping typically found on other routers but absent from the R1. So a big tick there. I've just unboxed the XR500 10 minutes ago, plugged it in, logged into the backend, changed my LAN back to 192.168.88.X, renamed the SSID and boom...my network of close to 80 devices is back up and running. I was expecting to spend the entire day troubleshooting. DumaOS is gorgeous, I'm really pleased with it and it's easy to see where all of the time and effort over these past two years has gone. Naming the DumaOS release A7Legit is a really nice touch, so kudos to the boys there. But at this stage, I'd rather Netduma come out and say "If you want the full DumaOS experience, upgrade to XR500" than pretend the R1 is going to get anywhere near close to the XR500 experience, if at all possible on the old hardware. At a glance, DumaOS eats too much CPU and RAM to be viable on the R1 without cutting some serious corners. I appreciate that NetDuma is stuck between a rock and a hard place by offering DumaOS support for the R1. I would encourage anyone who can afford to, to simply bypass this mess completely and fork out for an XR500. A token gesture of a discount would help ease the pain and set a positive tone for the future. If anti-jitter and anti-spike find their way to the XR500, all is forgiven. If I can get colour-coded peers on the Geo-filter and selectively block them based on Ping, I'll be in gaming nirvana!
  12. I've given up on DumaOS for the R1 and have moved onto the Nighthawk XR500. With growing family needs, household wifi was in need of a serious upgrade, so it made sense to fork out for the better hardware whilst retaining the things I like most about Netduma. However, the lack of information here is a serious problem and if there was a viable alternative, many of us would have made the move by now. It's closing in on 2 years since the DumaOS announcement and we've seen excuse after excuse as to why it remains vapourware for the R1. Tossing out a "briefly delayed" post on the eve of the due date was, in my view, the death rattle for the R1. I hung around for the anti-spike and anti-jitter to complement anti-bufferbloat, but my patience has worn out and it's time to put the old R1 dog to bed. Hopefully they'll materialise on the XR500. If not, someone else will beat Netduma to the punch - it's the technology we're enamoured with, not the company. I've been a Duma fanboy since I bought in as an early adopter and have sung its praises to anyone who will listen. I get that the Netgear relationship is the priority now, but it's a shame those who helped Netduma into this position are the ones being left behind. At the very least, offer the Duma Army a discount to upgrade to the XR500 so they can leave the R1 in the past. The hardware is clearly not up to powering DumaOS, so let's all move on and give up this charade.
  13. And bingo was his name...oh! Thanks Fraser, that worked.
  14. Similarly, my Host Filtering page has decided to stop work after nearly two years. I just see the loading animation. Is a factory reset in order? I really want to avoid that given the bazillion devices on my network. Is there any way to backup and restore the settings?
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