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  1. i didnt realize it until i unhooked it and hooked up my r1 for a little bit
  2. i figured it out it was a switch in the back of the router that controls the led lights lol i feel like a fool now lmao
  3. ive had this router for lke 2 yrs now i doubt it. I still got my r1 if this router just dies on me
  4. nope only the power led is working. it could be a bug with the beta firmware idk
  5. i just said the wifi leds and the ethernet port leds arent working
  6. its working now but last night it didnt work at all
  7. when i start gaming the light doesnt come on at all
  8. the internet still works they lights arent working whenever i turn on my ps4 the ethernet port led doesnt light up
  9. i never turn the leds off. the ethernet ports arent blinking either
  10. this is the first issue ive encountered with this router in almost 2 yrs. all of a sudden the power led is the only one working. the wifi leds and the ethernet ports arent working at the moment. which is causing traffic priority not work . ive tried factory resetting and downgrading the firmware it didnt help
  11. i factory reset my xr500 and im on the latest update and none of my devices are showing active but my pc. my phone nor console is showing as active
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