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  1. happy new yr everyone 

  2. dont feel too bad whenever i play cod im seconds behind every game cant get a kill at all i gotta camp and shot people in the back. i just stick to battlefield where i know my bullets work
  3. when is the new update coming for the xr the geo looks sick
  4. Xbox North America I can download it on ps4 as well if needed for fortnite
  5. doing speed test on the ps4 are not accurate at all and besides gaming barely uses 1 mb while playing
  6. I wouldn't blame the router cod is a shitty game just being honest servers and netcode are really bad never had problems with other titles with the r1
  7. It's the games all of them are poorly made. I've tried multiple routers and modems the results are the same its the game
  8. people make a big deal outta everything on here
  9. great modem and a great price it as well
  10. I think port forwarding is waste to me unless you cant get a open nat with upnp.
  11. whew lol i was hoping i didnt mess up
  12. nooo lol i just went to the netgear website and its there for download so i upgraded
  13. is there a new firmware for the xr500 im on v2.1.0.4 XR500 V2.1.0.4
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