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  1. Fraser, I'm SOOOOOOOOO glad you folks finally supported Fortnite
  2. yes. let it automatically configure it. You just need to set it up if you are connecting "wirelessly" or via LAN cable.
  3. Astro A40 with MixAmp Pro TR. Like the fact that MixAmp Pro TR can customize eq settings for sound whoring!
  4. agreed! Its never right. It actually reports very slow both the download /upload
  5. I've been using geo-filtering. It keeps me connecting to California servers. If I time out, then I know I'm not connecting to CA servers. Fortnite players need to know that there is also a lot of p2p connections. Selecting in game region filter doesn't always connect you to the region selected.
  6. I've placed 14 mis-located servers so far for Fortnite. It's located in the incorrect location server post! Funkybadger....you may want to pay attention to your geofilter, I've come across connecting to peer host also! Big difference in playing. Dedi servers are better. What's weird about this one is that the peer shows that he/she is located in Texas, but has a ping of 60ms....which tells me that he/she is located in California. I'm from Hawaii and I pretty much know my pings and locations! Been with Netduma since day 1
  7. The PS4 Pro is not as smooth as the Xbox One X even with boost mode on. I'm mainly comparing the 2 network in regards to hit registration. For me, I find it better on the PS4 network versus Xbox Live.
  8. Been playing Fortnite for about 2 weeks now. I’ve noticed that the PS Network seems better than the Xboxlive servers. The reason why I play with the Live servers is because I’m playing on the One X. 60fps is better on the X compared to the PS 4 Pro. But.....I’ve been noticing my shots register instantly on the PS Network versus Live. Located in Hawaii and my closest server is in California for both systems.
  9. The wifi on the R1 will never change. It's hardware related. The new DumaOs will not fix this
  10. Netduma decided to keep this feature for the R1. They can't give all the toys to Netgear...LOL
  11. You are correct. The current R1 is not running the latest DumaOS. What I’m saying is that once the latest DumaOS is released for the R1, it will be very similar to what is on the Netgear now. The R1 will have the “anti-jitter/anti-ping” as the Netgear will not. The only thing I see that the R1 can’t offer is better WiFi and that just due to the limitations of the current R1 hardware. Just remember now, when Netduma first came out, the whole intention was to release a device that can help gamers with their lag/ping and geo-location as to how we connect to people around the world. At the time, the hardware they chose was sufficient as to what they were trying to accomplish. Fast forward to now...the R1 still works and runs stable, but it just needed better WiFi....and now it does! I’m pretty sure eventually the R1 hardware will be update (I think) but only the Netduma clan knows this answer!
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