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  2. I think its either my ethernet cable or my ISP router. Before it was only occurring on the R1 but right now I was connected to my ISP router and the same issue occurred. Netduma is fine I guess. Thanks for your help and sorry for the inconvenience. The issue is most likely on my end.
  3. My pc is connected through LAN cable to the Netduma, however I am noticing packet loss and connection drops only on my Netduma router. When I connect the same LAN cable to my ISP router I get no such issues. I have owned this router since 2015 so the hardware might be possibly failing?! I ran these tests by pinging my ISP router.
  4. That is what my point is right there, anyone who doesn't own a netduma must be really having a hard time to get good lobbies, specially those people who only have one server within their region like me and I get like 2 games with a good connection at the start then it goes crazy and places me against the entire Optic roster across the globe. I don't know about the one on one gunfights but sometimes other people melt me in two or three shots while I stand there like an idiot after emptying half of my mag on them, its really frustrating and I am starting to believe that Activision patent thing might be true as most Youtubers are claiming. Not buying any other CoD ever again and I still have the original CoD4, it still has servers running with plenty of people on PC and that game is a million times better than this crap piece.
  5. I quit CoD after Bo3 but recently bought Cold War for PC just to try it out and sbmm literally ruins the game if I don't use the geo filter. Now I don't expect to get noob lobbies every game and I understand its not fair for me to stomp noobs all day long but being a 2 K/D player it just makes it impossible to play this game unless you own a Netduma router. The closest server within my region gives me constant 50ms ping and enabling the geo filter guarantees that I will only connect to this server and also get matched up with players of my skill level which I don't mind as my connection is good but once I turn off the filter I see myself connecting to far away servers in other regions with around 100-200ms ping and considering that the entire lobby is filled with tryhards, I don't think its fair for me or anyone else who has to deal with this bs. I feel like owning a Netduma router is necessary for this game as the game totally becomes unplayable if you are a really skilled player and it prioritizes skill over connection which should never happen in a competitive multiplayer fps game. Sorry for the rant I just wanted to get my frustration out and wanted your opinions on this matter. Do you think that a Netduma router is necessary for this game?
  6. Yesterday after starting up my PC and playing a few games I noticed that literally every game that I play was stuttering and I was getting fps drops. I opened up task manager and noticed that a Chrome process was utilizing about 50-70% of the CPU. I opened file location of the process and it led to the Chrome directory folder. I ended the process and my CPU usage went back to normal but whenever I start up my pc this process is always there utilizing CPU at start up unless ended and after that it never starts up again until next start up. I have noticed about 6-7 Chrome processes at start up but only one of them is utilizing the CPU and other processes hardly use any system resources. I suspected it to be some sort of virus and to rule that out I uninstalled Chrome and after that this issue seems to be fixed. No more high CPU usage at start up. I even scanned my pc with Malwarebytes and Windows defender but no viruses were detected. Not sure what is going on but if someone has ever faced this issue then what did you do to fix it? Thank you. Edit: Finally found a fix. turns out it was the Google update service causing the issue. Disabling that at startup seems to have fixed the issue.
  7. Thanks alot. never thought of that. Its all good now. thanks for your help.
  8. In case I don't like DumaOS can I downgrade to the previous version? I currently have dumaos version and want to downgrade to R1 version 1.03.6j.
  9. My ISP is garbage and I get bad ping to about half of the servers in a specific location. Previously with the older version I was able to select xbox live service for my pc and was able to use geo filter and block those high ping servers but now I can't. Please add PA and geo filter support for Rainbow 6 PC.
  10. Well, a few weeks turned into months. Atleast update us on the progress. Are you even making any progress?
  11. Maybe you have "Auto ping Host" option enabled so thats why it stops pinging that specific player and starts to ping the host instead.
  12. Can you post a screenshot of what you see? It will be much easier for us to figure out the issue. Thank you.
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