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  1. Spoczywaj w spokoju dobry kolego, niech po tamtej stronie będzie ci lepeij niż po tej.
  2. Thanks Buddy... Long time no see.... How are things with you?
  3. Grate new.. Congratulations buddy. Keep on grate work.....unconditional lov...
  4. no worries buddy i am not the rageing mod. Heheh thanks buddy.
  5. Thank you Major sounds like a rank does in it?
  6. Again thank you guys for those kind words... One lov.
  7. Again guys I would love to thank all of you each face to face for those kind words i received in this thread. Unfortunetly thats not possible. But again thank all of you these has been a bright point in this crazy day i had today. If i missed somebody then I am really sorry Again Thank you #DUMAARMY
  8. I absolutely love your Profile picture Thats the beauty about these ARMY not like any other ARMY here everyone is a CAPT and General as we stand equally
  9. Now this was a very nice surprise on a stressful day at work. Be cerfule because the Polish M.O.B is on his way. LOL just kidding guys that really appreciated for the bottom of my dark self. One thing i wanna add its that the DUMAARMY Logo its a joined effort of mine and our DUMA member http://forum.netduma.com/user/2701-quickfaith/
  10. Congrats to the mod max team
  11. For me it was no. 4 those eyes.....
  12. well done to every one who participated. Nort those glowing red eyes got to luv it.
  13. I just gott chance to watch it really cool stuff. Stuff like this make this DUMA universe out of ordinary. Who is doing the comments on this one though?
  14. Nice one man this t shirt seems like was made for you since the beginning
  15. Just a simple one fhx a lot for all of this its so cool to get together and have funn just another plus for this product as the comunity is garte around this product so many beasts just realized that watching uploads form turnament
  16. You see but still every one was lagging not just one person or 2 so there for thats still fair. Now all you need is to target the route of this lag Then when its done Lag is out you got yourself a nice even play filed.
  17. And i love the idea that Crossy was just as a host.... It is a smal step foward but, mile step for the future.
  18. Garte job guys and ... have seen some of your clips pro only thing that comes to my mind its that song i use to be kung fu fighting i was fast like lightning heheheh props to both of the winners.
  19. At the beginning i wanna say this just a copy and paste job and punting together how to set it up. So to start you should have only your super hub plug ed and NetDUMA R1 should not be powered up etc. Then Follow this steps To enable modem mode on your new Super Hub 1. Make sure you are connected (wired or wirelessly) to your Super Hub. 2. Open your Internet browser. 3. Log in to your Super Hub's settings page by entering into the address bar of your Internet browser. 4. Enter your Super Hub's administration username and password. The default details are printed on the bottom of the Super Hub. If you have changed the default username or password, enter those details instead. 5. Once you've logged in, click Super Hub Settings to see the Modem Modesection. 6. Click the Enable Modem Mode button. A pop-up will ask you to confirm your selection. 7. Click Yes to continue. Your Super Hub will reboot and enter Modem Mode. Note: Once in Modem Mode, the IP address you use to access your Super Hub changes from to Now turn off the Super Hub. Now take a Ethernet cable and connect it to this port on super hub Plug the other end of the ethernet cable into port 1 (labelled - PoE) located at the back of your Netduma router. Now Power Up the Super Hub and the NetDuma R1 Router. After some time you should have the internet connection and be good to go. If you still dont have internet connection restart just the superhub. after that just follow the stuff form quick start guide. Unplug any other wired devices that are connected to your ISP hub and instead plug them into any of the four remaining ports (2, 3, 4, 5) on your Netduma router. At this point, the only wired device that should now be connected to your ISP hub is your new Netduma router. On all your wireless devices, e.g laptop, smart phone, tablet etc, connect to the WiFi connection “Netduma R1”. The password is the first 12 characters of the serial number (SN) located on the small white label on the side of the Netduma packaging. Your serial number should look something like this: ‘573C04D2H593/289’ therefore the wireless password would be ‘573C04D2H593’. At this point every device in your home should be connected to the Netduma router and not the ISP hub. Open a web browser (like Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Explorer) on a device that is connected to your router e.g. your laptop. Type the following into the address bar: hit enter. This is the Netduma router control panel. A tour will now walk you through the router’s main features which will take around five minutes.
  20. Congrats to the winner grate job and good luck to xbox finalists
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