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  1. Thanks alot. never thought of that. Its all good now. thanks for your help.
  2. In case I don't like DumaOS can I downgrade to the previous version? I currently have dumaos version and want to downgrade to R1 version 1.03.6j.
  3. My ISP is garbage and I get bad ping to about half of the servers in a specific location. Previously with the older version I was able to select xbox live service for my pc and was able to use geo filter and block those high ping servers but now I can't. Please add PA and geo filter support for Rainbow 6 PC.
  4. Well, a few weeks turned into months. Atleast update us on the progress. Are you even making any progress?
  5. Maybe you have "Auto ping Host" option enabled so thats why it stops pinging that specific player and starts to ping the host instead.
  6. Can you post a screenshot of what you see? It will be much easier for us to figure out the issue. Thank you.
  7. So my family back in Saudi Arabia has been complaining about internet disconnection issues. Now i don't know if its their Wifi router or if its a line issue. However they have a static IP. So my question is can i monitor their line through pingplotter using my connection? Im pinging google servers at the same time to ensure that its not my connection causing any spikes or packet loss. Can doing this possibly tell me if its a line issue on their end?
  8. But packet loss must be under 1%. Its weird that you are still dominating in CoD with packet loss that high.
  9. I already set the security mode to PSK2 a long time ago and i have switched around channels too. Alright i will hard reset the router and see if i continue to face the issue. I will keep you updated. Thank you.
  10. Still experiencing the issue but wired connection works fine.
  11. Alright i did as you said. If the issue still occurs i will get back to you. Thank you.
  12. I have had this router for almost 2 years now and recently i have started to face this wifi dropping issue and it gets really annoying when this happens in the middle of a ranked match of Rainbow 6. Wifi works again after restarting the router and the router is in a well ventilated place. The wifi drops happen randomly at any time of day or night.
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