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  1. I was doing some more testing today and i noticed The game is now using port 443 tcp a lot It is the destination not source If any one wants to try it as i havent worked out the exact port ranges yet I need more testing But you all could try this it should be good Rule 3 source 50000 -65535 source 443 tcp only
  2. Thank you you are correct its was way to confusing so its been edited Btw this thread was originally meant for mw2019 If its still to confusing i will try to efit a bit more Thank you for poining it out
  3. You are correct the game uses 50000 - 60000 range but they aint udp there tcp Ile explain Try this settings Rule 1Sorce 3074 - 3075 destination 30000 - 45000 udp Rule 2Source 50000 -60000 destination 3074-3075 tcp These are the only two rules you need These are the ports i only ever found But the 50000 -60000 tcp ports were for source And the 30000 - 45000 upd were for destination Sorry for late post
  4. Jesus omg 9ms ping ingame What platform are you playing on and what fps are you using it has to be 120hz at least thanks
  5. Thank you all I was hoping it was diffrent
  6. Please can sombody tell me this If your running your ps5 on120fps settings with your netdumar how mutch delay is there added to your netdumar ping As i havent got a ps5 yet On the ps4 there is around 16 ms delay added to you netdumar ping Heres an example My ps4 i get an 8ms ping to my local dedi server on coldwar this is shown on the netdumar geofilter page But on my ps4 console in coldwar it shows around 24ms ingame ping So it looks lkes the game adds a delay of 16ms this equals 60fps So i was thinking on ps5 the delay should only be 8ms if your running at 120fps on ps5 So if your on ps5 and your ping on netdumar is 10ms Your ingame ping should be around 18ms if i am correct That is if i am correct But i cant test it atm till i get a ps5 So all help welcomefrom ps5 users
  7. I have just found somthing intresting out This was on my ps4 i not sure about xbox please dont use this rule Source start 1 end 65535 destination start 1 end 65535 udp and tcp It makes it so congestion control thinks your sliders are still set to 100 % So it mucks up your settings Try it yourself you will see if you want to Set your cc slidrrs to sround 10 % or dver lower But then do a speed test on console it still think it set to 100% this was only on ps4
  8. Johnytran when you get good games what is your ping to the geo filter ping not the ingame ping cheers
  9. Maybe johnytran is using another router infron tof the r2 aswell maybe
  10. I see that as well but i dont know why There must be a readon we have ovrlooked
  11. I look forward to some of your game play
  12. I would try tehwaynes way of setting it up as it seems to work for them i havent tried it yet They set it up as source is set 1 in start box 65535 in end box tcp in ptotocol box this makes a rang of 1-65535 Then in destination you put in 1 in start box 65535 in end box tcp in protocol this makes a range os 1-65535 This is the easiest way lf me to explain without posting images sorry as i doing this from my ps4 I edited my first post to correct my mistakes Thanks braido1x for posting your post made me relise my mistake the original post has been fixed to help others Or you could just do it my way with my tcp ranges i posted in this thread at start But tehwayne might be a lot easier to do and would cover the ports i may have missed I will ty tehwaynes way later today if i have time
  13. The game defently uses tcp packets as i see them on my openwrt router But there used as source 50000 -65535 i also thought that using these ports wasnt the main ones needed but it sounds like i could be wrong But somthing i did do about 2 weeks ago was to try This source 1- 65535 destination 1-65535 this was for the cold war alpha As soon as i used this my gameplay became excellent I never tried it on cod mw But i think i might try it in a few days after coldwar beta thanks tehwayne Thanks zippy
  14. In my opinion no I think download is more important Upload is what we send is bullets so not that mutch data Download is what server sends us eg peoples possitioning explosions gun fire etc etc Kill streaks So i think that we should be showning higher downloads on the counters But im no expert it just my opinion
  15. Source 3074 destination 3074 udp i get higher upload counters sill i forgot to mention this i edited post to show it Have you tried my recomended way If i do it the same way as you i get simmilar results Higher upload been sent My way you get higher downloads priiratised well for me i do Thank you for sharing your results Your post reminded me my mistake in my first post its now fixed The more people welcome to share there results
  16. Im trying to find out the best way to use taffic priortization for call of duty games I think i know the best myself but i am trying to do an experiment to see if everyones results are I will edit this post with pics later Atm cod mw2019 uses these ports it also looks like black ops cold war ues thes ports I will update this if i find more Source start 3074 end 3074 destination start 30000 - end 45000 udp for ps4 Source start 3075 end3075 destination start 30000-end 45000 udp xbox Sourcestart 3074 end 3074 destination start 3074 end 3074 udp i get higher upload on this still Source start 50000 -end 65535 destination start3074 end 3074 tcp ps4 Source start 50000 end 65535 destination start 3075 end 3075 tcp xbox The problem i am noticing with using game consolse or classified games is this If you use these then i noticed that the upload counters show that it mutch higher then the download counter To me this seems wrong When i put in the ports in i listed abovemy upload couter are a lot less tha my download counter This seems correct to me I recently discored this so please dont use this rule on ps4 Do not use this source start 1 end 65535 destination start 1 end 65535 tcp and udp It overides your congestion control sliders to 100 % on ps4 You can see if traffic priortization is working by the red circle it shows red circle if its acctive during playing the game What im asking is if you guys and girls could help her by posting you results here First play a few games with classified games enabled and see if your upload coutners are higher than the download counters The disable classified games Then put the manual ports i listed above and see if theupolad counters are lower for you Btw you should reboot the router so it shows upload and download counters at 0 to make it less confusing When you reboot it resets the counters Pleas post you results
  17. King of hearts two things i noticed in those images that might be causing issue is 1st connection benchmark looks like thers a few spikes on your upload So i would manually change your upload sliders till those spikes disapear The second is the server appears to be only 20hz not 60hz server \host Was this screenshot took during gameplay or before the game started If my theory is correct a 20mz server \host then your ping would need to be around 48ms to sync up with the server So why not try to move location to a server thats closest to 48ms ans see how that plays My theory goes 60hz servers run at 16ms ping 40hz servers run at 32ms ping 20hz servers run at 48ms ping So in order for you to sync up with ther server you play on So you dont drop 'packets you need your ping as close to server tickrates This is what im thinking this is only my opinion
  18. Somtimes doing a psn test stops this issue Or even rebooting the router somtimes helps
  19. I heard also the bad visability is to do with motion blur i think its called I disabeled mine only once at the start of beta but in the alpa it enables itself after every new game i heard So that could be causing it
  20. Did anyone find a way to see the ingame ping As i couldnt find it anywhere in settings
  21. Damn i never tied to use bandwith alocation
  22. I found the first day i was getting shoot first die all the time some games i barely got a kill On scenond dayi was doing brillintly Then i prioratised pirt 1 -65355 tcp and udp And it was even better I also pre orderd the ultimate editiion 89.99 So i get a free ps5 upgrade Im so glad to hear that as i wanted to ask you your views on it
  23. I also had this same problem herres the fix Heres how you connect to all the dedis any where Start the game when you first put cd in Then imidetly go to your geo filter and look where your data centre dedis are located Then imidetly set you home location over that data ccntre dedi then click allow in allow and deny Then colse game and the repeat process again You might have to do this two or three times to get all the data centre dedis I do this to try diffrent servers The data centres only appear for a few seconds at the start so its hard to find them
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